The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 283
13 December, 2012

…we share more than 98 per cent of our genes with the chimpanzee. … One common riposte is to point out that we share 50 per cent of our genes with a banana. More importantly, we need to ask what the “sharing” means…. Dawkins points out that “…an estimate like ’98 per cent in common’ doesn’t mean anything unless we specify the size of the unit we are comparing … If you are comparing whole chromosomes, the percentage shared is zero”.

Going Out On Several Limbs

What’s going to happen? Since Madame Zelda packed up her cloudy crystal ball and departed on a search for more gullible customers, this newsletter has not been a rich source of predictions. Just for fun — and in the hope that some slapdash speculation will instigate a few barroom fights — this would be a good time to wax prophetic. After all, we know the world will end in a few days; we got that news from a bunch of dead Native Americans who practiced human sacrifice. If you paid attention to that, why not get some prognostications from the world’s finest unread newsletter?

Begin with that Mayan calendar tommyrot: look, it’s transparent alarmism aimed at presumed morons (that’s how the cynical media barkers think of you), so plan to have to get through 2013, Pilgrims.

That’s Prediction Number One. Now consider some genuine issues, some of which The New Terrapin may get wrong.

2. The Republicans will essentially give in to Obama, and taxes and spending will be pretty much what The One wants. Look out, in other words. The “progressive” agenda proposes some fundamental changes in US society. Perhaps the most important is the overall shift away from guarantees that the government will not trespass on your life to promises (that can and will be broken) to care for you through thick and thin. In the short haul, Obama will accomplish a lot, and virtually none of it will be halfway decent. The culture war will heat up as the rich take more and more blame for the plight of the poor, and most people will not notice that the collectivist campaign accomplishes no substantial improvements in everyday life for the overwhelming majority of the citizenry. Power, however, will continue to devolve to Washington. It’s going to be a rough, rough four years, with debt skyrocketing out of control and your grandchildren’s future sold to satisfy the demands of unions and favored nonproductive groups. Sorry….

3. War. The ultimate distraction is always handy; while President G. W. Bush was accused of using it as a cynical ploy, Obama will try to use war as an opportunity to swoop in and save the day. Yes, Iran and the “Palestinians” will smell victory, and the chances of threatening them into a peaceful mood are just about zero. At some point, something will snap, and the cause may not even be in the Middle East. Prepare, Pilgrims. The USA may be attacked by fanatics who hope to cripple the power grid, break down intranational transport, and terrorize the citizenry into demanding an end to US support (such as it still is) for Israel.


Israel’s Friends And Enemies

A little elaboration is in order: first, Syria. Assad may use his chemical weapons, but this newsletter suspects that is not likely. The Russians may try to prop him up more directly and openly, and that could cause trouble; again, that probably won’t happen. In truth, the Kurds are the wild card. So far things are not too terribly bad in Iraq and Turkey, but a deterioration of that situation is pretty likely. When the Kurds become major players, look out.

And Iran? It’s extremely difficult to say what a literally insane person or government will do, but as “Palestinians” smell victory (that debacle in the UN was a tragic development), things could go from crazy to catastrophic. Remember, the Twelvers welcome mass death in Iran, for that will, according to the lunatic cult, herald the final battle and the establishment of the universal caliphate (which means, among other enormities, the destruction of Western Civilization). Those grotesquely deranged fantasies are unbelievably dangerous, and almost nobody seems to appreciate that fact.

Finally, there is North Korea, which seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, Iran, “Palestinians”, and Kurds; don’t be fooled. The Japanese Empire had nothing whatsoever to do with Nazi Germany, but as soon as the US declared war, the Nazis declared war on the USA. That was amazingly stupid, but there you have it. And if you think the North Korean government is not far beyond stupid, you just don’t understand anything. The international situation is far crazier and much more unstable than the Obama administration understands, which means this is a terrible time for incompetents to be devising and implementing US foreign policy. The world is in serious trouble because so many national leaders are and have long been desperately, hopelessly unable to cope wisely with reality.

