The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 266
3 September, 2012

Owing to their immanent dynamics or laws, symbolic systems may become more potent than man, their creator. Then symbolic entities — status, nation, society, party, what have you — may govern man and human behavior more strongly than biological reality or organismic drives. This is the basis of the most sublime achievements of man; it is also the cause of all the follies of human history.

A Documentary You Must See

An excellent film puts global warming, global cooling and carbon dioxide into scientifically correct context. The documentary brings you up to date on all the significant developments with just one exception: the way temperatures are actually measured around the globe. (It does not mention that monitoring stations at higher altitudes and latitudes have been dropped from the database, thereby producing the false appearance of warming; nor does it review research into how badly-located temperature sensors have measured not climate, but the heat expelled by adjacent air conditioners and other local heat sources that produce tiny “islands” of warming.) A favorite moment for this newsletter’s editor: a scientist refers to “the Druid mentality” that replaces facts with articles of faith — and claims human sacrifices will improve the weather. You should recommend this film to everyone you know. Try this link or this one. Here’s a third possibility, just in case.

Codes, Dog Whistles, And Bigotry: Chimeras And The Genuine Monster

The failure of Team Obama to halt the ongoing economic breakdown of the nation has resulted in a desperate propaganda campaign to vilify Romney and his supporters as racists.

Now you may have noticed that virulent KKK-style propaganda is almost totally absent from view. It is only reasonable to assume that racists exist, so the question is natural: why are they so quiet? One plausible explanation is that they know their views are unpopular and could provoke a backlash by most voters that would return Obama to office. To extend this speculation, consider that the most sophisticated of the merchants of hatred might craft arguments designed to appeal to people who are uncomfortable with black folks, and would prefer to see government in the hands of whites. This could result in what are sometimes called coded messages — expressions of opinion that appeal to bigotry while avoiding politically incorrect terminology and slogans.

As the GOP moves up in the polls, collectivists who know Obama is indefensible on most issues will naturally accuse the president’s critics of peddling these coded messages. It’s a tactic that may be effective with some undecided or “swing” voters who are either genuinely unprejudiced or who aspire to that honorable status. The ethical citizen is, as they know, concerned only with substantial matters and ignores genetics.

So the “dog whistle” tactic — the claim that some objections to Obamoid policies are actually evidence of hatred of black folks — does offer the prospect of success. And surely there are people who grumble about Obama’s ideas and failures and expressed goals, while knowing little about them…and hating the man for his African genes.

Take a closer look: begin with facts that some politicians (and many of their running dogs) don’t want you to know, and certainly will dispute.

1. The “fact-check” outfits that pass judgment on the correctness and fairness of political advertising are not nearly as objective and unbiased as they claim to be. Yes, that’s true, though of course it’s rather like saying that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is an impeachable reference. Recall that link in NTG 263 that remarked on the fact that, like the rest of the media, these “fact-check” outfits can be biased, and when they are, they lean toward the collectivist view. Then update that with some recent commentary on the subject.

2. Have a look at this strained, implausible attempt to impute racism to a great many people who would be offended if they knew they were targeted. If the conclusions of the author seem reasonable to you, ask yourself what evidence he cites, and whether it could be considered accurate beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury. In instance after instance, he injects racist motives and themes because he believes they must be present, and that only those reprehensible motives can explain the animus of the anti-Obama sentiments.

3. Now consider the peculiar argument that says, in effect, “The changes are not significant as a retreat from high standards; they just relax those standards, move them around a bit, and toss a few of them out. That makes things more flexible, which is good”. Then note the political philosophy of the president. This fellow has complained explicitly and unequivocally that the US constitution is a negative document that simply forbids the government from infringing on the Liberty of the people. According to The One, the constitution is inadequate because it does not mandate material benefits. When the discussion linked above turns to philosophy, consider that fundamental fact, Pilgrims, and ask yourselves what conclusions you can draw from the evidence.

