The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 282
8 December, 2012

A society that becomes more Muslim will have less of everything else, including individual liberty.

The Defense Of The West

Just how much is at stake these days, and what will have to be done to see to the best interests of Western Civilization?

To this newsletter, the survival and metaphorical strength of Liberty are paramount. Unless that principle is placed first, all sacrifice and cost will be wasted.

Who is the enemy? One might say the enemy is always the same, and define him as whatever current entity that wishes to destroy Liberty. That would be a weasel’s way of putting it, for the simple truth is, the enemy of the West is Islam. Of course that statement will infuriate many, but it is true, for none can justifiably and accurately call himself a Muslim who does not consider the Koran a repository of divine commandments that must take precedence over all other principles.

Look to the Koran, therefore, if you would understand the nature of the threat — and especially in the event you question whether Islam is a threat.

Those who find in Islam neither flaw nor danger can stop reading at this point, for their opinions are irrelevant. If you understand Islam to be a colonialist death cult that hopes to destroy all other faiths except Christianity and Judaism (which Islam would sharply reduce and sternly control), then you will want to know how the defense of the West is faring.

This newsletter is indebted to reader JY (and to the almost certainly pseudonymous weblogger “G. Murphy Donovan”) for some very challenging ruminations on the quality of US military leadership.

The commentary at the link deserves your careful perusal. In order to encourage that, this newsletter teases you with a few of “Donovan’s” topics.

There is “…political corruption (of) the Joint Chiefs of Staff” and an “…exclusive four star glut that sits atop the military.”

“…gender choice is not a significant national security issue…. The legality of relationships are social issues that should” not be addressed by the Pentagon.

“The new word for retreat is drawdown.” “Only a loser needs to create another word for failure.”

“In truth, COIN (counter-insurgency warfare) played little or no role in Iraq or Afghanistan….”

“Petraeus has been taking bows for the ‘surge’ in two countries….” But “…tactical success there has only two parents; bribery and the US Marine Corps”.

There is a lot more in the linked commentary. It matters.

Reform: Planning Eventual Liberation From Obamism

How should the GOP react to The One’s victory? Of course Democrats and all collectivists will say the troglodytes should be meek, humble, and obedient. “Wingnuts” and their sometime allies will say this is the time to be defiant simply because the welfare of the nation demands it.

Here are some notions and sources of information that deserve your consideration.

1. You will probably learn something from reading this proposal for a Republican policy. The article spells out some facts few voters know.

2. The domestication of the US electorate means the emergence of a Peronist ruling class. US society has from the first been stratified to some degree, but the principles of free markets and rational governance made possible the emergence of a powerful middle class. Now that stratum is under severe pressure, and the future seems to belong not to the productive and innovative, but to the chronically dependent and to those who manipulate them in order to retain political and economic control.

3. Republican fear of being called racists is a crippling disorder. Opposition to Obamite control must begin with tactics that restore courage to decent people.

4. This newsletter pointed to the unwavering, virtually unanimous support Obama had from the black community, and predicted Obama’s victory. If the GOP took that seriously, evidence of that realization remains hidden. In truth, Obama’s policies are both disrespectful of the black community and inimical to its best interests. Making that plain to everyone should be a Republican priority over the next four years. It can be done, but the GOP may never attempt it.

5. The political “right” is not safe in the hands of the Republican Party. Those who remember Rockefeller and Kuchel have long understood the danger of placing party above principle; they also know it is futile to attempt to take over the GOP. The real hope for reform in 2016-17 lies with the Tea Party. Collectivists have reacted with astonishing bitterness to the spontaneous emergence of this volunteer group. The seething hatred directed at the Tea Party, often expressed in obscene epithets, recommended the mass movement to decent folks; that constituency has not evaporated. Those who possess common sense and a basic understanding of the US constitution will respond yet again if they are called.

