The vulgar, who take things according to their first appearance, attribute the uncertainty of events to such an uncertainty in the causes as makes the latter often fail of the usual influence; though they meet with no impediment in their operation.

Is The USA A Police State?

The implications of scabrous propaganda were predictive

While furious criticism from the “wingnut” end of the US political spectrum has not weakened “progressive” support for Obama, some in the Democratic party consider the president a disappointment. Briefly: Guantanamo is still open; unemployment is stubbornly mocking political rhetoric; as a direct consequence of Obamacare’s arrival, more people in the USA are without health insurance; foreign policy is open to severe criticism (more or less as usual); and economic problems provoke heated debate over comparisons, analyses, trends, and prospects. “Progressives” are hard put (though they would not admit it) to defend their leader against charges of deceit, ignorance, and incompetence.

At some point, Obama will be hammered by current reality, which means he won’t be able to blame W for today’s problems. For example, consider the NSA: since assuming office in 2009, has the president remained ignorant of what the spooks were and are doing? Here is an example of “progressive” anger provoked by the administration’s toleration of alleged misbehavior.

Collectivists are beginning to struggle with questions of how, exactly, their Utopia can be constructed without increasing the surveillance of the populace, disarming firearms owners, intimidating individuals who dare to dissent, and depending on a more powerful police presence.

Yes, that suggests that Obamoid efforts are fascist.

In years past, this newsletter compared Obamites’ videos with hoary Nazi propaganda and appalling North Korean spectacles. You read here that statists both domestic and foreign routinely exploit small children in sickening homage to whatever Grate Leader happens to be Heaven’s current gift to the people. Militaristic themes surfaced in the pro-Obama videos, reminding of the Hitler Jugend; in every instance, the dominant refrain of the productions was the submersion of the individual in a sea of conformity, unity, mindless response to select stimuli, and the politically correct dehumanization of the individual. Obamania was, for this newsletter at least, shockingly familiar, depressing, and occasionally exploitive of cute little children.

All of it was — and still is — the obscene smile on the makeup-caked face of the whore that is the fascist ideal.

The practice of fascism

Obama reminds that he has a pen and a telephone; in truth, he relies more on executive orders than has any other president. He is intolerant of the representative process, insisting that he will make decisions that were once made by Congress — because Congress might disagree with him.

Across the nation, police are increasingly undergoing militarization, and their relationship to the Department of Homeland Security is evolving in mysterious ways. The populace is sleepwalking into the custody of a virtual national police force. In sum, events constitute a trap that mocks the constitution and validates the concerns of the USA’s fretful founders.

Then there is the Internal Revenue Service, which has been tasked with the intimidation of Team Obama’s political opponents. That’s not over and done with: see the final entry in the Links section, below.

As economic woes refuse to disappear, a scapegoat is created. Obama’s equivalent of the Nazi fable of Jewish malevolence is the demonization of the wealthy. Money that goes to the rich is tacitly claimed to disappear, becoming forever unavailable to the poor; that’s stunning economic ignorance (read the item, “Squaw Make Bad Medicine, You Betchum”), of course, but it is to be expected from today’s Neo-Marxists.

Finally, the USA’s culture war is not fiction, unfortunately. The pretense that a confederacy of inbred mouth-breathers, fundamentalist Protestant crazies, brain-dead Tea Partiers, racists, and assorted gun nuts would like to lynch Obama is a “progressive” postulate. The attempt to fabricate solidarity by inspiring hatred of The Other is found at the absolute nadir of politics. However…

…it might be objected that to describe The Bicoastal Elite is to stoop to the same level of invective. Consider, therefore, that the distinction between mocking the inhabitants of Flyover Country as living in the “middle places” where they do the “dance of the low sloping foreheads” is one thing (see this Number of NTG, as well), while describing the party at Lenny’s is quite another.

Seeing the obvious, in spite of ideological blinders

If asked to name his paramount goals, Obama would doubtless claim that he intends to narrow the economic gap between the poorest and the wealthiest in the interest of “fairness”. Then there is a goal he would not mention, though it is obvious: he seeks unprecedented control of the polity. He can’t make everything all better without having virtual total control.

