Authority sometimes proceeds from reason, but reason never from authority. For all authority which is not approved by true reason seems weak. But true reason, since it is established in its own strength, needs to be strengthened by the assent of no authority.

The USA Shirks Its Responsibilities To Peace, Liberty, And Decency

It could be that Israel and Saudi Arabia realize they must do what is necessary without the help of the Obamite USA. Money quote: “Both the Israeli and Saudi governments are convinced that the international talks to place limits on Tehran’s military nuclear development amount to appeasement and will do little to slow its development of a nuclear warhead”. The full article is behind registration, unfortunately. Accordingly you should turn to this excellent item — which includes the following observation: “…Kerry assured the world that he was neither blind nor stupid, (but) it’s obvious that the Israelis and Saudis are prepared to answer in the affirmative with respect to both adjectives”.

For reasons that are unclear — though this newsletter continues to suspect, without hard evidence, that Obama is prejudiced against Jews and Israel — the rift between the USA and Israel is deepening. That is to be regretted. It is yet another sign of Obamoid eccentricity. Consider the way a “progressive” news publication portrays the situation:

…the White House has incensed advocates for Israel by portraying war as the likely, certain — or perhaps, for some, desired — alternative to the Geneva talks.

“The American people do not want a march to war,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said last week. “And it is important to understand that if pursuing a resolution diplomatically is disallowed or ruled out, what options then do we and our allies have to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon?” (Source)

That is, of course, nonsense. What Obama and Kerry propose is an ineffectual “agreement” that gives Iran time to proceed with the production of a nuclear weapon; given the mad policies that result from Twelver theology, Iran will use that weapon as soon as it feels it can deliver it to Israel. The intent: to trigger a nuclear catastrophe that kills millions of Iranians (sending them to heaven, which will be to their benefit) and starting a war that will summon the Twelfth Imam from wherever the hell he is; he will then lead Islam in the destruction of all non-Muslims (or at least in their enslavement).

The best possible alternative to this unimaginable horror is a limited conventional conflict — call it a war if you wish — that prevents the greater catastrophe.

The shameful truth is that in its foreign policy the Obama administration has charted exactly the wrong course. Whether that is due to the bigotry of Obama or the ethical and intellectual vacuity of Kerry matters little; certainly many influential figures who might issue cogent advice and clear warnings have remained imprudently silent, so a lot of pooh-bahs must share the blame. Overall, a paucity of wisdom has been reinforced by an absence of common sense, and the world — including Iran, certainly — does see that.

The USA has only itself to blame for the current alarming prospects. It has placed in power some stupefyingly peculiar individuals whose inexperience, inconstancy, and quirky-jerky values should have warned the electorate off. The enemies of Western Civilization have excellent reason to be optimistic.

Parenthetical observation: the contrast between Obamoid diplomacy and the efforts of the much-reviled G. W. Bush should be instructive. W labored to forge alliances that manifested Western values, while Obama has devalued some ties (such as that linking the USA and Great Britain) while rendering others virtually indecipherable (whether the USA is with, without, or against Israel is a subject for debate). The more comprehensible and predictable a policy is, the more effective it can be. Recall, among others, Franklin, Jefferson, Monroe, Lincoln, and Truman.

Obamacare, Unfortunately

A few quick notes on the new rules that you will obey

This video lays it all out, with references. At just over seventeen minutes, it’s not short — but it is worth your time, if you are in the USA. Highly recommended.

Interesting: has a hyperlink “CBS POLL: NOBODY WANTS OBAMACARE” that leads to a “The Page Cannot Be Found” page, so an NTG staffer tried a Google search for the URL of the missing web page, and came up with this, which, though it does provide some information on the poll, links to the “Not Found” page again. It does look as if CBS tried to kill the poll results. By the time you read this things might have changed, of course.

Paul Ryan takes six minutes to map out the many snares, delusions, and deceits lurking in the ACA. The other side’s rebuttal is not in this video, but the point of including only Ryan’s remarks here is to show that this complex and confusing law is deeply entangled with many critical federal programs — programs that in turn make huge impacts on the budget, on tax policy, and all government spending.

She’s an Obamite, she was delighted with her new health care insurance — and then, Poof! Her story is yet another embarrassment.

A brilliant thinker explains the ACA (Obamacare) in terms of its fundamental assumption. Highest possible recommendation.

Evaluations of the ACA

Repeal the ACA? This denunciation of the plan insists it has convincing evidence that Obamacare is a bad idea badly implemented that will do endless harm and should be repealed. If you support the ACA, you might read the material at the link in order to satisfy yourself that you are correct, and not just a gullible Follower.

