A deliberating creature that has increased capacity to get things right does so only because it has a propensity to get things wrong. A fully adapted organism would not have to deliberate at all. In the split seconds that determine the difference between life and death, he who deliberates is lost.

Journalism Has Failed

The news media in the USA have abandoned principle and are guilty of betraying the best interests of the nation. Consider this understated expression of outrage:

Who told the president about the siege on our consulate in that Libyan hell hole? When did Obama learn about the siege that left four Americans, including his official representative to Libya, dead? What were his orders about dealing with the siege?

In the normal course of events, you would think that the men and women whose whole professional life is, or is supposed to be, driven by the desire to answer such questions would be busy as terriers digging for the truth about this extraordinary event. Four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, murdered on the anniversary of 9/11 by offshoots of al-Qaeda. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that every Pulitzer Prize-craving journalist in the country would be all over this one. (Source.)

You would indeed expect exactly those results…were it not for the fact that to ask, to demand to know, would be politically incorrect. In fact, for journalists, it would be virtually unthinkable, because The One is involved. Just as North Koreans are extraordinarily careful about what they say regardless of their surroundings, reporters and editors practice discretion and good manners when it comes to remarks that might be perceived as improper.

There is no counter to this appalling lickspittle misbehavior. There is no refuting its underlying rationale; no benefit accrues to those who protest it. Like many malignant conditions, it simply is.

Of course the public deserves better. While the internet can serve as a valuable resource, the citizenry must indicate its disaffection with journalism in general, and refuse to fund the shameless propaganda machine. That will induce reform — eventually.

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A Disgraceful Hoax Collapses Under The Weight Of Inarguable Facts

In May of 2008, this newsletter pronounced anthropogenic global warming (AGW) to be “nonsense”. That assertion was not based on “wingnut” political ideals; it was based on a rational investigation of the facts. It was demonstrated that, for example, the film An Inconvenient Truth was filled with highly consequential errors both great and small; eventually, the infamous hockey stick graph constructed by Mann and others was exposed as a hoax. Good science was putting pressure on the “consensus” science promoted by a variety of rascals.

This newsletter’s attempt to inform and convince was a resort to truth, not to ideology. It was, therefore, particularly galling to discover as time passed that “warmers” referred to those who rejected the bogus science as “deniers” and often suggested that they be likened to the bigots and nutcases who deny the historical fact of the Nazi attempt to exterminate (or at the very least drastically reduce the number of) Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally retarded, Poles, and other enemies of German National Socialism.

That was a vicious libel that will never be forgotten — or forgiven.

As the argument against the pseudoscience of AGW continued, it became obvious that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an instrumentality of the United Nations, was irrationally devoted to the myth of catastrophism. The UN being what it is, the IPCC was clearly the greatest danger of all, for it had taken the bit in its teeth. Under the leadership of a mechanical engineer and with only a fraction of its membership minimally conversant with the science of climate/weather, statistical analysis, atmospheric sensitivity or the use of dendrochronological proxies, it remained haughtily immune to reason, facts, good science, and common sense.

Recent news, therefore, is stunning: the IPCC has, after far too many years of intransigent ignorance, given in. Its case against non-existent anthropogenic global warming is collapsing, and the IPCC has admitted as much.

Make no mistake, Pilgrims: this is the death knell of the climate hustlers and hoaxers and exploiters. Gore, Hansen, Mann, Briffa, Jones — all the enemies of science and intellectual honesty — are losing their clout with even the power-hungry international bureaucrats.

Do look at the unfolding story.

This is a crushing defeat for the crazies, bigger even than the cracking of the archive of damning e-mail messages hidden in the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. Don’t miss it.

Addendum: what can one expect from the die-hard warmers? An attempt to trivialize the news; a denunciation of the person or persons who leaked the information; a claim that the leaked report is a fake; yet another harangue reciting the horrors of acidic oceans, elevated sea levels, vanished icecaps, devastated agriculture, suffocating pollution, and Al Gore plunged into poverty. AGW is not science; it is a religious movement, and its believers will cling to their faith. Where faith reigns, reason and facts cannot enter.

Iran, North Korea, And US Foreign Policy

The previous issue of this newsletter noted very briefly that North Korea might somehow become involved in the disputes that threaten yet again to tear the Muddle East apart. That suggestion deserves a little of your attention. Do North Koreans hate Jews, and why would the mullahs want to see South Koreans exterminated? There seems to be no common interest to unite the nations on any level, but their outlaw status is all it takes. Pariah states tend to sympathize with each other, and often seek ties with nations that can provide them with funds, raw materials, technology, weapons, or whatever has been embargoed by most of the world’s governments.

A little is known publicly, and doubtless a lot is known secretly, about the cooperation between North Korea and Iran. Not too many years ago, a plane landed in Bangkok and was detained by the locals. It had come from North Korea, and its cargo was of considerable interest to the USA; one can assume that the Thais were leaned upon pretty heavily. Eventually the plane took off, headed ultimately for Iran. The interesting part of the story is the claim — which could very well be just a rumor without any basis in fact — that a small box was removed from the plane and handed over to…whom? Some said it went to the Israeli embassy in Bangkok. It was also said to be a prototype detonator for a nuclear weapon; would Iran improve the gizmo, please?