As Team Obama moves toward the redesign of the US economy and a reliance on increasingly lethal policing, even the most doctrinaire collectivists must be aware that the nature, the quality of government is degenerating. In fact Obama is behaving more like Mussolini and less like any previous US chief executive, with the possible exception of Woodrow Wilson. (Recall, please, Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book Liberal Fascism, reviewed here.)

The Dean suggests a look at this list of complaints posted by a “wingnut” outfit. As you examine it, do set aside your prejudices and attitudes toward superannuated John Birch Society true believers. For once, ask yourself how many of these claims and topics resonate with old-fashioned “liberals”. In fact, there are a number of transgressions on this list that will embarrass and alarm many on the sinister end of the political spectrum.

Can old enemies unite against fascism?

Indeed a plethora of valid questions arises as a consequence of Obama’s hubristic misbehavior: where does security stop and fascism begin? Would the “progressive” dream be snuffed out by the adoption of Levin’s Liberty Amendments? Do libertarians and old-fashioned “liberals” have common interests and fears? Can “wingnuts” and “progressives” ever realize that they understand fascism, and thereafter gain the insight that the fundamental issue for everybody is Liberty? Will it always be necessary for “big government” politicians to erode the choices of the individual, and will the “wingnuts” eventually grasp the futility of their prim passion for punitive conformity? Could it be that by the time Obama leaves office, he will be universally recognized as the enemy of prosperity, free choice, the sanctity of the individual in his home, and common sense?

Trendy totalitarianism and fashionable fascism

Perhaps the best comparison between Obama’s fascist pragmatism and historical nonsense should begin with a look at the admiration/toleration of Stalin by the most fervent collectivists in FDR’s and Truman’s camps. Eventually the “liberals” became less relevant and influential as the realization spread that communism is very nasty indeed. Then the Venona documents drove the point home (almost nobody still says Hiss was innocent). By the same token, enthusiasm (from 1925 to 1941) for Mussolini and to a lesser extent for Hitler lost traction among “wingnuts”. Lessons learned, indeed.

Well, almost everybody has occasionally hoped for a Man on a White Horse, and many can not resist the thrill of a mass movement. After all, saving the whales and repressing greedy, deceitful and intransigent people are proper avocations for socially aware citizens…aren’t they?

(A word for the benefit of the naive: when invited to a civil disobedience action, do remember The Twelvers; read this if you do not understand what they want. Cultic causes are a lot more than just a chance to wreck a McDonald’s, prove that cops are brutes, and expand your sexual horizons. They always involve the prostitution of one’s humanity — simply because in their use of human beings as means rather than ends, they deny the reality of the individual.)

Guesswork and predictions of a sort

Because Obama does not face another election, there will almost certainly be no meeting of the minds between collectivists and individualists, though many in the former camp consider themselves anti-fascists, and individualists like the Tea Partiers certainly are opposed to the all-powerful state. Their mutual animosity would be reduced, perhaps substantially, if Obama decided to remain in office in 2016.

To the extent that there can be agreement between these old and very bitter enemies, it would be because Team Obama savages values that everyone cherishes. Identifying those values would be all the easier as Obama’s high-handedness increased. Civil liberties are, to a certain extent, perceived similarly by both collectivists and individualists, though for different reasons.

One can hope, therefore, that even as the “progressives” use crude sexual innuendo to mock the Tea Partiers, and as the “wingnuts” insist that they must somehow prevent the statists from rigging elections and “playing the race card”, the fundamentals of ethics might not be forgotten. Fortunately almost everybody understands E. A. Blair (“Orwell”).

The final word

It is time for the extremes to start talking to one another. It will be very difficult for advocates of free markets to convince people like “Squaw” Warren that she is loopy, but perhaps she will eventually see that everyone should be free to attempt to make a contribution to prosperity — even if the entrepreneur claims to be the sole author of that effort. Of course her idiotic “paying forward” just makes it harder to hire people, harder to produce goods and services that the community wants, and harder to introduce innovation into the business community. Some day, perhaps she will grasp some of those truths; for now, one can hope she might understand that Obamoid politics is little different from the authoritarian Utopianism of Mussolini. That would be a start.

