On November 2 (1944) Makolajczyk again attempted to secure British support against Stalin’s activities. The British Government declined his proposal by letter on November 2.

Despite all this the Polish Prime Minister stuck to his simple statement that no Polish official could sign away forty per cent of his country or submit the remainder to a Communist government.

Seldom in history has there been such indomitable moral courage as that of Stanislaw Mikolajczyk in those days.

The US Department of Justice Under G. W. Bush And Then Under Obama

From this report in the Obama-friendly Washington Post comes an interesting quote:

The inspector general’s draft report is among the many documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, touching off a roiling national debate about the proper balance between the government’s reach into Americans’ lives and the effort to protect the nation in the Internet age.

The document portrays the surveillance court as “amenable” to the government’s legal theory to “re-create” authority for the Internet metadata program that had initially been authorized by President George W. Bush without court or congressional approval. The program was shut down in March 2004 when acting Attorney General James B. Comey and senior leaders at the Justice Department threatened to resign over what they felt was an illegal program.

Whether you know a little or a lot about Eric Holder and his maladministration of Justice, the contrast is striking.

Highly relevant and revealing addendum: the politics of race, as revealed by the acts of G. W. Bush and Barack Obama. One is an alcoholic and warmongering moron known as “Chimpy”, the other is a veritable icon of political correctness and beacon of Hope. Go figure….


All In The Family


What To Make Of Egypt’s Misery?

The why of the uprising

Most of the news from Egypt these days seems to be about massive crowds and the threat, rather than the existence, of apocalyptic violence. Little is said about the causes of the protests against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood (example). In an attempt to explain the uprising, the NY Times seemed to imply that Egypt may be almost literally ungovernable:

Analysts note that the current political debate includes almost no criticism of any specific Morsi policies or articulation of alternatives. Instead, the demand to remove Mr. Morsi is driven by fears among opposition groups of the Brotherhood’s future Islamist agenda, worries among old government and business elites about their potential displacement, and the inchoate anger of much of the population at the fuel shortages and economic pain brought on by two years of political strife.

“The agenda is not about health reform or how to build an Egyptian Harvard or Yale,” said Moataz Abdel Fattah, a political scientist at the American University in Cairo. “It is just a competition over who should preside and set the rules.” (Source)

You do understand, don’t you? The problem is Egypt, and Obama and Kerry have not gotten anything twisted up, nor have they dropped the ball, or messed up in any way. You got that?

Subsequently, a “wingnut” internet news and commentary site came up with this post, which is presented as an insider’s explanation of why the crowds demand Morsi’s departure.

Yep, as this Number of NTG is being edited, the news reports that Morsi is gone (after what this post called “the largest protest in human history”). And — this is rich — the banners denouncing villains have Obama’s name on them, but there’s nothing (yet) damning the USA! Perhaps Egyptians understand US politics better than most US voters do….For more photos, go here.



Implications beyond Egypt

The fundamental question is this: is the upheaval in Egypt a purely Egyptian affair, or is it somehow linked to the wave of violence perpetrated for the last few decades by various Islamic factions? At the moment, it appears as if the struggle in Egypt is only peripherally related to the attempt to destroy Israel and subject the world to a universal caliphate.

Those with a tendency to look to history to explain the present might well ask whether twentieth century Egypt was ever well off. Did Farouk do a good job as king, and was Nasser just the man for the job? In this newsletter’s view, Sadat was a voice of reason, but he was assassinated by Islamofascists. That event might even be said to have announced the modern resurgence of the teachings of the Koran, resulting in Al Qaeda and other lunatic groups. Or one might assert that what the world is witnessing now is the full impact of the “Palestinian” insanity. If either of those themes is even partially accurate, the bravest Westerner has reason to view the coming decades with horror.

When defeated and repulsed, Islam waits. As soon as it perceives a lack of resolve in the infidel world, it advances; thus has it always been. Its advance today is fragmented, hindered by centuries-old hatreds and modern power struggles with religious, cultural, tribal and economic roots. Arabs are great haters, and virtually all Muslims are reared in an atmosphere of exceptionalism that is anything but tolerant.

For the West, the greatest difficulty is the appallingly obvious paucity of leaders with the intelligence, integrity and courage to see to the survival of the non-Muslim cultures. In this crisis, Obama was simply on the wrong damned side. Does anybody know where Kerry was? Did he try to talk Obama out of making this blunder?

Islam does not deserve to triumph, but Western Civilization might not deserve to survive.


Facts, insinuations and possibilities

George Zimmerman is on trial for the second degree murder of a young man. Those of you following the trial closely know that witnesses for the prosecution have supported the contentions of the defense, and there are questions about the propriety of one of the judge’s instructions to the jury. In a nutshell, the case is a malign farce that threatens to become a travesty.

Yes, politics and prejudice have intervened, and more’s the pity. Obama knew that he had been supported by approximately 95% of black voters in his first election to the presidency, and in 2012, he wanted to lock in that percentage. In order to assure solidarity of the black voters, he was happy to bloviate on the appointment of a special prosecutor — when he should simply have said very little, if anything at all. His emotional words were enough to inflame the race-baiters and gain the support of others who were sensitive to any mention, however slight, of discrimination.

The case was not federal, but the president said the Justice Department in Washington was already looking at it; that implied that something had gone wrong in Florida, and that the refusal to charge Zimmerman had been somehow inadequate. While it’s true that Obama worded his remarks to avoid overt attacks on the state’s legal system, his tone evoked less fastidious contributions from others. Just as manifest Obamoid policy prompted (but did not instruct) the IRS to harass and sabotage Tea Party groups, Obama encouraged a biased response from his admirers. Florida, concerned about domestic tranquility, reversed its decision and put Zimmerman on trial.