6. Inhumane taxation is an Obamite staple. Pointing this out and proving it can be a powerful way of attracting support for reform. The One babbles about “fairness”, and he is excruciatingly vulnerable on that point.

7. Consider this quote: “… the lack of responsibility in our society has led directly to a second term for Barack Obama”. That’s right, and it indicates an opportunity for individualists. In obvious (but scarcely ever noted) contradictions one may find inspiration to drive future reform; consider, for example, this seminal concept: “Polls: Nation that re-elected Obama wants more spending cuts than tax hikes, still hates Obamacare” (source).

8. Now turn your attention to “the cliff” and what the Republicans might do about it. Then ask, just what is Obama up to? This guy thinks he knows. His concept is not cheery, but it needs to be taken into consideration if anything positive is to happen.

9. From Commentary: “As Daniel Henninger makes clear in today’s Wall Street Journal, ‘Where in his career did Barack Obama ever learn the art of the political deal? Nowhere.'” Exactly. The One is an amateur. That fact should be emphasized now; the coming chaos will enhance the Tea Partiers’ credibility with those who were at one time considered “Reagan Democrats”. For more, read the article here, and then find the WSJ column here.

10. A theme individualists must address is this “transparency in governance” nonsense. Of course true transparency is impossible. The poo-bahs will always deal secretively with each other. No elite can afford total candor. It’s charlatans like Obama who peddle transparency in order to gain and maintain control; their broken promises are always ammunition for reformers.

11. Here’s an eye-opening exercise: ask everyone you know what, exactly, Obama has said he intends. Having completed your survey, you may understand the wisdom of this comment from an academic: “… this silence about the future is ominous.” Read, therefore, the scholar’s extended comments regarding the USA’s plunge into the unspecified region that…presumably…includes Utopia.

At the base of these suggestions is the understanding that in a true representative democracy, the elected officials should not be permitted to form a ruling elite that seeks control. In addition to fiscal prudence and the increase of personal Liberty, the Tea Party should emphasize that its leaders are its servants, and the people placed in office by Tea Party voters will be required to mind their manners — or be fired. Ultimately, the demands of Liberty militate against military metaphors (“war on drugs”, “war on terror”) and unimaginative, bullying “security” measures that insanely submit to politically correct barriers (“profiling is wrong”) and cater to the enemies of Liberty (“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam“).

In addition to the many fiscal and legal changes that are required, two goals of reform deserve mention here. First, the territory in Arizona that remains out of bounds because it is occupied by an alien mercenary army must be recovered. Second, the cabal of bigots and scofflaws that is the Department of Justice must be dismantled and reinvented; strict rational and ethical principles must be imposed on these vitally-important civil servants. (As noted below, the villains complicit in Fast and Furious are fleeing, and those who might prosecute them refuse to act; it’s a conspiracy that reminds of the escape of Nazis to South America at the end of WW II.)

The future will be in the hands of the reformers — if they realize their potential.


Obamoid racism? Some say yes.

For some insight into the trendy collectivist view of the world, you can’t beat this analysis of Hillary’s remarks. Highly recommended.

Fast and Furious as un-event: this is how moral lepers who have achieved high political office fare when they work for rascals like Obama. The press will let the story of this disgrace die after giving it the least coverage possible. As for displaying outrage…well, that would be unthinkable!

Worries about chemical warfare in the Muddle East.

“The issue is not simply Israel’s exclusion, or the State Department’s belief that more intolerant states like Lebanon and Turkey might stay away if Israelis were at the same forum. Rather, the problem is that these radicals believe that U.S. acquiescence to their refusal to allow Israel’s inclusion is an implicit U.S. endorsement of their drive to delegitimize Israel completely.” That’s from an article you should read. It’s yet more evidence that Hillary is a loon, and just possibly a Jew-hater like many in the Bicoastal Elite.

