With the reign of Elizabeth I, England became the mortal enemy of Catholic Europe; and the Catholic power of the time was of course Spain. From that point on, English-speaking historians tended to be heavily biased against Catholic Spain and, unsurprisingly, extremely favorable towards Spain’s Muslim enemies, who were romanticized and portrayed as cultured and urbane. It was then that the myth of the “golden age” of the Spanish Caliphate was born — a myth which…still has a very wide circulation.

The New Army Is Not The Army You Know — But It Knows You

It was referred to as a “national civilian security force”. Obama said before he was elected that it was needed. Needed by whom, and for what? Today it is an extant entity, having been created by Congress as part of the Obamacare legislation (yet many in Congress probably have no knowledge of it). Though one can’t be sure, at present it appears to be stockpiling equipment and ammunition, using other organizations’ mandates; this suggests that it could grow by merging with all manner of military and law enforcement agencies, co-opting them and directing their activities as subsidiary organizations newly under federal control. Could it be in a quiet recruitment phase? How could one know whether that is the case?

Did anybody ever get a halfway satisfactory answer as to why Big Sis ordered so much hollowpoint pistol ammunition for her DHS? You do not shoot at paper targets with hollowpoint bullets — it’s way too expensive, and offers absolutely no training advantage. Hollowpoint ammo has only one rational purpose: to inflict grave wounds that could and often do kill.

How is it that Rodney Balko could assume that his new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, The Militarization of America’s Police Forces (ISBN 978-1-61039-211-2) would make him some money?

How many times has this newsletter reminded you of an Obamoid policy that should be alarming, but somehow has avoided both notice and correct interpretation?

Finally, this is the most important question of all: do you recall this link from NTG Nr. 306, and have you considered its implications?

Well, it appears that Obama has the current and any future “wingnut” militias right where he wants them. Anybody trying to form an armed “Don’t tread on me” bunch of constitutionalists to defend the founding principles is already out-organized, out-trained, out-equipped and certainly out-gunned.

Now why would The One consider such a move necessary? Whom does he fear enough that he has begun a one-sided domestic arms race?


Click on the links, Pilgrims, and spend some calories thinking everything over. Somewhere in the disjointed information there is a rational explanation that does not involve cattle mutilations or black helicopters, and it would be nice to find it. Perhaps it’s simply that neither Obama nor his familiars are competent, and the result is goofy, misleading actions that don’t make sense on any level. Sometimes the method in madness is illusory, and only madness is present.

Disclaimer: no, this newsletter is not in league with “survivalists” or a militia. No camouflage fatigues and entrenching tools are for sale here. Moreover, nobody in The Eagle Wing Palace is young enough to contemplate an expansive future, and there are no children and grandchildren to worry about. Your circumstances will dictate your needs, and your intellect and personality will lead you to make choices. May you be well and happy.

A Book Review

The Liberty Amendments by Mark. R. Levin, ISBN 978-1-4516-0627-0, will be bitterly assailed and rejected by the “progressive” Bicoastal Elite. The reason: Levin proposes rational measures that will block the imposition of a tyrannical collectivist Utopia on the USA.

In the past, promoters of a highly centralized government have mocked “wingnuts” as being sexually perverted lunatics lusting to be gratified, somehow, by the hoary document that is the USA’s constitution. A reverence for the constitution and the ideas behind it is, in the view of extreme collectivists, both obscene and insane.

Constitutional government as lunacy? Oh, yes, indeed.

The next step in the defamatory assault was the ridicule of “wingnuts” and libertarians who insisted that Woodrow Wilson was a fascist (see this newsletter’s review of Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism in Number 273, dated 20 October, 2012; it’s posted here).

Thus do “progressives” stigmatize and anathematize those who decry the advance of authoritarian social engineering.

