The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 264
20 August, 2012

Except for the immediate satisfaction of biological needs, man lives in a world not of things but of symbols. We may also say that the various symbolic universes, material and non-material, which distinguish human cultures from animal societies, are part, and easily the most important part, of man’s behavior system. It can be justly questioned whether man is a rational animal; but he certainly is a symbol-creating and symbol-dominated being throughout.

Obamacare Is Not Just A Deliberate Hoax That Will Fail — It’s A Stalking Horse

The truth Obamites like Sebilius know but will never admit is found in quotes selected from an article in The Wall Street Journal:

The health-care system can’t possibly deliver on the huge increase in demand for primary-care services.

To meet the promise of free preventive care nationwide, every family doctor in America would have to work full-time delivering it, leaving no time for all the other things they need to do.

As physicians increasingly have to allocate their time, patients in plans that pay below-market prices will likely wait longest. Those patients will be the elderly and the disabled on Medicare, low-income families on Medicaid, and (if the Massachusetts model is followed) people with subsidized insurance acquired in ObamaCare’s newly created health insurance exchanges.

A typical primary-care physician has about 2,500 patients (according to a 2009 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), but when he opens a concierge practice, he’ll typically take about 500 patients with him (according to MDVIP, the largest organization of concierge doctors): That’s about all he can handle, given the extra time and attention those patients are going to expect. But the 2,000 patients left behind now must find another physician. So in general, as concierge care grows, the strain on the rest of the system will become greater.

Don’t think the nation’s physicians don’t see this coming. As reported in NTG 254, many of them are seriously thinking about leaving medicine because Obamacare is arriving.

The rabid collectivists in government and academia remain loftily unconcerned by the coming disaster. They are warriors in the struggle to eradicate capitalism. Their ambition is not to give you good doctoring; it is to establish a permanent precedent for centralized management of all vital services. The operative assumption is that the longer government medicine for everyone is in place, the harder it will be to repeal. (That assumption could be a monumental error.)

Why is this happening? Recall quotes from commentary previously linked in this newsletter: this is a

…campaign to divide up, carve up and toss aside the laws and traditions of the United States and replace them with the power of arrogance. …divided people are easier to rule. The more you divide them, the less likely they are to give you any trouble when you’re raiding their last pennies…. (Obama) has corrupted a massive section of the population and made it complicit in his criminality. … (Those people) want him in power not because they think he’s the best man for the job, but because he’s their crook. The middle man for a crime ring that begins with him and ends with them.

Obama has, in short, seduced enough of the electorate that he can strike at the heart of US capitalism. His ideology demands control; that requires the death of choice; that is made possible by deceit, promising a better life to those who are not able to understand they are being lied to, and will lose their Liberty. Accordingly, Obama points to the “flaw” in the US constitution, reminding the masses that the document gifts them with nothing tangible. That mocks the core value of the nation. For those who can understand this, Obama stands revealed as a tyrant who hates Liberty. For much of the electorate, he is a savior who will deliver benefits.

Resentful, Obama’s supporters accept the president’s class war rhetoric as inspiring. In their ignorance, they believe claims that “trickle-down” economics does not work. They feel they have been cheated, and that now it’s their turn to get what they should have gotten long ago. Obama is counting on that bitter selfishness to prevail, so the voters do not end his Peronist administration. He knows he can lie, cheat, dissemble and mislead, as well as kindle class hatred — for he knows the mass media share his hatred of an ethic that places Liberty above all other possessions.

Focus on 2016, Pilgrims. It’s too early for reversal and reform.

The Coming War

Sanctions and diplomacy will fail, so the question is not whether war will come, but how horrible the conflict will be. If the combatants are wise, hostilities will be limited in scope, and brief. If the Iranians give full vent to the insanity that is the hallmark of the Twelver mythology, it will be prolonged, widespread, and very costly to all nations. In any event, you must prepare for it.

