The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 259

19 July, 2012


Human society…is based upon the achievements of the individual and is doomed if the individual is made a cog in the social machine. This, I believe, is the ultimate precept a theory of organization can give: not a manual for dictators of any denomination more efficiently to subjugate human beings by the scientific application of Iron Laws, but a warning that the Leviathan of organization must not swallow the individual without sealing its own inevitable doom.


Needful Reforms

As always, the world needs fixing. Here’s a list of tasks that’s admittedly USA-centric; modify and adapt as required. Remember that Utopia is a fanatic’s fantasy; those who imply they can create Heaven on Earth are the most dangerous rascals of all, for they are enemies of Liberty. Finally, compromise and experiment, never avoiding improvements because they are not perfect solutions.

1. The USA has astronomical (recently-discovered) energy resources. “Green” pressure groups, including the solar- and wind-power nuts, should be pushed aside and an ambitious program of oil and gas production undertaken. “California (is) home to five of the nation’s twelve largest oil fields and (has) energy reserves equal to those of Nigeria, the world’s tenth-largest producer.” (Source.) Greater production of oil and gas is an industrial activity that poses familiar and acceptable risks, and presents no threat to climate. This opportunity to increase the value of the US dollar is unique; it’s tragic that it comes at a time when the nation is hobbled by what is probably the worst federal administration in a hundred years.

2. Borrowing, debt and a dependence on “stimulus” policies are at insane levels. Debt that cannot be repaid will not be repaid. This is destabilizing the world’s financial systems. If the USA becomes an energy exporter, lowering the cost of petrochemicals, everyone everywhere will be better off. The goals of the Tea Party political reformers are central to the reduction of poverty worldwide.

3. US support for Israel needs to be restored, and new policies for dealing with the “Palestinians” should be crafted. It could be, of course, that current US policy is a massive deception intended to mislead Israel’s enemies and somehow gain a future advantage, but that attempt to explain the current absurdities cannot be seriously maintained. The West will have to do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and that, taken together with the literally insane religious beliefs of the mullahs ruling Iran, means war. If the West decides to accept Iran as a nuclear power, the war will come later rather than sooner, and the devastation will be apocalyptic. A preemptive conflict will be tiny by comparison, in spite of the dangers it presents. In any event, the efforts of jihadis of all types will continue for the foreseeable future (for, as this newsletter has repeatedly made plain, Islam senses the fundamental weakness of the West). If the West falters in its attempts to demonstrate the utter futility of Islamist holy war, the struggle may drag on into the next century.

4. Thorough reform of voting procedures and election law is required in the USA. The current level of election fraud is appalling (“…in many parts of Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold, voter turnout in contested elections routinely exceeds 100 percent of registered voters“) and the Democrats plan to use whatever means necessary to win the coming presidential election. Voting should continue to be voluntary, but good identification of the voter must be required. This is not a racist or even quirky requirement; those who wish to vote can reasonably be expected to prove their identity. That is not a hardship, even to hospital patients who are unable to go to polling places.

5. The US public needs to become increasingly aware of the dangers of one-party rule and the abuse of government-dispensed benefits. California is the cautionary example. More than a half-century of legislative malpractice and the decline of the two-party system have resulted in the virtual collapse of the state, and the story needs to be told. If more states go the way of California, the nation may follow into the bottomless pit of eternal dependency on government-dispensed sustenance. The madness that has emerged as the formerly rational concern for the environment deteriorated has taken a terrible toll on the economic welfare of California and the nation. Fables and bogus science hinder the reduction of poverty; the lies and hoaxes perpetrated by “green” zealots need to be countered with hard facts. Private citizens should consider underwriting the work of “think tanks” and advocacy groups (example) that support sane thinking and responsible choices.

6. At one time, the USA had a choice: it could entrust the production and distribution of recreational chemicals to health care professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, drug companies, clinics), or it could turn all that over to some of the worst people on the face of the earth. It is time to correct the blunder.

