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Number 305
10 May, 2013

That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.

Technology, The Sun, And The Future

This brief video is highly recommended. It was created by an individual who posts a daily report you should sample. Furthermore, this particular edition of the report is useful, as it tells you what The Powers That Be should have told you long ago.

The Carrington Event was mentioned in this newsletter four years ago, and then noted in twenty subsequent numbers. The public knows next to nothing about it, yet it is of major importance. For more information on its full implications, watch this video; it shows how a phenomenon very like a Carrington event can be generated by a nuclear explosion and used as a massively destructive weapon.

A portion of this video is of interest because it shows the location of debris from the Japanese tsunami. You might consider subscribing to this channel on YouTube. Each daily report is about four minutes long.

The Benghazi Scandal’s Political Lethality In Context

The Disaster and its Aftermath

From the first, it was bad — very bad. The attack on the facility went on for hours, and help was never dispatched. When it was over and four US federal employees were dead, the lying began.

…early (accurate) references to “Islamic extremists” were removed. Early (accurate) references to “attacks” were changed to “demonstrations”. And there was no mention of any YouTube video in any of the many drafts of the talking points — even though everyone from the president of the United States to the secretary of state to the UN ambassador blamed the video for the attacks. (Source)

Arthur Koestler reminded that “The frightened mind, always on the defensive, is particularly aware of the dangers of yielding an inch to the devil”. Yes, of course. (From his The Sleepwalkers.)

Shortly after the disaster, Hillary promised that the videographer would be arrested and prosecuted (also see this). She believes mockery of the self-proclaimed “prophet” who founded Islam cannot be permitted, even under the clear mandate of the US federal constitution. Freedom of speech and press be damned!

Hillary’s knee-jerk response betrayed the censorious malevolence of an autocrat who fears and loathes Liberty. Her revealing outburst might yet prove disastrous. Even a typically Obama-compliant media outlet is having second thoughts; is the US federal government imposing sharia? More here.

Weeks later, Hillary repeatedly postponed appearing before a congressional committee. When she finally deigned to take questions, she reacted furiously, volubly expressing her disdain and contempt. By then it was clear that the truth lay hidden beneath a shroud of despicable fabrications.

Eventually a few insiders were said to be describing appalling incompetence in the Department of State — malfeasance that made them ready to tell the full story. The threat to the careers of some iconic people was obvious. Immediately dubbed “whistle-blowers” by opponents of Team Obama, the disillusioned and angry sources were instructed by their superiors not to talk to congressional investigators. Team Obama began pulling filthy tricks to prevent whistle-blowers from telling the world what had happened — and not happened — at Benghazi. The pressure to remain silent came from the highest level of the State Department. Ultimately, the attempt to hide the facts failed, as this crucial video shows. And that “highest level” was who, exactly?

Cheryl Mills is no run-of-the-mill State Department apparatchik, even among the top tier. She’s been one of the Clintons’ right-hand men for decades. She worked in Bill’s White House legal office, then as counsel to Hillary’s presidential campaign, then became chief of staff at State when Hillary was appointed secretary. If she’s the right-hand man, what other conclusion is there than that Hillary’s the one who wanted Hicks to keep his mouth shut when meeting with Chaffetz? (Source)

There it is; yes, that’s the attempt to hide Hillary’s incompetence. The Washington Post volunteered to help, but so far, that’s not working terribly well. Recent information is available here.

One might even think the media are slowly waking up. The facts are simply too available to be ignored. The gatekeepers have long dreaded the day when they would lose their power to choke off politically incorrect information; this scandal is weakening the censors, though just how much and for how long can not yet be determined.

Both sides have been attempting to prepare the public relations battlefield. The Pentagon is withholding information…on Hagel’s orders? (If you have not been watching the GOP sharpen its knives, here are links for you: a grieving mother’s anger, an overview that predicts fireworks, an inflammatory piece hinting at criminal malfeasance and cowardice, and John Bolton wondering aloud whether Benghazi will end the Obama administration.)

As this is written, congressional hearings are under way, and are proceeding with the Republicans asking questions that embarrass the administration while the Democrats make speeches denouncing the attempt to present Hillary and The One in bad lights. If you are interested in a blow-by-blow account, here is one. You are welcome.


Flying High

The Implications for Obama and Hillary

It is far too early to predict outcomes. Some known facts do suggest consequences, however.

The current scandal begins with an event that is far more horrible and important than anything that happened in Watergate. Four US government employees died in Benghazi; recall that no one was even bruised by the crime that touched off Watergate. The cause of Nixon’s downfall was claimed to be his efforts to cover up the plot that led to the bungled burglary. If the relative gravity of the two initiative incidents were to be the sole determinant of their respective consequences, Hillary would be utterly disgraced and banished from politics, while Obama would be impeached and removed from office.