As the trial has proceeded, a clamor to convict Zimmerman has developed, and the defendant’s life has been repeatedly threatened. Now there are calls for “Rodney King-style riots” across the nation if he is acquitted.

The debacle is yet another wretched low point in the history of politics and race relations. Predictions of massive rioting in many cities, while pessimistic, are not irrational.

The parties that should be held to account for their misbehavior are the cowardly prosecutors in Florida who charged Zimmerman, and the president whose superficially mild remarks implied that justice had not been served. In pandering to the mob and tacitly inciting dangerous firebrands, the scoundrels have done enormous harm. May it return tenfold to its authors.

History should be remembered, not ignored

Recall the phenomenon of “code words” in politics and propaganda. This refers to the use of what are claimed to be innocent terms to mean something vile and pejorative. When, for example, in 1950 many a politician referred to “outsiders” he really meant civil rights organizations and their agents who were trying to nullify Jim Crow laws. As previously noted, George Wallace occasionally mentioned “Japanese Presbyterians”, and everyone knew he meant black folks. Obama’s words regarding what his son would look like fall into this category of implication and nuance. The president did not have to issue a strong, blunt denunciation to let everyone know that he was unhappy with events in Florida.

Unfortunately his words amounted to a sanction of mayhem. He cannot truthfully plead ignorance of that fact; he can and would whine that his actual words, strictly and precisely interpreted, never meant that. Of course he knew that virtually no one in his intended audience would be either strict or precise about his meaning, while everyone would decode the message.

Recall as well the incident when a Boston police officer tried to see to the safety of a black professor, and Obama exploded in foolish fury. That excruciatingly embarrassing gaffe betrayed the president’s bad judgment and his exquisite sensitivity to racial issues that did not exist. The offense that triggered The One’s absurd rage never took place.

The president’s bad judgment remains intact, but Obama has learned to deliver his messages with greater subtlety. The content is still there; it’s a clever plea for racial solidarity. The president is drawing lines, identifying the enemy without having to be specific (he knows his audience will fill in the details).

There is a similarity between the way Obama talks about racial issues and the way Farrakhan talks about Jews. What both men mean is clear, regardless of how they cloak their suspicion and hostility. Literal interpretations of their words are neither revelatory nor relevant.

In the Zimmerman case Obama’s few words have validated the focused anger of an incendiary element in US society. That could easily cost lives and many tens of millions of dollars, while setting race relations back a generation or more.

If anyone should be aware of these facts — and spare no effort to defuse them — it should be the president of the United States.


It’s a pretty terrific hammering…you decide whether The One deserves it.

Face facts: if G. W. Bush had done this, the European Union would demand his guts for garters.

If half of this is true…well, Katie, bar the door!

The author styles herself a “liberal”, though NTG would call her a “classical liberal”, which makes her closer to a libertarian (but not the same as one). Her commentary is recommended.

The Modern Era knows few limitations, and imagination reigns supreme. For example….

“Yeah, NSA was seeing who called me and figuring out the numbers I called; so what? It’s just ‘metadata’, and not really significant.” Oh, yeah? Well, here’s your wakeup call, Bozo!

Technology marches on, and addresses a feminist concern. Click and be liberated!

This is a sophisticated, articulate broadside. “Whistleblower” Snowden says he wrote it. This newsletter says he had help — and needs a lot more now! He’s in the grip of the Kremlin, so if he meant well, may he get some very undeserved luck.

Lies, damned lies, and NSA. Look, you knew all this, didn’t you? Come on, all that money, all that secrecy, that huge complex — what did you think it was, Disneyland East? Don’t be naive, Pilgrims!

Islam is winning. “Haven’t we signaled clearly that we are willing to submit to their culture?” Yes. Current policy is insane. Do read the entire linked post; it merits this newsletter’s highest recommendation.

This is either an elaborate but tardy April Fool’s Day hoax, or an example of the squandering of medical research funds and talent.

The West will have to defend itself without its former member Great Britain, it seems. Perhaps that will change….

Meanwhile, what keeps the nutcases going? A mix of faith and insanity, which may be thought of as either pure faith or pure insanity.

Here’s a good discussion of Snowden and NSA. It’s not up to the minute, but it’s still informative and useful. Turn it off when they stop talking about Snowden, or stick around for immigration, and then turn it off…unless you enjoy looking at the distaff members of the panel (that left foot gets quite a workout as it calls attention to its owner’s extremities). Well, Fox.

Related: a law prof deals with the rationale behind and need for whistle-blowing. Summarized, his words second this newsletter’s reminder that what The One wants is control, and he’s willing to lie and cheat to get it. You knew that.

You may recall that this newsletter mentioned dichloroacetate as a possible anti-cancer drug. This post provides recent information on the subject.

The growing perception is that the USA is becoming more, not less, racially bigoted. It’s payback time, and all you creepy-ass crackers know it!

Myth: generating electricity by using the wind is nonpolluting and free! Facts: those gigantic fans are harmful to the environment in more ways than one, and they are economic failures.

I would say that the blame is mine
But I suspect it’s something worse
The more my brother looks like me
The less I understand
The silent war that bloodied both our hands
Sometimes at night, I think I understand

It’s brother to brother and it’s man to man
And it’s face to face, and it’s hand to hand…
We shadowdance the silent war within
The shadowdance, it never ends
Never ends, never ends
Shadowboxing the Apocalypse, yet again…
Yet again
Shadowboxing the Apocalypse
And wandering the land

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