4. Loyal reader JY is (as always) on target when he suggests you read Mark Steyn on how dog whistles work.

Above all, do view this topic with rigorous skepticism. Now of course some folks find rational thought alien and off-putting because they are racists — in which case they will be voting for the candidate of their skin color. If that’s your choice, know this: you are far from alone, for a great many folks will be voting strictly along racial lines. That’s one of the reasons for this newsletter’s belief that Obama is very likely to win.

True The Vote And Related Matters, Such As Dependency And Bigotry

Smug and contemptuous collectivists insist that voter fraud does not exist. The Obamite line is that “tea baggers” (a filthy sexual pejorative that unprincipled clowns like Bill Maher insist on using to refer to Tea Partiers) are making it all up; further, there is no need for voter ID, and those who claim otherwise must necessarily be racists, because black people can’t get good identification. This newsletter wonders whether the Bicoastal Elite believes black voters are too stupid/incompetent to get a valid photo ID. Eric Holder, for example, seems to think it’s unfair to ask many African-Americans to get valid identification, but if you just can’t manage to come up with your birth certificate or naturalization papers, how in the world will you manage to register to vote and then actually cast your ballot? Why aren’t black folks and members of other minorities offended by these claims that they are hopelessly, pathetically and irresponsibly incompetent?

A more complete understanding of what is going on must include the facts of political life. The federal government is currently in the hands of collectivists who wish to foster a culture of dependence. Because the elite prefers that minorities consider themselves incompetent, there will be no attempt to provide inexpensive photo ID through the Social Security bureaucracy, the US Postal Service, or any federal agency.

If you look into it, you will see that the feds do have a “passport card”, which is superb photo ID. It will get you on domestic flights and back into the USA from Canada, Mexico, and The Bahamas. It costs almost two hundred dollars, as it requires the purchase of a passport and the paying of an additional fee for the card. Why so expensive? So the poor won’t try to obtain them. What difference would that make? Ponder that, and keep reading.

Even if a passport were not required for the purchase of a passport card — the editor of this newsletter was informed by the people who provide passports and passport cards that one cannot have just a passport card — the passport card would still be expensive: thirty dollars if you get it directly from Washington (and don’t forget, you need to pay for an officially correct passport photo, as well), and fifty-five dollars if you get it from a local office. Yes, this ID is expensive, and therefore out of reach for the poor.

Suppose for a moment that good photo ID were easy to get (it is, but that is in dispute), and further suppose that good photo ID were required for voting. That means the ID would have to indicate clearly the citizenship status of the bearer, and it also means that voter fraud would be more difficult than it is now. Imagine all the dead people and pets and non-citizens being forbidden to participate in elections.

In order to protect illegal practices that are all too common, politicians of many stripes and collectivist ideologues in particular cooperate to negate voter ID laws and frustrate citizens of limited means who want good photo ID (that frustration takes the form of repeated claims that the poor can’t manage it, and some poor folks believe the fable). This amounts to reducing the role of the states in administering elections, as well as making voting increasingly vulnerable to tampering.

Now of course the poor and the uneducated and those illegally present in the USA must have a certain amount of interaction with government, and as long as the government preaches dependence and incompetence, that interaction will be open to abuse. The goal, of course, is political and economic control of the individual.

What begins with government declarations of the incompetence of the individual promotes dependence and sloth, corrupts the electoral process, weakens the local governments, endorses bigotry and encourages the flouting of immigration law.

Eventually, given support for this prostitution of governance, the issue will have to go to the federal supreme court.

Well, the naively optimistic editor of the NTG, irritated by the stinking mess, has volunteered to work with True The Vote. So far, the results have been unpromising. There is a problem with communication, and the information coming from the local TTV affiliate is partial, unhelpful, and a bit confusing. Training evidently costs money, which comes as an unexpected surprise, and e-mail messages seem to float off into empty space. It is early days yet, but for now, the puzzled editor has seated himself firmly on his hands, and is waiting to see whether anyone notices.

The less-than-impressive reaction of the organization may be the natural result of a paucity of volunteers and operatives in California; True The Vote is not present in that state, and must try to work with a separate, like-minded organization. If you are in Texas, where TTV originated and appears to be more active, things could be different. In any event, NTG readers will learn more about this attempt to help make democracy work properly.


