According to a 2012 analysis by the Pew Center on the States, there are more than 1.8 million deceased individuals who remain on voter registration rolls. In addition, approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

The Executive Branch Of The US Federal Government Is Being Transformed Yet Again

Here are thought-provoking observations on the role of the president of the USA as it relates to the constitutional exercise of power and the changing times. Sample quote, calculated to induce you to clink on the hyperlink: “The principles of a Constitution are irrevocably lost when the legislative power is dominated by the executive.”

Note, please, that the recommended commentary mentions George W. Bush’s role as a precedent-making exponent of illegitimate authority. The concept of the president as a variety of king or absolute ruler has been growing, thanks to Lincoln, Wilson, F. D. Roosevelt, and most subsequent occupants of the White House. Reform and true constitutional governance will necessarily involve changes of perceptions and expectations. That won’t be easy. (See the final paragraph in the Conclusions of the “A View of US Journalism” item found in this Number.)

Next, here’s just one example of a bad presidential decision that was extra-constitutional: the Internal Revenue Service was the worst possible choice to impose Obamacare. Consider the opening paragraph of the linked piece:

Six months after the Internal Revenue Service’s inspector general revealed that the tax-collection agency had been targeting conservative organizations for added scrutiny and delaying their applications for tax-exempt status, the IRS has proposed new rules for handling political activity by nonprofits. The proposed rules would plunge the agency deeper into political regulation.

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad

Here’s the story of Ahmet Erteg√ľn, the founder of Atlantic Records. The article comes from Saudi Aramco World, one of my favorite “culture” magazines. They publish out of Houston, TX on a bi-monthly basis, and provide many interesting articles that are, of course, nearly always on a subject related to Middle Eastern geography, the historical aspects of Muslim culture, and so on. One might even say their editorial slant is almost secular.

I don’t agree with everything the author of this piece writes, but I think I do understand what he’s trying to get across. Note that some of the comments, especially the one that goes off on a diatribe about the conflict in Northern Ireland, express the author’s viewpoint much better. Mandela, for all his peccadillos, at least helped to contribute to the eradication of state-sponsored Apartheid, although true racial equality still does not exist in South Africa.

Are wolverines to supplant dogs when it comes to finding buried people? Possibly. We just have to train a corps of wolverines. We could call them the Wolverine Detectors, which would make them the “WD-40s”.

There was Abrupt Climate Change in South Africa 40,000 – 80,000 years ago, and it was certainly not caused by anthropogenic CO2 — unless the Neanderthaler were building some humongous fires or had smokestack industries we have not yet discovered.

Maybe this is a trifle simplified, but it might be a start for those who think all Muslims are alike.


Several seismic events promise to impose huge changes across the globe. First, the USA is no longer a net importer of petrochemicals, and that could be excellent news — if the Obama administration can be prevented from tampering with the cascade of good effects.

Of course this is a huge blow to the Arabs and Persians. The former, however, have seen this coming, and have been wisely diversifying their investments for decades. So the oil-wealthy in the Arab nations will remain wealthy. The Persians, however — called Iranians these days — could be in some trouble. The price of oil will fall, making it harder for Iran to build the refineries it needs. That could make the mad mullahs even more hostile and determined to launch the war to end history.


Asia will benefit from lower prices, and there may be consequent increased economic pressure on the USA to regain competitive status in manufacturing.

Yes, there is oil under Israel. The discovery implies the possibility of dramatic, even scary, change — though it remains to be seen just how large the resources will prove to be, and how rapidly they can be exploited. Things are off to a slow start.

The rule used to be that oil often had to be purchased from some of the nastiest folks on earth. Now it’s clear that the next few years should be very, ah, interesting for many of the old-timers in the global petroleum industry.

A View Of US Journalism, Politics, The Intertwining Of The Two, And the Implications Thereof

What they say is important, but why they say it matters more

The director of national intelligence sent a written communication to the head of a Senate committee; it read, in part, “My response was clearly erroneous, for which I apologize”. The Congress and the nation need to understand that this means no more and no less than that the spooks are lying, and that they will admit their guilt only when they have no alternative.

