The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 306
17 May, 2013

We are often tempted to get angry with state functionaries. But since we are usually begging things from them, rather than demanding them in the manner of one who could take his business elsewhere — with the state there is no elsewhere — we usually choose to remain polite. And if we finally get what we are begging for, we tend to be effusive in our thanks, if only because so pleased that the ninny did something less than completely ninny-ish. The result is a world in which state functionaries genuinely imagine themselves to be loved by almost all of their victims and hated by hardly any of them.

The Concept Of Global Warming Expands And Points To Horror Beyond Imagining

For years, the debate over climate has focused on whether technology is responsible for coming catastrophic rises in sea level and skyrocketing temperatures. Carbon dioxide has been claimed to be the proximate instrument of mayhem, with technology driving that, and human greed being the root cause. This newsletter has disputed the claimed chain of cause and effect without ever denying that warming and cooling could and might occur; it has denounced believers in anthropogenic global warming as adhering to a kind of cult, and it has noted the penitential, misanthropic nature of the cult’s faith.

It was also pointed out here that science cannot refute faith. As ideologically committed factions in the scientific community continued to ignore evidence refuting their arguments, science remained divided on anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Remember, please, that it was pointed out here (in Number 295) that the division did not amount to a consensus in support of the AGW cult.

Circumstances are changing. What could not be done by demonstration of the chicanery behind Mann’s hockey stick graph (ISBN 976-1-906768-35-5) and the exposure of damning e-mail messages in the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University has been followed by additional data. Some observers believe objective science is beginning to win out, as these backdowns from previous claims demonstrate.

While that is good news, it is by no means conclusive. The cult will soldier on. While it persists, the focus of attention is shifting, and more people are beginning to ask the right questions, which are….

What causes changes in climate? Haven’t we seen sufficient evidence of huge degrees of pre-human climate change, and isn’t it the case that we went through a fairly recent warming that lasted four hundred years, and was followed later on by what is called a little ice age — neither of which could possibly have been caused by technology? Why did those big changes happen, persist, and end? What mechanisms were operating? Are we oversimplifying matters when we accuse carbon dioxide of being the most significant factor in climate change? Could it be that the earth’s climate is subject to many influences, and that a search for answers should be literally broadened? Perhaps assumptions made out of some odd misplaced guilt should be dropped, and mankind should look for causes wherever they may be. What’s wrong with looking at massive changes in climate as natural, unrelated to humanity, and inevitable?

“Climate” means global weather patterns over a prolonged stretch of time. “Global” is a term that tacitly recognizes the earth as a planet in a solar system. Let that concept sink in.

Then look at this video.

No, you can’t depend on this newsletter to summarize it for you so you don’t have to take a few minutes to grasp an important — even essential — fact. Do look at the video. All of it, please.

Clearly, there is a great deal more to climate than the AGW cult ever imagined.

Before returning to that topic, it must be acknowledged that the “chemtrails” and the antenna arrays such as HAARP are mentioned in this video. That sounds as if it might be a disqualifying fault, meaning the video is untrustworthy. Note well: the producer/narrator does not say that he knows or believes that some governmental or international power is secretly dumping chemicals into the air and trying to modify the earth’s magnetic field. You probably know that many in the conspiracist community insist one or both charges are true. Perhaps those folks are right, but there is no solid evidence to support their claims. For now, this newsletter is content to ignore chemtrail-HAARP alarmists. That could change.

Your next step in informing yourself takes you away from scientific hoaxes and financial-pseudo-scientific-bogus-ecological scams that enrich certain former US federal office-holders. You are requested to learn more about the sun, and that might test your patience. The next recommended video lasts for a half hour and presents a great deal of information; it is well worth your time, so please do set the time aside. Perhaps the most important part of the video is a frank portrayal of something this newsletter has been trying since 2009 to publicize — The Carrington Event. Note that…

…the importance of this natural phenomenon is that it can be artificially created by what is called an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon. This is a nuclear bomb that can be detonated at high altitude and guided to attack just a part of the earth’s surface, such as the North American continent. (Speculation regarding the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities with the assistance of an EMP weapon appeared here. Further, you may have seen a video linked here in which Iran’s possible use of this device on the USA is described.)

The probability that EMP weapons will be used is high. A single EMP weapon in a short-range missile launched from a ship hundreds of miles from the USA would suffice. The electromagnetic pulse would destroy both the electric grid of the entire nation and all electronic equipment in the US. That would certainly cause the death of most of the population.