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4. The economic status of the USA will not dramatically improve. Overall, the quality of life for virtually everyone will either stagnate or decline. Only a select few will feel that the benefits Obama has tacitly promised are available and sufficient. There will be some who begin to question the propriety of the changes Obamites wish to make in the economic and social structure of the USA.


Obamoid Economic Recovery So Far

5. As Obamacare advances, medical care will decline in availability and quality. A significant number of physicians will leave medical practice, putting a much heavier workload on those who remain. Medical tourism will increase.

6. Educational reform at all levels will be stalled, and the costs of schooling will rise significantly.

7. The courts will increase their resistance to Obamoid attempts to expand governmental authority. This will be countered by the appointment of “progressives” to federal courts. As a result, the militia movement, which has not been in the news for years, will revive. There will be legislative attempts to curb it, and most will fail.

8. The weather will change. It will get warmer, and it will get cooler. Overall, support for the Gore-Hansen attempt to control climate will decline somewhat.

9. Gold and silver will become more expensive, and attempts to control and exploit the market in those and other commodities will become obvious.

10. Homosexuals will continue to press their agenda, and often successfully; at some point, however, a huge wedge will be driven between them and those who consider homosexuality an ethical flaw. A substantial minority — perhaps even a majority — of heterosexuals will determine that, having lost legislative and legal battles to sustain their ethical traditions, they can only rear their children to behave according to exclusionary values. Society will be increasingly stratified, alienating heterosexual and homosexual citizens to a consideable degree.

This development will be seen to have no parallel in race relations. The reason for that is exemplified by tragic events in the Roman Catholic clergy and the recent experience of the Boy Scouts of America: the sexual abuse would never have been possible if homosexual adults had been prevented from becoming priests and scoutmasters. That fact provides hetereosexuals with justifiable reason to discriminate, and the argument will be made that protection of the young is grounds for segregation according to sexual orientation in some parts of society. Homosexuals will often be viewed in much the same way most people view heterosexual pederasts. Even though it will prove difficult to identify homosexuals who hide their sexual preference, pressure to deal with the problem will mount. The hetereosexual community cannot be expected to consider any degree of continual sexual abuse of its children to be the necessary and proper cost of political correctness. This contentious matter may never be resolved.

11. Another development will demonstrate that linear predictions are often faulty. Formerly distinct groups such as firearms owners and frequent users of recreational drugs can be expected to form expedient alliances in defense of individual Liberty and personal choice. These people, joining forces outside the libertarian movement, would stiffen resistance to “progressive” regulatory zeal. Overall, the conclusive triumph of Obamoid values will not be achieved.

12. Hollywood, the news media and all entertainment will continue to struggle to make money by catching the big waves and riding them. By and large, press bias will remain unchanged. CNN may well collapse and disappear. Fox will carry on, while MSNBC and the others will struggle to make money by adding or expanding sports coverage. The advertising industry will find itself under even more pressure, as consumers express increasing levels of skepticism and price sensitivity. Personal spending on all forms of entertainment and news will decline substantially.


13. Finally, 2016 will arrive, and an exhausted nation will have to decide whether to pursue Obamoid Utopia or expand individual Liberty. The Tea Party will be bigger and more powerful than ever, in spite of attempts to restrict it through legislation (yes, some harebrained enemies of free speech and assembly will try). As voting rights laws are passed and amended, “progressives” will seek to cement their control over the populace, and their opponents will campaign for “honest” elections. That dispute could grow much, much hotter than anyone today can imagine.

If reform is implemented, it will come from a broad coalition of people, not all of them Republicans; many Democrats will be leading the fight to reinvent the government, the economic principles, and the guarantees of Liberty. Look for Bobby Jindal; where he is and what he is doing may well tell you how the nation fares.

