…it is our own desire for answers and panaceas that gives the terrible simplifiers their power.

Kerry Flaunts Umbrella, Obama Prays For The Distraction To Work, Israel Sweats

The accord between Iran and the powers that do not want that nation to acquire nuclear weapons is a moronic blunder. Herewith some marginally hasty observations that do indeed proceed from a certain degree of alarm.

Obama is in trouble. He badly needed a success of some sort — anything that would distract the public and press and allow him to pose as a statesman. The Iranians knew that.

Iran has a perfect right to medical uses of nuclear energy, as well as for the generation of electricity. In fact it has passed the point required to have uranium that is pure enough for both purposes; it is openly preparing uranium for military use.

Tellingly, Kerry and the European Union never chose to demand that the Iranians respond to the question, “Why do you want to purify uranium to weapons grade? What use do you have for nuclear weapons? What do you want that only nuclear weapons can get you?

Up to now, Iran has babbled about its right as a sovereign power to do what it wants with nuclear science and technology — but that’s no answer. Pinning Tehran down about its need for atomic bombs should have been a constant effort.

In pressing Iran for answers, Kerry should have made clear that he understands the nature and aims of Twelver fantasies. As far as this newsletter knows, the issue never came up — probably because it would have been considered undiplomatic or even explosive. All the more reason to bring it up, and drive the point home. Telling fanatics that you know how fanatical they are is more likely to convince them that you are a credible opponent than that they must redouble their insane demands.

The international sanctions have finally hit home, and Iran’s government fears it is losing its grip on the population. It can no longer afford to subsidize the many consumer items that are cheap. When the funding for subsidies is depleted, there will be serious trouble for the mad mullahs. Kerry and Company are letting that splendid opportunity slip through their clumsy fingers.

Be clear: the only pressure the West can bring to bear on Iran is sanctions. That pressure has worked. Now, in return for nothing, the USA and the EU have agreed to reduce the pressure.

The Iranians do not even have to submit to effective inspections.

It must be understood that even if truly complete inspections were attempted (some parts of the agreement might be unknown to this newsletter as this is written), that would pose no problem for the Iranian weapons shops. There are duplicate nuclear facilities, and the Iranians have made plans that will in fact misdirect and befuddle inspectors. The successful tactics employed by North Korea, Libya, and Iraq served as postgraduate courses in evasion, manipulation, and deceit; the Iranians studied and learned. They know that rendering inspectors useless is easy.

Tehran has agreed only to carry on talking, and once they have the money, they won’t have to honor that promise. There will be no genuine shutdown of the production of weapons-grade uranium. The same holds for the reactors that will produce, and might already be producing, plutonium for bombs.

The talks have produced a single result: huge sums, billions of dollars currently blocked by the sanctions, will gush into Tehran. In return for that incalculably valuable reward, Iran has given up literally nothing of substance.


Two cats


Which cat would you suspect ate the canary?


Some say none of this would have happened if Obama’s popularity had not plunged.

This newsletter is not inclined to believe that claim. For years, Obama has gently but very deliberately pushed US policy toward Israel onto a different track. His championing of the “Palestinians” has been fervent, and his relations with Israel have been degraded. Why is the puzzle. One can only speculate.

Going easy on Iran seems to have been in the cards for a long time.

In any event, it certainly is true that Obama will now, to the extent that it is possible, bask in the approval of a relieved world. He fairly blooms when adoring throngs proclaim his glory.

The results that Kerry will triumphantly bring back to the USA are intended to be testimony to a principled, superbly skilled foreign policy that is the envy of the world’s elite diplomats.

That was also an aim and hope of British PM Chamberlain.

Kerry is an amoral midget sent on an errand that called for a giant, and, to make matters far worse, he was charged with a vile task. He has served his master’s perverse and all-consuming ambition. This prostitution of power is a shameful moment in the history of the USA.

One can only hope that the debacle will be followed by definitive, positive and preemptive action that ends the current Iranian construction of a nuclear weapon.

Unless Tehran is physically prevented from acting on its insane plans, there will be nuclear war.

Meanwhile, while peace lasts, there is that widening gap between Israel and the USA. It would remain even if Iran were to disappear tomorrow. It seems as if Obama discounts the “Palestinian” penchant for violence, dismissing credible predictions that until Israel is destroyed and all Jews expelled from “occupied Palestine” or murdered, there will be heartbreaking bloodshed.

