The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 294
20 February, 2013

Where there is no criticism of religion, life and society in their entirety become religious and the littlest squeak against the existing order is an act of blasphemy.

Book Review

Marked for Death, Islam’s War Against the West and Me, Geert Wilders; ISBN 978-1-59698-796-8. This is a superb book. It begins with a first-person account (sans whining and self-pity) of the ordeal Wilders has been put through by Islam and its defenders. The author then provides a very clear history of Islam and an excellent discussion of the current campaign being waged by the death cult to displace Western Civilization and force all mankind to submit to Koranic rule.

In explaining the strategy and tactics of colonial Islam, Wilders tacitly but clearly demonstrates his profoundly humane mindset. This is a man who does not hate Muslims, but despises the vile customs that enslave them.

Perhaps the most distressing passages in the book are Wilders’s accounts of his struggles with the multiculturalism of his native Holland. Western complicity with and encouragement of Islamic totalitarianism is a vile form of mass suicide promoted by some who proclaim their virtue even as they demand the extermination of Liberty.

It’s not all grim, for Wilders presents clear proposals for the self-defense of the West. The ideas work; they have proved effective. Islam can be pushed back, and the effort might even encourage the eventual abandonment of the horrid doctrine preached by Koran-clutching lunatics.

Now of course this brave man has his critics; millions around the world hate him and wish him dead. If you question his motives or are unsure of his ethics, read his book.

That will not be difficult, for it is obvious that Wilders has had help in presenting his story and proposals. The editing is excellent. That is not a sarcastic slap at the author — it is praise for a professionally completed project. The world is flooded by sloppy manuscripts thrown together by contemptuous but best-selling scriveners, and ultimately it’s uncaring publishers who are at fault. Wilders has been well served by Regnery. The book is a graceful read that fosters considerable insight into a complex phenomenon.

Marked for Death is an eloquent and powerful testimonial to free speech, free men, and Western values. It deserves the widest possible audience.

Put down this inadequate review and obtain a copy of Wilders’s book, and after you have read it, pass it on to someone who thinks its author is a bigot, a hater, a crackpot and a dangerous fascist.

Highest possible recommendation.

If You Want To Worry About Something, Worry About Iran — Not About The Climate

All those recent reports you have read about the poles getting “too warm” should be put into a rational context; that begins with this item, which was carried in Number 184 of this newsletter. Then include a recent authoritative report.


This is how far influential loons in the Gore-Hansenist cult are willing to go: “‘There is wide scientific consensus that the increased number and intensity of climate change induced natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and hurricanes, is of alarming concern,’ said Ruppel, though adding that not all climate events lead to disasters.” That’s a quote from Professor Oliver C Ruppel. He’s briefly profiled here; he has no qualifications whatsoever as a climatologist or meteorologist or TV weatherman or copy boy at the local weekly newspaper, and, as the quote indicates, he’s not just a lawyer, he’s certifiably insane.

Science? What science? The cult has an opinion, of course, which is a bizarre mix of emotion and hate. Genuine science refutes anthropogenic global warming.

Common sense applies: it’s going to get colder, and it’s going to get warmer; everybody has to adapt to what Mother Nature is doing, and that begins with the realization that She is in charge.

Let the weather look after itself. Allowing a crackpot cult to do your thinking for you can’t improve matters one iota.

Sisyphean Tasks

It’s extraordinarily difficult to regulate a huge international bank. HSBC demonstrated that when it transformed “…itself into the destination bank for domestic and international scoundrels of every possible persuasion.”

Then there is the Chinese government’s policy of using the internet against the USA. Putting a stop to the intrusions mounted by teams of technically sophisticated crackers is, according to expert opinion, about as close to impossible as anyone can imagine. Quote from a man who understands the issue:

“It might take several more years of piling on reports…to make that weight of evidence so strong that it’s laughable, and they say, ‘Oh, it was us,'” says Stewart. “I don’t know that they’ll stop, but I would like to make it a lot harder for them to get away with it.”

