The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 286
5 January, 2013

I guess the argument of contextuality is that anything is okay as long as it’s done by people who are sufficiently unlike you.

Lest You Forget

Obamoid hypocrisy knows no limits. Here’s a statement made by then Senator Obama in 2006:

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. . . . Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

The source and accuracy of the quote can be checked at Snopes, a website that debunks fakes and authenticates truthful claims; while sometimes expressing bias, Snopes is generally reliable. In this case it makes an effort to explain/excuse The One’s hypocrisy. The fact is, a change in policy this seismic cannot be made by a person who is both aware of the facts and principled. He can be well informed or he can be ethical, but he cannot be both in the event he utterly contradicts himself on a matter that is this clear and straightforward. A huge deficit problem is a huge deficit problem, and it is either acceptable or it is not; it matters not at all whether the observer is a senator or a chief executive.

Well. If Bush did it in 2005, it was bad, yet if Obama does it now, it benefits the nation. That’s magical thinking that reminds of The King’s touch. Madness….


The Current Financial Lunacy Is Revealed As Solely Obama’s Doing

Even the NY Times acknowledged that in 2005 — when G. W. Bush was president — a robust economy was paying down the federal deficit (yes, it’s true, and here’s the link to prove it). In 2006, the same propaganda organ gritted its teeth and again reported the deficit as being paid off. That news was, of course, subsequently ignored and virtually forgotten. (This newsletter has often reminded you that effective censorship does not have to be total. If the news media don’t repeat news, it can be buried and dismissed as if it never existed.) And of course the Revealed Truth since The One was first elected (2008; look at the chart for that and subsequent years) has been that the bad economy — yesterday’s bad economy, and today’s as well– is Bush’s fault. A similar dodge was attempted when some apologists for Team Obama tried to promote the lie that Bush started Fast and Furious. Finally, note Obamoid hypocrisy and media bias exposed by this disturbing post.

Hillary Has Been Bad; Kerry Will Be Worse

John Kerry is the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, and everybody (well, not quite) says he knows all about foreign policy, is a skilled diplomat and is a principled individual. So he will be the next secretary of state.

The prediction is almost certainly correct, but Kerry is a terrible choice for the job.

His list of disqualifications begins with the complaints of those Navy veterans who, without exception that this newsletter is aware of, banded together to declare him unfit to be president by dint of his ethics and conduct in Vietnam. His account of his tour of duty was disputed, and at one point Kerry had to admit that an adamant claim he made had been proved false (“Xmas in Cambodia”, a silly lie from beginning to end). Whether the man received one or two discharges from the service is not known, but the date on his discharge of record suggests it was received not when Kerry left the Navy, but under the terms of the Carter amnesty. That means his first discharge was very probably less than honorable. In a rant he delivered before a Congressional committee, Kerry accused all who wore the uniform in Vietnam of being war criminals; that slander suggests that he is not by nature inclined to diplomatic discourse. He literally threw his medals away, did all he could to recall all copies of a book he helped to prepare and publish promoting his anti-military activism, refused to open his military record to the public or press, lied that he had in fact made that record available, and then, in a memorable slip made on NBC television, told Tom Brokaw that not all of his military records had been released by him. When he accepted the nomination of his party and ran for president, he idiotically “reported for duty”, as if he had suddenly become proud of being a veteran. His childish posturing before the hopeful delegates to the Democratic convention was painful to watch.

That’s all old history, isn’t it? Yet it describes a confused, ideologically immature vagrant who blunders from one endeavor to the next, leaving rational people gasping at the inanity of his careering. Some would say the loose-cannon randomness is the misadventuring of an eccentric egotist who married tons of money and sees little need for self-restraint. Kerry does not think of himself as goofy or spoiled rotten, though he is both. Viewed from his puerile perspective, he’s a poster boy for the Bicoastal Elite — and don’t forget, he windsurfs.

Unfortunately that’s not all there is to this superannuated quixotic adolescent. He’s stunningly dangerous.

To see that, you have to recall a string of events that the journalists of the nation virtually all refused to report or comment on. Yes, there was a bit of coverage, and much of that was accurate. The story was, however, far too important and shocking to have been so under-reported. What follows is a summary of events that remain both morally indefensible and incompletely explained to this day.

The nation of Honduras has a constitution that forbids a president from succeeding himself in office. He can serve for four years, and then must step down. A rascal named Manuel Zelaya was president, and his term was just about over. Now Zelaya, an admirer and follower of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, decided it would be best for him to remain in office, so the constitution be damned. Then the nation’s supreme court, advised of the illegal plot, told the would-be dictator to stand down. That decision was seconded by Zelaya’s political party; by the Roman Catholic church; by the legislative branch of the government; by the Honduran military; by Honduras’s human rights commission, and by just about everybody else who knew what was going on.