Viscount Christopher Monckton Of Brenchley Recounts His Adventure In Doha And Provides Invaluable Instruction

One of this newsletter’s favorite humans was reported in Number 282 to have bearded the lion in his den; the hyperlink was introduced as “hilarious”. And indeed it was cause for applause and laughter, but that brief report cannot compare to His Lordship’s full recounting of events. Herewith a few selected quotes, but you really must read the complete post to get both the flavor of the proceedings and a grasp the science that utterly escaped the assembled delegates to that silly conference.

I have been a bad boy. At the U.N. climate conference in Doha, I addressed a plenary session of national negotiating delegates though only accredited as an observer.

One just couldn’t resist. There they all were, earnestly outbidding each other to demand that the West should keep them in pampered luxury for the rest of their indolent lives, and all on the pretext of preventing global warming that has now become embarrassingly notorious for its long absence.

That introduction is followed by a delightful account that gives way to advice on how, exactly, to deal with the claim that the climate is warming. It is invaluable explication, so of course you should call up the website, download the full text of the information, print it out, and carry it with you at all times. Warmers abound, and you never know when one of the cultists will come near you and make an offhanded remark about a carbon footprint, or rising sea levels, or something equally ignorant. If you have the facts in your pocket, you will be able to explain rationally that the cultist has fled from science and debauched himself by wallowing in absurdities. Few activities could be more rewarding than reproving a Goreloon by rubbing his nose in facts.

Here, in order to whet your enthusiasm for this supremely essential task, are the introductory sentences of Lord Monckton’s instructions:

Step 1. Get the monthly mean global surface temperature anomalies since January 1997 from the Hadley Centre/CRU. … Step 2. Put the data into Microsoft Excel and use its routine that calculates the least-squares linear-regression trend on the data. Linear regression determines the underlying trend in a dataset over a given period as the slope of the unique straight line through the data that minimizes the sum of the squares of the absolute differences or ‘residuals’ between the points corresponding to each time interval in the data and on the trend-line. … Step 3. Look up the measurement uncertainty in the dataset. … Step 4. Check whether the warming (which is the difference between the first and last value on the trend-line) is greater or smaller than the measurement uncertainty. ….

Details of each step have been omitted in the above quote, but you get the idea. Go to the post for the complete directions and the heartwarming context. Finally, join this newsletter and thousands of other rational beings in the fraternity that is Lord Monckton’s admiring and appreciative following.

More On Anthropogenic Global Warming

You recall that a great many e-mail messages were released to the public by someone (this newsletter believes it was an insider who simply grew sick of being party to the deceit) who cracked open the computers at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. You may also not have a notion of the sorts of things Jones, the head of the CRU, and his co-conspirators were up to. Accordingly, you might want to have a look at a detailed instance of the fraud. It is a bit technical and opaque for the layman, but you can focus on the end of the post, where the facts are effectively summarized.

All in all, one has to wonder how the academic world has managed to weather the storm created by the exposure of messages such as this, for in truth, the scholars have simply brushed it all off as of no importance.

In spite of his many dodges and deceits, Mann (he’s at Penn State, and is the principal architect of the fraudulent hockey stick graph) has been absolved of charges of academic hoax by his employer. You have learned here that he is suing Mark Steyn and National Review magazine, and this newsletter has expressed the view that the discovery process will devastate Mann.

All these charlatans have so far gotten away with rigging the data, twisting the statistical analysis, and defiantly breaking all the rules of scientific research. It’s amazing, but then cults are always above reproach and consequences when they dominate society’s systems of information distribution and political authority.

Finally, if you believe in anthropogenic global warming, at least be consistent: any science-based position must necessarily deal with complexity and sophisticated analysis. Be sure you understand what you will find in this video, for example.

The Internet, Your Liberty, And The Bloody-Minded Autocrats Who Run The United Nations

Turning the internet over to the UN is just about the worst idea since Wilson came up with the Federal Reserve. One can plausibly argue that freedom of speech and press are paramount, and that without both, all Liberty is at serious risk. The simple truth: the overwhelming majority of the members of the UN General Assembly represent reprehensible nations whose governing principles are egregious. And, as L. Gordon Crovitz points out in a recent column in The Wall Street Journal, “It only takes a majority of the 193 countries in the U.N. to hijack the Internet”. (Tip: you might want to see an earlier column of his that provides useful background.)