The problem is attracting some attention. When the NY Times acknowledges that something exists, then it exists officially and it’s all right to talk about it. You can look up that article without any help from this newsletter.

Barack I

From here, reproduced in its entirety:

Earlier this week, our benevolent god-king Barack I gave a big speech that someone else wrote, then went on the campaign trail to deliver some more speeches that someone else wrote.

Now, it’s off to Florida!

President Obama plans to spend the President’s Day holiday weekend in West Palm Beach, Fla.

We suspect some golf may be involved.

Or skeets. Don’t forget the skeets. He shoots ’em all the time.

We can guess at two things he won’t be doing. He won’t be coming up with a budget, and if any American ambassadors around the world come under attack, he won’t be ordering up any help to save their lives.

It’s good to be the god-king.

Indeed it is — but it might not be all that great to be a serf in Barack I’s realm. The king, you see, is doing all he can to maintain a ruinous spending spree. It appears that his short-term aims are to increase the sheer size of government, and then to provide all manner of benefits to as many of his subjects as possible. The underlying motive, in this newsletter’s view, is to increase the dependence of the polity, which is to say the same as “the motive is to reduce the independence of the polity”.

A closer look is indicated. The royal personage refuses to tell government to cut back its low-priority (or even its needless) spending at all. If a reduction of five percent is forced on US domestic agencies and a cut of seven percent is imposed on the US military, Obama I explains that “…will jeopardize our military readiness; it will eviscerate job creating investments in education and energy and medical research” (emphasis added).

Rubbish. No one ever eviscerated any government agency or program by forcing it to reduce its expenses by five or seven percent. Further, how is it that if jobs are to be created in energy, the Keystone pipeline was not permitted, and government money will go to utterly ridiculous windmill farms? Finally, the government’s reason for being is not to create jobs — anyone who disagrees needs a refresher course on the impact of the New Deal on the Great Depression — but to administer justice. Jobs are best created by the private sector. Yet Obama I insists that the free market “does not work” because it does not redistribute the wealth according to Obamoid concepts of “fairness”.

Then there are those “tax reforms” Obama wants to make: they are actually tax increases. He has already driven taxes up over one hundred fifty billion dollars (just this year), and now he’s demanding that “loopholes” be closed, driving taxes higher. Genuine tax reform simplifies the system and allows taxpayers more choice; a rational change lowers tax rates while closing silly loopholes that distort investment strategies. This is not the current plan.

The madness of the Obamoid method is easy to define: spend recklessly and relentlessly, borrow madly without any way of ever repaying the loans, and build a governmental apparatus that cannot be dismantled. When the government becomes the major provider of goods and services, the individual will lose both Hope and the possibility of Change. The capitalist system and free markets will fade under unsurvivable regulatory pressure, and people like Squaw Warren will change their cry from “You didn’t do that” to “You aren’t allowed to do that!”

Yes, indeed, “it’s ON!” (For an explanation of what that means, see the video hyperlinked at “Ah, finally found it” in the Links section below).

What a pity it can’t be turned off.

Media Bias, Yet Again

A US newspaper can tolerate just so much, and when its token “wingnut” columnist just carries on and on and on, well, what’s a politically correct editor to do? Refuse to publish his work, that’s what.

Most of the time censorship is a bit more sophisticated, though. It’s a matter of emphasis: this story gets big coverage, and is reported repeatedly over time; that story, however, gets normal exposure the one time it appears in the paper. It all depends on the conclusions the readers are likely to draw about the people and policies covered. As you know.

The question is not whether US journalism skips lightly over events that could harm Team Obama (it does), but how defenders of an honest watchdog press can combat the bias. Face it: setting out the facts and lecturing the news media means producing very boring copy. Who wants to read about such matters? Give this piece a look, for example. Not exactly riveting, now is it?