Of course nothing like that will happen. If anything degrades Obama’s prestige, it will be the inevitable train wreck that is Obamacare, not Benghazi. Hillary, meanwhile, has indicated that she intends to spit in the eye of anyone who points out that she is a disaster. The fell duo will dismiss all criticism as obscene, and that arrogant tactic will prove effective.

To understand why, consider that Obama knows he has a constituency that will back him no matter what; it is composed of virtually all black voters and an overwhelming majority of fanatical collectivists like Senator Warren. That support will not falter. As for Hillary, she can depend on a different and smaller segment of the electorate — most women, over ninety-five percent of all “progressives” and union members, and a huge majority of male Democrats who cannot stomach a Republican president or Congress.

The voters who favor abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, expanded government, more entitlements (“benefits”), the disarmament of the law-abiding citizenry, the weakening of capitalism and a vigorous prosecution of the culture war will always support Obama and forgive Hillary. Of course many of them will secretly wish the pair were more intelligent and capable, but the issues will matter more than personal qualifications. The principles and goals of collectivism will demand that all true “progressives” remain devoted to the little tin gods. If you add the automatic support of black voters and remember that the the press will never treat Obama as it treated Nixon, you will have to admit that the phalanx is complete.

With bases like those, a politician can get away with just about anything short of the video-recorded axe-murders of nuns and second-graders.

But can Hillary be elected president? Possibly. Against her are her race, which disqualifies her as the black voters’ virtually unanimous choice — more black folks would vote against her than voted against Obama, and many would simply not bother to vote at all (do you recall her insulting “Kentucky Fried Hillary” act?). Then there is her scandalous past, which is riddled with financial improprieties and connections to some shady characters. The GOP could attack her for a long history of ethically questionable antics. To cope with those negatives, none of which is a fatal flaw for someone who is a media darling, Hillary would have some powerful positives: she would be the collectivist standard-bearer, having tried to impose a mandatory federal health insurance scheme long before Obamacare arrived, and apparently being a champion of all of Obama’s goals and initiatives. (She has not expressed an opinion on Obama’s “national civilian security force”.) She could run and might win, even if the Benghazi disaster wounds her deeply. The voters and the press might give her yet another pass.

Should one recall the apocryphal words, “Let them eat cake”, and predict a bad end for the community organizer and his familiar? No. Whatever the Democrats’ royalty say will never damn them. Decades from now, both of these disastrous political charlatans will still command a measure of respect and admiration.

Finally, a confession: for this newsletter, the most psychologically distressing aspect of the coming political farce will be the sneering, lying responses of Hillary and The One as they contemptuously brush aside facts and ignore ethics. The spectacle will be an effective hindrance to normal digestion.

Notes On Israel And Iran

The USA’s “bunker-buster” bomb has been upgraded. Yet again. The article at the link seems to imply that Israel could deliver it; that would probably be true only if the USA loaned Israel aircraft that could carry the thirty thousand pound monster. The US B-2 bomber can carry two.

The first effort the USA made to break into hardened underground installations since the Vietnam War was an effort to kill Saddam Hussein and his staff. A frantic “we need it yesterday” call went to bomb designers who realized they had to rig something rather than create a totally new weapon. They used a pipe from an oil drill rig as the bomb shell, and tested their makeshift gizmo in the desert. The team was reportedly awestruck by its performance; the crude bomb was said to have penetrated far deeper than expected. The exact figure was and still is highly classified. That set a high standard that has been greatly exceeded by Boeing’s latest effort, MOP. The point: don’t believe the data that have been made public.

Chuck Hagel proves he does not have a strong antipathy for Israel and the “Jewish Lobby”: yeah, ri-i-i-i-ght. Well, you read and decide. And: Hagel claims Iran’s military pursues a “defensive” policy. He’s a liar.

This video, as far as this newsletter is aware, is correct in every detail. After viewing it, ask what US foreign policy ought to be, and whether its current direction is a matter of concern. (Yes, this link is also found in the first item in this Number.)

A Comment On The Faith Of Dennis Prager

From here comes this Prager quote:

The atheist movement has always contended that reason and logic are on its side. Faith, atheists argue, is the sole domain of those who believe in God. The truth is the opposite. It is the belief that everything created itself that is irrational; not the belief in a Creator. It is belief that Bach, the Eiffel Tower, and the iPhone are the culminations of literally nothing that requires far more faith than belief in a Designer. Reason and logic are on our side, not theirs.

