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Number 258

10 July, 2012

We don’t know what causes poverty. Poverty isn’t caused by overcrowding. Hong Kong is a moosh pit plus an airport. Poverty isn’t caused by a shortage of resources. Belgium has none at all if you don’t count Brussels sprouts. And poverty isn’t caused by sloth. I speak as an American prone on the sofa with the video remote.


Plain Talk About The Unthinkable

It’s called “antisemitism”, though Arabs are Semites and many Jews do not understand a Semitic language. This newsletter rejects “antisemitism” as ignorant usage and employs an accurate expression instead: “Jew-hatred”.

Hatred of Jews has a long history, much of it seldom acknowledged today. It obsessed Martin Luther, who spilled gallons of ink cursing those who stubbornly rejected the New Testament. It prevented the United States from taking in many Holocaust survivors after World War II. It fuels absurd arguments that the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews is a fabrication based on the execution of relative handfuls of anti-Nazi elements. It leads conspiracy theorists of all stripes to insist that the catastrophes of September 11, 2001 were accomplished by the Mossad.

Jew-hatred is one of the most unifying forces in Islam. In importance, it ranks just after reverence for the Koran and the person of Mohammed. While Islam has been riven by bloody internal conflicts for centuries, virtually all Muslims wholeheartedly agree on the following teachings: Jews are despicable creatures, bound to abide in hell for eternity simply because they are Jews; they are the offspring of apes and pigs; in a perfect world, Jews would join Christians in the quasi-slavery of dhimmitude. (Buddhists and Hindus would all have been executed as “idolaters” under the Koran’s pronouncement at 2:190.)

This unanimity of support for the visceral hatred of Jews is one of the earliest and most powerful themes, Leitmotive, of Islam. Read an account — not just a mention, but a genuine description — of what is euphemistically called “The Battle of The Great Ditch”, and you may get a sense of how profound this dehumanizing belief is. That “battle” was only partly a battle; its most significant aspect is what Mohammed ordered done to those who surrendered to his army. Very early in his career, the sociopath who faked a religion was what would today be called a war criminal, a perpetrator of genocide.

Thanks to his malignant teaching, mankind has suffered and still suffers from a horror that can hardly be quantified.

With this ghastly history in mind, do view this video. It deals with US foreign policy, and is safe for viewing by the youngest and most sensitive audiences.

To the best of this newsletter’s knowledge, every assertion made in this video is correct.

In this account, you will almost certainly find a number of facts that are new to you. That is understandable, given the overall attitude of many of the news and commentary outlets that make up the US media. What makes this video useful is its chronological narrative that brings together indisputable facts and allows the viewer to draw rational conclusions.

You may be surprised to learn that when President Obama called for a peace settlement in the Middle East and referred to the borders of Israel as they existed before the Six Day War, he either did not know what he was talking about — or he lied. For a president of the USA to make either of those errors should anger all US citizens. It is not too much to ask of the nation’s chief executive to know the vital facts and employ them honestly.

The video depicts a policy of the USA that is consistent, persistent, coherent, structured and without exceptions. Seeing that policy unfold seamlessly may be a new experience for you; usually one observes policy as a disjointed staccato series of events, many of which make little impression at the time they are reported. The unity of the whole is shattered, and the continuity of intent behind individual events can be hard to discern. This video corrects that misleading presentation.

It would be best if you interrupted your reading of this commentary to view the video now. Here’s the link again.

The question must be asked, and it demands an answer: why is this happening?

This newsletter cannot believe that this seismic change in US foreign policy is based in reason. One simply does not ally oneself with people like the “Palestinians”, nor does a statesman abandon common sense to pursue certain disaster rather than stand by an ally that is so vitally important to the prospects for peace and Liberty.

At the very least, one might attempt to be even-handed, though there is no excuse for mistaking the “Palestinians” as deserving of US faith, confidence, and support. Instead of dealing with parties to the dispute as their histories would suggest, Obama is discriminating against Israel and holding the “Palestinians” to no accounts whatsoever. Why?

Given these egregious circumstances, it is necessary to pose some hard questions.

Begin with the recognition of relevant facts. There is in the black community in the USA a strong undercurrent of Jew-hatred. Consider just two “religious” figures who pour gasoline on the fire: Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. In spite of those men, whose comments suggest they may be expressing sentiments all too common to black citizens, note that the news media and the scholarly establishment have generally tended to overlook the question of just how much Jew-hatred there is in the black communities of the USA. Is the level of that malice equal to the degree of Jew-hatred in other US ethnic groups?

Information on this topic tends to be restricted to a few sources that do not get a lot of press coverage. See: the Wikipedia article, this report from the ADL, and more here.

Note that even a Jewish organization tries to duck the issue of black Jew-hatred: though levels of hate in the black community in the US climbed from 25% in 2007 to 28% in 2009 and then to 29% in 2011, the report insists that “In the past four years, anti-Semitic views among the African American population have remained steady…”. Finally, there is this criticism of the survey.

