Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.

Imposition, Exemption, And Status In Utopia

Obamacare is good enough for the masses on whom it is to be imposed. The Ruling Elite has no intention of kowtowing to a Kafkaesque bureaucracy, however, and has haughtily decamped. One has to wonder why that fact does not outrage the citizenry. Has the truth — the full story — been effectively censored by the news media? Do people literally not know what the snobs have done? Have the smelly masses resigned themselves to their new status as the dim-witted recipients of “benefits” that flow from the generosity of The One?

However one struggles to explain the phenomenon, it is an obvious tragedy. Cynical politicians, certain that the ignorant and stupid masses will be grateful for whatever alleged benefits are scattered on the ground before them, proclaim the munificence of The One and his familiars. The spectacle will be recounted by historians, and future generations will express amazement that the polity could be so gullible, so quickly seduced by transparent charlatans. A governing tactic called bread and circuses is about to be reborn as bypasses and c-sections.

The Myth Of The Community Organizer’s Vision And Leadership

The ACA plan is confusing and confused; the software and hardware are not ready, and won’t be for months; the harm already done — in unemployment and restricted economic growth — is shocking (or should be); the fiduciary soundness and the prospects of the success of the Affordable Care Act are lunatic fantasies. Accordingly, Obama has made the enforcement of his only legislative accomplishment highly personal (opponents are “messin’ with me”).

The government shutdown will, if it occurs, be Obama’s to prevent — all he has to do is accept a budget that defunds or delays Obamacare, yet he hopes to hide that fact. He hopes the electorate, following the lead of the mass media, will blame the Republicans for the temporary glitch.

Anticipating that result, Obama talks to Iran, but not to the GOP.

If something like socialized medicine were actually a good idea, its implementation would be inevitable — which means that Obama has no valid reason to insist that it be imposed now.

Perhaps the best way to deal with The One’s irrationality is to agree to his demands, and stand back as the Utopian nonsense collapses under the weight of its naive zealotry.

What A Wise And Ethical President Would Do

The president should sign whatever resolution Congress sends him that prevents the government from defaulting on its financial obligations. In the event that the legislation cuts off spending on the ACA, he should issue a statement very much like this:

“Clearly opposition to this valuable health care legislation is the result of several causes. The infrastructure needed for the ACA is not in place, and there are serious concerns about the implementation of the plan. It would be childish of me to shut the government down at this point. Over the next few months, I shall propose a series of meetings with legislators and members of the executive branch that will result in modifications to the ACA as well as a better and wider understanding of how it will meet vital needs. This is neither a defeat nor a victory — it is a chance to refine a tremendously complex piece of legislation so that it will deserve and win overwhelming approval on the Hill and with the public.”

Unfortunately Obama is neither ethical nor wise. He has vowed that he will shut the federal apparatus down at once if he does not get his way. That is not just imprudent — it is the willfulness of a dictator who insists that he will have his way, or bring the building down. The words “spoiled brat” might come to mind, but “imperious autocrat” would be more apt.

Is that the proper mindset for the president of a democratic Republic, or does it recall political developments in Italy in 1922, and in Germany in 1933?

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“If Obamacare is funded and implemented it will be because Republican members of Congress decided to do it.”

For more background and perspective, read this report (standard Moonie alert: the linked newspaper is run by a religious organization headed by a felon who claims to be Jesus Christ). Yes, sharp class distinctions, complete with special benefits, do characterize collectivist regimes. They always have.

Propagandists Prepare A Biased Text Intended To Mislead The Public

The news media are six years late in reporting some of the significant facts about climate. Only now is it being grudgingly admitted that the predicted disaster is not bearing down on the world. The truth became obvious when it was learned how Mann had fabricated his hockey stick graph, but even before that, the bogus science was discernible. Today, the misunderstanding of carbon dioxide’s effectiveness as a greenhouse gas needs to be corrected and replaced with facts. Then, in order to prevent abuses of authority, AGW alarmists should be removed from political, public administrative and regulatory positions. Unfortunately, the full story of anthropogenic global warming remains too embarrassing for the Ruling Elite and the AGW cultists to publicize, for even Warmers know that both the genuine errors and the deliberate mythogenesis have been egregious.