By far, the best speech of the GOP convention: Clint Eastwood’s.

During the War Between the States in North America, citizens of the states that had not seceded could hire someone to take their places in the military, thereby fulfilling their civic obligations. The Chinese, those clever folks who invented gunpowder and then never did anything with it except make fireworks, have copied the antique American practice, and expanded it to function within the criminal justice system. Of course this makes murder a privilege of the wealthy, but, well, multiculturalism, see, and… er, respect for the customs — that is, different…oh, it’s time to move on to the next item.

From the NTG’s Apocalyptic Journalism file: what, exactly, did you expect from these folks, anyway?

Libertarians try to get their message out to the GOP. Hello? … Hello? Is anybody listening?

Now this has all the earmarks of a complex hoax. Begin with that nonsense headline, which is indecipherable; go from there to literally incredible claims, and finally struggle through “explanations” that explain nothing — and you can only be skeptical. Yet….

Was it true censorship — or just preventing something from being seen and heard because it was not consonant with the proper ambiance?

A “wingnut” source explains that criminal prosecutions may soon be attempted in the Fast and Furious scandal. This should shame the Department of Justice and the president, but it does not, for the voters know next to nothing about the entire disgraceful affair. The biased news media do not fully report it, as this newsletter has pointed out repeatedly (see especially Number 255 of this newsletter, and focus on the last few paragraphs of the Item titled, “The Triumph Of The Absurd”). That failure to inform the electorate is tantamount to corruption.

My, what nice people. Are you surprised? Of course not. You remember Eason Jordan, so you know how the media types talk at work.

Oh, you say you want to “Go Green”? No, you don’t, and here are some really good reasons why you should remain a polluter/wastrel.

Gravity waves — confirmed to exist. For now. That could change in a few years, though.

Political correctness is not dead — it is alive, lethal, and questing.

Some folks have charged that Team Obama has given away state secrets in order to make The One look good for having strangled Osama (or Usama) bin Laden with his bare feet. “Judicial Watch launched its investigation of Bigelow’s meetings with the Obama administration following press reports suggesting that the Obama administration may have leaked classified information to the director as source material for Bigelow’s film.” If the Prez said too much and thereby endangered national security, he deserves a spanking — but who can determine how much “too much” is? In any event, some information was overlooked and then, Whoops! discovered later. It does make the suspicious wonder what was accidental and what was deliberate and whether somebody got really really fed up and uncovered some records that were not supposed to see the light of day. All is speculation and guesswork, unfortunately — or, if you are an Obamite, you would say it’s better that way. Look at what is known and decide how upset you want to be.

It’s really hard to tell how this new material is going to fare in the marketplace, but it is already very interesting and enticing. If it lives up to expectations, it will be huge.

This is interesting and instructive, so you ought to take a look at it. It demonstrates the power of the press to distort the truth and craft the views of people around the world so reality is misunderstood and bigoted preconceptions become easier to create. Then too, it represents a correction made by a major media outlet (most of the time they don’t bother about things like this). Finally, it’s exceptional because it took so damned long — which should not be surprising. The point: many editors are propagandists who can on occasion be badgered and hectored and nagged and threatened into offering up incomplete corrections that demonstrate a profound insincerity. As in this case.

“How. Man come, him want take video. Me no see, no hear. Not know brave who count coup.” — Yes, she’s at it again, and this time, she’s saying silly things about how she does not have any link to the “cab driver” who belted the guy with the video camera. The Crow Woman is on her way to the Senate, you bet-chum!

Think Multiculturalism, Pilgrims! “Karaoke…is taken very seriously not just in China, but throughout Asia, where singing rivals alcohol as a social lubricant. ….karaoke massacres have taken place in the Philippines, where the Frank Sinatra song My Way has had to be removed from many songbooks after sub-standard renditions provoked a string of killings. In Thailand, meanwhile, a man shot eight of his neighbours, including his brother-in-law, after tiring of their tuneless reprisals of John Denver’s Country Roads“. Justifiable culling of the herd…. Source.

Dark angel, now just don’t start
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