Instead of admitting even more Islamic immigrants, it’s time to focus on integrating the immigrants who are already here…. We must…demand (that they) assimilate to our societies, adapt to our values, and abide by our laws. We must oppose the introduction of Sharia, or Islamic law, anywhere in our countries.

The Implications Of Collectivist Mythology

Misunderstanding Al Qaeda and Islam

It’s unfortunate that Obama is, however nominally, in charge of the attempt to protect the USA (and by extension, the West) against the evil Al Qaeda hopes to do. As a doctrinaire collectivist, Obama is not capable of understanding the nature of the enemy. The ideology that animates the president sees both friendly and hostile institutions as necessarily pyramidal in structure, with a small cadre of geniuses (like Obama) at the top. According to collectivist cant, this is the most efficient and rational architecture for all cooperative human effort because the policy, goals and instructions are handed down to the obedient lower levels of the pyramid.

At first glance, that seems reasonable enough; in fact, the military and most businesses follow this model. The collectivist error is in applying this model, which is suitable on the microeconomic level, to a larger scale. In macroeconomics, one deals not with a single firm or organization, but with virtual galaxies of entities that produce and distribute goods and services. It is at this level that the concept of competition between the entities (though they share fundamental goals) is introduced. When referring to “the US automobile industry”, for example, economists recognize that they do not mean a genuinely single entity, but posit a virtual one that is actually an abstraction — rather like the set of left-handed Costa Ricans who are over the age of twenty.

The collectivist notion of the ideal means of production and distribution typically advocates unification as a means of maximizing efficiency. Free markets, in which multiple enterprises compete within each sector of the economy, are derided as wasteful and often unfair. In health care, for example, the very idea of a complex system that is compensated in a variety of ways comes under severe collectivist criticism, and is targeted for replacement with an authoritarian governmental unit that assumes all responsibility for delivering care and compensating its providers.

This all-inclusive concept of a pyramidal model is the reflex collectivist response to attempts to understand not just what is best for a nation (a prescriptive statement), but how all rational, functioning organizations are structured (a descriptive statement). Because it is assumed that it makes the most sense, the pyramidal model is often assumed to exist where it does not.

In fact the collectivist’s narrow vision and severely doctrinaire reasoning have resulted in a distorted understanding of what Al Qaeda is and how it carries on.

This is why Obama actually does believe that assassinating bin Laden was an effective step in curtailing the harm the Islamofascists can and will do. That misconception is a fundamental blunder.

Al Qaeda long ago grasped the fact that its leaders were not essential, and that it could not afford to be a highly centralized network. Accordingly the organization scattered into various ad hoc sub-groups, adapting to pressure from the USA by rendering all its nodes independent while still in communication with each other. Each one does what it can to further the cause. Consultation and the provision of advice have replaced autocratic, military-style direction. It is, in the full sense of the term, a volunteer outfit.

Today one simply cannot rationally talk about “cutting the head off the Al Qaeda snake”, for there is no head, nor is there a need for one. Instead there are revered pioneers, esteemed veterans, and wise men who consult and advise.

The system works.

While ideologues in the USA babble about “the top man in Al Qaeda”, the dynamics of the fanatical group mock the effort to name and assassinate the leader. Al Qaeda is successful because it is made up of people who have a goal: to bring death and destruction to the hated infidel. These people don’t take orders; they accept advice and help. In a typical collectivist organization, the individual has no such freedom to advance the cause; he is subject to commands, whether he likes them or not.

Al Qaeda is not autocratic because it is not collectivist. Not to grasp that point is to begin with a serious mistake.

If you want to make a rational comparison of Al Qaeda to a group in the USA, consider a “wingnut” militia.

Killing bin Laden was positive only in two limited senses: first, it was an act of revenge, and there is something to be said for that. Second, some information was gleaned from the raid. (Very little has been made of the obvious fact that many in the Pakistani establishment knew where bin Laden was.)

Another way to understand Al Qaeda is to think of the operation of a free market economy. The many nodes in that network are all able to adjust, respond and adapt as local conditions change. Of course Obama cannot endorse that model of an economy, even though it is the most efficient way of reducing poverty, increasing prosperity, and promoting the welfare of the individual. He rejects the model simply because it denies him, and other political geniuses of his ilk, the ability to plan and control — which is precisely what a community organizer does.

