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Number 261

31 July, 2012

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as “bad luck”.

“Stop Killing Us! Leave Us Alone To Kill Each Other”?

All the discord and violence in Anaheim, California is being reported in great detail, and the casual news consumer would probably conclude the cops have been criminally out of control. Nasty business; the videos don’t look good, and lately, citizens making them have been given more and more clearance to do so, which really drives the cops crazy (not “uneasy”, crazy). Have a look at this scholarly opinion before you condemn the citizens with video cameras. Sometimes they even win in court. That can make for some improper delays, of course.

That said, realize that two questions remain unasked: over the last decade, how many people have been killed by the police, including the ones who deserved it? Then ask how that figure compares with deaths linked to the activities of gangs.

Of course that assumes that “gang-related” is always an accurate designation, which it almost certainly is not, yet the question remains: are the cops the community’s deadliest enemy, or are culturally characteristic criminal groups within the community the major cause of violent death and injury?

If — and this is a big if — the community clings to its gangs, is it guilty of scapegoating the police? Some might go so far as to say that the community will tolerate murders committed by its own, but reacts inappropriately when those it perceives as outsiders (the cops) add to the violence. If that mindset exists, how any local government might insure public safety is an insoluble puzzle.

Some observers might suggest that what you see in Anaheim are the fundamentals required for the triumph of literal anarchy.

Of course that raises dozens of troublesome questions. Note, however, that Anaheim’s current circumstances should neither surprise nor shock anyone. The USA has a good deal of experience with rampant lawlessness and what might be called tribal warfare. The civil authorities have a history of frequently being too corrupt or too incompetent to impose the rule of constitutionally-based law. From time to time, various segments of the US population do go through phases that involve the negation of legal authority by criminal conspiracies. This misbehavior is even celebrated by the media, and some very bad people have become popular icons.

It is a commonplace that the average law-abiding citizen who wishes to avoid trouble simply does not venture into notorious parts of the metropolis. “Stay out of the Combat Zone,” Boston residents caution naive tourists. There have always been sections of US cities where the non-resident stands out, and is at genuine risk (unless accompanied by an Army National Guard battalion). Just taking photos of graffiti can get you killed in some parts of East Los Angeles. Shots fired? Don’t bother calling the police unless you see a body on the ground (yes, that’s literally from personal experience).

Somehow, society copes, and never with great success. Sometimes the corrupt behavior of the police eases the stress, as the cops and the thugs agree on mutual limits and divide up the spoils; sometimes it seems a cycle comes to a natural end, and a reforming mayor claims credit; sometimes an influx of a distinct minority group, such as homosexuals and arty types, “gentrifies” a neighborhood. The story is always unique, yet somehow always familiar. Only this seems clear: over time, change occurs, and planning or controlling it is beyond the ability of the authorities. The forces involved are too massive and too complex to submit to the fantasies of posturing, exploitive ideologues. Que sera, sera.

So: read about Anaheim, and wonder. But stay away. You could be mistaken for a plainclothes cop.


Rudy Giuliani On “Occupy Wall Street”, Speaking In November, 2011

“I believe that Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement,” Rudy Giuliani said at the Defending the American Dream Summit. “It would not have happened, it would not have happened but for his class warfare. And remember, as it gets worse and worse because it’s going to get worse and worse, where it came from. Barack Obama. He praised it. He supported it. He agrees with it. He sympathizes with it. And as it gets worse and worse, I believe this will be the millstone around Barack Obama’s neck that will take his presidency down.” (Source)

This comment was made by a weblogger at the time Giuliani spoke: “Once it starts hurting him (Obama), the media oxygen will be withdrawn. In fact, that’s already starting to happen.”

Giuliani was sort of right, and the weblogger was prophetic. The lap dogs in the press have basically killed this link between The One and the anti-capitalist class warriors. Many voters have forgotten all about it.


Pelosi, Obama, And Those Pesky Jews

It’s amazing what one can say — and get away with — if one is the Speaker of the House. Consider Botox Barbie’s latest terpsichorean misadventures in PhantasyLand: according to Madame Speaker, Jews are “…'”being exploited,” but she was sure to add, “And they’re smart people.”‘” Why she did not add, “Some of my best friends are Jews,” this newsletter cannot say.

Well, it’s about Israel, of course, and in spite of he fact that Team Obama’s record is not only clear on that subject, but egregious, Pelosi said,

And the fact is that President Obama has been the strongest person in terms of sanctions on Iran, which is important to Israel. He’s been the strongest person on whether it’s Iron Dome, David’s Sling, any of these weapons systems and initiatives that relate to Israel. He has been there over and over again. (Source)

So of course some of the “wingnut” websites and commentators are jumping all over what they claim Pelosi said — that Obama has been to Israel many times. Well, she did not say that at all; what she obviously meant was that Obama has time and again insisted that Iran must not develop a nuclear weapon. Pelosi is correct, and the “wingnuts” are badly mistaken — they have let their hatred of her run off with their reason. Yes, Pelosi is overwhelmingly frustrating and madding, but she said what she said, and it’s plain enough. Score: Pelosi 1, “Wingnut” propagandists 0.

Pelosi is also correct when she says Obama will win the Jewish vote. In spite of the fact that the administration’s loony policy toward the “Palestinians” and Israel is bigoted, counterproductive and inexcusable, most Jewish voters will stay with the Democrats and return The One to office. This is probably due to two factors: first, the “progressive” moves Obama is trying to effect appeal to Jews, a segment of US society that tends to be much more collectivist than individualist. Second, Jews who worry about the welfare of Israel may overwhelmingly believe that sanctions on Iran are sufficient for now, and will eventually work better than military solutions. Who, after all, wants war? (Answer: only the Iranian Twelvers, and they will decide what happens.)