The USA should wind down and eventually end its fanatical, self-defeating “war on drugs”. If this “war” worked, it could be continued and expanded. It does not work. Drug use and addiction continue at levels that betray the illogic behind the “war”. As time goes by, the multiple disadvantages of the struggle (astronomical costs, prison crowding, the devastation of Mexico and other nations, the encouragement of drug cartels, the militarization of the police, continuing levels of property crime, the unintended fostering of gangs and gang wars within the USA) grow. Many addicts consider the illegal status of drugs an attraction, reveling in the thrill of secret, dangerous and anti-social misbehavior that has a special cachet as an underground and even occult activity.

The point of legalization is to end the practice of making choices for the individual and stop trying to coerce him into accepting them. Legalization would reduce harm; nothing, no program, can end drug addiction and the recreational use of chemicals. Self-indulgent people who seek escape from reality will always cause harm. Legalization would lighten the financial burden on everyone, reducing property crime (assuming that the prices of legal drugs remain low due to extensive distribution networks and competition) and eliminating the attraction some young people feel to the scofflaw lifestyle of the drug user.

Sanity imposes the need to recognize which of life’s discontents are problems and which are difficulties; the use of recreational chemicals is a difficulty society must live with, not a problem that has a solution. Experience with alcohol should have long ago made that simple truth obvious, but the lesson has been incompletely learned. That postpones rational approaches to drug use and addiction.

7. Sexual behavior does require regulation; that is a cultural universal. There will be violations, and that, too, is a universal. Even the most strict of sexual taboos, incest, is violated. The problem for society is to decide where to draw lines and what punishments to impose on lawbreakers. In the USA, the current debate over same-sex marriage can be expected to continue, regardless of what policies are changed/adopted/continued. The fundamental guidelines for the USA should include an age of consent; prohibitions of incest, rape and the imposition of sexual practices on the unwilling; and formal legal definitions of marriage. The specifics in these areas of concern should be decided by the states, not by the federal government.

8. Abortion on demand is a fact of life. Illegal acts will increase if laws against abortion are extended and strengthened. Women want, in fact demand, the availability of abortion. The moral questions involved are interesting, but they are customarily brushed aside by a significant percentage of the female population, and that will not change. While this newsletter believes that access to abortion does not involve the right of a woman to control her body — the unborn human is in, but not of, her body, as it has a distinct genotype — that rationale cannot be imposed on women who insist on ignoring it. Nor is access to abortion a right that is subsumed under a presumed right to privacy. The impossibility of providing an objective basis for that opinion means that the bitter dispute, and the misery it causes, can not be eliminated. Society must live with abortion, and that will necessarily require tolerating slow changes in the laws and in patterns of behavior. The legal status of abortions should be determined by the states, not by the federal government. Above all, this is absolutely not a question for the courts to decide; unfortunately that wisdom may be impossible to implement.

9. Education faces great challenges in the future, and in general, the less the government is involved in it, the better. Freedom of choice and the response of the educational establishment to the perceived needs of the populace should dictate the course of education in the future. Whether education should be mandatory, and at which age the individual can decline it, should be left up to the states. The US federal Department of Education should be abolished.

10. The nation should debate the wisdom of imposing a military draft on its residents. While this is a limitation on the Liberty of the individual, there are enough benefits to the practice to make it a fit subject for discussion.

11. The borders of the USA need to be secured, and thereafter, immigration law needs to be reformed and law enforcement practices need to be evaluated and adapted. The specifics should be decided by the national electorate. The advisability of a “guest worker” program should be considered, and the voters should decide what guidelines are appropriate to distinguish between deportable and pardonable persons who are present without legal permission. Congress should make a sincere effort to manifest the will of the people; too often the legislators design immigration legislation as if they constituted an independent sovereign entity rather than a representative body.