Perhaps no fact Jews must face is more puzzling and painful than this: scholars and lay observers alike have reported that Jews have been among the strongest supporters of civil rights, and have contributed disproportionately to organizations such as NAACP and the legal battle that culminated in Brown v. Board of Education. When men like then President Johnson were referring to black citizens as “niggers” (an epithet he uttered as he signed landmark civil rights legislation), Jews were struggling to end discrimination against black folks and advance the educational and social status of the victims of racism. No single group in US society has a prouder record when it comes to upholding the US ideal and attempting to see it realized.

And…there is still Jew-hatred in the black community. It has surfaced, albeit deceitfully and without fully revealing itself, in the home-grown Nation of Islam. Everyone knows what Farrakhan is thinking when he rants, and his code words are clearly understood by his audiences.

True, he has yet to praise the Nazis for their death camps. Yet he preaches the Holy Koran. That is available for anyone to read, and its Jew-hatred is flagrant, unequivocal advocacy of murder. If Farrakhan does not accept that hatred as a divinely blessed essential element of faith for all who claim to be Muslims, he does not say so. His silence endorses the Koran’s message of eternal hate.

The incidence of Jew-hatred in the black communities across the USA, the emphasis placed on Jew-hatred by all branches of Islam, and the biographical facts that describe Barack Obama are relevant to the question of why US foreign policy has taken this anti-Israel course.

Of course Obama would deny that his policy is the result of hate, and display (feigned?) outrage at the suggestion. Accused of homicidal loathing, Farrakhan, Jackson, and hundreds of thousands of black folks would protest loudly. Yet the simple truth is that Jew-hatred persists in the US black community, and at levels of genuine concern.

It is only fair to ask whether the objectively discerned discrimination that characterizes the literally anti-Israel policy of the Obama administration has its base in Jew-hatred, and in the values of Barack Obama in particular.

The question is not mischievous. If the conduct of US foreign policy were magically turned over to this newsletter, that policy would be reversed one hundred eighty degrees. And why? Certainly not because that reform would serve the interests of peace — that is a commodity that is both absent and endangered in the region, regardless of US policy. The policy reversal would not be accomplished in order to cater to the Jewish vote in the USA; that remains overwhelmingly in favor of Obama, regardless of what he does. US foreign policy would not be reversed in order to save money, or to promote trade, or to save the polar bears. It would be reversed simply because that is the only ethical and honorable thing to do.

That implies that Obama’s policy is unethical and dishonorable. Exactly so.

For no other reason than because of his malevolent policy toward the state of Israel, Barack Obama richly deserves to be removed in disgrace from office. So mote it be.



Here’s an interesting trend…. Make of it what you will.

“A new age of abundance for fossil fuels is upon us. … Canada and the United States are each richer in oil than Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined. … (this) dramatically changes the long term outlook for…the US dollar.” Hmmmm. Why is it this newsletter has the creepy feeling US politicians, in league with crazed “Greens” and the anthropogenic global warming cult, will find some way to sabotage this resource? Read more about it, and hope for the best.

In a world where it seems nothing goes right, it’s good to know there is this sterling product.

If you read that the Obama administration claims it never defended its penalty (for not purchasing Obamacare coverage) as a tax, you can now recognize that claim as the shameless lie it is.

Cough, choke….gasp! Steyn strikes again.

The feds are hard at work, drafting the rules for Obamacare, and the IRS is hiring. The bureaucrats love it. In this cheery atmosphere of growth, expansion and development, people tend to forget that the overall level of prosperity depends on just one thing: improvements in productivity. Productivity of what? Goods and services. How do you increase productivity? With better tools. If increasing the size of the bureaucracy were a way to increase productivity, the economy could lift itself by its bootstraps simply by making everyone a barber: haircuts could be priced at a million dollars, and everyone would be rich.

Very spooky neighborhood: “…the margins where the far left and the far right merge“.

There is a need for a new sub-discipline in social science for the study of absurdity in public administration. What to call it? Goofist Studies? Moronics?

The Olympics — target for suicidal/homicidal jihadis.

Team Obama has been accused of crony capitalism, or simply cronyism. It’s time to take a look at the concept itself.

How to understand Obama? This newsletter has made repeated efforts to puzzle out the motivations, fundamental values, aims and psychological orientation of Barack Obama, and while some of what has been published here may be helpful, the enigma remains. Is he as simple as he appears to be? Is he a confused personality, lacking in insight and intellect, dominated by idiotic Utopian fantasies? Is he as dismally ignorant of economic realities as his policies indicate? Is he a bitter Jew-hater, as his policy toward Israel strongly suggests? Is he a secret Muslim, intent on destroying Western Civilization and turning what is left of it over to a new sect of Islam? The answer will probably never be known, of course, but for many Obama-watchers, the Cloward-Piven explanation makes a lot of sense. It is not a conspiracy theory: Cloward and Piven advanced it as a practical program to end poverty. They never admitted that it would also restructure the economic system fundamentally, at the very least reducing the role of capitalism. When, however, you assert that Obama is a C-P believer who is intent on destroying current economic and political realities and imposing a socialist (actually fascist) regime, you allege a conspiracy. Caution, Pilgrims: it’s easy to get lost in the secret tunnels underneath the Great Pyramid….