Consider just one disastrous implication of Obama’s unrealistic assumption: he has never grasped the point that the West is engaged in a doctrinal struggle with all of Islam. Instead he thinks he faces a gang that is organized and run in what he, Obama, considers the most efficient way possible.

If Obama were correct, Al Qaeda might indeed be “on the run”. It is not. It shows every sign of having — to use a partially apt metaphor — metastasized.

When The One speaks about the hoax religion/death cult that is Islam, he waxes rhapsodic over the sound of the call to prayer that he recalls from his childhood; he proclaims Islam “a great religion” that has contributed positively to the cultural richness of the USA; he insists that the “terrorists” are deviants who do not exemplify Islam.

The man is blinded by his prescriptive Utopian ideology, and that makes him a fool.

A true leader of the West would make plain to the world that the Koranic vision of the future is not to be tolerated in nations that value Liberty.

Obama can not do that because his understanding, principles and goals are alien to the USA’s foundational values.

The issue is partly doctrinal, partly philosophical

As Obama declares Al Qaeda “near defeat“, the USA defensively closes multiple embassies. Can The One mean what he says? More importantly, does he perhaps believe his transparently false triumphalism?

The problem has escaped definition and clarification in the major media. The reason: understanding why Obama spouts absurdities and pursues his irrational foreign policy would reveal the entire Obamoid agenda as delusional and impractical.

Collectivists place abiding faith in plans that impose “fairness” by restricting the behavior of everyone; they believe it is only rational to require unanimous solidarity. The obligation of all persons is to pull together in order to achieve goals that are set by the philosopher-kings of society.

Yes, collectivist Utopianism is Platonic in its outlook and in the demands it places on simply everyone. That is why Karl Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies is such a valuable book for those who cherish Liberty.

Of course Popper has been scolded for his imperfect understanding of Plato. Who, after all, does fully understand the dreamy, other-worldly realm of ideas that Plato imagined? Well, a little experience as a citizen in Plato’s republic would inspire most folks to revolt. The admired philosopher was a bloody-minded would-be dictator. The shadowy nature of our reality, as Plato portrayed it, was little more than an excuse to trivialize the misery that would be caused by the Platonic political system. The curious reader is encouraged to probe deeper into the full implications of a philosophical system that appears to embrace wisdom. A closer look at the implications of the Platonic Utopia will suggest that when a would-be leader can see all the details as clearly as Plato could — and as clearly as Obama can — his potential subjects should banish him to an undisclosed location.

Which is to say: you might have a look at this weblog from time to time.

There is a problem

And the solution to the problem? There is none, as long as the USA is ruled by its “progressive” Bicoastal Elite.

If, however, it can be made clear to some voters that collectivism predisposes to mistakes (such as misunderstanding Al Qaeda’s organizational structure and how to fight the suicidal fanatics), political change may be possible.

In the short term, it would be an improvement if the Democrats lost control of the Senate. That is not an endorsement of the GOP! Those rascals often disappoint. The real problem: Obama may have an opportunity to wreck the federal supreme court, resulting in a flood of coercive, authoritarian and unconstitutional legislation. Remember: the fact that a law violates the Bill of Rights means nothing until the supreme court has had its say. That’s too bad, for it means that if the constitution is to be respected, the voters must choose the members of the Senate with great care — and remove those who misbehave. (It’s at least as hard to impeach and remove turncoat justices like Roberts as it is to impeach and remove a president.)

Meanwhile, the West needs to understand that the struggle to prevent Islamist mass murder is not at all a “war on terror”, but a doctrinal conflict that is mandated by “holy” texts. Those documents assert that the creator of the cosmos and mankind requires world conquest — at any and all costs.

A response to Islam’s historically precedented assault can never succeed if collectivists remain in power. A failure to understand why Islamofascism exists and how it functions, along with a refusal to articulate those understandings (lest delicate Muslims be offended by the truth), poses a threat to the security of all Western nations. Obama is unprepared to inspire an effective defense precisely because of his ideological prejudices. What the man does not, can not understand is the function of Liberty.

Indeed, Liberty is feared by Islamists and Obamites. Both agree that Liberty cannot be tolerated without violating the fundamental principles that the respective elites must uphold. Those principles are what Plato and Mohammed and Mao and Hitler and hundreds more villains of their ilk consider the bulwarks of order.