Hondurans, you see, cherish a concept that is alien to Kerry and Obama: Liberty. They also have common sense and a distrust of power-hungry enemies of honest governance.

So far, the drama is little more than a sardonic Central American comedy scripted by a Hollywood hack. But wait! Enter (stage left) the fashionably extremist Obama administration and its stooge, John Kerry. Even though the law library of the Library of Congress said the Hondurans were right to pack Zelaya’s bags for him, the Obamites and collectivists in Washington came to the usurper’s aid. Kerry wrote a letter to the folks at the Library and told them to “correct” their finding (no, really!). He then tried to block Senator DeMint from going to Honduras for a look-see (Kerry’s office tried to prevent Washington from funding the trip). Then Johnny Nutcase sent one of his apparatchiki to Honduras to tell the Hondurans that Kerry Is Not Amused, and that they had better stop promoting this constitutional governance crap.

Wow, where did all this come from? From a screwball, that’s where. Kerry is not new to backing nutters and dictators; the senator has all the philosophical sophistication and ethical sense of a brain-damaged wombat. When Kerry went to Nicaragua in 1985, he came back hormonally inspired by the communists running the place, and talked the House of Representatives into cutting off aid to the “Contras”, rebels who were trying to throw the commies out.

Whatever it is that drives Kerry, the fact is the man is unhinged. He is a lying, self-deceptive, rudderless, manic dabbler, a failed human being who has millions of reasons to consider himself a blazing success. He is where he is today because the electorate in his state is virtually unique (he’s paired with Liz Warren, the fake squaw who practiced law illegally and never saw a businessman who accomplished anything much).

The USA will have to put up with Kerry for several years, and there simply is no telling what the Israelis and Brits are going to have to do to avoid being mugged by the US department of state. Expect Kerry and his boss to tell London to abandon the Falklanders, which will delight Argentina’s Kirchner (who is using the Falklands nonsense to distract Argentines from her rank incompetence). Recall that Obama pointedly returned a gift the Brits gave the USA some time ago: a bust of Churchill. The message was plain, but ignored by the lapdog press: “There is a genuinely anti-colonialist administration in office now, and you smug supercilious Limey bastards are going to regret what you did to the Mau-Mau and every other native people you enslaved. The sun has set on your stinking empire, and now we are going to make you pay for your sins.”

As Kerry’s confirmation to high office draws near, one can surmise that Hamas and Hezbollah are gleefully sharpening their knives. John Kerry is the sort of unstable ethical mutant who can treat sympathetically with bloodthirsty lunatics.

If there were a chance of preventing Kerry from taking the top job in Foggy Bottom, this newsletter would try to get something started. The facts are the facts, so all that can be said here is, “Hang on, Pilgrims — it’s going to be a Through the Looking-Glass misadventure”.

Master And Slave — Benefactor And Beneficiary

There is no more dependent person than a slave. That simple truth defines the evil of the institution, and the thoughtful will realize that where slavery has existed, it always has a pernicious legacy.

Some slaves in the US South had access to firearms. They hunted and provided for at least some of their needs. In just one sense, those few people were more free than the citizens emancipated after the Civil War; former slaves were disarmed by state firearms laws specifically in order to prevent the black folks from defending themselves against racist violence. That infringement of human rights not only imposed partial slavery — increased dependence — on the former slaves, it also set a toxic precedent that rotted the nation’s ethic.

The result of many government programs designed to provide benefits to the voters has been to increase dependency. While not slavery, dependency is a simulacrum of involuntary servitude. Certainly it bears no relationship to the mutually voluntary associations of free men who essay self-improvement in an environment that boasts free markets in goods, services, and ideas.

To the extent that today’s ruling elite considers itself responsible for distributing benefits to the citizenry, a state of quasi-dependence characterizes a large fraction — probably a majority — of the population. Recall that Obama has criticized the US federal constitution as deficient in that it provides no material benefits; it simply guarantees the individual freedom from federal tyranny. That, Obama believes, is dismally inadequate. Is that your view?

The current administration subscribes to other claims that also deserve your consideration. They include: the notion that free markets do not work; the principle that no aspect of an individual’s existence is beyond the purview and regulation of political entities; the article of faith that there is such a thing as “excessive wealth”; the employment of taxation not just to fund government, but to discourage activity, increase fairness (however that be defined), promote or hinder technological advances and trends, regulate education, enforce laws and surveil the population in general.