Security For Whom, And From Whose Depredations?

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. (Video.)

Does it strike you as significant that training such as this would be under way, and that the press would be specifically excluded from observing it?

Once again, you are referred to Rodney Balko’s book, recently reviewed in this newsletter.


A savagely sarcastic video provides an introduction to nullification, a concept that is vital to the growth of Liberty. Highly recommended.

“Papers!” demands the uniformed officer at the check point. It’s a staple of films that evoke the horrors of Nazi tyranny, and it has been cited to prevent polling places from making sure that when somebody comes in and asks, “Do you have a ballot for Eric Holder?” he won’t be allowed to vote in the place of the US attorney general. Then there is the current presidential obsession with privacy and the perceived excesses of the NSA. You recall the policy that prevented the CIA from telling the FBI that the perpetrators of the World Trade Center/Pentagon/Pennsylvania catastrophes had arrived in the USA (which policy was grotesquely strengthened by Clinton favorite Jamie Gorelick), but did you know that Obama’s regulation of the NSA is in many disturbing respects Gorelick II? For some reason, “progressives” often have trouble devising rational intelligence and security policies. Privacy can be insured even as effective intelligence protects the nation; it’s just that the current leadership is ideological rather than rational, amateur rather than professional, and egotistical rather than wise.

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad

How the Brits perceive US football. “Not so much as subs bench as a Subs Borough”. “The man dressed as Wolverine must report to the fist line”.

Surprise! Sometimes university students cheat. Well, sometimes they try to.

Stuxnet lives…in outer space.

Book Review

Hunting Hitler, New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany, by Jerome Corsi; Skyhorse Publishing, ISBN 978-1-62636-171-3.

This small volume with the boastful title argues cogently that the “eyewitnesses” to Hitler’s suicide were lying, and that the skeletal material claimed by the Soviets to be the dictator’s was that of a female. The problematic escape of Hitler and other Nazi notables to Argentina is then explained, along with the speculation that he might have lived out the rest of his life in an alpine setting (“…Residencia Inalco, located in a remote area between San Carlos de Barlioce and Villa La Angostura, bordering on the Nahuel Haupi Lake outside the city of Bariloche, in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina”).

You might have heard that Hitler lived to 91 or 98; Corsi says that the old man was a wreck from illness and the assassination attempt, and probably died a very few years after arriving in South America.

How did Hitler get away? He had the help of Juan Peron and Allen Dulles, Corsi says. The author also claims the Bush family backed Hitler early in the dictator’s career; later, the Swiss and many other people helped Bormann move money out of Germany when the Russian front showed signs of failure. And so on. Corsi is, in other words, another conspiracy theorist who wants to spread guilt around. He says: “Today, a convincing argument can be made that the Fourth Reich is arising today in the United States and Europe”. When? Oh, yes — today. (Heavy sigh.)

It would be nice if the book included photos of the Residencia Inalco, Hitler’s last residence, and the text could have been edited to produce a more graceful narrative, as well as eliminate an incorrectly spelled name or two. Otherwise, it appears that its detractors can only speculate, for the conspiracist aspects elude documentation. Corsi seems to have controlled what can be known to the point where his account is on solid ground; that does not mean that his speculations and exposés are correct — it means that refuting his incomplete tale is not possible at present.

The book’s strong suit is its debunking of the belief that Hitler died in Berlin, and that his corpse was burned there. The escape on one of two possible submarines makes sense. Beyond that, who knows? The people that did know are probably all roasting in hell. Whether Allen Dulles is among them is not known to this newsletter. Corsi: “Allen Dulles knew the Nazis working for Hitler in government, business, and intelligence activities were our natural allies”. Sure, and Werner von Braun, and so on and on and on.

Corsi’s final chapter is a conspiracist’s delight. No, this newsletter cannot prove him wrong. There is nothing new or alarming in that.

