The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 278
8 November, 2012

…cults often have a will to power all their own, which is one reason why Germany still bans the Church of Scientology along with the Nazi Party. Already it is becoming difficult to question the pagan assumptions behind environmentalism without seeming like a crackpot. My hunch is it will only get harder. Liberals and leftists for the most part seem incapable of dealing with jihadism — a quintessentially fascist political religion — for fear of violating the rules of multicultural political correctness.

It’s For The Best

The collectivist victory will benefit the nation in the long run, for it will demonstrate the consequences of a false conception of man. The coming hardships will convince enough people that they function best when they are free to exercise choice. The community organizer will be unable to impose organization without creating a dysfunctional tyranny.

Obama’s iatrogenic problems will prove devastating. In matters great and small, failure will provoke public judgment and consequent sanity. The electorate will increasingly recognize the folly of following a charlatan who says flatly, “The free market doesn’t work.”

The result will be a nation far less divided. That will make genuine reform possible.

Yes, the interval before reform will be painful, even excruciating. It is necessary. The polity must go through this Time of Troubles before it can reject Utopian fantasy and restore Liberty.

You (Probably) Voted Incorrectly

If you think you voted for the right man in the US presidential election, you need to read a brilliant article that explains why you were wrong if you voted for the Republican or the Democrat. Here are some quotes that are intended to whet your intellectual appetite.

“The decision in Roe v. Wade was a constitutional fabrication…” It is a “…mistake to think that overturning Roe will lead to harsh repression against women’s reproductive rights.” It is also a mistake to “…overturn Roe at this point and return the matter to the states.” On same-sex marriage, “…a society works better when the state does not use its power to favor one class of civil unions over another.”

“The auto bailout snatched Chrysler out of the hands of its creditors in order to dump it into the hands of the president’s close union confederates — who, not coincidentally, are the largest contributors of dollars and services to his campaign.”

The issue is “…whether the high marginal tax rates that are now in place on both individual and corporate wealth are partly responsible for the economic stagnation that we have endured as a nation over the past four years.” Obama says that “…we have created 5 million jobs over the past two and a half years, many of which are part-time and low-paid. He doesn’t bother to note that this rate is exceedingly low, given the expansion of the population base during that time.” Further, “…this weak employment rebound has been accompanied by a consistent decline in the standard of living for most Americans during the past four years, the accumulation of trillion dollar deficits that will prove difficult to service when interest rates turn upward, and a huge expansion in entitlements without any attending effort to restructure Medicare or Social Security.”

Finally, “(Obama’s) policy proposals for the next four years simply regurgitate his earlier failed proposals, which will only make matters worse.”

As the webloggers say, read it all.

The Trouble With The Libertarian Party

A subscriber to NTG (who does not read it, ever) muses that neither Obama nor Romney seemed right for the White House. He notes that he found the Libertarian, Johnson, better on all issues but one: hostilities carried out against jihadism. The subscriber (who never reads NTG) has a trenchant point.

Clarification: Libertarians (capital L) belong to the party; libertarians (lower case l) agree with some or most or all of the principles of libertarianism, whether it is of the Randian sort or has other philosophical roots. Many “wingnuts” harbor libertarian notions.

Here’s a helpful quote from the excellent book Liberal Fascism (ISBN 978-0-141-03950-3):

…in America, as Friedrich Hayek and others have noted, a conservative is one who protects and defends what are considered liberal institutions in Europe but largely conservative ones in America: private property, free markets, individual liberty, freedom of conscience, and the rights of communities to determine for themselves how they will live within these guidelines. This is why conservatism, classical liberalism, libertarianism, and Whiggism are different flags for the only truly radical political revolution in a thousand years. The American founding stands within this tradition, and modern conservatives seek to advance and defend it.

In fact the formal Libertarian Party can and should be faulted for its pacifism/isolationism. At first glance, one might wonder why Libertarians are so reluctant to take up arms against the world’s most dangerous enemies of Liberty; what is puzzling about the fact that Liberty must be defended by whatever means necessary — and why is it impossible to see that those means must include killing evil people in far-off lands?

The problem is the fundamental, one might even say visceral, attitude of the Libertarian Party. Its members are radical individualists who cherish their independence and are delighted to extend free choice to their neighbors. This live and let live attitude runs very deep. It is based on an unstated — indeed unrecognized — assumption: you, however odd you may be, just want to be left alone. Doesn’t everyone? All humans simply want to march to their unique drums, make their way according to their own maps and impulses, and make the best of life. That’s the libertarian celebration of reason expressing itself as respect, tolerance — and a willingness to ignore what one’s neighbors are up to. As another writer put it:

Libertarians, anarchists and others who hew to the philosophy of live — and let live — aren’t the least bit interested in controlling other people. It does not occur to them. In fact, it goes against their nature. It’s an affront to their very core because, after all, if you wish to be left in peace you must also wish that others be left in peace, too. And more, you must accept this as just — as the right and proper order of things. The liberty of others must be as sacred to you as your own liberty — and require a defense (when necessary) every bit as vigorous.

In a libertarian world, nobody would have the power to do much more than defend himself, his family and his possessions against non-libertarians. (Non-libertarians want to steal, not buy; they want to control others, not respect them; they are unethical in a fundamental sense.)

A corollary to this charmingly naive attitude is the notion that one’s opinions regarding the supernatural are insignificant. You are a Methodist, he’s an atheist, that woman over there is a Catholic, and so on; who cares? Each person is entitled to believe as he will, of course, and everybody knows that. If that Methodist wants to convert somebody, he’s going to have to sell his ideas, and nobody has to buy them. That’s the libertarian ideal.