The power grab — which amounts to using “democracy” to impose censorship — goes against the grain of most folks in the USA. Thus, the US House of Representatives recently voted unanimously (yes, that means everybody agreed) to oppose the UN’s vile power grab. This in spite of the fact that the USA has more than more than its share of loons who piously insist that “with freedom of speech must come responsibility”. Those are code words for, “If you get uppity, we’ll toss you in prison for what you say”.

This is, as Crovitz points out, an opportunity for The One to come down on the side of the angels. Will that happen? If Obama follows his instincts, no, absolutely not; people who want to impose control on the populace appreciate journalistic bias and the imposition of political correctness on expression. A consideration of Obama’s use of words that also takes into account the types of governance he promotes will tell the astute observer that the president is a man whose respect for the Liberty of the individual is distinctly limited (see the Links section, below).

Now in the event that Obama senses he can only lose if he does what he would prefer to do, his background as a community organizer may tell him to pretend to be a champion of free speech and diversity. His choice, in other words, will not be made on the basis of laudable ethics.

This newsletter has some relevant experience with censorship. The editor lived for some years in a nation that has draconian laws regarding speech, however private it may be. If, for example, a private citizen accuses another of using improper language, the police must investigate. That means exactly what it says: if you, while talking to a friend, say, “Individual X is a rascal,” your friend may report you to the authorities and you will be investigated; that will almost certainly result in your arrest and trial. Further, trials are conducted because someone needs to be punished, not in order to determine guilt or lack thereof. Denying guilt often does draw the harshest possible punishment, while those who confess are treated with some leniency; that’s a medieval practice that is employed to coerce confessions. The accused’s only hope is to bribe the judge, a practice that is quite common, and quite expensive. Yes, the legal system is primitive, inhumane, and reprehensible. The NTG’s editor cannot ever return to visit friends in that ethically and legally backward nation.

This describes only the surface of the problem, for the mindset that permits such legislation and police activity also endorses the torture of suspects and the imposition of stunningly harsh prison sentences. For example, a lady in the benighted nation in question was recently sent to prison for a considerable stretch because the website she maintained was “too slow” in deleting comments that did indeed break the law against expression of negative opinion regarding the highly-privileged personage. Her time in prison will certainly be a horror.

What is jarringly disturbing about all this is the modernity of the nation involved. There is, in other words, a shocking contrast between the cell-phone-worshiping, Mercedes-driving, Gucci-shopping citizenry and the medieval mindset that mocks the Liberty of the populace. How can the locals believe that censorship and repression are somehow good?

In truth, the USA also suffers from contrasts of this shameful sort. The concept of Liberty clashes violently with many of the everyday practices of a government that is determined to reduce the consumer’s choices, control his financial decisions, limit his productiveness, mandate the miseducation of his children, and discriminate against large segments of the population who have enough trouble without having to cope with an authoritarian law enforcement apparatus. Nobody’s perfect.

Note well: examples of censorship — and its allied crimes — from around the world are centrally relevant to the UN grab for control of the internet. The restriction of Liberty is a mindset that is common, communicable, and smugly self-righteous. It is found in some of the “nicest” tourist destinations on the globe; it seeks to expand its reach and intensity; and it is defended as a proper articulation of decency that no ethical person should resist. “We can’t have people saying such disrespectful, untrue, slanderous and negative things; with freedom of speech must come responsibility” is a vicious mantra in support of repression. Censorship is the real motive behind the UN’s power grab. Those who cannot see that make a disastrous error.