The current political elite pursues a policy of fostering dependency, expanding it, encouraging it, and frustrating the activities of free markets, free minds, and free men. At some point, the electorate in the USA should consider just how dependent — how slave-like — it wishes to be.

The cost of dependency is always paid in Liberty.


Prediction is always risky, but if you think a mature Obamacare program will be materially different from this mess, you are either terminally gullible or simply wrong.

Regarding firearms control: there is a book that can properly be described as “…the most sophisticated and comprehensive presentation of the data relating to violent crime and guns in the world”. Learn more and consider some cogent commentary before you wax authoritative.

This simply has to be fake — a setup, and a really dirty trick, at that. Wait for the second shoe to fall. Or…?

There are some facts regarding Israel and the “Palestinians” that you won’t find in the mass media — because (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Here are a few of them.

More than a half century after the wolf packs were undone by Bletchley Park, the submersible vessel still strikes terror into the heart of every mariner. Is the threat about to be nullified?

Give the devil his due: the LA Times reports some actual truths about firearms and mass murder. In all probability, that will be the last of that.

If the US government will do this to non-citizens who have nothing to do with the USA, what do you think it will do to you when it decides you are insubordinate? And…do you believe the “progressive” media elite would have remained obediently silent if President G. W. Bush had pursued this rabid Obamoid policy?

V. D. Hanson provides an informed appraisal of reality. (Hint: there’s some good news, and then….) Highly recommended.

This is how far the crackpot Gore-Hansen AGW cult has taken things: read the lunatic babble and be afraid.

Related: meanwhile, cool heads have prevailed: “Anthropogenic global what? Sayonara, baka“.

How’s the weather in Occupied Palestine this time of year? Well, don’t try looking it up here….

Insightful remarks on risk. Recommended.

Chances are probably about fifty-fifty that you heard about this outrageous nonsense. The chances are virtually zero that you will ever hear about it again from the mass media, and that should make you very suspicious indeed.

For Team Obama, taxation is not a way of covering costs.

The “Religion of Peace” has proved again that it is a mockery of decent faith. This display of insane, wrathful intolerance should tell anyone all he needs to know about Mohammed’s curse on humanity.

A rational discourse on firearms is precisely the sort of reasoning Obama does not want you to encounter.

If you would like to try predicting what’s going to happen in the Muddle East, keep one eye on the Kurds.

You are expected to forget what happened (even if it ruined your life) and ignore the people who did it to you (scoundrels who deserve to be out of work, at the very least — and possibly should be in prison, as well). So move on. You are just little people. You support your betters, and that’s your purpose.

Regarding AGW — this is serious talk: “Am I angry with these scumbags? You bet I am. Do I think they deserve the unpleasant epithets I cast at them? Absolutely not — they deserve insults far nastier and more graphic than I could ever get away with delivering in a family newspaper.” Read it all. No, really: don’t skip one single infuriated word of this masterpiece.

History does not repeat, but…you can certainly get dragged through some very familiar misery on occasion.

Class warfare is the most reprehensible of the Obama administration’s fundamental tactics. It is hideously immoral because of its vile motivation, of course, and its consequences are catastrophic. Those facts make the media’s accomplishment — getting Team Obama re-elected — all the more impressive.

You say you love your cell phone? Good luck with that. You have no idea what an asp you clasp to your bosom.

In the unlikely event you don’t have enough to worry about, you may want to meditate on what is likely to happen if extraterrestrial beings discover Mankind.

Hope springs eternal: the mainstream media write the Tea Party’s obituary. Yet again.

If you think The One cares about his popularity, you simply don’t understand. He’s in control.

Hillary could not be questioned because she had a bunion, or a concussion, or maybe brain cancer. Or something. Of course she did, or does, maybe. Look: a health emergency is convenient for people who do not believe in freedom of speech and do not feel disposed to answer questions about their dictatorial hubris. She made some huge mistakes, compounded them by shooting her mouth off, and now desperately needs the media to cover for her. Meanwhile….

Gott may be im Himmel, but Allah is colonizing Germany.

Wake now, discover that
you are the song that
the morning brings
but the heart has its seasons
its evenings
and songs of its own

There comes a redeemer
and he slowly, too, fades away
There follows a wagon behind him
that’s loaded with clay
and the seeds that were silent
all burst into bloom and decay
The night comes so quiet
and it’s close on the heels of the day

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