Team Obama intends to win in November, whatever it takes. That will mean dead people and non-citizens and non-existent people must all be allowed to vote. Eric Holder says so.

Story? What story? We didn’t do it, nobody saw us do it, you can’t prove a thing!

Weather, climate, and prediction make for a toxic stew that has little to do with science, and everything to do with political correctness.

Maybe the Israelis believe Obama is, well, not exactly fond of people who celebrate Passover. If he’s a bigot, then — when Obama is re-elected — “It’s on!“, as the canceled ad said…but that’s not exactly what the ad meant…one hopes….

Pinocchio Proboscis Trophy awarded to Obama administration….

Election years, federal government, and other disasters. Yes, it’s unethical, but…”We have ratcheted up our expectations….” And that’s the way the politicians like it, because the electorate surrenders the authority and responsibility of local governments to the feds. Big mistake. Plus: climate change! Wow! Don’t skip this!

Call it the era of intimidation. If you wonder what’s going on, use your Google (or other) search engine on the term “brett kimberlin” and then get more information from Kimberlin’s victims. You just never know how far the stalkers will go, now do you? So the fact that those videos (posted on the internet) of your home and of you shopping for groceries are…how big a worry?

It’s about politics, Chicago style. The people who should click on the hyperlink and read the essay there won’t, and the people who will click and read don’t need to. Here it is anyway.

Nr. 256 of this newsletter provided a list of seven new Obamoid taxes on households; they broke the president’s promise not to increase the burden on folks making under $250,000 per year. Here is a wider list of twenty-one tax increases or entirely new taxes on a variety of entities and activities.

Well, the UN may be a corrupt gang (Kofi’s Oil for Food scam, the biggest in human history) dominated by Jew-haters and power-mad crazies, but at least the Turtle Bay thugs want to impose direct taxation on US citizens. That’s a relief.

In a few years, you are either going to love these things — or hate them. They may be either ubiquitous or illegal; the real worry is that they may contribute to your loss of Liberty by increasing the ability of government to watch and control you. Or they might save your life; in ten or twenty years, their descendants could well be first responders to accidents and heart attacks (where they will initiate treatment), and to crime scenes (where they will shoot back).

If the election results are extremely close, the operation of the electoral college will give the advantage to Romney, according to a UCLA prof who has figured it all out. If you can follow his explanation, you may be able to proclaim him correct or mistaken. This newsletter invests no faith in polls at this stage of the contest, which means calculations are premature. It’s all guesswork, not analysis or prediction. So when NTG says Romney is unlikely to win, that’s because he is unimpressive and does not have a clever staff or good advertising; add to that the self-censorship of a biased press that keeps many voters grossly underinformed (and therefore calm), and you have reasons to bet on the incumbent. Math has nothing to do with that sort of guesswork, which is just common sense and a feel for what’s happening. If the nation is lucky, the sense and the feel will prove to have been misleading.

Finally, here’s a note on the word Leitmotive, found in the first item in this Number. This is not a mistake! It’s the plural form of the German word Leitmotiv, a neuter noun that can be translated as “guiding theme”. It was inspired by the French motif, idea or theme; whether the origin of motif lies in Latin is a question dodged by the authorities queried. In standard US English, the word is usually spelled leitmotif, which would appear to be a mistake — unless the choice was to use a word created by Germans who tacked a German prefix onto a French word to come up with a new German word that was then adopted by the French and changed by them to conform to French spelling (whew!). Without mentioning this complication, Burchfield (third edition of Fowler) says that in Britain, the word is spelled leitmotif (he does not give the plural); he then compares it to German Leitmotiv. That’s a peculiar choice of spellings, to say the least, as the prefix leit- is German, indicating clearly that Leitmotiv, however you spell it, really began life as a German word (inspired by a French word) and should certainly be spelled according to German convention, even by the British. (In the first edition of Fowler, H. W. Fowler himself says, “The right (German) spelling is with -v.” Unfortunately he then spells the word as leit-motiv.) It’s time for everyone to get it right, and that requires only that one resort to correct German. It was clear from the first that this newsletter employed the German word, because it was capitalized. Leitmotive was used here in order to avoid the awkwardly incorrect form Leitmotifs (or worse, leitmotifs); that was obviously the intelligent, not to say tasteful, choice. Well, there’s a great deal to be said about that interesting prefix leit-, but you are not interested, so this note has been cropped.


They keep on talking just to rattle their teeth
A light color of surface and nothing beneath
They’re fishing for answers with love as the bait
Related to something that time doesn’t date
Soon as it’s spoken, it no longer applies
Words twist and stutter and deliver up sighs

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