…it was discovered that the (British air raids of Nazi Germany) were … killing only two hundred German civilians (almost all noncombatants contributing little to the war effort) at the cost of .. two hundred RAF fighting men each month, and thus were a contribution to a German victory!

Science, Climate, And Economic Reality

Fifty-To-One is a mother site that contains a stellar collection of interviews of specialists who provide devastating insight into anthropogenic global warming alarmism. Begin your visit with a short video that quickly proves its point: “carbon taxes” are demonstrably absurd, as are efforts to reverse, halt or slow alleged global warming.

Next: do not skip this enlightening interview of David Evans. He knows the AGW story well, and clearly explains the scientific facts — and the fabrications preached by Warmers.

Both videos linked above get the highest possible recommendations, but note well: there are other excellent, extraordinarily informative interviews on the “mother” site. This is where to send a friend who tries to tell you that the oceans are heating up (they are not), the upper atmosphere is a blanket of insulating water vapor that blocks the escape of heat from the earth (totally false, and repeatedly proved false), and that CO2 is a danger (no, it’s not pollution; it’s plant food that is aiding in the preservation of the rain forests and encouraging increased greening of the arid regions of the earth), that the arctic ice is melting (it is doing exactly the reverse), and mankind is doomed (the Warmers hope to scare you with that hokum).

The shame and the pity are that Warmers, whose opinions are faith-based rather than grounded in science, will avoid this information — and denounce bitterly those who provide it.

Darwin Was Not Completely Correct, And Lysenko Was Not Completely Wrong

The topic: evolution, genetics, genes, and epigenetics. You might want to brush up a bit on epigenetics, so here’s the link to information that appeared in Number 150 of this newsletter (it still works). Then Number 162 contained an extended item on epigenetics; it’s available here. Between them, those two sources will refresh your memory of the basics.

In two book reviews (of a volume by Tallis and one by Nagel), this newsletter expressed the view that Darwin the amateur naturalist glossed over the mechanics of evolution and created myriad opportunities for his critics. And so it has proved. Two sectarian camps have launched energetic attacks on evolution. Creationists assert the inerrancy of the First Book of Moses (often called Genesis), and argue for a “young earth” of just a few thousand years in age, as well as for the intervention of a supernatural entity in literally shaping and vivifying the first humans. The other camp promotes “Intelligent Design” (ID), insisting that life in all its forms can not be the result of Nature (which is trivialized as “random” or “blind” in her operations). All biological phenomena are so complex and ingenious that they must have been crafted by conscious, purposive and deliberate engineering, according to the teachings of ID.

ID is actually a stalking horse for Creationists. What matters most about both camps is that they are following the lead of the opponents of anthropogenic warming, in that they depend on science to make their arguments. Because both ID and Creationism insist on a young earth, they attempt to draft scientific objections to the nuclear physics that proves the earth is over four billion years old.

That approach is doomed to failure. Hard science, however, is one thing, and the understanding of evolution has never been hard science. While evolution is suggested by a good deal of evidence, its explanation remains vague, speculative and incomplete; it cannot explain species change (though it claims it can), and it can be neither proved nor disproved. At best, it is a notion that has a high degree of plausibility. It is not at all like the solid, “hard” science of nuclear physics that demonstrates the error of the “young earth” claims.

Recent research — over perhaps the last decade or two — suggests it might be possible to provide some hard evidence for the mechanism of evolution, and fairly soon. That evidence could lead science past the blurry concept of natural selection to a credible, detailed understanding of how Nature conducts the adaptation of living organisms.

A tantalizing suggestion of things to come is now available, for science is shattering some “unbreakable” laws and moving boldly into territory that, twenty-five years ago, would not have been considered potentially rewarding or even interesting.

As proof of that claim, consider that this brilliant lecture asserts flatly that not only are acquired characters heritable, but that the gene is not the beginning of the chain of events that lead to the cell — rather the developmental process is carried out in the reverse direction.

One could hardly ask for more iconoclastic assertions from a biologist!

That’s not the only surprise. The video linked just above, which is nothing less than a masterful explanation of an important contribution to the concept of evolution, was promoted by an organization that seeks to disprove evolution.

The Darwin-haters deluded themselves. Because the professor in the video vigorously attacks conventional misunderstandings of biological processes, the ID folks thought he was attacking evolutionary theory. In fact the Oxford don is strengthening and promoting it.

That is not to wax triumphalist because the video was misunderstood. What matters is that the genetics you learned in high school and college is now obsolete, and that’s wonderful. It’s a great relief, in fact.

