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Number 268
12 September, 2012

The adoption of the conspiracy theory can hardly be avoided by those who believe that they know how to make heaven on earth. The only explanation for their failure to produce the heaven is the malevolence of the devil who has a vested interest in hell.


U.S. embassy in Cairo apologizes for “abuse of free speech” after protesters tear down American flagMEMO

TO: Barack, Hillary

FROM: The Citizenry of the USA



Have you no sense of decency, Sir and Madam? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

The Full Answers Will Never Come To Light

How did it come to pass that suicidal Muslim warriors were able to pull off the attack on the USA that is popularly called “Nine-Eleven”? In spite of the fact that historians will be trying to answer that question from now on and cannot hope ever to succeed, the issue has arisen as part of the Obama – Romney contest. With Slick Willy campaigning hard for The One, some “wingnuts” are trying to discredit the former president, while “progressives” are blaming everything on G. W. Bush. What little can be known — and there are overwhelming reasons why the unknown will remain forever secret — tells the level-headed observer that the guilt lies with neither man, but with the intelligence and law enforcement and jurisprudential bureaucracies of Washington.

Compared to the White House, those agencies are invisible, mute and impenetrable. What follows must therefore be considered partially inaccurate and certainly incomplete. Keep that in mind.

1. The CIA had a good deal of information about the Muslim fanatics, and did not pass it along to the FBI.

2. It is extremely unlikely that assassinating Usama (Osama) bin Laden well before the attacks would have prevented anything.

3. Presidential action within the guidelines then in place could have accomplished little, and was certainly not required in order to apprehend the hijackers before they boarded the planes. Courageous extraordinary action was required, and was absent.

4. The current back-and-forth between the “progressive” and “wingnut” camps is, to misquote Shakespeare slightly, Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

If you wish to understand a little of what happened, revisit Number 67 of this newsletter (then called The Penguin Post), and read the item titled, “The New Stratification Of US Society Is A Terrible Mistake”.

There you will learn how the rules were set up to prevent communication between the CIA and the FBI. You should then look once more at Number 254 of this newsletter, and re-read the item, “The Central Intelligence Agency And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Have Some Unfinished Business With Each Other”.

Then you will understand how the following fanciful scenario offers cogent speculation about what happened, what could have happened, and what should have happened:

Note first that it is in the nature of the process for intelligence officials to lace their briefings of the president with warnings, speculations, cautionary comments, statements that such-and-such bad news might come to pass, and so on. That is their way of covering themselves, so they are never vulnerable to the “Why didn’t you tell me?” scolding.

Presidents know this. There is a natural tendency for them to brush aside what is almost always empty speculation.

While the presidents involved were warned and failed to take effective action, the intelligence/law enforcement agencies could and should have acted. They did not need presidential authority to do so. They could have ignored the idiotic rule that prevented them from communicating with each other, and later lied about what they had done, if need be.

The problem: if the president at the time had told the CIA and FBI, “Do everything you can to act on the information we have; I want those bastards prevented from doing anything,” the rules could still have crippled the effort — and probably would have, if they had been obeyed in spite of the unfolding crisis.

In the final analysis, everything depended on the bureaucrats involved, and they balked at breaking the law. They refused to convey information that should have been available to all concerned parties. That was a bad call which, in effect, makes the spooks look like “good Nazis”. “Bad Nazis” are willing to ignore orders when human decency requires it. (If you are an obedient Nazi, that’s evil; if you are a nominal Nazi who refuses to obey unethical orders, that’s humane, brave, and admirable.)

Worse yet, no high CIA official had the cojones to go to the president and say, “We aren’t allowed to tip off the FBI. I need you to order me to ignore this absurd rule.”

You can’t envy those gutless spooks. Like good Nazis, they did as they were told, and almost three thousand people died without even knowing why they were being killed and who was doing it to them. A greater horror is hard to imagine. The folks in the CIA who did not say, “Screw the rule, I’m telling the cops” have to live with that.

You can see that the failure to prevent the catastrophe did not begin with a glib sex addict or with a dry alcoholic. It began with a bad rule, was tolerated by intimidated careerists who may not have grasped the nature of the information they had, and was facilitated by a sluggish system that was unable to connect relevant data and draw straightforward conclusions.

It was for the most part an institutional failure.

At its base, the cause of the breakdown is to be found in the culture of the nation — in its social stratification and in the unexamined assumptions that govern the behavior of those who operate the machinery of governance.

The only way disasters like “Nine-Eleven” can be prevented is if the spooks and the cops are able to do their jobs without having to march to drums beaten by egotistical, greedy overachievers who think they can do anything because they are lawyers.

Yes, in this tragic case, irrational and irrelevant cultural criteria put the wrong person — an unqualified, confident, assured and articulate outsider — at a crucial nexus in the system.

It was like letting a six year-old prodigy drive a Greyhound bus on the freeway because she had composed a symphony.

You say you don’t quite follow the logic? Re-read Numbers 67 and 254. They are yours for the asking.


To those wonderful people in Poland: thank you for remembering.

Ugh! Squaw Warren make-um friends in high places, get-um good job and plenty wampum, you bet-chum. Politically oh-so-correct Harvard certainly appears to have hired her because of her claim to be a Native American, and overlooked the fact that she was grossly inadequate as a legal scholar.

Related: counterfeit Native Americans don’t seem to have “strong medicine”, do they? Like Ward, Liz is going be a long, long time living her fraud down, even as a senator — after all, everybody knows how ethically flexible Massachusetts is, so her exalted political status won’t count for much when she’s off the reservation. That only seems fitting.

“Media bias,” you say? Bite your faithless tongue! Surely the journalists would report on any and all pervasive, egregious miseries suffered by the public in the outrageously unlikely event that the Ruling Elite did not deign to address them! Take gasoline prices, for example…if they were high (crazy as that sounds!), the government would encourage the building of pipelines, open up newly discovered oil fields, promote increased drilling and refining capacity — it would be federal policy to increase supplies substantially…. Why, if that were not happening, it would be front page news every day, with the press hounding the government to do the necessary things to end the universal suffering! After all, the press is on the side of the people, right?

Hold on…didn’t somebody report the other day that California alone has petroleum reserves equal to those of Nigeria (which is selling oil to the world, and enriching its kleptocrats)? Oh, yeah….

Is this crony capitalism? Of course the “wingnuts” say yes, while the “progressives” dispute all the accusations as misinterpretations. How is the average guy to know what’s what? Situations like this are so debatable that they lend themselves to the practice of crony capitalism!

If you have some spare funds, this might be a good outfit to look into.

“Bittersweet”? Yes, he would say something that stupid.

“President Obama has a Jewish problem.” Why ever?

If the European nations and press watched the Islamists half as closely as they watch this guy, Muslims would squeal like so many stuck pi…unh, goats.

Gander: the folks who came through when they were needed.

These are the horns of the dilemma
What truth is proof against all lies?
When sacred fails before profane
The wisest man is deemed insane
Even the purest of romantics compromise

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