As you know, order implies control.

Parenthetical observations on the nature of Islam

Muslims cannot truthfully take the USA’s pledge of allegiance, which declares one’s commitment to “…Liberty and justice for all”. They cannot utter those words honestly because Liberty, as it is defined in the federal constitution, includes freedom of religion. No candid Muslim will claim that he enjoys that freedom, for he knows that his murder is mandated by the Koran if he chooses to walk away from Islam.

And your ability to choose a faith other than Islam? To Muslims both devout and nominal, that freedom does not exist. Severe discrimination (dhimmitude) against Christians and Jews, along with the historical fact that Islam literally destroyed Buddhism in the land of its birth, prove that assertion. (Yes, Hindu culture across the South Asian subcontinent was primarily responsible for Buddhism’s decline, but when the Muslims arrived, the passive rejection of Buddhism was replaced with the mass murder of pacifistic monks and nuns, the destruction of temples, the burning of huge libraries of Buddhist philosophy, and forced conversions. That is why there are very few Buddhists in India today.)

For Muslims, all religions save Judaism and Christianity are anathema and must be destroyed. Be clear: that does not imply the two religions’ equality with Islam or their propriety. In fact severe restrictions are imposed on Christians and Jews living in an Islamist state.

Liberty is absent from Islam because it is inimical to the ravings of Mohammed.

Obama overlooks all these inconvenient facts, and babbles about the admirable accomplishments of a religiously-based culture that is by far the West’s oldest and most dangerous foe. Those who disagree with that assertion are advised to consult an historical atlas; a cursory glance at the empires that have threatened Western Civilization will provide a factual perspective. Finally, it bears repeating: the West did not initiate the Crusades, a prolonged conflict about which many Muslims are still bitter.

The minority tugs on Superman’s cape

US “wingnuts” are howling in outrage, and they might just have a point or two. Consider first this quote regarding disinformation provided by Team Obama: “That this lie was deeply immoral is obvious. What still eludes us is the cause of that lie….” And: “…the death of bin Laden meant the death or diminution of al-Qaeda, as Obama continually bragged during the election campaign. Nothing could be more absurd…” Exactly. (Source) Then turn your critical attention to commentary titled, “Releasing Prisoners, Appeasing Enemies”, here. This newsletter advises the political right to down a dram of Laphroaig and calm itself, for the current administration has plenty of time left to cause cardiac events and Stygian depression among its critics. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Remember, after all: Obamacare has yet to kick in.

This video ought to be a symbol of US foreign policy’s effectiveness. Unfortunately it and the events it represents will get little coverage and virtually no objective explanatory commentary in the US press.

Meanwhile, consider this. It helps to clarify the Egyptian view of the USA. Note that Obamoid policy comes in for a hammering.

This commentary is long but interesting; that does not mean it is infallible. Here’s a quote that is supposed to get you to read it all:

It is time to consider the extent to which American secret agencies have developed a symbiotic relationship with the forces they are supposed to be fighting — and have even on occasion intervened to let al-Qaeda terrorists proceed with their plots.

“Intervened to let al-Qaeda terrorists proceed with their plots”? These words as I write them make me wonder yet again, as I so often do, if I am not losing my marbles, and proving myself to be no more than a zany “conspiracy theorist”. Yet I have to remind myself that my claim is not one coming from theory, but rests on certain undisputed facts about incidents that are true even though they have been systematically suppressed or under-reported in the American mainstream media.

More telling, I am describing a phenomenon that occurred not just once, but consistently, almost predictably.

Madness Cannot Be Allowed To Prevail

First facts

Headlines on the front page of a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal exemplify the Islamic challenge to the West: “Regrouped al Qaeda Poses Global Threat” and “Iran’s New Path to a Bomb”.

The most active and determined segments of the very diverse Islamic population of the world are eager to begin murdering literally millions of people. Of course that carnage would necessarily provoke responses killing many Muslims, but that is not a deterrent. As martyrs in a holy war, Muslims will go directly to heaven, and their families will also be guaranteed life eternal in paradise.

You might recall the words of Sam Harris: in Islam, suicidal combat is considered a career opportunity.