The facts are few: first, Israel cannot tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. Second, any attack on Iran will trigger some level of retaliation coming from Gaza at least; that will involve suicide bombers, rockets, and the use of mortars to shell Israel. Third, there will be a lot of shouting and babbling, all of which will be ignored by the Israelis, even as they pretend to pay attention to it.

Israel may proceed by assuming what can be thought of as “The Gaddafi Model”. According to this hopeful scenario, Iran will at some point realize it cannot sustain its weapons development, and stand down; attacks from Gaza will taper off, and the world will move toward a new status. This model assumes a degree of rationality on the part of the Iranians, but Gaddafi was just a murdering, power-mad dictator, which made him a lot more pragmatic and grounded in reality than the mullahs, who are faith-crazed.

This means events may threaten to spiral out of control. Disruptions in delivery of petrochemicals could cause severe problems for consumers worldwide, and if suicide attacks hit the USA, the delivery of goods and services could be impaired. Everyone would be wise to prepare for shortages and inconvenience. Jewish schools and hospitals worldwide should institute security measures. Sabotage of power grids, highways, bridges, dams and dikes could be a problem if formerly peaceful US Muslims heed the call to defend the faith.

Israel may find it necessary to convey to several powers its willingness to use nuclear weapons rather than submit to invasion. Of course that threat will be denied strenuously if it is claimed by Syria, Egypt, Turkey or any other Islamic nations, but publicity will not matter: only the credibility of the threat will be significant. Only Iran will be insensitive to Israeli promises to unleash nuclear hell. Whatever the “Arab street” believes or wants, the fact is, most political leaders in the region — again, with the exception of the suicidally lunatic Iranians — will believe the Israelis and react sanely.

The problem is that in order to make its point, and in order to defeat the proximate threat to its existence, Israel may well have to go to extremes even before using nuclear weapons. Those extremes will cause violent repercussions around the globe.

Perhaps the greatest and most troubling question here is what, exactly, the USA will do. Half-measures would be almost as bad as no action at all, but one cannot depend on the Obama administration to grasp that truth. There is no clear answer to the question, “Where does the USA stand?” Foreign policy is in the hands of amateurs who often seem unaware of the basics. For the most part, Team Obama — and this includes Hillary “Who painted it?” Clinton (see Number 72 of this newsletter) — is simply ignorant, prone to blunders (recall Honduras), and grossly unimaginative. Team Obama is made up of anticapitalist activists who are not particularly concerned about such issues as Liberty and sanity; they may even be, as this newsletter has suggested, infected with Jew-hatred. It is tragic that the nation is so poorly served at this critical time, but there the facts are — and you should take them into consideration and prepare for something worse than a local, temporary clash that ends with a bunch of angry Muslims and relieved Jews.

As things stand at the moment, Syria and Egypt are the wild cards. Transitions in both states are under way, and every imaginable variety of villain is trying to take advantage of the changes. That may be good: if they are disorganized, these Muslims may be easier to brush aside. The Turks, who tend to be more rational than many Muslims, could be held back if Israeli diplomats can keep their moves from public view. The “Palestinians” and related groups will, of course, go into transports of rage and misbehave badly; fortunately, almost nobody in the Muslim world likes or genuinely sympathizes with “Palestinians”, regardless of what they say about them.

You can adopt a similar skepticism whenever Ahmadinejad speaks. He’s always blowing hard about Israel being a cancer, about killing all Zionists, and why one should imagine a world without Israel. This malignant dwarf is a self-parody. What matters about Iran is just how far the mullahs will go in trying to prevent the destruction of their weapons shops. Will they make good on their threats to send their pawns into battle against the US Navy at the Straits of Hormuz? Will they mobilize another army of child martyrs, and order them to go to their deaths? No one can predict what the bearded freaks will do, or how some clandestine faction in the Iranian hierarchy might deal with the crazy old men — if such a rational subversive group exists.

The Israeli citizenry is getting its gas masks and preparing for war. You should, too. If it does not come — if the madmen back down because they are another instance of the Gaddafi Model — you will not have wasted money or energy. Consider the alternative.