The puzzle is simply stated: why doesn’t Obama slap the rascals down? Who’s actually running Washington?

An important magazine published a lengthy attempt at an answer. This newsletter’s commentary focuses on the possible implications of and motives behind that answer, not on the nature of the US intelligence community. What matters, in other words, is what perceptions and plans prompted the publication of a long, thoughtful piece in a politically and culturally significant (i.e., connected) magazine.

Note, please, that this newsletter is skeptical about, if not downright suspicious of, that magazine. You are advised not to accept uncritically either the claims or the logic of the article. Here’s a sample quote that might demonstrate why that caution is considered helpful:

“…now Obama had to decide whether he would publicly embrace a section of the Patriot Act that he had criticized in his most famous speech and that he had tried to rewrite as a senator. He would have to do so knowing that the main government program authorized by the business-records provision was beset by problems. On September 14th, Obama publicly revealed that he wanted the provision renewed without any changes”.

Yes, that’s in a magazine that is very friendly with the “progressive” Bicoastal Elite, yet the words make sense to, and perhaps only to, those who can think of Obama as craving power and control.

If he is so afflicted, then of course he will not want to share power and control with anyone who disagrees with him. But that can’t be how this politically correct magazine sees him, now can it?

Proceed thoughtfully, Pilgrims. You might have to decide whether the linked article could be a stalking horse.

For example: is Obama portrayed in the article as a hero who has been foiled by evil geniuses? Has the intelligence community co-opted the presidency?

Yes, it can happen. In fact it has. Recall (or if you are too young to be served by memory, read) how the CIA sold an inexperienced and wide-eyed John Kennedy a crackpot scheme to invade Cuba.

Is that the sort of thing the author of the linked article is deftly getting at? Is the message in the text virtually subliminal?

Before tackling that puzzle, consider the current political role and stance of the major media. Once that is clear, undertake the speculative task of glimpsing which way the Bicoastal Elite hopes to lead the nation.

The easiest way to describe the currently prevailing overt policy of the major news media in the USA is to refer to the media as compliant. They note Obamoid blunders only when the gaffes are impossible to ignore, and the journalists never push for investigations of obvious rascals in Team Obama; everything unflattering to The One’s cabal is downplayed.

That might change. The tacit criticism of Obama outlined just above could presage that eventuality.

Influential “progressives” might be considering a modified strategy

It could be that some journalists realize that Obama the reformer has foundered, and cannot accomplish in the remainder of his second term anything like the changes he had in mind when he ran for office. If that is recognized by the trend-setters in US journalism, the immediate question would arise: whom and what should the media specify for reform? What symbolic target might be most expedient for the advance of Utopian social engineering?

Some would argue that the massive intelligence community is the only logical choice. Everyone knows that the National Security Agency routinely breaks the law, and the Central Intelligence Agency is notorious for being off the leash. Fascistic zealotry in defense of the nation is the problem, is it not?

To put it crudely, then: it might be that The Bicoastal Elite is interested in brushing Obama aside as ineffectual, and crafting a public perception of the nation’s problems that draws attention away from the actual causes of greatest discontent. The Federal Reserve, the tax apparatus, the maladministration of justice (of which Obama’s bosom buddy Holder is the icon) and the unwarranted growth of government, greedy civil service unions, and Blue Sky social/educational institutions are all to be ignored. Control of the individual can be increased if criminal surveillance becomes the focus of the electorate’s attention and revulsion.

The new emphasis on curbing the spooks needs a dual rationale

If — and that’s a very significant word — the media are skillful, they can use popular discontent with Obama’s shortcomings to promote a power shift in the federal government. Distracting the public by whining deceitfully about the surveillance state, they can expand dependency on government even as they promote the false perception that the individual is increasingly sheltered, mentored, and empowered — by a paternalistic government.

None of those tactics involve addressing the roots of the economic and social ills of the nation.