Would Iran do that? Yes, absolutely; Twelver teachings welcome the slaughter of hundreds of millions.

How could it be prevented? First, diplomats will suggest that US military installations outside the USA would still be able to cauterize Iran with multiple nuclear devices; aware of that, Iran would not dare attack. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction is reborn? No, it is stillborn, for Twelvers do believe that all the dead Muslims would be martyrs, who go directly to heaven. The threat of death is hollow where religious faith is concerned (which is why it was effective on communists, who are sane). Second, if the launching ship could get into the Gulf of Mexico, or if the missile had a range of two thousand miles, preventing the delivery of the EMP weapon would be impossible.

As soon as the insane leadership of Iran can accomplish it, the strike will be delivered. Iranians chanting “Death to America” intend literally that. Remember, they are not Arabs, whose hyperemotional curses can be more declamatory and theatrical than sincere. Iranians tend to be more forthright, which explains why many of them have either left Iran or tried to overthrow the tyranny of the mad mullahs. Ahmadinejad, their tool, is not overwhelmingly popular — he’s just powerful.

The leadership of the USA might not understand or believe the facts. A review of how the current administration views Islam produces unclear results, and even suggests that an irrational mix of multiculturalist cant and ethnic bigotry taints policy. Contradictory signals, just possibly significant political slogans, miscues, a lack of candor and a childish “don’t offend those people” attitude cloud one’s vision of the USA’s operative assumptions and understandings. Whether the highest levels of the US government truly realize that Islam is not a religion of peace cannot be determined with certainty. The delusion that “they are just like us” seems to have considerable traction in Washington. Unfortunately it produces both the feckless tactic of trying to talk the Iranian government into adopting an ethic of brotherly love (“give diplomacy a chance to work!”), and the idiotic hope that MAD can intimidate Iran.

Well. The links in the chain are fell, indeed. This newsletter’s attempt to deal with the AGW hoax has led from an examination of what carbon dioxide can and cannot do, to scientific fraud, to the solar influence on the earth’s climate, to the danger of a Carrington event, to suicidally bloodthirsty Islam.

The Tea Party Under Attack

An ally becomes a bitter enemy

The Tea Party is the natural enemy of all Obamite cultural warriors, of course, but did you know that Karl Rove, the behind-the-scenes plotter Democrats love to despise, is targeting the Tea Party, too? The struggle for the heart and soul of the Republican party may doom that organization to permanent irrelevance.

At first glance, the campaign to brand Tea Partiers as nutcases and racists seems to have been partially effective. That impression could be misleading. Rove is more likely reacting to the presence of so many sincere amateurs in politics; he’s probably upset that people who have never been part of the political rat race have jumped over all the traditional hurdles and become a significant force. The Tea Partiers are not part of the establishment, and that makes them aliens who have achieved unearned power. Insiders never enjoy being upstaged by novices.

A Tea Party counterstrike may be forming, and it will be interesting to see whether the upstarts can cope with the professionals who have presided over the Republicans’ decline.

An assault that could and should have been predicted

The outrage begins with the Internal Revenue Service, the folks who confiscate wealth and hand it over to the insatiable, irresponsible and unaccountable federal bureaucracy. You have doubtless heard that simply everybody, including The One, is “shocked, shocked do you hear?” to learn that the tax man is a political creature. Well, this newsletter is not surprised, and can only apologize to its readers for not having predicted the inevitable.

Yes, inevitable. Begin with two personal anecdotes that display a mindset that pervades the IRS. Incident one: while toiling in the private sector, the NTG’s editor was told by a client who had retired from the IRS that the service being provided had better be good, or a tax audit would be forthcoming. Yes, he could arrange that, calling in favors from people still in the IRS — and no, this boor was not joking. His threat was genuine, and he made sure that was clear. A second example: the offhand remarks of a family friend, again a retired IRS agent, who was fond of boasting that he could walk into any business — he emphasized any — and shut it down immediately, without having to prove any tax evasion. He was very proud of having once wielded that power.

The IRS mindset, in other words, is too often that of a swaggering bully.

The agency assumes everyone is guilty, approaches all taxpayers as if they must be liars and criminals, and — in direct contradiction of a fundamental ethic of decent governance — demands proof of innocence. It is now and always has been quasi-political, which is inevitable; as long as its chief is a political appointee, politics and ideology will be intimately involved.

