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Number 281
1 December, 2012

If a person offers a hypothesis, the critical question to be raised is: “What are the grounds in support of the hypothesis?” If there are none, then this does not mean therefore that one belief is as good as the next….

Book Review

You will not accept the facts quoted in this short review as truthful, so you will have to obtain the book and read it carefully; then you will be convinced. That could be a turning point in your life.

The book: Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes, ISBN 978-0-307-47425-4, USD 15.00, paperback (you can probably find it for less online somewhere). Major points:

1. You don’t get fat because you overeat; you overeat because you are getting fat. You don’t get fat because your metabolism slows down; your metabolism slows down because you are getting fat.

2. Expending more energy than you take in is not the way to lose weight.

3. Eating carbohydrates causes insulin levels to rise, which makes you fat.

4. Not eating carbohydrates causes fat to be turned into energy. You get all the nutrients you need if you avoid carbohydrates.

In spite of the fact that Taubes disputes almost everything “known” about eating, nutrition, cardiac disease and obesity, he is credible. He bases all his contentions and conclusions in solid science, which he cites.

If you demand even more documentation of the facts, you will seek out and plow your tedious way through Good Calories, Bad Calories, which Taubes also wrote. This newsletter insists you don’t need all the references and explanations and comprehensive biochemical proof — you need a good survey of the essential truths. Why We Get Fat is that good survey.

The next time somebody tells you to eat less and exercise more, ignore him. He’s ignorant.

Then change what you eat.

Not eating carbohydrates was good for early humans, but then came farming, and that was all she wrote for good nutrition — and, as farming became more productive, that was all she wrote for the slim figure, as well.

Taubes is right. End of report.

Racism As Political Tool

It would probably not be a good idea for The One to ask the Senate to make Susan Rice secretary of state; she seems to be a very clever rascal. But…if she is to be bypassed, John Kerry will be nominated. Would he be in any sense better? Remember his notorious past, and ask whether he is qualified by personal ethics to lead US foreign policy; this newsletter believes he is absolutely not a proper candidate. Perhaps the GOP should simply take a deep breath, accept Rice, and allow her to create problems. That might be the best way to sabotage the Democrats.

Would that be ethical? Don’t the Republicans have a responsibility to the nation? Suddenly the issue of Susan Rice’s qualifications becomes unpleasantly complex, and perhaps the only way to avoid that trap is to say that the president should be allowed to choose the folks who will run the big departments. He won. Let him surround himself with his people. (But…Kerry?)

Of course the Republicans may win either way: Rice does a good job, which benefits the country, or she bombs, which benefits the GOP. Really now, could she be worse than Hillary? Does she know what the Shrine of Guadalupe is all about? Will she insist that an amateur videographer be arrested, charged, tried and imprisoned for his opinion of Islam? What would she have wanted to do about Honduras? Yes, Rice could be worse, but…what can the nation expect, given the current leadership?

It’s a Law of Nature: you will pay for your mistakes. The best course of action might just be to ride out the storm.

All right, accept it and then set it aside: the nation can’t have a top-notch secretary of state. What should cause the most irritation is not thoughts of how Rice might blunder or Kerry certainly would, but current allegations of racism.

Those demagogic accusations are very disquieting. As this newsletter has already noted, no one should be given immunity from criticism and punishment because of the nature of his DNA. It is simply evil to insist that any opposition to Obama or Rice or anyone must, by whatever definition, be racist. All this lunatic detection of bigotry in “code words” is a stain on the national discourse.

Aside: that brings to mind the sermons of Louis Farrakhan. When was the last time he said, “All Jews should be gassed! Hitler had the right idea, but he screwed it up!” Never. He’s too clever. Still the explicit things he has said do indicate he is comfortable with the virulent Jew-hatred of mainstream Sunni and Shia Islam. In fact no one who calls himself a Muslim of whatever stripe can deny the foundational teachings of that death cult, one of which is the eternal inferiority and pestiferous nature of Jews.

If you harbor racist notions or are in any sense a bigot, you still have rights; your views are protected under the first amendment. Until the nation has collapsed in the claws of totalitarian fascists, you are free to speak, publish, demonstrate and conduct missionary activity. Meanwhile this newsletter and most other folks in the USA will not take kindly to the idea that anyone, even a political figure (and yes, even a female), is above negative evaluation by dint of genetic endowment.

If you find that a congenial view, then move on to consider the activities of the news media. Here is excellent commentary on some events that have a distinctly unpleasant redolence. Proceed as slowly as necessary to appreciate the quality of the atmosphere.

A Bit More On Rice-Related Smoke And Mirrors

There are perhaps three things on which most folks (who know anything about the Benghazi disaster, Rice, and Team Obama) might agree: first, that the consulate and the CIA annex were up to some very secret stuff the administration does not want talked about; second, that Rice could have been set up to distract everyone in order to get Kerry (Mr. “outsized ego“) in as Secretary of State; and third, that the press is once again complicit in helping Obama avoid transparency.

Those contentions, while not instantly convincing, deserve consideration. The entire Benghazi episode, beginning with the USA’s participation in the Libyan overthrow of the crazy colonel, reeks of bad policy, blunders, deceit and failure (no, not everything went badly). The real shame is that the press has not been ripping and tearing at the cloak of silence surrounding the debacle. No Republican president could have survived this cascade of blood-soaked blunders without being savaged.