Romney Is In The Lead!

Wow…Newsweek, a quintessential “progressive” magazine that pretends to be unbiased, produces a cover telling Obama it’s time for him to pack up and go back to Chicago! Meanwhile the GOP continues its streak of positive publicity after the Ryan pick. So Romney’s going to win, eh?

Maybe. Consider a few facts before you decide.

The author of the anti-Obama piece was an adviser to the McCain campaign, so…he’s exquisitely impeachable. If his words had been written by Rachel Maddow, the article would be a bombshell, and might even change a few minds/votes. No such luck, Republicans. The “progressives” will dismiss this with the slightest flick of their wrists.

It’s very early. The political parties have not even held their conventions yet, for crying out loud! Predicting who is going to win based on what is happening now is pure guesswork; it’s irrational to focus on the “trend” (there is no such thing, as this newsletter has insisted) and even sillier to assume that today’s lead is permanent.

Could it be that Newsweek is trying to get itself labeled unbiased early on, so its later editorials and slanted “reporting” will have credibility with undecided voters? Yes.

True, the Romney/Ryan campaign is drawing good crowds. Look out, Republicans, things can change in a single day….

When Barry The Perfect Campaigner rolls up his sleeves and takes the stage, the contest will be fundamentally transformed.

The faithful are simply waiting to be called to battle by The One. The hard core of the Democrat establishment is still furious over Gore’s and Kerry’s defeats, and loathes the Tea Party for having helped hand the House to the GOP in the last election. The wrathful collectivist apparatchiki mean to destroy their enemies this time. When they head to the polls, a lot of dead people will be marching in their ranks, along with people who do not exist, voters who are really canines, felines, or reptiles, are not citizens, or vote in three or four precincts.

The closing days of the campaign will be exhilarating for Democrats. They will be part of a poundingly dramatic come-from-behind last-minute attempt to rescue the Cause.

And the Newsweek piece…will be forgotten….

Politics As Usual



An atypical Iranian woman speaks to Israelis — and risks her life to do so.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper, an inexhaustible wellspring of collectivist hate and disinformation, evaluates the Romney candidacy as Ryan has altered it. Read and ponder, without suspending rationality. This newsletter suspects that the Guardian is attempting to rally the Obamites by suggesting that Romney could actually win. Yes, the Democrats have had a bad week or two. The race has barely begun; expect Obama to save his biggest and best for the home stretch.

“Wingnut” hiss-‘n’-spit at MSNBC. Nobody’s mind will be changed.

A very nasty anti-Romney ad got all the facts wrong — and deliberately, as far as can be determined. The people behind the ad lied and cheated, thereby demonstrating the dishonesty and bad ethics of some Obama propagandists. Now here’s what matters, and it’s all that matters: exactly how many Obama voters do you think these revelations will upset, and of those folks, how many will be upset enough to (a) not vote for Obama, or to (b) vote for Romney instead of for Obama? Right, none. Not one single Obama voter will pull back or switch. And how many undecided voters will be pushed, however gently, toward Romney by the exposure of Team Obama’s dirty tricks and lies? Right again! Voters pay no attention when their candidates depend on rabid supporters who produce unprincipled propaganda. Voters believe the candidates, not the propagandists, will be running the country, so they make allowances. They ignore the dirty tactics. Further, undecided voters know better than to depend on political advertising to be truthful. So while the “wingnuts” are howling and claiming to have gained some advantage over Team Obama, virtually nobody else is paying attention. This, Pilgrims, is one of the reasons why Obama will probably win.

Egypt again. It’s very hard — probably impossible — to predict how Egypt is going to behave when the current situation calms down. Unfortunately it really matters.

From the NTG Facts Are Flexible, Dammit! file comes this tale of crime statistics and government. Well, shoot — Texas gave Landslide Lyndon his start in the Senate, thanks to the votes of some dead folks…so what’s new here?