So: expect fiercely negative reactions to Levin’s book. The volume will provoke outrage (occasionally masked as scornful hilarity or baffled disbelief) on The View, MSNBC, CNN, and in the pages of the NY Times and the Washington Post. (No, this newsletter has not sampled those propaganda outlets and news organs, checking for the predicted attacks. They are sure to appear.)

Levin argues that the Republic should reduce the power of the central authority and increase the options of the states. In this newsletter’s opinion, that would be a welcome improvement. You might agree, for Levin makes his case brilliantly.

The best possible informative introduction to Liberty Amendments is this video.

Before you shrug and give the book a pass, please note these observations:

1. Levin depends heavily on the arguments of the USA’s founding fathers; his book is historically authoritative. That makes it both useful and interesting.

2. Levin’s prose is neither snobbishly academic nor condescending. He can make his proposals without spilling ink, so reading Liberty Amendments is not a time-consuming chore.

3.Though it includes accurate descriptions of the current reality that might provoke some irritation, the book is not an alarmist tract. It is a sophisticated, informed and articulate proposal for renewal. The amendments Levin suggests deserve your consideration.

Carry on, Pilgrims!

Anthropogenic Global Warming: A Magazine, A Writer, And An Angry Professor Meet A Loopy Judge

A lawsuit is filed

This newsletter was a bit slow to pick up the opening round of the struggle of Mike Mann of Penn State, the principal author of the hockey stick graph, to silence his critics. Mann is suing National Review and Mark Steyn because they called his work a hoax and ridiculed his scholarship. They did that because Mann’s work has been systematically debunked; if you read The Hockey Stick Illusion by Montford (ISBN 978-1-906768-35-5), you know exactly what is wrong with Mann’s bad science (and there’s a lot that’s wrong). You also realize that the cracking of the computer at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was a disaster for the Warmers. You can only conclude that the academic community has been excruciatingly embarrassed by all this, and accordingly has refused to admit any improprieties.

No, there was no effort to sue Montford (he’s on very solid ground), nor was there any effort to sue Anthony Watts, whose website continues to carry a lot of arcane scientific work that debunks AGW. Mark Steyn, however, is not a scientist, and he made reference to the obvious fact that Penn State had a real publicity problem with Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno, who turned out to be just about the most rotten apples you can imagine (their sexual ethics were beyond deplorable).

Then Steyn mentioned that Mike Mann was yet another huge embarrassment to the already humiliated university. Oops!

Yes, it’s true — Mann is a scientist whose work can survive inspection only if you hold your nose and don’t ask questions. The fact that he has been given a pass by many of his colleagues affirms a claim this newsletter (and only this newsletter, as far as known) had made: science is exquisitely frightened by its charlatans, and only because exposing and publicizing their deceit tends to reduce the dignity, authority, credibility and prestige of all scientists. A hoax, in other words, must be tolerated and lived down — quietly. It is best ignored by good scientists, who agree to set it aside so it can die of old age and be forgotten. This closely-held policy was noted by the editor of NTG many years ago; the events that opened his eyes are reported in NTG Nr. 116, dated 22 November, 2009. Here is the relevant first-person account:

It was a shock to hear the coed tell it: according to her biology instructor (at California State College at Fullerton), a research team had artificially inseminated a female gorilla with human semen, the animal had conceived, a baby was born alive and taken from the mother, only to die of unspecified causes later. I reacted with total disbelief, and forcefully denounced the news as a lie. No one agreed with me; the crazy experiment seemed logical and justified to everyone but me.

I wrote to innumerable publications and universities, asking whether such an experiment had ever been conducted. At the same time I asked the gullible coed — she was an early eco-freak, and believed that the plankton in the oceans were about to be totally wiped out by human activity (this was in the 1960s) — to get more information from her teacher. She agreed, and I was treated to a succession of stories: it happened at the Salk Institute, no it was Harvard, no it was Yale, or I forget where it took place. I spent hours in the pre-internet library. Oh, it was reported in Life magazine (no, it was not). Finally I went to see the biologist, and he confirmed the story. I pretended to believe him, but came away with nothing more than a promise that he would send me more information. Hah!