Even Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were unable set records of homicidal insanity as high as what Islam’s holy warriors hope to achieve. Mankind has never experienced such levels of bloodshed.

Note that Al Qaeda is not yet capable of that level of mass murder. Iran is the proximate danger. That nation’s literally insane leadership must be prevented from producing even a single nuclear weapon. The West and Israel must take definitive steps not just to stall or delay Tehran’s atomic program, but literally to destroy the weapons shops.

How to destroy the Iranian nuclear program

Most discussions of this topic imply strongly that one can hinder and delay the Iranians, but not prevent them from building nuclear weapons. That interpretation of the facts is, in this newsletter’s opinion, not at all accurate. The heavy-water nuclear reactors needed for the manufacture of plutonium-based bombs and the uranium refineries with their centrifuges can be eradicated. The present challenge is to perforate the granite shell that protects the underground facilities. Heavy water reactors are naked installations that can easily be targeted and utterly demolished by subsonic missiles.

Obviously whether US weapons can perforate the granite is a closely guarded secret, but it would be surpassingly stupid to believe that the problem has never been addressed by some very clever people. What little is known about the weapons the USA might employ suggests that there are ways to break through the toughest protective layers.

However: just for the sake of argument, assume for a moment that no bomb in the US arsenal will do the job, even if a number of them are dropped on exactly the same bull’s eye (a feat the US is certainly capable of accomplishing).

This newsletter repeats its suggestion that the best way to destroy the deadly shops once and for all is to send in troops, blast open the entrances, and seal them with massive explosions. That could be followed by the repeated bombing of the granite overburden — as long as circumstances permit.

Again: one or two precisely located electromagnetic pulse weapons detonated over Iran would destroy all sources of power transmission and electronic communications, as well as disable all computers, some vehicles, and all air traffic in Iran. The Iranian military would be deaf, dumb, blind and paralyzed. Under those circumstances, no air defense system could operate, and Iranian air space would be utterly vulnerable to incursions by all manner of craft that could place troops on the ground in selected locations. The communications equipment of those troops — presumably Israeli units — would function perfectly, while the Iranians would be unable to talk to each other over radios, telephones and computer networks. Israel would be able to monitor and bomb any military units attempting to protect the weapons shops, and the result would be at least forty-eight hours of unrestricted access to the targets. The damage that sappers could do would be almost limitless.

That would not be all. Beacons could be set up on the tops of mountains, allowing for the amazingly precise placement of bombs over a period of days; no amount of granite could withstand that assault. Specific Iranian troop concentrations and special operations bases, including marine facilities, would be totally deprived of air cover and antiaircraft defenses. Whatever Israel might wish to destroy could be literally pulverized.

In fact not all Iranians are fanatics, and many, if not most, would welcome the disarming of the Twelver mullahs who are pushing their nation toward devastation. Surely no rational Iranian hopes he will be incinerated by Israel’s retaliatory nuclear weapons so that he and his family can enter the imaginary Islamic heaven. The preachments of the crazed mullahs are effective only on the weak minds of the gullible superstitious.

Additional reports and commentary

Points to ponder: “While a person untutored in the ways of Washington might conclude that recent events show President Obama is in the last stages of losing the vestiges of American influence in the Middle East, passively watching the rearmament of Japan, haplessly presiding over the resurrection of the Cold War, and being driven back by al-Qaeda into a static defense of the homeland, this cannot possibly be true: the Beltway pundits have decreed otherwise.” Read the full commentary.

This quote comes from useful commentary on the Muddle East:

The Israelis have been bombing high-tech weapons (usually Russian imports) when it appeared that they might be headed for Lebanon. The U.S. considers this an overreaction and has been leaking details (gathered by American intelligence) about the Israeli operations in order to pressure Israel to stop. The Israelis won’t stop, because they see it as a matter of life of death for them.

How obstructive of those stubborn Israelis. The Obama administration, drawing on the wise counsel of John “Xmas in Cambodia” Kerry, knows better. The projected peace process is assured — which is to say, there will be a wider war. Postpone your critique of that sentiment until you have read all of the text found at the above link; it’s highly recommended.