12. Islam is not just a set of claims about supernatural events and mandates, but a value system that is unalterably inimical to the foundational principles of the USA. Because of the implacable explicit hostility of the teachings of the Koran, the question of whether to permit Muslim immigration deserves consideration. This newsletter believes it would be best to declare Islam a violent alien ideology that cannot be granted legal classification as a faith, and halt all Muslim immigration. That is almost certainly an impossible goal. Still, questions regarding the compatibility of Islam and US democratic principles should be raised, and the status of Islam as a humane (and therefore tolerable) religion should be debated. By the same token, Scientology should be reconsidered in the interests of determining whether it is a hoax and fraud or a genuine faith. In years to come, both Islam and Scientology will, in this newsletter’s opinion, prove difficult to live with because they reject the fundamental ethic of the nation. Islam, which is by its own definition at eternal war with all infidels, and which lusts for the deaths or degraded legal status of all Jews, would destroy all Liberty. Scientology makes a cynical mockery of what Western Civilization understands by the words “faith” and “religion”. A decent nation can legitimately take precautions, which in this case means imposing unusual restrictions on both the alien death cult and the home-grown scam.

13. The Federal Reserve should be abolished. The technical questions involved in its successor(s) are complex, but overall, the Fed is contrary to the spirit of the federal constitution, and its role in creating economic distress is at the very least controversial. The nation can do better, and deserves to. Let the process of abolition and proper administration of rational monetary policy begin with investigation, debate, discussion and experimentation.

This list is not exhaustive, and it should not be considered a manifesto. It is intended as a provocative invitation to enquiry and debate.



As Calfornia goes, so goes the nation? “The destruction of California isn’t a victimless crime”.

An almost forgotten instance of “ethnic cleansing”: Jews thrown out of Arab nations.

Should Jews vote for Obama? Some, but far from a large minority, are abandoning The One.

“Ignoring racial violence only guarantees that it will get worse“. Yes. Click on the hyperlink.

For those interested in the use of the internet as a battlefield, here’s a minimally informative report. Parenthetical complaint: it’s odd that people who claim to know a bit about this subject typically use the word “hacker” incorrectly. It’s entry-level terminology: hackers improve software and pass on their work for everyone’s benefit; they don’t use software maliciously. Crackers break in, disrupt, destroy, defraud; they include criminals and all who use software with the intent to intrude, eavesdrop, and sabotage. Recall the word “safecracker”.

Some folks say there are two additional ways to solve the USA’s economic problems, beyond the first (Keynesian) and second (Hayek) solutions. The ideas behind the two “new” approaches involve ways to compel obedience, which is to say, their proponents want to restrict Liberty. That’s always the answer you get when you ask collectivists for their views. They don’t understand that an economic system works best in a free environment, where it has maximum flexibility to cope with problems of supply and demand, production and distribution. Dictators never agree with that truth, and they never stop demanding more control and obedience.

And end to malaria? Don’t bet on it. The fix involves a genetically modified bacterium, so of course the envirofreaks will throw a fit. It’s already clear that the hundreds of thousands of people who perish each year due to malaria mean exactly nothing to the crazed worshipers of Gaia, so the same inhumane prejudice that ended the use of DDT will once again see to the triumph of unreason. That’s beyond immoral, but unfortunately it’s nothing new. Damned Nazis.

Do you like Obama? Yes? Great! You will certainly find this brief review of his time in office…., you will find it, if you click on the hyperlink, all right. Yes, Sir, you sure will. Find it, that is.

“…even the most sympathetic narrative of this period must come to grips with the president’s blundering, most of which was rooted in his determination to distance the United States from Israel in a vain attempt to score points with the Arab world.” Yes. More here.

Amazing! This female is still on television — it’s hard for this newsletter to believe (well, nobody here watches TV). But there she is, continuing to do harm.

Iran has been coping with yet another computer “virus“. Good.

Don’t take this poll at face value. It’s early yet, and Romney remains something of an unknown and partially-known candidate.

A parable for Romney.

A man who was needed — and whose absence demands that his inferiors band together in defense of Liberty.

The NYT does its worst in a shameful effort to undermine good English.

Linux users, turn your speakers on and click: gnu and gnome. Now let’s have none of this “The special meaning for the word exempts it from the rules of spoken English.” That’s a weasel’s excuse, and you know it. Everyone is ignorant to some degree; so if you pronounced those words incorrectly, learn something, darn it, and modify your behavior accordingly. This newsletter’s staff is constantly doing that, and thereby setting a good example.

Says a weblogger: “This is what it looks like when you win a culture war.” Black women in the southern USA, armed and dangerous…yes! Says one: “White Southern men…were the most likely to congratulate me on this life decision and follow up with advice on the best kind of firearm to buy.”