The obvious response — that the world certainly could do without that silly tower and the pestiferous “mobile phone” in all its infernal incarnations, while Bach’s works should be preserved and perhaps listened to occasionally — is just that: obvious, and vacuous as well. So it will not be offered. Nor will it be suggested that while atheists have to explain a lot more than they can regarding origins, theists are even more burdened, for they have to explain the origin of a supernatural being of inestimable power and impeachable ethics. Instead you have the following paragraph.

If Dennis subscribed to this newsletter, he might have been prompted to read two books reviewed here, and that might have brought his thinking up to date. The books were written by Tallis and Nagel, as you will doubtless recall. Both men are atheists. Their ruminations are essential to any rational contemporary discussion of man’s origin and nature.

MSNBC, Propaganda Organ

Folks in the USA can and do protest the abuse of the news media for propagandistic uses. The “progressives” say (quoting Obama now), “Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh”, and claim that “wingnuts” want to bully MSNBC and NBC into ending their biased “reporting”. In fact, the feud between the two ends of the political spectrum is one bad idea followed by another.

Sure, Chris Matthews and many other fake reporters are dishonest and bigoted. So…what, exactly? All other news organizations are free to call the rascals out, and the individual should be allowed to watch whatever TV channel he prefers. Every time some bozo says something stupid, he makes a target of himself. That’s as it should be, and it’s good enough.

Yes, there is not enough diversity. Yes, the media are mostly lapdogs, not watchdogs. And of course the media do a disservice to the nation when they are uncritical of Obamoid nonsense and cultural bigotry, but that does not mean they should be intimidated into changing their tune. It means you and this publication are able to address the issues and try to convince news/commentary consumers to be more critical and rational. If that succeeds, the bigots will lose market share. This, of course, is why Obama insists that free markets don’t work. He knows they do work, which is why he fears and hates them.

Don’t ignore this wisdom: trying to shut down the liars and censorious ideologues is censorship. That is immoral.

So what should an honest person do? First, support critical examination of the news media (an excellent example). Second, voice his criticisms. Third, denounce bigotry and bias without denouncing the abstract principle of free speech that underlies all commentary. Opinion is not only constitutionally protected (even if it’s hate-laced and all lies), but essential to a free people.

Well. In a way, this newsletter misses Keith Olbermann. He is a loon, and the easy target was a luxury. As long as individualists can find media to report their criticism of bigots like Olbermann, there should be no complaint from the Tea Party and related groups. That is to say, don’t try to silence the neo-Marxists and culture warriors. Let them bray.

Then get out the vote in the old-fashioned way, and clean up the Congress. Give the goofy press something to whine about!


Eagerly awaited: a video that will be available on May 18.

It will be interesting to see how long this stays up:

Bang! Grrr…. SPLAT!!Good dog!

Pamela Geller explains it to you, and you really should should listen because she knows what she is talking about. The audio could be better, but the message is powerful.

Amazing. A major media outlet actually broadcast this! Has hell frozen over?

Bloodshed provoked by minority Muslim communities in Southeast Asia may be spreading: the violence in Burma has impacted Indonesia.

The National Rifle Association of America recently held its annual meeting in Texas. A reporter/NRA member visited, and posts: “A crew from Australia videotaped the Bushmaster sign for a while, as if a longer video would make some point, a la Andy Warhol’s Sleep. I wanted to ask the woman reporter if she felt safer now, since female rape skyrocketed after their 1997 gun ban. But today’s corporate media operates (sic) on this maxim: ‘Don’t let a truth get in the way of a good story’.”

“Great Britain and Australia … suffered mass shootings in the 1980s and 1990s. Both countries had very stringent gun laws when they occurred. Nevertheless, both decided that even stricter control of guns was the answer. Their experiences can be instructive.” Details.

Those interested in Islam, Southeast Asia or China will find this report useful.

Here’s rapid-fire “wingnut” commentary that will inspire some, infuriate others. React as you will — but do try to be rational. Note as well that this bitter rant is one facet of the culture war being waged by Team Obama and its allies. Those who are under assault will necessarily respond.

US energy independence takes another step toward reality: the Bakken field turns out to be huge. Can the polity keep Obama from co-opting the forthcoming economic benefits?

If you peruse the collectivist weblogs and sites created on the internet by the leading lights of the neo-Utopians, you won’t find any discussion that is more honest and frank than this. To grasp the full story in context, by all means read the comments that follow the article. This is sophisticated and helpful discussion; how much better off the USA would be if its policy were in the hands of the author of the article and his critics. They are a perfect endorsement of free speech.

The last word: the NTG’s editor has been listening to Liszt. Franz was a bit crazy, wasn’t he?

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