It’s a shame that the fundamentals of representative democracy are so unexciting that they fail to arouse widespread indignation. But that’s the way it is.

Post Script: this newsletter does not take the White House attitude toward female journalists. Claudia Rosett is Number One on the NTG list of people most deserving of a Pulitzer, Annie Jacobsen is admired here, and relative newcomer Katie Pavlich is a credit to the craft.


Is Obama’s choice to head the Pentagon a clandestine Jew-hater? There is some evidence that he subscribes to the Mearsheimer-Walt interpretation (which is a faux scholarly restatement of a species of conspiracist twaddle), but he has a bad memory regarding speeches he gave after leaving the Senate. Unless somebody comes up with an audio recording, he’s probably going to get Senate confirmation.

Speaking of Mearsheimer and Walt, do you remember Jimmy Carter? He wrote that stupid book warning that Israel might devolve into a police state along the lines of the 1950s Republic of South Africa. Hagel seems to have read it and taken it seriously.

The definitive portion of Hagel’s testimony is found in his assertions that he does not recall making outrageously provocative conspiracist statements about Jewish manipulation of US policy. His claimed faulty memory damns him. Whether he ever said such things — or might have been disposed to say them — is, by his admission, open to doubt. That is absurd, and the next two paragraphs will prove it.

Consider this hypothetical scenario: a man is asked whether he ever said that his mother-in-law was a lunatic who deserved to be locked up in an asylum. A person who in fact never made that statement would not reply that he could not recall whether he uttered those words; he would insist that he is absolutely certain he never said anything remotely like that. Yet Hagel seems to be saying that at some point in the recent past (since he left the Senate), he went through a zombie-like phase during which he might possibly have said innumerable startling and outrageous things, and that some neurological impairment has erased all memory of that.

The man’s attempts to fend off discovery of his bigotry are transparently deceitful. No one forgets making scurrilous paranoid claims — unless he is profoundly impaired and incompetent. Hagel is lying.

Summing up: Hagel reeks, but he might just mind his manners as Secretary of Defense and not be an utter nauseating disgrace modeled after Eric Holder’s example. Well, that’s a pathetic hope, and it could be a tragic mistake to suffer Hagel, but what can one do in the short term? Decent folks are virtually powerless, for Obama has cowed the (McCain-led) GOP again. That will not be forgotten. In the long term, it would be a good idea to rub the Republicans’ noses in the mess they have made. The party does not deserve the support of principled individualists.


Three years ago, this was linked in this newsletter (which had a different name back then). Ponder the implications…. Do you think there might just be a new model? And that its capabilities might be enhanced?

Holy Recession, Batman! Walmart is putting up the Bat Signal!

Immigration policy.

Ah, finally found it. Yes, since The One does not face another election, he will in fact be free to do all manner of things, any of them exactly the opposite of what the voters might consider appropriate. Politicians who do not fear the wrath of the voters are always uninhibited, and in the case of ideologues like Obama, the impulse to make fundamental changes in the governance and assumptions of the polity is devastatingly seductive. That spells serious trouble for those who favor constitutional politics and immutable ethical principles. Indeed, it is “on”, and more’s the pity.

California. Whew, what a stink….

Nobody presents the truth more colorfully and effectively than does Mark Steyn: “…the zombie husks who lead the western world in twilight pass off their groveling prostration as a defense of ‘multicultural tolerance’. It’s not. It’s the Pansy Left (in Orwell’s phrase) auditioning to be Islam’s lead prison bitch (that’s mine, not Orwell’s)”. Treat yourself to the full essay. Then have a second helping of delicious insight: “Did you know the president of the United States is now in the business of ‘issuing goals’ for his subjects to live up to?”

Is this the work of a personality cult, or does it represent a shift in philosophy?

Egypt is going to hell. Note the comment about the Guardian, however.

The more NTG hears from this guy, the lower this newsletter’s opinion of him sinks.

Beyond the moon, beyond the stars
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Time stands still
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