It cannot cope peacefully with Islamic colonialism.

True hard-core libertarians cannot quite grasp the fact that national borders do not a defense make. The Libertarian Party assumes (without wanting to admit it) that as long as the USA minds its own business, no one will be willing, eager or able to initiate hostilities against the homeland. That’s an attitude usually expressed as, “If Uncle Sam avoided intervening in other nations’ policies, he would be better off; meddling, such as supporting Israel, has only created enemies. The US government has interfered in multiple ways with other nations, overthrowing people like Allende and trying to overthrow Castro, and of course that causes trouble. FDR caused Pearl Harbor by provoking the Japanese. It’s time to pull back, and promote peace. That would protect the USA from attack.”

Of course there is some truth in those words. The problem is that the argument says nothing about jihadism, the motives of which are utterly distinct from those of Allende, Castro, or the Japanese Empire.

Yes, FDR did provoke Japan; his actions were egregious, and certainly deserved a military response from Tokyo. And so on with The Bay of Pigs and the rest of it. Uncle Sam has often been a bully.

None of that addresses the fact that Islam is an utterly different enemy. In the current conflict, nothing about World War I or II or Latin America or Korea or Cuba or Vietnam applies. The Libertarian Party does not understand that, does not recognize the distinctions that must be considered, and does not respond rationally to a culture-historical movement that is many hundreds of years old.

Citing endless examples of US misbehavior offers nothing to help the USA understand the essential nature of jihadism, nor can it possibly strengthen defenses against Islam’s death cult.

In numerous commentaries over the years, this newsletter has painstakingly made the case for military action against colonial Islam. The facts describe a lethal, long-term, fanatical threat that would like nothing better than to detonate nuclear weapons in all US cities. That may be possible if Iran obtains the devices.

Ultimately, everything comes down to this hard fact: Islam, acting on the unequivocal command of the divine creator of the world and of mankind, honestly intends to eradicate Western Civilization and with it all human Liberty.

As British leftist Oliver Kamm has noted, regarding the jihadis, “They won’t leave us alone, whatever we do.” (By all means, Google Kamm.)

Even a libertarian knows what must be done when a deadly threat becomes spectacularly credible.

Nasty Links

Too, too true: “…the media didn’t cover Obama’s first term as much as they’ve covered up for him, whether it was the dismal state of the economy, the failure of his policies or the increased troubles abroad.” Read it all.

It’s the W Poltergeist, come for revenge. Boo!

What might future historians have to say about Slick? Perhaps Christopher Hitchens knew. Highly recommended.

If a single TV ad should have cost The One his job, this was probably it. Before you click, prepare yourself for…well, anything.

Because you read NTG, you knew this would happen. To stop it, it will be necessary to take on the unions, just for openers.

What won’t Team Obama do? How can this administration be stopped, before it commits explicit treason? These rascals can sabotage whatever they want….

All men of good will should stand with Israel and defend the principles that set that nation apart from its neighbors. Western Civilization will survive only if Israel survives; many in the USA do not understand that simple truth.

Do you suppose Hillary has anything to do with this?

The coming war. The only question is whether this one will reach the USA, as the others have.This should get your attention: “…there is currently no clear process for owners to retrieve property that federal prosecutors effectively seized….” Have a look.

“… it is widely understood that carbon dioxide-driven global warming would have the effect of reducing temperature difference among different parts of the Earth, and therefore reducing the motive force for creating major wind systems.” And what, exactly, does that mean? That anthropogenic global warming and carbon dioxide played no role whatsoever in causing Sandy, or in making Sandy more fierce. Read the article and understand just how deliberately ignorant Al Gore is.

The USA was not the only nation to get hammered by Sandy. Lest it be forgotten….

Entertaining Or Just Plain Interesting Links, For Those Suffering From You-Know-What

Animal stories are sure crowd-pleasers. These are nifty, and they are supposed to be true.

Guys like cars, right? Here are some that are just good, solid, basic transportation. Well, that’s a lie.

Guys also like photos of scantily-clad females, so here you go. Hang on tight….

Beer is interesting, too. Even the ladies like beer. Or they should. Here’s a guide to some, er, useful varieties of suds.

If you have a business, there is great news for you! This breakthrough will be more beneficial than cold fusion, and almost as great as an earthquake that swallows up Iran. Do not miss out!

Here are ten samples from what just might have been the best comic strip in human history.

You have to like cats in order to enjoy this next video. It shows them doing all sorts of absurd feline things.

Documentaries: begin with one on Scientology, or…

…how about a discussion of “social anxiety”, which is defined as a fear of people? Too close to home for you? Then…

…consider UFOs and space aliens. They aren’t scary because they don’t exist. Well, this newsletter hopes that’s the case!

Hadrian’s wall, on the other hand, did and still does exist, and it’s pretty interesting.

The US Civil War is a huge, fascinating topic; here’s an introduction to it. It’s the bloodiest war ever fought by the USA, and probably always will be — unless the jihadis have their way. Speaking of those people, they have friends, and those people make documentaries….

Finally, here’s a documentary that’s no fun at all, but it is interesting. It tells you all about Air France 447. The documentary is more evidence backing up this newsletter’s advice: don’t fly in planes designed and manufactured by Airbus. While total safety is impossible, Boeing is your best bet.

The black-throated wind keeps pouring on in
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