Up to now, the fundamental media tactic has been to ignore or downplay the unpleasant aspects of Obama’s and the “progressive” movement’s extension of control over the citizenry. Hyperactive spooks are a godsend to this propaganda effort: the vaunted privacy of the individual can now be championed by Utopian levelers and other authoritarians. Few citizens will notice the fundamental contradiction between the imposition of uniformity and the claim that Big Brother is not watching. Of course he will be watching. He will be watching so you can be sure no one is watching….

The zealotry and paranoid secrecy of today’s intelligence community serve the needs of social engineers — which is what most Obamites are. That’s what the “Hope and Change” slogan hinted at: reinventing society. The vague words implied an effort to level the playing field, provide national and personal security, see to public health, reduce the uncertainties inherent in the future, and smoothe the path to tranquility.

“Hope and change” was and still is a tacit claim that Utopia just might be attainable.

But…think of herding cats.

Clearly, to make good things happen, you have to be in control.

Control means power. Having power means being able to beat back threats to society. It means imposing — guaranteeing — security.

Security can be defined as absolute knowledge that disruptions cannot occur.

For the umpteenth time, this newsletter reminds you of Obama’s exact words:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Here’s the video.


Obama might try to regain momentum by pulling a rabbit out of his hat, but Obamacare was and remains the icon of his two terms. He’s likely to be pretty much dead in the water for more than two years.

It could be that the press, which is overwhelmingly “progressive”, is refocusing. The new darling of the journalists will probably be Hillary, which means Obama could be in for some rough treatment from many journalists. No more thrills running up the leg, and so on.

A feeble attempt might be made to repeal the 22nd amendment and retain The One. It might — but that is extremely unlikely, a circumstance this newsletter cannot attribute to its recent refutation of the nonsense supporting an end to the presidential term limit.

The intelligence agencies will soldier on stoically, but a price will be paid. Spooks of all varieties might find themselves offered up as live sacrifices to the society that Could Be. Libertarians could be seduced to join in the effort to bring down the intelligence apparatus. That would bode well for Islamists (which unhappy event would be totally irrelevant to The Bicoastal Elite).

There will be an increasing interest in what are generally called “conspiracy theories”, some of which might accurately describe reality (see the next item). Examples will include the Kennedy assassinations, a reappraisal of the career of Lyndon Johnson, the role of international banks in the world economy, the influence of hyper-wealthy individuals on governance, the full account of NASA’s activities with special emphasis on contact with extraterrestrials, what HAARP is really about, the attempts of governments to control global weather, “chemtrails”, the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on health, and the purpose of the United Nations. Doubtless new themes will be added to this list of “fringe” interests.

Overall, the average person in Western Civilization will probably begin to wonder how it is that, in a highly technical and impressively capable society, the individual feels so powerless, so manipulated, so overwhelmed and so helpless. (Here’s an interesting and insightful attempt to understand that and closely related attitudes.)

A minority of people will gravitate to one of the many causes which vary from advocacy of human rights for animals to an end to combustion of carbon. In such an atmosphere, the volatility of “social action” and “people power” will only be enhanced; demonstrations, riots and rebellions will by no means disappear. The diversity of Western culture will increase.

And the best course to set during this era of rapid change, lunacy and continuing power struggles? If you are in the USA, aim simply for constitutional governance and the repair of judicial vandalism. Yet again this newsletter recommends Levin’s The Liberty Amendments. If you are outside the USA, pray that Levin will be read, understood, and recognized in the USA. Then consider how you might advance decency and Liberty in the world.

Obama Ordered A Nuclear Attack On USA, And Was Foiled By Generals? Really?

The following links exemplify the concern of some US citizens that political and military policy have come totally unhinged. In all probability, there is little in the posts linked here that can be verified; while individual events and facts may be accurately represented, the overall thrust of the arguments is not accepted by this newsletter. You can, in other words, skip this item unless you are curious about the horrors lurking on the periphery of political discourse.

Obama fires patriotic military brass after planning to drop a nuclear bomb on the USA. That’s called a “false flag” attack. How many people Obama planned to vaporize is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile, the emphasis is on disarming all US residents. In order to do that, you would have to have a military that is willing to shoot down defenders of the second amendment to the federal constitution. So the vetting is allegedly under way. Navy Seals are being recruited.