How did the USA manage to mess things up with Canada, for crying out loud? Answer: first, the US put Obama in the White House, and then he made Hillary secretary of state. Now what’s your next question? — Oh. Well, there’s an election coming up, isn’t there? Over to you….

The UN’s climate Goon Squad, the IPCC, has made some admissions. It seems somebody Up There must have read The Hockey Stick Illusion, in which author Montford provides nauseating details of the anti-scientific skulduggery of the AGW cult. Now the IPCC swears it will do something about the disgrace. Oh-KAY?

The UN rebuffed: The Law of the Sea Treaty will not be ratified by the US Senate, which will outrage Harry Reid and Barack Obama. The pact’s proponents pushed hard for the USA to give up some of its sovereignty, but the arguments in favor of the treaty did not gull everybody.

Is this testimony to the psychological damage that great evil can cause, or is it a simple case of arrested emotional development? “…one of our most inherent psychological fallacies (is) the ability to do any number of consciously reprehensible things while persisting in considering ourselves the protagonist at all times. From world wars to breaking hearts, we cling to the destruction done to us in the past as a justification for the destruction we will cause in the future”. That’s a Jewish female writing about Jews. Read John Podhoretz’s outraged introduction to the essay in question and then decide whether you want to read all of the woman’s screed. Amazing. Twisted. Pathetic.

Kimberlin: criminal, violent terrorist, liar, relentless and thuggish harasser, unconscionable political operative for “progressive” causes, and failed human being.

You may recall that, when commenting on Obamacare, this newsletter fussed and fumed most about the abuse of the commerce clause of the US federal constitution (at least fourteen times, most recently in Numbers 231, 241, 245 and 255). Here’s an engrossing discussion of Roberts’s decision and the implications thereof. Highest recommendation.

At some point — and it’s probably a bit early for this — you will need to prepare for the disruptions in the system that delivers goods to you. Here’s a list of things you might want to stockpile so the coming war and Islamist attacks on the USA’s national infrastructure don’t cause you misery. This list is probably too inclusive, but you get the idea. That’s a way of saying, “It could be bad, but it probably won’t; it almost certainly won’t be a nationwide disaster — unless, of course, the Iranians can manufacture some really ugly weapons, and jihadis manage to smuggle them across the borders.”

Long-term readers of this newsletter know all this already: there is nothing unusual about the contemporary world climate. It’s getting warmer, and it’s getting cooler. Man’s technology has nothing to do with those natural fluctuations. What is unusual is that the journal Nature, which has been to a distressing extent party to the anthropogenic global warming hoax perpetrated by Mann, Jones, Briffa and others, has published a paper that basically debunks AGW. You knew years ago that AGW is a hoax; now it’s up to lots of ideologues who have been calling themselves scientists to rise to your level of knowledge and understanding. True, facts are facts, but the hard-core warmers won’t come around — AGW is a matter of faith, not science. It’s an ideology. You have known that since this newsletter published its first item on the subject (that was in May of 2008).

Though the supreme court’s decision in the Citizens United case notes that bureaucratic restrictions do limit free speech, the collectivists are back with yet another effort to cripple Liberty (because collectivism requires control of the people, and that means speech must be subject to government censorship). So here comes the “Disclose Act“, a way of preventing people from speaking out anonymously. The concept: identify the dissidents, so they can be targeted. Here’s a typical argument for this ugly proposal; read it carefully, and ask yourself what the collectivists plan to do once they have identified those who express politically incorrect views. Of course this proposed tyranny is a product of the major media’s refusal to uphold freedom of the press in favor of the licensing of the press. Liberty is not a privilege, and freedom of speech is absolute — it is just as much the right of the nameless as it is the right of those who identify themselves voluntarily. Any government that wants to know who said that should be brought down. Parenthetically: do you recall when those posters of Obama as The Joker appeared, with the word “SOCIALISM” underneath the garish picture? The obsession of the press and Team Obama was, “Who made that? Who put those posters up? Who’s behind it?” The enemies of Liberty identify themselves to those who are alert and aware.

Save the penguins! Stop breathing! By the way, it’s a necropsy, not an autopsy.