John Browning would be proud — again. Says a NTG staffer: “They gave me an M1911A1 when I completed training as a company aid man (“medic”) and was attached to the infantry. It’s good to see this monster is back in action with the Marines…but the Army, being the Army, is still acting stupid. The troops have been begging for the M1911A1 for years. That Eye-talian toy does not put the target down and out nearly as well as the old-timer does.”

Military-related: regular readers may have noticed that Michael Yon has not been linked here recently. In this newsletter’s view, Yon has problems that have impaired his judgment, and NTG has lost confidence in him as a source of informed opinion. That is a huge disappointment. If you are curious, do a Google search with the search terms “michael yon soldiers’ angels”.

The bossy, overbearing bureaucratic personality type is one of the mainstays of tyranny. Here’s an example. Folks like this make Obama’s task easier.

The Tea Party as a violent danger to the common weal. Academia speaks….

Fast and Furious is a huge issue the White House is frantically trying to cover up, while Obama’s foes are determined to expose as much of the truth as possible.

If you are interested in an overview of the US/Israeli efforts to mess up Iranian computers, this is a clear and informative article.

Blaming the victims…it’s a kind of what you might call “meta-politics”, maybe. Time to ask, “What do you mean, ‘we’?”

This is an entertaining and informative video for those of you who are interested in astronomy and astrophysics. It’s not terribly technical.

Sam Harris says it’s “suicide as a career opportunity.” Take a look at a recruiting campaign. This is utterly debased humanity engaged in insane self-mockery.

Well worth your time: a video of a lecture by an astrophysicist who explains how the Islamic fundamentalism of centuries past derailed science in the Middle East. No, it’s not just history, for the implications for today are clear.

This is weird: you probably have heard about those cartridges with hollow-point bullets the government is ordering. People are wondering what’s up. Facts: first, the caliber is for pistols, not rifles or carbines. Second, these bullets are very deadly. Third, practicing with a pistol (so you can hit your target) should never be done with hollow point ammunition simply because the stuff is so darn expensive. The taxpayers should be up in arms over this one! Now read this brief and very informative commentary, and wonder.

The Huffington Post, a class act. Right up there with Harry Reid.

A girl who is too young to consent to sex can consent to be surgically sterilized. See how Nancy Pelosi, promoter of that and other “free” government services, addresses the issues involved.

The “wingnuts” are overconfident. They had better tend to their tatting.

You probably heard about the small business owner who told Ol’ Joe Biden’s minders he disagreed with Team Obama and did not want a photo opportunity in his store (which sells baked goods). But did you get this far in the report? “Here’s the back story, we’re told that shortly after Crumb and Get It told Biden’s advance people ‘no’ — the secret service walked in and told Chris McMurray ‘Thanks for standing up and saying no’ — then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes.” It could even be true. — Later: now they deny it. Of course they do!

Speaking of Ol’ Joe, this newsletter regrets its many past innuendos implying that the vice president is a wet-brained alcoholic. Yes, that was the honest opinion that prevailed in The Eagle Wing Palace. Now it’s understood that he’s not a drunk, but a sober idiot.

You say you like Obama, and will vote for him? Fine. Is your conviction strong enough to endure a twenty-two minute video that claims The One is…well, causing problems? Surely it must be. Great! Watch this. Don’t pass up a chance to mock and laugh at unfair criticism of the nation’s excellent president.

How is it Harry Reid is rich? He wouldn’t be a hypocrite, now would he?

More on Trapware, the company mentioned in the last number of this newsletter. To repeat: this surveillance will only grow as Team Obama extends its control of the population.

Guest in home assaulted, cruelly shot by hysterical female…er, hold it a minute…unh, well, that is….oh, never mind.

If you like spy stories, you may find this interesting: Part One and then Part Two.

There were days
and there were days
and there were days between
Summer flies and August dies
the world grows dark and mean
Comes the shimmer of the moon
on black infested trees
the singing man is at his song
the holy on their knees
the reckless are out wrecking
the timid plead their pleas
No one knows much more of this
than anyone can see anyone can see

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