Well, perhaps some day photos of Hitler in his retirement will surface. Maybe there will be one where Hitler and Truman are seen playing chess, or Hitler is explaining what went wrong in Russia to a sympathetic Eisenhower. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Speculation On The Origin Of AIDS

This is terrible almost beyond human understanding:

In the preparation of massive amounts of various polio vaccines – either weakened or killed virus that causes recipients to form protective antibodies – things occasionally went horribly wrong. Hundreds of people actually contracted polio by the very means they sought to protect themselves – and some died. Researchers who cultured the virus using the tissues of animals were stricken and sometimes killed by other viruses infecting the animals. And finally, the medium that scientists used to produce the vaccine – the kidneys of monkeys caught in the wild – was found to be sometimes contaminated by simian viruses that were later passed on to millions of unsuspecting people.

There is the prospect that we may find out something else after the fact: that another polio vaccine may have inadvertently infected its recipients with an even more fearsome and insidious virus, the one that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome – AIDS.

Read it all here.

Blaming The Murdered Ambassador

Recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal by Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in the US embassy to Libya, sheds light on the Benghazi tragedy in which ambassador Stevens was killed. He notes the fact that the Senate report is less than forthcoming and accurate, and that a number of unnamed individuals claim Stevens was fatally remiss in his duties.

Is this Foggy Bottom trying to shield itself from well-deserved criticism? Perhaps it’s a few partisans in State crafting a shelter for Hillary, so her run for the presidency can proceed smoothly. Perhaps it’s both.

Hicks’s motives are clear, however, and it’s fortunate that he is telling the world exactly how it came to be that security in Benghazi was criminally inadequate. While he does not speculate about the motives of those who curse Stevens as the bungler, he provides compelling testimony. His flat conclusion: “The blame lies entirely with Washington”.

So… here’s how Foggy Bottom dealt with an official who was “…in charge of the office that denied extra security personnel to the U.S. Ambassador in Libya before the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks”. This civil servant had reportedly resigned after the report on the Benghazi tragedy was released. Misdirection? Second thoughts? Reward for keeping silent? There’s no way to know. As is the case with the date and type of John Kerry’s first discharge from the US Navy, maybe some day the full story will come out.


Recent news: one, two, and three. The only important question: how did farmers and shopkeepers come by large numbers of modern military weapons?

The obvious answers: some of those rifles probably were originally provided courtesy of the goofy offices of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, an outfit ultimately overseen by the deplorable Eric Holder. Yes, the reference is to Fast And Furious. Once the weapons were in Mexico, they must have been distributed by people who have lots of money and large stores of rifles. That can mean only one thing: the Mexican vigilantes are backed by gangs that are trying to dominate, not eliminate, organized crime. The vigilantes are frauds.

The ultimate cause of the violence and terror is the War on Drugs waged by the USA. That “war” always was and still is a stunningly stupid Utopian concept. Conceived as a way of convincing the electorate that “traditional values” were upheld by the federal government, the attempt to prevent individuals from using recreational drugs other than alcohol and tobacco was born in error. It was and is promoted by power-hungry politicians and civil servants who should long ago have been forced to stand down. What began as an unwarranted restriction on the freedom of the individual decayed, becoming confiscation and greedy abuse of public funds. It was stupid in the beginning, is stupid in its impractical zealotry, and remains stupid in its execution. It is also evil, for it has grievously injured Mexico, and it is corrupting increasing numbers of officials within the USA. The criminals are not all on the other side of the border.

Some decades ago, the USA faced a choice: it could place the production and distribution of psychoactive chemicals in the hands of pharmaceutical, medical and pharmacological professionals, or it could turn the entire industry over to some of the very worst villains on the face of the earth.

Yes, of course legalizing all drugs will cause harm. Legalizing alcohol certainly did, and the legal operation of motor vehicles continues to cause the deaths of more than twenty thousand people every year in the USA. Those deplorable consequences are considered far less harmful than the prohibition that could put an end to them.

If you require a drug policy that does no harm whatsoever, you would be well advised to get a hobby that consumes all your time and energy, and then closet yourself with it.

Regarding drugs, the bane of the polity is the fact that once again, the Fallacy of the Unavailable Utopia (which has not been mentioned in this newsletter for some time) is used to justify and prolong intolerable events. That bad reasoning leads people to depend upon a bad excuse for doing the wrong thing because a totally harmless and definitively corrective response to a difficulty is not to be found.