The response to that is that even the NY Times has noted the disarray.

There are other matters to consider. If, for example, one views the current situation in historical context, a significant pattern can be discerned: from the U-2 incident to The Bay of Pigs to Clinton’s failure to nail bin Laden to the question of whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to the tragic incompetence revealed by the Benghazi massacre, the CIA is always involved. That is understandable, of course. If there is a lesson here, it is that the political arm of the government must be particularly adroit in tasking and managing the spooks. That deftness requires a good understanding of what the CIA is and how it operates, for many of its activities serve its self-interest. If the politicians allow themselves to be manipulated by the intelligence agency, things are likely to go off the rails.

Many years ago, cartoonist Bill Mauldin portrayed JFK as a blind man clutching the harness of a seeing-eye dog (labeled “CIA”, of course) that was insanely yanking its master off his feet. The graphic metaphor was and still is apt. Presidents can be terribly naive, and the CIA is a terribly sophisticated apparatus that is not subject to anything like the periodic removals constitutionally imposed on the executive branch; no, the CIA just continues.

Surely many in the CIA view politicians as stupid, silly and — most of all — temporary. In fact, being a mid- to upper-level official in the CIA implies possession of a degree of expertise in controlling the self-important demagogues in the White House and Congress.

Now one can reasonably assume that the way things are done in Chicago has provided a model for Team Obama’s operations. More’s the pity, for that leads to two distressing conclusions: first, the bigwigs in the CIA seem to have outclassed their current political bosses, who in turn have bungled spectacularly and are now tacitly blaming the CIA for providing tardy, incorrect and horribly misleading information. Imagine the resentment in Langley!

Second, it could just be that Rice would make a fine secretary of state who will never get the chance to serve. She may even feel used and abused by her boss; after all, she’s not stupid, and she reads the papers.

How is any of this good, or even tolerable?

The only question the electorate cannot answer is just what Rice knew and believed when she repeated that patent nonsense about some silly film being the cause of the attack on the US consulate. Doubtless she will never change her story. If she is a sacrificial figure who is being cynically used to clear the way for (gasp) John Kerry, she has every right to be permanently bitter.

The nation deserves better than Team Obama and the besotted, lickspittle journalists who give The One pass after pass. This newsletter hopes Bobby Jindal is paying careful attention to events in Washington — while doing lots of good things for his state.


This spoof brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the NTG office, and hysterical laughter almost broke the lease. Seldom has a send-up been so clever, devastatingly trenchant, and richly deserved. Its genius is lethal. Highest recommendation!

Related: OK, here’s another one, and it’s good…but the one above is better.

A tip of the hat goes to loyal reader JY, who suggests you have a look at some recent developments in science. They will be carefully ignored by the world’s governments, most of which either know nothing about climatology or have a vested interest in promoting the hoax of “climate change” (as anthropogenic global warming is now known).

Related: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Related: “Global warming is not global; it concentrates in one spot, see, and that makes it global warming that’s really really bad for you, right?” No, not right at all, but then when did the warmers ever make sense?

The US voter decided, and presumably he likes what he got. To this newsletter, what he got looks a lot like the mindset that has devastated Greece.

Over sixty percent of British millionaires have left Britain because of high tax rates. US citizens have no such way out; they are taxed wherever they live, and the loopholes are small.

There are three likely explanations for this bizarre claim: first, it is a hoax; second, it is a trap for Islamists who will be arrested when they attempt murder; and third, it is the creation of a homosexual who is in the horrifying grip of obdurate masochism. Nothing else is rational. But then faith is the acceptance of indemonstrable — hence irrational — notions, isn’t it?

Another hat tip to JY for this: English is actually a Scandinavian language; yes, it’s still in the German family, but the grammar and much of the vocabulary come from Norwegian. That explains why Old and Middle English were separate languages. Fascinating stuff.

We saw this sort of thing in Iraq, and it was never more succinctly and evilly expressed than in the words of Eason Jordan, then head of CNN’s news division. It’s just as disgusting now as it was back when W was in office. The last thing the world needs is a press corps that peddles this rubbish.

Muslim colonialism in action. And they curse the West for its colonialist past…!

Oh, good grief. Not all atomic bombs are the same, and…gosh. This looks nasty. Israel might strike soon. Obama, Hillary and the Pentagon gang must be sweating blood. Very privately.

There is a real need for Gary Taubes’s book.

This newsletter endeavors to archive the most brilliant quotes of Grate Leaders, and begins that effort with The One’s magisterial, “Don’t call my bluff“.

Malcontents. Race traitors. Fascists. Yet… they have a point.

Evil never sleeps.

You probably saw this already: One from Column A, One from Column B, and for parties of four and more, a free photo of heartthrob Eun!

The bad people always want control. They don’t want to lead, they want to control. There is a difference….

An angry Jew says, “…every concession Israel has made, has further restricted not only its ability to defend itself, but even its ability to do basic things such as build residential housing in the capital of its own nation”. No more Mr. Nice Guy? Well, how about fair play for Israel? Some of you may remember that old slogan, though the word “Israel” was not in it. (A year’s free subscription to NTG for the first reader to recall what the original was.)

If you want to end “The War on Drugs” or you smoke marijuana, you need to see this video. It makes some strong points.

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