In fact, Obama’s loyal reformers really should study the opposition’s views. After all, a portion of the electorate might have to be convinced of the ACA’s munificence and decency. That task will be easier if the strongest, best-informed “wingnut” arguments do not come as surprises to “progressives”. In other words: be prepared, Obamites! Study these two commentaries by a legal scholar at the Hoover Institution: One and then Two. If you can refute them honestly (please, no more lies such as, “You can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor”), then by all means do so.

In any event, you do know that recent polls suggest a certain impatience and irritation with the new law. One can confidently predict that Obama will consequently fall back to the support provided by die-hard Utopian collectivists and racists, and votes will have to be taken — votes to select senators and representatives. That might happen before the program breaks down completely, or — wait for it — it might happen after the program breaks down completely. End of report.

A Note On Virtual Currency…And The Uncertain Future

Thanks to the vagaries and absurdities of outfits such as the USA’s Federal Reserve, it was inevitable: rational people are searching for alternative means of conducting commerce. For some time, barter was showing signs of increasing popularity, but it’s not been making the news lately. The latest development is probably “bitcoin”, an internet-based concept that allows buyers, sellers and investors to conduct some business transactions outside the confines of the conventional system.

Bitcoin is, in this newsletter’s view, confusing for the novice and probably not the sort of program libertarians would normally endorse. If you are interested, a good search engine will provide a number of sources (like this or this). For now, however, bitcoin’s dependence on the internet makes it useless for folks who are concerned about (a) its utility in the event of a shutdown of the electric grid (after a Carrington event or the explosion of an Iranian EMP weapon, for example) and (b) its independence from governmental surveillance and regulation. Yes, Big Brother is watching (One, Two), and closely.

That last observation naturally leads some folks to wonder how best to exchange goods and services freely. If you have an answer, this newsletter would appreciate your comments. That’s because hoarding silver (perhaps as antiquated silver US quarters) or gold (bars, coins) seems unlikely to meet one’s needs if the government fails for whatever reason. That opens up the discussion to “preppers”, folks who are getting ready to cope with the collapse of technology and governance. When currency is valuable only for starting campfires, what will take the place of the Euro, dollar, and all other paper money? How useful will banks be? And won’t the internet be literally unthinkable?

Not Whether, But When

In January of 2011, this newsletter published a plea for everyone to understand what the Carrington Event was, what an EMP weapon is, and that at some point in the future, an unimaginable catastrophe could kill most human beings. The object was to get everyone behind efforts to shield the electric grid and all vulnerable machinery. If you don’t know anything about any of this, please do call up Number 184 and read the section under the headline, “Modern Civilization Must Choose Whether To Continue To Exist”.

All of the hyperlinks in that 2011 item still work, with the exceptions of those in paragraphs Number 8 and 9. Here are some recent additions: proposed US legislation; EMP weapons; a NASA proposal.

If you are interested in astronomy, this post will be useful.

Likely survivors of a massive solar electromagnetic storm will be folks whose culture knows no electricity. Modern civilization would be eradicated, and billions of people would perish.

The technological means to prevent that, as well as render an Iranian or North Korean EMP weapon useless, exist.

Petroleum And Related Matters

Here it comes: a bemused weblogger blurts out, “Wow, a lot of fracking-hate in the comments over at YouTube. Did Greenpeace target this or something?” Yes. As this newsletter predicted, fracking will be bitterly denounced. It’s simply too productive, and the effects are too beneficial to the economy. The reduction in the individual’s dependency on the government is unwelcome in “green” circles, because those eco-groups tend strongly to be collectivist and authoritarian. “Green” policy must be dictatorial — it can hardly survive at all, let alone be effective, unless it is backed by very intimidating legislation.

Taking Credit: For the first time in nearly 20 years, in October 2013, US oil production exceeded imports. The administration immediately pulled a debating trick described by the 19th century philosopher Schopenhauer. When one realizes that his position is hopeless, suddenly declare that the winning position is his all-along.

The administration proudly declared credit for the increase in oil production, even though it has systematically tried to limit oil production and regulate hydraulic fracturing by making false claims about its influence on ground water. In 2012, on lands controlled by the Federal government, the production of oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and coal all fell. It is the production on private and state controlled lands that is the great success story. (Source. See links under “Washington’s Control of Energy”.)

Various links on US policy

A primer on petroleum and politics in the USA.

Obama can’t plug the pipeline, but he might like to.

Fracking is excellent for the economy, and won’t even muss your hair.

More assurance on the safety of fracking. In days to come, this information will be challenged by alarmists.


Associate Justice Thomas: The Quiet One. See this newsletter, Number 154 (available on request), and a weblog post found here.

