Those who complain that the Soviet Union…betrayed Marx have in mind the intellectual theories rather than the actual behavior of Marx the man. Whether Marx would have gone as far as Lenin or Stalin or Pol Pot is one of the great unanswerable questions of history. But Marx’s own behavior already pointed in that direction, however much his words proclaimed a proletarian democracy.

The Status And Potential Of Islam

Whenever Daniel Pipes speaks, this newsletter listens — and so should you. His book Conspiracy (ISBN 0-684-83131-7) is a treasured volume of good sense and good history in this newsletter’s collection, and Pipes’s credentials as an expert are as genuine as anyone could require. Well, he has just suggested that the modernization (he actually means “rational reform”) of Islam is possible. That’s nonsense, if you take the view often expressed in this newsletter. But this is Daniel Pipes speaking, and he deserves a hearing. Accordingly, it is most strongly recommended that you read his explanation of how Islam could and might move into the twenty-first century.

Note that Pipes chose a Jewish “wingnut” publication for his platform. Now Commentary is, as regular readers of NTG will attest, a favorite outlet for rational, ethically upright and insightful commentary; NTG quotes it frequently. So the combination of Pipes and Commentary constitutes a powerful demand that the principled reader pay attention to a precedent-shattering message.

Rather than discuss the rationale Pipes presents in his engrossing commentary, NTG insists that you read it all, carefully, and ponder every aspect of the expert’s contentions.

Of course nothing could be more welcome than the entry of Islam into the current century. NTG has estimated that the maturation of the hoax perpetrated by a charismatic, bloodthirsty, incestuous camel driver/sexual predator would require four centuries of steady development before Islam could achieve ethical parity with other teachings. If Pipes is correct, that (realistic) view could be set aside.

In fact, the news is not all bad. The removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt, while not accomplished properly according to the ideal practice of democracy, is good news in one vitally important respect: it signals a Muslim rejection of what might be called Al Qaeda tactics.

By insisting that Islam is not and must not be a death cult, many Egyptians have charted a course that the USA did not endorse — or even recognize. Obama, Hillary and Kerry could not see that they were being ignored by people who do not want to resort to superstitious nonsense in order to justify mass murder.

It’s early days yet, but…three cheers for Egypt, the nation that refused to be enslaved by misplaced faith in democratic procedure.

To gain some understanding of the mood of many Egyptians, do read this. Yes, the medium is not exactly unbiased, but its report of events in Egypt seems to have gotten past the occasionally drowsy gatekeepers. That’s your good luck.

The common sense of many Egyptians is a hopeful sign. Dare one suggest that maybe, just maybe, the world is witnessing a rebirth in Egypt of reform of the sort pioneered by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk? Well, probably not, and Pipes’s optimistic speculations are not likely to prove predictive. But so mote it be!

…However, Comma….

As this Number of NTG is being prepared for distribution, the press is bombarding its customers with alarmist reports that predict widespread mayhem perpetrated by “terrorists”.

The thoughtful will speculate about a number of troubling possibilities that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Killing Osama bin Laden does not seem to have made much difference, now does it? Can that assassination be seen as more a political ploy than a meaningful victory over the West’s blood enemy? How surprised do you think bin Laden was when he realized he was about to be shot?

Should the average person place much faith and confidence in Big Sis and her legions of groping uncivil servants? How much good can an air marshal do if there’s a bomb in your plane? Could the Bad Guys fire a crude anti-aircraft missile from the back of a pickup truck as your flight passes low and slowly over land adjacent to an airport?

Given the amazingly stupid governmental actions before, during and after the attack on the US facility in Benghazi…oh, never mind.

How useful and disarming has all of Obama’s praise of Islam (a “great religion”) been? Did his apologetic trip to Islam’s realms change any minds? What message, exactly, was communicated when the president of the Republic bowed to the Saudi autarch?

Well. All one knows at this point is that a sense of unease, if not panic, is being promoted by the (overwhelmingly Obama-friendly) press. To what end? What are you, the presumptive target of homicidal horror, supposed to do? How can you benefit from this near-hysteria? Better you should ask who will benefit from it if, as one can only hope, nothing happens.

Re-read that last sentence.


A few reminders are in order.

1. The climate will change. It might get warmer, and it might get cooler.

2. Predicting specific alterations in climate is an excellent way to announce to the world that you are a nutcase.

3. Warming does not mean mankind’s activities are pushing temperatures up any more than cooling means mankind’s activities are responsible for the chill.