So I wrote a letter to the father of a fraternity brother, a man who was the chairman of the Biology Department of New Mexico State University at the time. He assured me that the story was “a teaching device.” Then my fraternity brother wrote to me, telling me in very strong terms to drop my search for information, and above all, “Do NOT MAKE WAVES!!” Today I recognize that demand as coming from his father.

This, Pilgrims, is the terror of a man who fears for the reputation of his profession and his branch of science. He knows that if the public turns against him and his colleagues, all of science (along with his own meal ticket) could suffer financially. It’s that simple.

Yes, of course an idealistic commitment to truth and the purity of research has just been thrown into the dumpster. The rationale is that if that is not done, worse will happen.

To spell it out bluntly: the people at Penn State do not dare to evaluate Mann’s work objectively, and many in the scientific community simply hope that over time, the hockey stick graph and its wretched origin will be forgotten, along with the misbehavior of its creator — who time and again violated the fundamental principles of research and scholarship. Telling the full truth now is something the scientific community is too frightened to do.

Here comes the jugde…er, juggalo…wait…judge! That’s it, judge!

It was a preliminary procedure to determine whether the lawsuit should continue. The judge did not understand the evidence, and confused who wrote what. That should matter, so Steyn is appealing, but this looks like a case of political correctness having overwhelmed the limited intellect of a low-rated judge, so the preliminary decision to allow the case to proceed may stand. You can get the full story on the judge’s errors here; read down a bit, and the specifics will be found, including the judge’s dismal professional rating.

You might note that on a Warmer website, the decision is reported as reason for celebration, and no mention is made of the disqualifying mixup. Warmers are like that: contrary evidence, along with the full story, is glossed over as not the sort of thing you little people need to bother yourselves with.

So what will happen next? It’s pretty clear that the trial will proceed, and possibly without any correction of the record. It is to be hoped that the defendants will have a chance to set the facts straight before evidence is admitted, but who knows?

The problem

The defendants want to argue on the basis of science, and add that they are certainly entitled to their opinions about that science, even if ultimately they are proved mistaken. If the judge is a hard-core Warmer, the first amendment in the Bill of Rights could be set aside out of respect for Al Gore. If a genuinely honest judge tries the case, he will ideally be capable of understanding the science and able to recognize the fact that scientists do defend their turf by refusing to give the lie to hoaxes. That’s a tall order.

A loss for Steyn and NR means that anyone noting that the earth has not warmed for over fifteen years…that carbon dioxide’s impact on the greenhouse effect is logarithmic…that Nature has put the earth through myriad climate changes and might be doing so again…that Mann rigged the statistics and cherry-picked the evidence and has steadfastly refused to answer questions and provide his raw data…that anyone with the nerve to be a “denier” is, as Al Gore now describes him, no better than a racist, a homosexual-hater, and a raving alcoholic. (Go to the end of the above-linked interview, where Klein says to Gore, “Give me the optimistic scenario on what happens next”, and read the following two paragraphs).

It’s grim. The path that began with eco-hysteria led to bogus science, and then to cultic credulity. The next step will be difficult to impose, for censorship is a desperate measure usually undertaken only by rascals who are terrified of losing ill-gotten gains; that does not mean that Mann’s resort to a punitive lawsuit is not a sign of repression to come. After all, those who reject the fake facts and deceit are routinely savaged as moral degenerates….

The hope

Everything turns on discovery.

Mann must be grilled relentlessly, at great length, and held to full account. He must be forced to defend every aspect of his work, and not permitted to stall by whining about how he lost this or did his best with the numbers. He cannot be allowed to answer questions that have not been asked, and ignore the ones that have been asked. He will wriggle, squirm, babble and bluster; he must be pinned down in the most extensive discovery since Westbrook Pegler destroyed himself before even setting foot in court.