The standard libertarian attitude toward recreational chemicals is that people have the right to put whatever they want into their bodies. The typical response is that some things are just not good for anybody, as these photos make horribly clear. Facts: protecting people from themselves is a totalitarian’s pleasure and a citizen’s fear. Bad choices should still be up to the individual, and stupidity or lack of insight cannot be legislated and regulated out of existence. Grant people — even the worst and most stupid — the right to decide for themselves, and suffer or benefit accordingly. Any other policy originates in an elitist contempt for the citizenry.

Isn’t all this prima facie evidence of racist thinking?

A hat tip to JY for a look at capitalism from a Roman Catholic viewpoint. No, it’s probably not what you think; that collectivist “liberation theology” babble is not so trendy these days. Thank von Hayek for that! Those people were a real pain.

Honestly now, do you think if this had happened during the presidency of George W. Bush, the reaction of the press would have been anything like what you see now that The One is in the White House?

The Supremes get something right. That’s news!

A lot of people are very deliberately paying no attention at all to this. Maybe you will find it interesting. You are welcome.

Reader JY notes a weblog post that asks everyone to take a good look at the schizoid attitude of society in general to abortion. This item may pose a fundamental challenge to your principles.

A dirty election? This newsletter predicted it. Some folks say that prediction was correct. Then there is this video. Convincing? You decide. The news media, well…that’s another story.

“… having the DOJ (federal Department of Justice, which is headed by Eric Holder) investigate itself will likely only yield a delayed yet unconvincing result in which no confidence can rest”. That’s not this newsletter talking, it’s what a judge of a federal district court wrote after he learned a lot about what Holder’s Department of Justice has been up to. He’s upset about a “…cavalier attitude toward the truth….” and “…shockingly coercive tactics” used to hammer witnesses; the judge added that “…prosecutorial misconduct in this case is a very near and present thing….” Team Obama plays rough, and it plays very dirty. Nixon could never have gotten away with any of this, but Obama is sitting in the catbird seat. Ask yourselves how he’s managed that, Pilgrims, and then ask any dozen people you know what they have heard about this stinking disgrace.

Related: Eric Holder. No one else in Team Obama, not even The One, aggravates this newsletter as does Holder. The brazen vandal is a danger to the nation.

Not for the sensitive: “death pathways” for children. British hospitals carry out the imperatives of collectivist health care. Horrifying.

Continuing the tale of Whatshername Rice, the female who passed along bogus fables about the Benghazi massacre, and then tried to explain her way out of it: this item is not good news for her. Don’t worry about her, though; she does not have to work for a living, so being out of a job would cause her no financial distress. She probably works out of sheer noblesse oblige.

Related: recent news on the Benghazi-CIA-Hillary-Obama-Rice mess. They got away with it.

The teaching of US history is claimed to be a can of worms. What, Zinn’s a zombie? Horrors!

Here’s a perfect example of lies in the service of unprincipled class warriors. Debunking this vicious nonsense would take longer than watching the video that conveys the falsehoods.

Koffler calls it a power grab, while this newsletter calls the collectivist compulsion a madness inspired by lust for control. Take your pick when it comes to terminology. Just don’t forget: the autocrats will have to be brought down.

Anthropogenic global warming update: really, now, this is hilarious. Read it all.

People who are really, really angry and/or suicidal did not get that way all of a sudden, nor do they have a temporary problem. Sports announcers have no business babbling about things like that, and you would be nuts to consider their opinions better than yours.

Woof! — Roll over and play dead. Good doggie.

The next time you stumble across a website whining that global warming is killing everybody — including those cute dolphins — remember this. Also remember that the anthropogenic global warming cultists are above nothing when it comes to propaganda.

Oh, shit.

The grief provoked by the contents of this newsletter calls for a soothing coda. You need this. Do look at it. No, really.

We don’t own this place, though we act as if we did
It belongs to the children of our children’s kids
The actual owners haven’t even been born yet

But we never tend the garden and we rarely pay the rent
Some of it is broken and the rest of it is bent
Put it all on plastic and I wonder where we’ll be when the bills hit

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