Now it is no secret — though it is not widely appreciated — that the founders of the United Nations never intended for it to be a forum for all. Membership was to be restricted to the allied Western democracies, and the chief task of the UN was to be the protection and extension of evolved principles of governance. In the interests of human rights, as they are broadly and simply defined by, say, the first ten amendments to the US constitution, the UN was to set an example and wage war when necessary to overthrow (or at least frustrate) tyranny.

These rational and humane goals have been prostituted.

Today the UN is little more than a monument to pretense, chicanery, fraud, deceit and hypocrisy. Its good works remain puny and its overall effectiveness unremarkable; what little it does to benefit humanity could be done by any number of different organizations that might well be more efficient — and far less corrupt.

As this newsletter never tires of reminding you, the greatest financial crime in human history was instigated by Kofi Anan. Regarding that liar and rascal: a lawyer personally known to the editor of this newsletter had occasion to work for a time with Kofi, and was able to evaluate the man both professionally and personally. His judgment of the West African was blunt: “He’s a racist.” To the NTG editor, those words are credible. Their credibility rests on the lawyer’s credentials, which included the CBE for services rendered during the transition that saw Papua New Guinea assume sovereign status, as well as on the friendship the editor enjoyed with this excellent gentleman, who went to his reward a few years ago.

Kofi is exactly the sort to thrive in the UN’s bureaucratic swamp, and that says a great deal about the organization.

Therefore, Pilgrims, do not expect this newsletter to endorse much that the UN does. The ethically bankrupt organization should be abandoned by the USA and ignored by decent governments around the globe, and no one should be subject to its mandates or excises. It can rot in hell, and it would, if the universe were ultimately just.

Indeed, justice resides only in the hands of the just. It is their calling to defend it against the corrupt, power-hungry, authoritarian and dictatorial brutes who fear Liberty.


Obama won’t use this classic Marxist term, but his “progressive” followers proclaim it proudly.

Are you too busy to read the Koran, or do you simply want to avoid wading through all the boring nonsense and lunatic confabulation? In any event, have a look at this brief post and view the short video that comes with it. It will do you good, even if you don’t need to be better than you are.

A sign of life in the Tea Party?

Eh? “…an international war crimes tribunal in the Hague…. essentially upheld, in a Balkan context, all the arguments Israel routinely makes about the legitimacy of its own military operations.” Read the details.

Wow, here’s a shock: “Israel is our target“, says Iran. Sheesh, who knew?

How is it that incompetents can wind up in positions of power in business and politics? In an acerbic essay on leadership, journalism and error, David Steinberg explains that “… the failure to properly assess ability stems from an irrational impulse to imagine certain people as being a higher stature of human.” He observes that, as a consequence of this bizarre impulse, “…women were at one time lining up to sleep with Steven Tyler….” and a contagious lunacy “… put a score of Kennedys in politics, made a bunch of useless glass at Solyndra, and now has placed Jeff Zucker on top at CNN.” Steinberg’s relentless commentary is at once a refreshing splash of common sense and a lethally accurate prediction. Highest recommendation.

It seems there is a lot of bad news these days, so it’s great to see this win for Liberty and public safety.

In the previous Number, it was stated flatly that the US middle class “…is under severe pressure….” That claim is correct, as even The Atlantic acknowledges. Why the Bicoastal Elite still insists the government can act as an economically productive entity is a bafflement. After all, the “progressives'” proposed solution to economic distress is first, a debasement of the currency via the machinations of the Federal Reserve, and second, the confiscation and redistribution of money at counterproductive expense. (Obama rejects free market economics as never having worked.) Perhaps the insanity has something to do with…control based in the creation of dependency?

Honestly, now: do you think these facts would have been reported differently if Sandy had hit when W was in the White House?

Technology makes people disappear, or so it’s claimed. What looks like a good idea may become a holy terror. How, after all, can this be kept out of the hands of Islamists?

Look up at the wall, do it right
If you make a mistake, you’re gonna pay for it twice
But if you need it, got to have it
Get yourself a shotgun and bring it back home
Look up at the wall, you know you gotta crawl
Before you start crawling get ready to fall

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