So Pelosi is right again. Obama will win, and the GOP will be plunged into The Dark Night of the Soul, struggling to understand why it is fated to select only the wrong candidates. If there is any good news to be found here, it must be that in 2016, Bobby Jindal will be ready.

Meanwhile, it’s certainly true that many “wingnut” commentators need to learn how to understand what people are saying when they talk; this recent episode with Pelosi can be paired with Obama’s maladroit “You didn’t do that” the other day, when he tried to point out (the obvious and gloriously irrelevant fact) that a small businessman did not construct the highways and bridges that facilitate his business. In the rush to damn their bĂȘtes noires, the folks who control only the House of Representatives are making some rookie mistakes. That’s not going to help a campaign that has saddled up a lame horse and ridden off in the wrong direction.

So an electorate that simply does not wonder why Obama took that mysterious trip to Pakistan, why he has locked up virtually everything about his past, why he did not years ago allow anyone with the slightest interest to have all information regarding that silly Hawaii birth certificate, why Obama has time and again hammered Israel and coddled the “Palestinians”, why Obama seems to think rich folks destroy their money rather give it to other people, why Obama invoked presidential privilege to hide internal Department of Justice documents, why the USA treated Honduras so horribly, and…and…well, the list is just endless. It describes an electorate that seems not to care about the ethical propriety of its government, and is willing to cooperate with the gang of collectivist authoritarians in the White House. It’s a shame and a pity, and the “wingnuts” are never going to counter it until they learn how to listen, how to understand, and how to communicate.



“…the government is about (to) impose its will on the whole home-lending market and force another round of bad loans….” This is the stubborn irrationality of the collectivist mindset. The madness proceeds from a Utopian lust for control; sanity, by contrast, counsels reliance on free markets to optimize prosperity.

The vulnerability of the USA to Islamist attack may not be adequately appreciated by the military and the national government. The prospects are alarming, which may make them politically incorrect.

Watch this five minute video. Highly recommended.

Christie on the “war” on drugs: he’s wrong to call addiction an illness, and he’s got a few other things a bit twisted, but overall, his proposals are improvements — big improvements — over the stupidity that characterizes drug laws and their enforcement. It’s always a good idea to make things better and never a good idea to avoid changes just because they can not make everything perfect. Christie’s ideas deserve to be implemented, and immediately.

Mike Mann is a founding member of and leading light in the gang that created the biggest hoax in the history of science, anthropogenic global warming. Now some say Mann is intent on proving beyond all possible doubt that he is not just a rascal, but a drooling idiot. He is said to be claiming he will sue National Review magazine. Yes, of course; this newsletter predicted such silliness in Nr. 249 (which was published in May of this year), since AGW believers long to silence those who see through the charade and are telling the world how the fake science was fabricated. That accounts for the calumny that explicitly equates AGW skeptics with holocaust deniers. Well, if Mann were to sue, he would regret his blunder for the rest of his life, as well as do more to dismantle the concept of anthropogenic global warming than any other person in the world possibly could. Never mind all his statements so far: this newsletter will not be surprised if Mann announces there will be no lawsuit. Why? Someone will explain to him what is involved in discovery….

The class warrior documented.

So Obama was elected president, and…”The result has been the highest levels of federal deficit and debt in the history of the nation. He has, indeed, exceeded the damage Jimmy Carter inflicted during his only term in office. He is, indeed, the worst President ever.” Oh, indeed? How can anybody say that? Here’s how.

The basic concept: a lot of leaks of sensitive material have been attempts to make Obama look good, and that’s hurting the USA’s intelligence apparatus. This will be debated for years.

“Wingnuts” are trying hard to put a negative spin on The One’s campaign propaganda. It might even work — if the undecided voters were paying close attention. Just a guess, but this newsletter believes most folks are not interested.

Dishonest charges like this are not designed to change minds among the white voters, but to make sure black voters are outraged enough to get to the polls and vote — when they might otherwise not bother.

Here’s a clever and well-made anti-Obama video that is worth watching, no matter what your sentiments. The only problem with it is that it left a lot of stuff out….

Will someone please order one of these, and send this newsletter a report on how well it works?

Nobody cares about Obama’s puzzling secretiveness…although every voter should.

Immigration policy and enforcement comprise a travesty. The Dream Act, for example, is being badly abused. What it was supposed to do is very different from what it is being used to accomplish. It was promoted as a positive and encouraging law that would benefit thousands of decent folks, but now as many as a million people might be involved, most of them undeservedly, in order to increase the number of voters who will support collectivist aims. It’s unethical in its execution, and vaguely reminiscent of FDR’s court-packing scheme, though this time it’s poll-packing.

“As has been pointed out before, gun free zones are premised on a fantasy, i.e., that criminals will obey the law.”

Part of Team Obama does not agree with The One. So far, some are not afraid of saying so.

Collectivist ideologues are typically critical of those who damn Islam as fundamentally immoral. That’s doubly hypocritical, for (a) sharia and Muslim teaching are rabidly inimical to many of “progressivism’s” favorite causes and groups, and (b) the hoary practice of denying the right of others to express opinions is once again in evidence in the collectivist camp.

Trouble with you is
The trouble with me
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