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Month: September 2012

Number 269

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 269 28 September, 2012 According to international practice, the status of “refugee” or “displaced person” only applies to first-generation refugees — in other words,...

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Number 268

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 268 12 September, 2012 The adoption of the conspiracy theory can hardly be avoided by those who believe that they know how to make heaven on earth. The only explanation for their failure to...

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Number 267

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 267 10 September, 2012 …it was an unexpected shock to American psychology when the obvious was discovered, e.g., that the Stimulus-Response, need-gratification “machine” of a...

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Number 266

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 266 3 September, 2012 Owing to their immanent dynamics or laws, symbolic systems may become more potent than man, their creator. Then symbolic entities — status, nation, society, party, what...

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