Is all this silly, or have terrible Obamoid secrets been exposed? That’s for you to decide.

What impresses this newsletter is the desperate pain of these people. They feel utterly betrayed, so they congregate, drawing courage and strength from the camaraderie.

A good president would take this very seriously; a great president would unstintingly devote his intellect to finding ways to deal with this misery.


Quick! Go to Headline of the Day (click here) and look at the headline! It won’t be up for long, so see it now.

If you want to find out how things are going with the Obamacare website, you can look at this video (spotted at Headline Of The Day) which explains…well, maybe you can understand how things are coming along, but frankly, this newsletter is baffled by the blarney. It seems the people in charge simply can’t articulate the facts — or don’t want to (how many of the congressman’s questions were intelligibly answered?).

You knew this would happen. So did John Kerry and Barack Obama. Now: do you care?

“Even among federal agencies, the ATF’s incompetency stands out.” Well, yes. Read and understand.

All too typical police misbehavior: swaggering bullies attempt to intimidate a citizen who is well within his rights. It is not a crime to make a video of police officers who are doing their jobs.

Related: These things seem to happen all too often. If the full story were known…would appearances prove deceiving? Perhaps, but if the police want to arrest simply everyone in the family, is this the way to do that?

Obamacare: if this information is correct, and if California is a bellwether, Obamacare is in deep, deep trouble. No matter how many folks sign up, this could kill the entire program in a hurry.

“The third party payment system is the principal force behind health care price inflation.” Further, many patients can save money by paying the physician/surgeon directly, rather than relying on insurance. Read it all, because it makes perfect sense. Of course it’s not politically correct; it has to do with free markets and people agreeing voluntarily to engage in commerce.

“…modern American liberalism is soulless — it is the ideology of power….” Good grief! Has somebody been reading this newsletter? — No, nobody reads this irrelevant effort. But if anyone were to read this, he’d be advised to click on the link and learn of the recent follies and foibles of NTG’s favorite faux Native American. She’s a fine-feathered fantast whose frantic foolishness furnishes fulsome frisson for her faithful followers. Ugh! She’s a caution and a bully, you betchum.

The USA has been hammered economically, and it would only be natural to ask who or what is responsible for the assault. Or was it a failure rather than a felony? Here’s the answer that makes perfect sense to this newsletter.

When Obama promised all US citizens they could keep their health care insurance and their doctors, he lied. It was neither a slip of the tongue nor a lapse of memory. It was a premeditated, deliberate lie. In fact, “…the Obama plan’s architects fully intended all along to force those people out of their individual plans and into the subsidized Obamacare exchanges…”. (Source.) The falsehood was delivered smoothly, convincingly, by a charlatan who knew he would be called on it. Supremely cynical, The One expected to silence his critics with an irritated toss of his head. The monumental hubris that allows a ruler so to sneer at his subjects is the definitive attribute of a tyrant.

Some might say tragedies like this are not ultimately the consequences of faith. That would be a fundamental error.

Modern genetics has been coming up with surprises lately; here’s one.

So Obama shook hands with Raul Castro. So — what? After all, Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler.

What, no mention of Mad Mary Mapes? “Oh, well.” (To say more would be like dancing on the grave of a pathetic former foe. One can afford to be charitable. May the self-deluding spear-carrier for the “progressive” cause be visited in his retirement by peace and rationality.)

It is with some misgivings that NTG offers you this hyperlink. Science Daily does not have rock-solid credentials as what this newsletter calls a reliable source, and one has to wonder how Discovery took that photo of itself. Well, this is about life on Mars, so perhaps you can afford to suspend reason for a moment or two…then, having satisfied your curiosity, do see the next link….


…which is reliable and absolutely correct. This one is not only accurate, but vitally important. Highly recommended.

Don’t impeach, go for gains in the next two elections!” Well, OK, but gosh, visions of cancelling his ticket do conjure up a seductive fantasy….

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