Fundamental problems go back to two sources: first, the Koran; second, Jewish desire to remain Jewish, even after the Battle of the Great Ditch. Remember: the West did not start the Crusades, and the violent nature of Islamic teachings is inseparable from the commandments received by Mohammed from the creator of all that is. One simply has to cope within the limitations imposed by those unalterable facts.

If you believe Team Obama can do that skillfully and to the advantage of the West, you still have no reason to view the immediate future with equanimity. This newsletter wonders whether all this fuss over predicted Al Qaeda attacks — the closing of US embassies and the state of high alert in the USA — is a cynical ploy intended to make you think Washington is dealing prudently with events and sheltering you from mass murderers. After all, news from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran is disquieting and hardly confidence-inspiring, now is it? Who could blame Washington for staging a crisis and defusing it? — Answer: this newsletter could do exactly that.

Trying to understand Benghazi

“…the CIA angle is a needless distraction from the real Benghazi scandal, which involves not the Agency, but Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Barack Obama”. That opinion concludes a “wingnut” weblogger’s consideration of the attack; he quotes but does not name a source who claims to know a lot that has not been made public. That is not terribly convincing, and this newsletter has disputed the weblog’s judgment in the past; consider the explanation and remain open to additional evidence and reasoning.

Meanwhile CNN continues to try to rehabilitate itself (which is still not an easy task, given Eason Jordan and all). Here’s a recent CNN view of the Benghazi disaster that actually makes some sense.

What to believe? CIA rockets.

The Collectivist Hard Core Encounters Obamacare, And…The Shock Is Visceral

As Utopian abstractions resolve into into sharply-focused reality, the dream becomes a waking nightmare:

Despite my grave reservations and deep concern about the implementation of Obamacare, I would urge anyone who can lend a hand, to go to the web site of Enroll America and do whatever you can, to help get young people happily enrolled. Without their participation, We. Are. Toast.

As Robert Pear wrote yesterday in the New York Times,”For Obamacare to Work, Everyone Must Be In”. And the sine qua non of the ACA are the young invincibles who must be persuaded to enroll.

So struggling Americans, still reeling from the 2008 crisis, are being asked/required to accept the for-profit insurance industry, and pay staggering premiums and deductibles, just to get a foot in the door to the most expensive, but far from the best healthcare system in the world. We are being told that the barbaric belief system which continues to be embraced by tens of millions, that healthcare is only for those who can pay, is all wrong, and a new day has arrived.

It Was Not A Genuine Miracle, But That Does Not Matter: It Was Still Wonderful

It was taking too long to help Katie Lentz, who was in a terrible auto accident…and…well, no wonder! As the report of the incident clearly indicates, “Struck head-on by a drunk driver on Sunday morning, emergency workers had been battling for an hour and a half to free Lentz, but to no avail.” Wow! That drunk driver really messed up the poor rescuers, didn’t he?

Well, fortunately an angel showed up and saved the day:

Katie Lentz turned to her rescuers on the lonely open stretch of Missouri highway and asked them to pray. ….as they joined hands a Catholic priest appeared, even though there were no bystanders and the road was blocked, who offered a prayer and an instruction to the rescuers that they would now be able to free her. Suddenly, heavy equipment needed to cut through the metal arrived from a nearby town and Lentz was pulled from the wreck in time to be saved – but when they turned to thank the priest, he was gone.

David Hume would probably say that by the time the priest/angel showed up, everybody was so upset that when the newly-arrived equipment proved effective, all attention was on Katie — and the priest got into his car and drove off. Why, after all, would a roadblock prevent a priest from driving either toward or away from the scene of a bad accident? The cop who let him in and the cop who let him out figure (quite reasonably) that what they did would get them in trouble, whereas if they keep their mouths shut now, everyone will be babbling about the angel. And as for the priest, why would he reveal himself? He neither needs nor wants any thanks. Kindness is not a miracle, Pilgrims — it’s just good, and you don’t have to believe in the supernatural to understand goodness and kindness. As for good priests who do their jobs as best they can when desperate situations arise — well, they are stalwart folks, like the emergency crew that worked hard to free Katie.

No miracles needed — the simple truth is plenty good enough!

Whatever your take on this accident and its aftermath, here’s the story in a British (yes, you knew that, didn’t you?) tabloid.