Ponder the illustrative story of Thomas Becket. His assassination is paradigmatic: lickspittle underlings carried out what they honestly believed was the will of their lord and master. That makes it a cautionary tale for admirers and followers of powerful leaders.

The world knew of the Democrats’ struggle with the Tea Party, and, as the last number of this newsletter reminded you, Obama told the nation, “Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh”. After absorbing the propaganda from the White House, the politically correct IRS committed a corrupt act of fealty.

Problems with the chronically egotistical and political IRS were predictable. This newsletter regrets its failure to put it all together: means, motive and opportunity were present, and the mindset was conducive.

Fear used to impose control

The IRS is really frightening“, says a lady who was intimidated into silence. Of course there are many additional links that could be included here, but the reports and commentaries are so numerous, and the stack of evidence so huge, that even the Obama-friendly press cannot turn back the tide. Anyone who has visited the Drudge Report lately found plenty of links.

The intimidation and attempts at repression are diagnostic of Utopian collectivism, which cannot succeed if does not have control. It may be described as either intensely authoritarian or totalitarian, depending on your mood at the time.

Obamites know that unless they are in control, they will never be able to impose their agenda. So…what is surprising about the intimidation and persecution currently being exposed? And who in his right mind can believe Obama’s shock and horror at the repression are genuine?

Then there is the concept of the “enemies list”. You remember that; it’s how the press hammered Richard Nixon. Slick Willy and Hillary, by contrast, were media stars. So when Hillary looked to the IRS for help with her political enemies, the journalists more or less reported it, and dropped the issue as quickly as they could. Only a few folks remember that.

And today? Everyone assumes the IRS will reform and things will be fine. That’s naive foolishness. Both effort and outcome are absurdly unlikely, so the fact that the IRS will be deeply involved in enforcing the lunatic mandates of Obamacare should alarm simply everybody. Of course the press will soft-pedal the realities, and no one will note the similarities between the IRS and the Department of Justice. Incompetent top-level leadership tends to inspire, promote, and shelter the rot below.

How many times has this newsletter whined that the real problem begins and continues because of the ideological posture of the press?


Oops! It looks as if Obama is getting his way, now that Hagel is running the Pentagon: “…the (US) military has quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries.” Read more.

This newsletter has on multiple occasions advised you not to talk to the police, and especially not to talk to the feds (Section 1001). Here is that advice again, this time from a man whose story is interesting and convincing. (Do you want links to the previous cautions published here? You have only to request them.)

A weblogger summarizes Benghazi and links to relevant news and commentary. There is nothing new here, but if you want a quick overview of the disaster, it’s a good source.

Related: some say Hicks was not punished for telling the truth. What’s required in order to believe that, to quote a highly impeachable but still trendy source, is a willing suspension of disbelief. — And then…”Gregory Hicks could put it on the line for the public. Why couldn’t they?” “They” means “Several of these officials…(who) are already trying to save their reputations, promoting the idea that they are not responsible for the malfeasances of their superiors. That’s true to some extent — their superiors are likely more culpable — but I am not buying their excuse. Call me old-fashioned, but I think the responsibility of an American diplomat and/or official is finally to the American people first. Gregory Hicks could put it on the line for the public. Why couldn’t they?” (Source: “wingnut” commentary here.) When all is said and done, the “wingnuts” are making more sense than the Obamites, and that is becoming so obvious that the media are dimly realizing and even admitting that the truth is tearing the Obamoid narrative to shreds.

The complex program at the center of all operations in your computer is called the kernel. You do not communicate directly with the kernel, for it is fundamental software that keeps all the other software coordinated and working with your hardware. Kernels (and all other software) are designed and improved by “devs” — that’s slang for “developers”. Read a Microsoft kernel developer’s description of the mindset at his company.

If you wonder about alternatives to Microsoft, take a look at this.

Cell “phone” madness: Con and then Pro. Since you ask, NTG comes down resolutely on the side that decries the inhumane consequences of the devices. That is not to say they are not helpful in an emergency; in virtually all other instances, they militate against the practices that make humans sensitive, thoughtful, and considerate — in short, well-mannered. They should be used only with the greatest prudence. Unfortunately no one agrees with that opinion.

This is one of the ways in which collectivist authoritarianism seeks to control thought. To the rational, the victim in this instance is a serious scholar making principled proposals; to the power-hungry ideologue, he is a threat to the “progressive” agenda. Recommended.

As this fifteen-minute video shows, the Bad Guys need effective anti-helicopter weapons.

The New York Times is wrong again.

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