All right, the interesting parts of that little tale can not be verified, and they are probably false. Still…have North Korea and Iran cooperated in nuclear development, are they cooperating now, or would they never cooperate in the future? Both nations are desperate to acquire nuclear weapons.

The Western taxpayer reads his newspaper, and finds quotes like this: “Successfully testing a long-range missile is one thing; putting a nuclear warhead on the missile is quite another. Experts say both North Korea and Iran are still a long way from being able to do that.” (That’s from this story.) If you find that comforting, think again.

In fact the average guy has a lot to consider when he ponders the future. It’s not just what those North Koreans won’t do to please their brutal ruling elite, nor is it what the crazed Iranian Twelvers will consider too inhumane to be contemplated; it’s also what Team Obama will do to the economy; it’s the availability and quality of medical care; it’s worry over taxes, the rights of the individual and the very structure of US society. What lies in store? Obama is not candid about any of that; a quote in Number 282 described the silence regarding his plans for the nation as “ominous”.

All these people — the Obamites, the Commie Koreans and the Persians — are grimly determined to have their ways with their nations and their neighbors. In some ways the average US citizen has a better idea of what that brat running North Korea wants than he does of what The One wants, though. And as for capabilities, well, it’s mostly just a matter of time, isn’t it? How long will it be before atomic weapons are found in places like Venezuela, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco and Saudi Arabia?

What the USA and its best allies need to do is face reality (meaning, understand what the unfriendlies want to do), and act accordingly. Do you honestly believe The One is leading a team that can and will do that?

A rational observer must base his judgments on events, and the recent disaster in Benghazi is compelling. The more the tin gods at State and the White House babbled, the clearer the real horror became: those frauds should never have been entrusted with the lives of patriots. The highest levels of government egregiously mismanaged what must be the most splendid resources available to any nation.

In the previous issue of this newsletter, it was stated that Obama would use war to portray himself as the hero who swoops in at the last second and saves everybody. He believes in waiting for the dramatic moment and then delivering a masterstroke. His style was obvious when he took full responsibility for ordering bin Laden assassinated, and it’s probable that he felt that would be a decisive blow. He was sickeningly wrong. Killing Osama did not weaken al Qaeda in the slightest, nor did it establish the futility of jihad. (Recall the commentary in Number 279 regarding Obama’s motive for taking on Islamofascists. He’s absolutely not doing it in order to defend the nation; psychologically, the man is a maladapted mutant.)

Give it some thought, Pilgrims. Consider what Obama is likely to do, and then try to imagine the best — the safest, the most effective, and the most humane — way to deal with the religious fanatics in Iran and the robots in North Korea. Wouldn’t preemptive measures be best? Or can the West depend on a hero whose sense of the dramatic is dangerously irrational?


Common sense plus facts equals a firm basis for policy (read it, it’s highly recommended). Fact: “Gun free” zones attract homicidal lunatics. Unfortunately Obama and his admirers won’t agree. They lust after control, and their moral depravity inspires a cynical exploitation of tragedy.


This newsletter has warned you not to go on the internet with Microsoft products, and stated that many computers around the world are controlled by criminals — without the computers’ owners being aware of it. You might have assumed that a few thousand computers were involved. Have a look at the actual numbers. Those statistics are just for the known victims; no one knows how many have not been discovered.

The “progressive” position on government power could not be more clear. You say you opposed that “wingnut” Patriot Act? Get a load of this, and reconsider how you look at the political spectrum.

Those pesky Jews — always making trouble. Well….

State officials respond to the First Lady’s claims.

Charles Krauthammer deals with some fundamental truths about business, and says, among many other useful things, “There’s a reason Detroit went bankrupt while the southern auto transplants did not.” Recommended.

At last! Proof that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction! A recent report in a scientific journal attributes injuries to, er…wait…well, the injuries were caused by some kind of…that is, it seems that…oh, never mind. Yeah, go on to the next item. There is nothing to see here. Nothing. No Iraqi nerve — er, nothing, nothing at all. Move on.

The UN again. It’s a constant migraine.

Hillary, Rice, and Obama: here’s a column that tries to make sense of what will probably remain a secretive brawl for fifty years, if not forever. Don’t look for a struggle between The Guys in the White Hats and The Zombies From Hell, because…well, they might all be Zombies, for all anybody knows.

You would think the US military could think rationally about Islam, jihad, and Muslims. But no. And it’s not all that complicated!


The USA is not a Melting Pot — It’s a Bessemer Converter

So as I dream of forgotten seas
And granite halls and redwood trees
And of the eye that only sees
Endless mirrors and infinite me’s
About the winter’s coming freeze
This afterthought I say with ease
To all of you who made your pleas
I can’t come down, it’s plain to see
I can’t come down, I’ve been set free
Who you are and what you do don’t make no difference to me