That does not mean the end of faith-based climatology, however. The True Believers are not about to give up, as this article explains. A close reading of the linked item is recommended, for in it, some of the fatal flaws in the IPCC program can be seen. Here are three salient points you should consider:

1. The IPCC’s emphasis is now less on science as a means of prediction, but on the crafting of reports that downplay the facts and promote a program of political regulatory measures that is more likely to be well-received by the public. Translation: the scientists are not doing science so much as they are trying to write effective propaganda. Instead of scaring people — threatening them with doom if they don’t submit to controls imposed by their rulers — the Warmers are now pulling back. That is a damning tactic, for it tacitly admits that the arguments advanced in years past were invalid (or false), and can no longer be the basis of credible communication. Yet the undeniable truth is, if mankind is staring a catastrophic future in the face, that certainly should be communicated to everyone. To soft-pedal the truth today would be evil, would it not? Unless, of course, the truth is that the entire effort was from the first either a complex of errors, or a hoax, or both.

2. There is hardly a mention of hard science in this report. The central questions regarding the presence and origins of AGW are simply ignored. Where are the new studies that support Mann’s risible hockey stick graph? How does modern climatology explain the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming, and how can science promise mankind that the next change in climate will not be of similar genesis — or that it can be prevented? Where is mention of the logarithmic effect of carbon dioxide on temperature? The questions are too numerous to be dealt with in a brief report, of course, but the Scientific American article makes no mention of any intention to provide even cursory answers based on credible science. Until and unless climatology is sophisticated enough to explain exactly how it is known beyond a reasonable doubt that the earth will warm as a consequence of that putative “blanket” of water vapor (located ten to twelve kilometers above sea level) that is postulated to prevent atmospheric heat from radiating into space, the Scientific American‘s report is just an account of claims some very earnest cultists are trying to sell to the public. (That “blanket” does not exist, and that’s a fact supported by evidence that is utterly unchallenged, is without exception, and that has been repeatedly verified.)

3. For specifics, consult this video. It’s an interview you should see in its entirely, but it does go on for over forty-five minutes. All right; watch the portion from five minutes thirty seconds to seven minutes, and follow that by watching from twelve minutes thirty seconds to twenty-two minutes ten seconds. The information presented in those few minutes is critical, and the video rates this newsletter’s highest possible recommendation.

Addendum: For commentary on the legal proceeding initiated by Mann in an attempt to punish some of his critics, see this law weblog post.

The Iranian President Speaks, And CNN Cooperates

When Rouhani was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour of CNN, he reportedly said, “whatever criminality they (the Nazis) committed against the Jews, we condemn”. He also mentioned “the Holocaust”. He did not call it a “myth”. So…he’s a moderate whose softer tone is welcome, right?

No. CNN provided a grossly incorrect translation.

In fact Rouhani did not use the word “Holocaust”, and referred to “the crime committed by the Nazis both against the Jews and the non-Jews”. He added, “I am not a history scholar”, and finished with, “the aspects that you talk about, clarification of these aspects is a duty of the historians and researchers”.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Pretending that the facts of the Holocaust are a matter of serious historical dispute is a classic rhetorical evasion. Holocaust deniers commonly acknowledge that Jews were killed by the Nazis while insisting that the number of Jewish victims was relatively small and that there was no systematic effort to wipe them out.

The WSJ editorial is behind registration on the internet. This newsletter has not lied to you. CNN has. Are you surprised?


What is a human being? Fortunately there’s an answer. It comes from this collection of answers to other similarly large questions.

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Hillary and the Bicoastal Elite’s favored news media: proof that Her Nibs can do no wrong….

Obama does not want cheap oil.

Tiny, tiny computers. OK, great — but remember, a computer is not just a central processing unit. Now: how big will the power supplies have to be, and how small can you make the hard drives and CDROM players? And the input-output connectors…well, time will tell. Don’t expect the equivalent of a tower in a pillbox.

If you don’t know whether this website is popular at the White House, you are not paying attention. That’s the way Team Obama and the major news media want you to behave….

This is hilarious: the Indians trump all the exotic technology of NSA. Whatchagonna do now, spooks?

Do you remember how collectivists tried to brand Tea Partiers as racists, and how angrily this newsletter denounced the liars? Well, this is how things have turned out.

This is the enemy. No city is safe.

“President Obama himself sent a video-taped message to the 2013 ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention in which he praised ISNA and called the group his ‘partner.'” Oops. Well, nobody will notice. The US news media, after all.

A taste of the future.

Another danger to worry about? The US Navy will of course be taking a close look, and might deploy buoys to detect lurking ambushers. Thoughts based on historical precedents are available here.

Watch this video. Recommended.

Ripple in still water
when there is no pebble tossed
nor wind to blow

You who choose
to lead must follow
but if you fall
you fall alone
If you should stand
then who’s to guide you?
If I knew the way
I would take you home

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