There is so much wrong with Mann’s work that the lawyers and their sources are going to have to do a lot of homework in order to bring it all to light, and make it clear to the judge (and jury?). It is a daunting task. On its effectiveness depend not just the integrity of science, but the enjoyment of freedom of the press.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A Mutilated Carcass

The intellectually and factually bereft president has crafted a disaster. Neither Hillary — whose “willing suspension of disbelief” insult (video here) and “Who painted it?” gaffe (see this commentary) betrayed her incompetence even before she descended into her “What at this point difference does it make?” mummery — nor Kerry have been able to prevent or repair the damage. As an interlocutor of skill in the complex diplomacy of the region, Uncle Sam has near-zero credibility — with all sides. Very rarely, perhaps never before in US diplomatic history, has the nation been so incompetently represented by its elite. Walter Mead:

…with both the New York Times and the Washington Post running “what went wrong” obituaries for the President’s efforts in Egypt, not even the MSM (mainstream media –ed.) can avoid the harsh truth that President Obama’s Middle East policies have collapsed into an ugly and incoherent mess.

Obama’s characterizations of “terrorism” and the benign nature of Islam are simply wrong. The next time you hear him say that violent extremists are unrepresentative of the great and peaceful religion of Mohammed, recall this:

After 80 years spent operating in the shadows, the (Muslim) Brotherhood’s electoral success seemed to disprove the claims of radical thinkers like Sayyid Qutb, who asserted that Islamism would never be allowed to govern democratically in the Middle East. (This claim is made often, despite the fact that in those few Arab countries that actually hold elections, Islamist parties consistently win the most votes.) (Source)

Then there’s Egypt, isn’t there? Regarding which, one commentator observes that “The only hope for democracy in Egypt..is the military. At least they’re not insane.” More here.

What, meanwhile, is the USA doing about Syria, especially after this? Obamoid policy is little else than false claims that an intent to act exists; if Washington is unwilling to do anything, it should at the very least shut up. Its strong implications that game-changing intervention can be provoked have been exposed as empty. Who in the world can trust the USA, as long as Obama and Kerry are in charge of US foreign policy? And why should it be otherwise, given the fact that neither man has the credentials, background, experience or wisdom required for his job?

Addendum: for readers interested in the many issues surrounding the use of drones, Atlantic magazine provides a long but gracefully written discussion of the subject. It has a lot of information and makes a number of contentious and even dubious points, so read it as you would any commentary that includes reportage.

Internet Privacy: The News Just Got Worse, So You Might Want To Move To Something Inherently More Secure

All right, everybody: it’s time for a “You Were Warned” scolding, so pay attention. Do you recall how many times you have been told by this newsletter not to get on the internet with Microsoft Windows? That misadventure was claimed to be too dangerous, so you were warned off and advised to switch computer operating systems. Well, using Microsoft these days is probably less secure than ever. Have a look at this. Now before you pooh-pooh this new report as unreliable and having nothing to do with older versions of Windows, consider this: Windows has always been leaky and weak when it comes to security. That’s because of its basic design. There are more problems than the article linked here mentions. Your best option may be Apple, or if you want to continue using your current hardware, Free BSD or Linux. Only Apple will cost you money, and you can get tons of free help as you set up and get used to any operating system that’s new to you. — Related advisory: remember that hackers are the good guys; the bad guys are called crackers, a word doubtless derived from safecracker. Now please use the two terms correctly! Finally: look up the definition of the word botnet.

This Newsletter Does Not Like Mobile Phones, As You Know

Of course you have one of those infernal things. It is imperative you understand the harm you can do if you misuse it.

Note the statistic that appears on the screen at the beginning of the video linked here: over one hundred thousand automobile accidents a year in the USA alone involve people who were reading and/or creating messages on their mobile phones.