Encryption And The People Who Are Paid To Defeat It

Trying to stay ahead of NSA is difficult. This newsletter has devised a cryptographic protocol it believes would be literally impossible to crack; it would allow both parties to change the key with each message without allowing a snooper to discover how that is done.

That’s just speculation, of course, as no one outside NSA knows what their supercomputers can and can not do.

That said, the best protection appears to be available if the agency trying to crack the message has no idea (1) whether the medium does in fact contain an encrypted message, and (2) what sort of encryption is used. Keep the cracker guessing, in other words. That is the world’s best argument for “smoke”, messages that appear to contain secret contents but do not. Smoke can tie a cracker like NSA in knots of infinite size. (The best smoke might be a mix of the output of several random character generators.)

And: don’t forget — NSA publicly declares it will capture and archive all encrypted messages (if true, that admission was amazingly stupid).

Future developments will be extremely interesting — or would be, if you were allowed to learn about them. Obviously NSA is working on the development of a quantum computer, because that invention would mean all existing cyphers could be broken * . When, however, quantum encryption and the delivery of messages by photons become practical, there will be cyphers that simply cannot be broken. So at some point in the future, NSA will be locked out of the business of intercepting and cracking encrypted messages.

If you wonder about things like this, by all means read The Code Book by Simon Singh, ISBN 978-0385495325.

* There is an exception: messages written on a “one-off” pad cannot be broken — and never will be, no matter how powerful computers become. One-off pads are unwieldy and impractical for virtually all communications, so their absolute security is of very limited value.


Katie, bar the door! This highly recommended video is a barn-burner, and a tip of the hat goes to reader GB for spotting it and passing it on to you. — You have to wonder how the wretched parasites behind the scam exposed in the video can live with themselves. They must be mutants.

Yet again, the Obama administration seems to be on the wrong damned side. Those people are, like McCain, almost utterly clueless….

It’s improper, unnecessary, and an infringement of personal freedom; they keep doing it. It’s wrong, and reflects badly on those who do it; they don’t care. Sooner or later, it will be stopped — and that halt will probably come only after a lot of police departments in the USA lose tons of money in civil lawsuits.

When asked about this grotesque absurdity, reader GB — who has lived in Spain — responded: “There’s more to the story at this link. Benidorm and, for that matter, the entire Costa Blanca area is known for endemic corruption. Dozens of mayors have been embroiled in allegations of bribery and several have gone to jail. This is just another factor that has contributed to the economic straits of Spain.” NTG once again sends well-informed and helpful reader GB its cordial thanks.

For the tech-savvy: the horrors of Teddy Ruxpin revisited. Preserve us! (If you didn’t understand the reference, just skip this link; your ignorance is a blessing, not a danger.)

Is this video correct, when it refers to “irreversible” trends? If it is, your children and grandchildren will be challenged by the oldest and least tolerant threat to Western Civilization.

Snowden’s e-mail provider shuts down, and in cautious terms, explains why. Love Snowden or hate him, you have to admit there are constitutional issues involved, and so far, they have been set aside in the interests of transferring power to the federal administration.

Did the major media to which you resort for your information report this?

Very hard to explain….

Another question from enquiring minds: does Slick Willy have a dog? If he does, could that explain why he has been off the pages of the tabloids lately? Or is it that the Obamoid media are still sheltering Her Nibs? Just asking, you understand….

Oh, good grief. This could get really nasty. Come on, DARPA — earn your keep!

The feds lust to please The One, so they hammer his opponents — and refuse to stand down. It’s the Becket effect run amok.

The short video is cute and very clever. It was quite popular when first released, but this newsletter missed it. Well, perhaps memory does not serve.

From 2006: the best Rube Goldberg device ever.

Eventually historians are going to have to deal with Barack Hussein Obama’s life. Writing his biography will prove immensely difficult — for the scholar who wishes to get it right. Read part of the reason why.

“Many in Israel and in the pro-Israel community have long since given up hoping for fair coverage of Israel in the New York Times“. Too true; more here, for those who take an interest in press bias and the security of Israel.

If you don’t know what “open source” means, read this. Please. It’s written by a true hacker. As to the real meaning of that word “hacker” — if, in other words, you, along with the ignorant mass media, think hackers are bad guys — click here now, while there is still hope for you.

NSA at work?

Finally, the “phony scandal” concept has not proved very credible.

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