4. For over a year, fretting about arctic ice has been a theme in the news media. Visit this website and scroll down, checking out the headlines and reading what interests you. There you will find accurate information that provides an intellectually honest perspective.

Then there are motives to consider. Why is the promotion of the anthropogenic global warming hoax a collectivist hobby horse? Why is AGW often rejected by “wingnuts”? The answers are roughly as hard to provide as is a truthful response to, “Why do labor unions favor closed shops?” The government that “defeats” illusionary AGW will be the government that enjoys extensive control of the economy and the population. Control. That’s the magic word….


The US federal Internal Revenue Service (the outfit that collects income taxes) has become Obama’s domestic private army. The CIA is his international private army. Will The One ever feel the need to activate that “national civilian security force” authorized by the legislation that enabled Obamacare? Your guess is as good as anybody’s.

Here it is again: the “progressive” attempt to license the press rather than endorse its constitutionally protected freedom. The collectivist need for censorship could not be more clearly expressed than by the words of Senators Feinstein and Schumer. These long-time Solons are shameless fascists.

You might not know that there is such a thing as the United Nations Agenda 21, but if you research that topic, you will see that it is provoking a lot of hissing and spitting among the worried conspiracists in the Tea Party. Agenda 21 is a stunningly silly Utopian daydream, and it’s probably irrelevant — except as yet another instance of the precedented goofy nature of the United Nations (which organization also has some non-goofy aspects). Here’s a report on how one US state is trying to outlaw absurdity.

It’s too bad, but this commentary on Obamacare is correct. The crackpot legislation sets up a train wreck that will have to occur before repairs can be started.

The article at the link says that “Federal agencies have largely kept quiet about these capabilities…”, which is why you should click and read.

From the NTG “Journalism is better than ever” file, this enlightening truth: “…false news is far more likely to go viral than factual news”. And how.

Oops: one of Obama’s “phony scandals” threatens to become genuine.

When justice isn’t: this indictment of prosecutorial misconduct is too long, which is why nobody will read all of it. Everybody should.

Do read this precisely relevant fable. Collectivists can not refute its devastating rationality — they can only reject it, thereby exposing their inhumanity.

There was a time …but that is the dead, cold past. Consider, Pilgrims, the implications of the Obamite transformation.

Venezuela reaches out boldly and expands its technological capabilities for the benefit of its citizens. From international trade comes Progress!

The Washington Post is usually carefully edited, but on this occasion, the packaging of the “news” slipped just a bit. The result was the unintended exposure of an inconvenient truth. Well, what are newspapers for if not to tell the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth? Answer: they provide the means for “…skilled and veteran journalists prepared to collaborate with the regime in order to maintain and even enhance their careers” (source).

When this story appeared on the fifth of last month, it looked as if something unsavory had been detected. The latest available information suggests something more may be learned shortly. The witness was inexplicably incommunicado, however, and that raises questions about whether he has been instructed on how to testify. This newsletter hopes it may be forgiven for taking a skeptical, not to say cynical, view.

Quintessential, definitive “wingnut” Michelle Malkin has been waging an ignored campaign against Obamoid educational policy. She has a point — after all, whether education should be a federal concern is to be debated, and this newsletter heartily endorses the utter dissolution of Washington’s Department of Education. Those interested in this hopeless crusade to defend democracy against bureaucratic conformity and boundless greed can benefit from Malkin’s philippics.

It’s an old story…so you might as well skip this commentary on dishonest reporting in the NY Times. There; that discharges NTG’s responsibility to remind you of a signal fact.

Here’s some counterintuitive theorizing from libertarian wackos: “…scholars often overlook…the impact taxes and regulations have on the poorest members of society”. Fascists and other authoritarians hate informed opinion like this. You should therefore read it and give it careful consideration.

This falls into the “Use your imagination to explain the why of this message, but don’t get carried away” category. You will probably have to zoom in to read the tiny type.

Finally: as this Number is about to be distributed, word has reached the USA that a crisis looms over Thailand. It revolves around amnesty for the former Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. He’s a depraved sociopath, crook, liar and demagogue who, among many other outrages, ordered his police to murder people rather than arrest them. His return to power, which is being orchestrated by his sister, the current PM, could result in civil war.

Panes of crystal
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lighting the polished ice caverns of Kahn
But where in the looking-glass fields of illusion
wandered the child who was perfect as dawn?

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