This does look bad: after investigating both Sandusky and Mann, Pennsylvania State University found fault with neither. That’s two bad mistakes. Some will say the university just can’t be trusted to insist that its employees maintain ethical professionalism; that may be true. At the moment, no instances of other investigations are available for comparison. Assuming that the university automatically exonerates its miscreants may be inaccurate and certainly would be prejudicial. — That said, this statement is on target: “…the entire institution has lost their (sic) way, from top to bottom.” For which, the football program should be killed, according to the author. That would probably do a lot of good, but what about the climatology folks? They can’t be taken out and shot…so what about refusing to allow them to wear coats when the weather turns cold?

It’s always about control. Governments, especially fascist and “progressive” governments, want to permit you to speak. Note well: that necessarily means they will be able to forbid you to speak.

This expresses the “progressive” ethos exactly: Obama, speaking in Roanoke, VA on Friday, July 13, 2012, explained to his audience that without government help and support, nobody would get anything big accomplished. No, that does not mean that the government helped by assuring a legal framework that militates against crime; it means that the accomplishments of a successful small businessman are contingent on an infrastructure planned by the governments, local, state, and federal — and funded by the private sector’s remittances of tax revenues. Obama’s exact words: “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Unfortunately most voters don’t realize Obama is just spouting fascist propaganda. Governments do not create the wealth that pays for bridges and highways. By implying otherwise, Obama is being dishonest. He also avoids mentioning that the private ownership of the infrastructure is a possibility that is seldom employed, but that would be more efficient and rational: users of the bridges and highways would pay, so taxes would be lower for everyone, and the distribution of costs throughout the economy would be more fair. There is a great deal Obama wants everyone to assume, and even more he does not want to talk about — because he is advancing a collectivist agenda that must depend on coercion to function. — This just in, as this issue goes to both of its subscribers: a thorough refutation of Obama’s rank nonsense.

Human origins, Neanderthaler, and unfolding tales of the origin of humanity: here’s an interview with the estimable Dr. Stringer. It’s a follow-up of his video linked in Nr. 231. Highly recommended.

Every so often, this newsletter recommends this book. If you want to protect yourself and your family, there is no more practical and helpful book on the market. No, it does not tell you what firearm to purchase or how to disable someone with an Andean nerve pinch.

Victor Hanson points out that Obama’s campaign “…rhetoric of ‘fat cat bankers,’ ‘corporate jet owners,’ at some point you’ve made ‘enough money,’ ‘not the time’ to profit, and ‘spread the wealth'” is at odds with those fundraisers where dinner can cost one person $50,000. The president betrays a certain “…hypocrisy for shaking down capitalists whom he derides…” in other words. True enough, but The One has never pretended to be a Gandhi-like ascetic. He’s an unabashed stellar member of the hedonistic Bicoastal Elite. Do read the rest of Hanson’s remarks on the tenor of the emerging campaign. If you don’t carry on reading Hanson’s commentary, you will miss the final link in his remarks, which would be too bad — so here it is. Do click and read.

Look, candor is called for. Here you have the world’s best reason to do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Right; the current program is an unsurprising flop. The problem is not the technology — the failure is the work of the Keystone Kops in charge of the program. Number 1 of this newsletter (the first issue to appear in HTML format, published in early 2008) carried an item on mobile “phones” equipped with radiation detectors. (The original web page linked in this newsletter has been taken down, but use a search engine with the terms “mobile phone radiation detector” and see the latest developments.) It was also pointed out that if tens of thousands of these little things were employed and just one picked up gamma rays, its location could be automatically and virtually instantaneously made known to a central office. Well, Team Obama has already fumbled, so the nation needs to rely on a much more effective defense: it must make sure that Iran never has nuclear bombs, period. Meanwhile, in case one of the lunatic Islamist factions in the Pakistani government hands bombs off to jihadis, radiation detectors should be deployed. That can be done immediately. Do you honestly believe Team Obama will see to it?


Helpful hands that pull you down
Smaller minds turn you around
Friends in need are never really true
So why should you put trust in this
The bridge above the dark abyss
You never learned you can’t make all the rules

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