The One is acting unconstitutionally, according to this law prof and this author. Now: who’s going to stop this abuse of a high office, and how could that be done?

“The knockout game” is a US phenomenon in which a group of young urban males assaults solitary pedestrians and bicyclists in an attempt to knock the victim down (and preferably out) with a single punch. Some people have been killed. Until recently, the fastidiously politically correct US news media systematically censored their reporting to hide the fact that this is an exclusively black-on-white and black-on-Asian crime. Where predominantly Jewish neighborhoods exist, they are favored hunting grounds for the thugs. Fact: if this were exclusively white people beating black people, the press would long ago have been afire with outraged accusations of racist violence.

Is it properly called “Obamacare”? A “wingnut” remarks that “…suddenly, the president and Nancy Pelosi are referring to it as the Affordable Care Act — a blatant attempt to dissociate the measure from the president”. Well, yes; rebranding sometimes works, sort of. Recall “climate change”.

“The New York Times is right in one aspect — today is when the levee broke for President Obama.” Well, maybe.

The sentence reads, “That the politics of vitriol and destruction is a miserable place to be, and a miserable person to become”. That’s wrenchingly incorrect English struggling to describe an inane sentiment, even though it was presented as a carefully drafted proclamation of contrition. The speaker is, of course, in the company of a great many people who have never come near regretting the things they said about Sarah Palin. All her bitter, vulgar and obscene critics should simply spew their sentiments and castigations before the public, and then not try to withdraw or mitigate them. Apologies are irrelevant, for the imprecations are, one may very reasonably assume, sincere. Let them be. Allow them to delight, disgust and confound, as the case may be.

Related: Obama implies that Palin is a sow. As this newsletter said at the time, “…pay particular attention to the reaction of the crowd before Obama completes his ‘joke’.” And, “Obama either knew exactly how his words would be taken (which makes him filthy), or he did not (which makes him an idiot). There is no third possibility.”

In past years, this newsletter went into some detail to explain the theory and practice of press bias. It’s been a while, so here’s a refresher in what journalists do to create impressions in the minds of readers.

The race between quantum computers (to crack cyphers) and quantum messaging (to create uncrackable cyphers) just heated up. It’s hard to tell who’s ahead.

Whoa! “…the administration is making it clear that it is more worried about Israel’s position on the nuclear threat than it is about Tehran’s deceptive diplomacy….” Read it all.

In all probability, you have never seen any report quite like this. If you are at all interested in history and climate, you will find it invaluable. If you believe in anthropogenic global warming, you will be grossly offended — mostly by the voluminous references that back up the statements made in the paper.

Iran’s push for nuclear weapons cannot be justified. That means arguments supporting the mullahs’ designs are — for students of propaganda techniques — morbidly fascinating. This newsletter suggests it would be wise to circulate pro-Twelver journalism widely, so all can see how intellectually bereft Western supporters of the regime in Tehran are. Consider this astoundingly transparent example; reading it provides valuable insight into a bizarre mindset.

Suppose your neighbor decides that, in order to keep tabs on you and make sure you mind your manners, he installs a microphone in the wall of your house so he can listen to your conversations — and does not tell you what he’s done. Suppose further that, as a consequence of listening to you and others in your house, he does nothing to harm you. Is he within his rights? Would you be within your rights to insist that his microphone is ipso facto harmful to you, and ask the government to require him to cease his listening and desist from it? If you went to court to force him to remove his microphone, would a good judge tell you that since you could demonstrate no harm, you had no standing to press your case? Well, as interesting as that imagined case might be, a real one might just be similar to it — and that genuine case could well be not only interesting, but extremely important.

This trenchant discussion of politically incorrect facts about Islam and the implications of the teaching of history is highly recommended.

A TNG pet peeve: “Incurable Brain Cancer Gene Is Silenced; Gene regulation technology increases survival rates in mice with glioblastoma”. Results: the survival rate was improved by almost 20 percent. Well, face it, that’s trivial. Something that looks on paper as if it would be a total cure for every case turns out to be…somewhat helpful, sort of. More to the point: if you are a mouse and you have darn near any kind of cancer, you can often be cured; humans, however, are not so easy to help because cancer treatments that work on mice often don’t transfer to humans. Yet every darn time something works on mice, it gets promoted as likely good for people. That’s not just stupid — it’s indecent.

This commentary on Obama’s mindset is insightful, and it benefits from some reminders of what the writer had to say about The One some time ago. Yet there is more to an understanding of what motivates the man and what his deep-seated needs are. (For starters, consider a sense of entitlement, inherited resentment caused by historical colonialism, and a need to regiment others in an attempt to impose ultimate fairness that will put an end to history.)

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