The faith-based opposition to evolution and to uniformitarianism will never be dismantled by science. The True Believers will forever say, “Lies, all lies!”

That fanciful response comes easily to the faithful, because they consider scientific inquiry often needless; after all, faith begins by providing answers to (some) questions that should be approached scientifically. Faith knows no universal, automatic need for the application of a chain of valid reasoning, the following of a trail of evidence, or the need to break a path to the truth by experimentation and observation. Some questions, such as the age of the earth and the causes that resulted in the advent of humans, need not be investigated. Because faith has already arrived at the destination, all exploration and (metaphorical) cartography are unnecessary; they are the folly of the unbelievers. Science may be amusing or helpful — it has given the world 3D movies and the kidney transplant — but it can be a deceiving demon.

The last word: if need be, faith can always trump the hardest science.

This Was Serious, But The Nutjobs Got To It, And Now Rational People Will Ignore It

The possibility of a Carrington event — or the use of EMP weapons — was first mentioned in this newsletter in 2009. Since then, the subject has appeared in twenty-two additional numbers of this (variously named) publication. Because a Carrington event could cause a global catastrophe, the wackos inevitably attached themselves to it; the CIA gave that excursion from reason a very unwise endorsement when it (not only played with LSD but) decided that ESP could help spooks and generals do their jobs. Yes, Loony Tunes in Langley. The nutjobs actually spent the taxpayers’ money predicting the future, and sure enough, coronal mass ejections were part of that bogus carnival sideshow.

For background information, look at this Number of NTG; scroll down to the item, Modern Civilization Must Choose…..

Carrington events and EMP weapons are worth worrying about because there are ways to counter them, and it would have been a very good idea if the ruling Bicoastal Elite had decided a few years ago to do just that. Forget the psychics and loons; talk to the electrical engineers, for crying out loud! So far, the right people are not listening, and that is partly because people who worry about things like this tend to be soft-headed conspiracists who also worry about Skull and Bones and the Bilderbergers and The Bohemian Grove and Jews and kidnappers from other galaxies and fluoridated water.

Hard science indicates that the earth will be hit by a Carrington event, and that it is impossible to know when that will happen. It also tells us how to harden critical technology to reduce the impact. One can estimate the damage if that technology is not hardened. Pay no attention to the crackpots; consider the rational aspects of the situation.

And “remote viewing”? Look, James Randi has conclusively proved that ESP is a fraud (and he’s put his money where his mouth is). Even if you believe in telepathy and prognostication, set that aside and look at the hard science. Carrington events matter.


So, Hillary — tell everybody what you think about Syria. As a former high official in the USA, what’s your view? … Er, that is, what should your country do? — Did you understand the question, Hillary? Can you give us your wisdom on this issue, please? …Hillary? What’s wrong?

How to describe this attack on au courant bogus journalism? Devastating…lethal…merciless…unrelenting…and highly recommended.

The Obamites at the WaPo report breathlessly that US trust in Pakistan is…less than anyone thought? Surprisingly low? Wow! When did these journalists fall off the turnip truck? Do they believe that Pakistan is now, or ever was, a US ally? Have they no understanding of what Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program meant to the US-hating part of the world? Did these typists in Washington DC ever believe that no very high officials in the Pakistani government knew where Osama bin Laden was hiding? Whew! The sheer naivete implied by this piece in the newspaper is stunning.

Wow! The Soupy Sales impression is coming along nicely….

There is a great deal of fascinating and important news on this website, which deals with meteorological matters and all related science. Do stop by and browse; it’s a magnificent resource.

Hunh? John Boehner: “We also have allies around the world and allies in the region who also need to know that America will be there and stand up whether it is necessary.” “Whether it is necessary”?? What does that mean? That the USA will on occasion act capriciously, without citing any necessity for action? — Well, in any event, he’s talking about supporting Obama’s intention to promote peace and justice by doing a little bombing, just for maybe three days, of a battlefield on which two of the USA’s most vile and intransigent enemies are killing each other and lots of unlucky innocents. Boehner has blundered, and it could cost him his job. He certainly knows the USA is not required to respond when thoroughly evil people do evil things in a part of the world where decency is rare and the USA has no traction, no markers it can call in, and no friends at all. The USA is required to defend itself; it may and might take other appropriate actions; end of report. Boehner also knows bombing Syria is grotesquely inappropriate, because there is no demonstrable hope of Obama’s achieving anything positive (as the world agrees — recall, just for comparison and contrast, W’s war supported by forty other nations). Why, then, is Boehner kow-towing to The One? You may speculate on that, Pilgrims, while this newsletter moves on to more promising considerations.