It is likely that history’s judgment of Obama and Kerry will be that they were two of the most foolish, selfish, bizarrely doctrinaire, bigoted national leaders in the last five centuries.

That they gained control of and so abused a democratic republic will be an indelible stain on the history of self-government.

(Photo: Catherine Ashton, European Union foreign policy leader; Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister.)

Bringing The AGW Hoax Up To Date

Most people believe the earth is warming. “Climate change” (that’s code for you-know-what) is happening, as a claimed consensus of scientists has proved to the satisfaction of folks who, through no fault of their own, just don’t understand the facts of the matter.

Well, global warming is nonsense, and anthropogenic global warming is a malicious fabrication. Lots of people have bought the lies, though, and gullible “greens” cling to cultic faith that defies all informed, rational consideration. Meanwhile the truth is researched, checked, reported — and ignored by the politically correct news media.

But isn’t the earth really warming? After all, scientists say it is. The Warmers among the scientists are wrong, and you can trust that judgment. The evidence debunking those alarming claims is convincing.

Here, for example, is the tale of an island nation that is said to be drowning because people elsewhere are burning coal. Look at the graph and decide for yourself how bad things are.


Sea levels
Ups And Downs, But The Seychelles Have Been There Many Times Already


To recapitulate: unless you can prove that the world has warmed in the past fifteen or so years, you can’t posit the melting of polar icecaps. If it turns out that the melting of north polar ice is not at all unprecedented (as this newsletter has demonstrated), and if global warming has not taken place, then you have to consider that ice at the south pole may have grown considerably — which it has. Second, you have to believe that human activity alone is sufficient to increase atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide to produce warming. In fact, it’s not; consider that science actually does not have a good understanding of volcanic sources of carbon dioxide (yes, that’s true, no matter what “firm” estimates you might have read), and then reconsider your assertions. Third, you have to believe that if mankind cut its carbon dioxide emissions by half, the climate would react by providing mankind with a permanently stable, felicitous climate. But you would have to explain that to James Hanson, Al Gore’s Gray Eminence. Here’s the relevant paragraph from Number 14 of this newsletter:


As noted in PenPo Number 12, the human contribution to total CO2 levels in the atmosphere is five percent. Both sides in the debate over anthropogenic global warming accept that figure. This Hansen fellow wants to cut 385 ppm (the current level) down to 350 ppm, which means he is asking for a reduction of almost nine percent. That would require humankind not only to stop all production of CO2, but somehow manage to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in quantities virtually equaling its current contribution.

(Number 14 is yours for the asking.)

Don’t fret, Pilgrims. The world is not going to hell in a handbasket because you drive an automobile or prefer to heat your home. Mother Nature long ago created extreme swings of climate, which anthropogenic global warming alarmists selectively ignored when they studied historical climate; those rascals ignored such things as the Medieval Warming and the Little Ice Age, which could not possibly have been caused by human activity. The earliest version of Mann’s bogus hockey stick graph omits them because they would only arouse realizations that the natural, normal variability of climate happens in the absence of human technology — and can be correctly assumed to continue once mankind developed industry, the Otto cycle engine, and the combustion-based generation of electrical power.


Eisenhower warned the USA about the machinations of the “military-industrial complex”, and with good reason. Today, however, the complex that should be worrying everybody is the point at which the federal government, the Federal Reserve, and the banking/financial establishment meet — and conspire. Most folks simply do not understand most of what most of this complex does. If the voters ever do figure it out, there will probably be a second American Revolution. That’s right: the sheer obscurity of the Ruling Elite’s nefarious practices is the rascals’ security.

Immigration is supposed to meet national needs, not facilitate the collapse of ethical governance. In the USA, Democrats lust to add millions to the portion of the electorate that will support “progressive” candidates who promise generous benefits, and Republicans try to make immigration just another process. What a shame that the legislative effort to make immigration rules both rational and practical has degenerated to a bitter, bloody brawl.

If you are one of the unfortunates who was previously insured against the costs of illness and injury and who lost that coverage when Obamacare became law, take heart: the administration cares about you. And it can explain everything to you in clear, precise language (that was just dreamed up). Recommended.

The Breitbart “wingnuts” are really steamed at Obama. That might be exactly what he and millions of voters want, of course, but then again — well, have a look and see whether there is good reason for rational, Liberty-loving people to be upset.

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