That number will prove enlightening if you compare it to the incidence of other mishaps — if you ask, for example, how many injuries caused by firearms accidents there are each year in the USA. Here is what appears to be an authoritative answer:

A guest on the HuffPost Live discussion noted in the post below mentioned that guns injure 5,000 people per year (presumably in the U.S.). Actually, according to CDC’s WISQARS, there are about 14,000-19,000 nonfatal injuries stemming from accidental shootings per year in the U.S., though only about 600 people killed in such shootings. As always, keep in mind the limitations of this (sic) data, including (the fact — ed.) that some suicides and suicide attempts could be misclassified as accidents. (Source)

This Month’s Nasty Little Thought Crime

Let your imagination be your pilot for just a moment or two….

What do you believe would be said by the groups and individuals listed below if it were known that of all the US voters of European (“white”) ancestry, over ninety-five percent had voted for McCain rather than Obama?

1. The Nation of Islam’s Minister Farrakhan

2. The New York Times editorial staff

3. Piers Morgan

4. Al Sharpton

5. John McCain

6. (Any person or organization you choose)


What, exactly, has the USA’s Federal Reserve done with the world’s gold? This video report comes from Russia, which means it might be biased and/or a bloody-minded attempt to provoke suspicion and conspiracist paranoia. So: before you accept the Russian tale as useful, do consider the German version of the facts.

A tip of the hat goes to Reader GB, who suggests you pause for a sparkling glass of music. — If you enjoyed that, Google the musician for more refreshment.

How much government debt is there in the USA?

Iraq says it wants help from the US. There’s some useful commentary here, and the genuinely interested will want to check out the comments posted by visitors to the website, as well.

Do you remember G├╝len, the USA-based Islamist who is a political power in his native Turkey? He figures in a report on that nation that appeared in Dem Spiegel. (Yes, you always see Der, not Dem; but just for fun, NTG inflected the word so it agrees with the “doubtful” preposition in, which requires the dative case here. That means Dem is contextually correct. Correctness is good, unless it’s of the political variety!)

Here’s a tasty little confection for those interested in the international impact of the English language. A tip of the hat to GB for an interesting break from the wretchedness of politics, religious fanaticism, mass murder and the economic End Times.

Texans take one look at Lesbians and teach them a thing or two (note the comparison with New Yorkers). Don’t mess with Texas! — PS: see “More on Texas” (just scroll down a little), but first click on the link here and view the video. Recommended.

Yet again, this newsletter links to commentary by Victor Davis Hanson. Why ever? Because he is educated, informed, and brilliantly insightful.

It’s all about control — and then they lie.

The staff of NTG never posts a URL in the LINKS category without reading the full text. That rule is broken in this case. It’s simply too, too nauseating….

Horror: this lying harridan wants to be, plans to be, the next president of the USA!

The New Terrapin Gazette has been saying this for some time, but has never articulated the concept as well as Ledeen does. Highly recommended.

Obama and his NSA need to sit down together, work out how they are going to proceed, and coordinate their lies to the public. Unless, of course, they put their trust in pure power, and consider their credibility irrelevant.

Here’s a link you might as well skip — because the chance that you will understand more than a slim fraction of it is tiny indeed. That’s not to say that your intellect is inadequate; it is to assert a distinct possibility that science has become mired in a trap of its own making, much as astronomy bogged down in the Ptolemaic system a few hundred years ago. It could be that in a century, scientists will look back on 2013 as a depressingly scatterbrained nadir in man’s understanding of reality. Of course today’s scientists characterize the current counterintuitive chaos as necessary and productive. How could one defend that view as anything other than an article of pure faith?

Oh, for crying out loud: Benghazi could be worse than was publicly known. Expect, therefore, official denials of the linked report.

Victor Hanson has the scorecard — and he’s willing to let you look at it, so you can figure out which of the current scandals is the most egregious.

Here’s an interesting article on electric cars your “green” friends will denounce as not worth a read. (Sample quote: “…this is not just about science. It’s about values, which inevitably shape what questions the researchers ask as well as what they choose to count and what they don’t. That’s true for many kinds of research, of course, but for electric cars, bias abounds, although it’s often not obvious to the casual observer”.)