Encore: Did you see anyone you recognized in this video?

Here’s an instance of the absurd lengths to which parents must go to get help for their son. That it takes this much ritual and obeisance to the federal pooh-bahs in order simply to do the humane thing is a damning indictment of the rabidly anti-drug policy of the USA. It has taken decades for the nation to learn the simplest things about how a government should cope with mind-altering drugs and other psychically inactive medications. Unfortunately insanity still prevails.

“…the human genome is 99% identical to a chimpanzee’s….” Source. Baloney. The same genes, yes — 90% the same. But genes are not the significant units of heredity; chromosomes are (Dawkins’s book The Selfish Gene is incorrect). The confusion probably begins with the virtually universal use of the term DNA to signify the information that defines an organism’s heredity. That’s sloppy terminology, because genetic information is not encoded there — it is contained in the chromosomes. Think of it this way: books in English all contain the same alphabet, but the meaning of each book is found in the words, not the letters. DNA is the alphabet, and chromosomes are the words.

NSA seemed confused for a while there; it’s supposed to listen to whatever is said, not try to control speech. The snoops tried to censor some activity that could be called communication.

The internet is a gigantic coloring book. Use it to make a fool of yourself, or of somebody else! Get political! Some graphic reactions to Obama’s plan to improve things by bombing some of what’s left of Syria illustrate the point. Does everybody feel better now?

“Honey, I’m pregnant, and I need $1,500 to get rid of the little bastard.” That’s not a bad return on a $20 investment! Is this debacle collateral damage done by the feminist assault on predominant cultural values, or is it just the innate greed and duplicity of the incompletely civilized? Might there be a confluence of interests?

The Utopian train wreck that is Obamacare. Advisory: for many, this will be a depressing read.

Flat prediction: eventually, Obama will come out against fracking. If he does not try to halt it, he will demand the imposition of restrictions and regulations that will make fracking both expensive and difficult to license. The reason: he does not want the USA to have cheap oil. That would create more possibilities for new economic activity across the full spectrum of US business, which would in turn decrease unemployment and reduce poverty. Collectivists prefer to keep people dependent on government largess, and widespread poverty enables that policy. As a community organizer, Obama knows that poverty is the seed bed, nursery and garden of Utopian authoritarianism. When, therefore, The One tells you that fracking is bad for you (as he will), do recall this!

Blatant, rank hypocrisy. Note well, Obamites: this is excellent reason to walk away from the Pied Piper. Some day, he will abandon you if he feels it expedient to do so. He’s a collectivist, which means you don’t matter to him as an individual; you are just a part of a larger unit that needs to be organized, and kept organized.

There is hard science, and soft science — and madcap science. The really goofy stuff in science is, strictly speaking, not scientific at all — it’s wild speculation that springs inevitably from ignorance. Yes, physics is genuinely ignorant about a great many aspects of reality, though Maxwell’s equations work perfectly, and nobody’s unclear on what holds bridges up. The sub-sub-atomic level is radically different, however. It’s on those bleeding edges of science that clots accumulate. For example, this long post asks the big questions, and of course immediately accelerates into a cul de sac. The resulting crash is beyond psychedelic. Advisory: you won’t understand one-fifth of this piece, and it might just convince you that the inmates are running the asylum. You have been warned, but in truth, the madness is rather entertaining.

Told you so.

Oddly, the teacher who stars in this video did not receive the Nobel Prize. In Thailand, simply everybody has to have one of those cell phone thingies, and the bad manners they inspire are also ubiquitous. Watch and cheer!

A little over three years ago this newsletter reported on a device designed to help overweight diabetics. Here are the original link and a recent report, as well as an Australian TV news item. If you are interested, use a search engine to find more information.

Here’s a hot item exclusively for Al Gore’s True Believers: compare and contrast these two accounts of arctic ice, One and Two, and note the dates. OK? Thank you. Now, rather than risk excommunication from the cult, reset your prefrontal lobes to “Inoperative”.

Watch the seasons go, as sunshine turns to cold snow
Showers and rain
Numbers of tomorrow
The great globe spins, the music starts
Every beat knows its part
To keep it spinning in a circle
Every moment is perfect, every eye’s a jewel
Every man is a prophet with the mercy of a fool

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