More on Texas: don’t read this addendum until you have viewed the video at the link; here it is again . Why didn’t the patrons stand up for the male homosexuals? One might speculate that it was a matter of pure chivalry. The ladies were perceived as needing defenders, but the men were presumed to be able to take care of themselves. Texans tend to be more protective of females than of men. — Peripheral comment: this newsletter despises “candid camera” setups. They should be used only as security and to get evidence that puts bad people in prison. As entertainment, they proceed from cynical, exploitive motives. Alan Funt was a jerk and a pest.

Is murdering a Jew different from murdering anyone else? Some say it is, because Israel criminally mistreats “Palestinians”. That deplorable absurdity leads to an ethical dispute that immediately lurches off the rails, involving as it does an instance of mass murder in Norway (that was the object of a piece in Nr. 273 of this newsletter, on line here). When straightforward facts become this corrupted by unadmitted bigotry, reason flees and it becomes almost impossible for government, public and press to remain lucid and decent. There is so much wrong here that one hardly knows where to begin and when to stop the denunciation of villains — as you will discover, if you read the material linked above.

The National Rifle Association of America has caught CNN’s Piers Morgan citing some bogus statistics. Whether Morgan blundered or lied hardly matters, because professionals are obliged to be correct (which includes being truthful). Whatever caused Morgan’s gaffe, this is at the very least a distinct blow to his credibility.

Legend has it that Obama was a professor of constitutional law; that’s false. He was an instructor, not a professor, and in terms of rank on the faculty, he could not have been lower. He remains confused and intellectually challenged by the US constitution, for which he has little respect — as a recent action of his clearly demonstrates. Why is this breach of law not part of articles of impeachment that should be drawn up in order to remove him from office?

The fuss over that rodeo clown is the collectivist police state in action, complete with the nullification of everyone’s first amendment rights. There is a lot more to come, Pilgrims; the ruling Bicoastal Elite takes humor very seriously — reminding the perceptive of Hitler’s worshipers, and of Soviet censors. Don’t skip the commentary at the link — it gets this newsletter’s highest possible recommendation.

Related: some of you may remember Mac Bird!. It was political humor produced and appreciated by many of the most “progressive” elements in the USA. Ask yourself whether it could be presented today, if it were rewritten to apply, however harmlessly, to Obama instead of to Lyndon Johnson.

Congressional investigators who couldn’t cope with Hillary’s non-responsive tantrums won’t be able to get anything out of anybody. The truth is simply too harmful to the Powers That Be. That means the only rational solution is regime change. When NTG surveys the national leadership, it finds it easier to compose a list of the officials to keep than to provide the names of those who should be fired.

Did you use Groklaw? Probably not, but you should still understand what it was and what it did. Well, for good reasons, Groklaw is gone now. Whom to thank? A government that is literally out of control, acting unconstitutionally, and intent on imposing tyrannical political correctness.

From the NTG Gee, Dad, it’s a Wurlitzer! file comes this report…. Obamacare: you will love it, but…only if you are in the lucky group, as defined by the government. In fact you might be targeted by a federal/state effort to collect information using, among other things, involuntary home inspections — and here’s the fun part — no search warrant needed. (“What ‘fourth amendment’? We’re from the government, and we are here to check you out. Keep your hands where we can see ’em! Any firearms in the house?”) Just try denying those investigators entry to your homes, Pilgrims! Ain’t HopeAndChange grate?

“Even NSA defenders are getting fed up.” Yes, and for good reasons.

Those with an interest in twentieth century communism and US policy will recall Hiss, White, and Roosevelt — and probably can debate the impact of the Venona documents on the contemporary understanding of the USSR’s influence. Regarding which, Ron Radosh reminds that the folks at The Nation are eager to dispute the truth. His comments serve as an introduction to a fascinating object of study.

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