Civil servants cannot be expected to be angels. Many of them love drug enforcement because of RICO (see the book reviewed in Number 332). People in general often make bad choices. For the most part, those facts describe difficulties that must be coped with; they are not soluble problems. Mistaking difficulties for problems leads to the false assumption that perfect solutions for difficulties can be drafted and implemented — which is pretty much the way Utopians think.

Certainly it’s time to give peace a chance. That means allowing unproductive and misguided people to ruin their lives by resorting to powerful mind-altering drugs that destroy human potential. Better that than persecute them and give them valid reasons to fund their vice by criminal means. The public and the law should stand aside and let each person find his way to his chosen destination.

Truth is staring you in the face. If you reject it because you wish to impose your choices on others, you perpetuate a horror that could be ameliorated…if only you realized that current policies multiply harm.

As soon as you see that Utopia is not available — that your punitive actions cannot save humanity from individual foolish decisions — you will step aside. You will permit a sane policy of harm reduction to unfold.

Yet More Climate-Related Information You Never Saw In The Major Media

1. Mike Mann, the fabulist behind the hockey stick graph, will testify under oath as he presses a libel suit against a magazine and an author. This lawsuit could, if it is properly defended, stagger the AGW cult and even significantly reduce the percentage of the public that resonates to “climate change” propaganda.

2. Will the concept of anthropogenic global warming be abandoned if the earth spends decades going through an ice age? Well, maybe; blaming the current cold weather on a warming climate is a pure act of faith that might eventually lose its current trendy status. Meanwhile, everyone should straighten out their thought processes and wait and see what Mother Nature — with a lot of help from the sun will do. It will be interesting, however unpleasant it turns out to be.

3. Some folks claim that the AGW cult has been very damaging to science in general. Yes, it probably has; but in any event, it’s unlikely that in time, the lesson will have been learned. The fundamental error inherent in the will to believe is a very human, everyday phenomenon that seems always to involve beginning with the answer, rather than with the question.

4. The major news outlets have never recognized the cultic nature of AGW alarmism. It is natural for them to impose de facto censorship on the “deniers”, who are thought of as similar to the bigots who dispute the facts of the Nazi death camps. For example, this bizarre scandal is such an outrageous instance of the denial of academic and press freedom that it should have been front-page news in the major papers. But had you heard of it? Even if you are an ardent believer in AGW, can you possibly justify this seismic reaction to an honest expression of doubt by a scientist who is studying complex phenomena? — Addendum: This story might just be continued. Imagine the possibilities!


Obamoid policy in Afghanistan is a failure. Even Feinstein can see that.

Related: yet more failure. Anyone who claims to be surprised is lying.

This is simply too delicious. Do note the location of the news agency that has provided it, please.

In March of 2008, this newsletter urged its subscribers to watch a video on US immigration. That presentation was updated in 2010, and it’s now to be found here; watch “Immigration, world poverty, and gumballs”. There are related videos on this site. Non-US citizens won’t be interested, of course, as Congressional policy is the subject.

Unfortunately the unforgettable words of then Secretary of State Hillary have been forgotten. Hillary promised that the man she held responsible for the Benghazi tragedy would go to jail for having made a film that offended lunatic jihadis. (Yes, she did say that: look here, and then there, and finally over there.) Why does it matter? Because she’s the leading Democratic candidate for the presidency, and when a person that important impulsively displays total disregard for the first amendment to the US constitution, the electorate should know about it. One can only wonder why virtually everyone else considers her fascistic attitude toward freedom of speech and press to be of no consequence.

Here’s a first look at a beguiling concept for a desktop computer. Suddenly that great big box used in producing NTG looks crude, clunky, ugly, and very dated. It’s too bad, therefore, that the best guess is that the oh-so-slick Razer design is at least two years too late.

The FBI, Eric Holder, The One, The IRS, and the Tea Party: a study in mock justice.

As the USA produces more petrochemicals and becomes a significant energy exporter, political pressure will mount to curb the trend. Why? Because the expanding trade will reduce domestic unemployment, enhance prosperity and reduce the individual’s dependency on government aid. Those welcome developments weaken the control mechanisms “progressive” politicians require. Accordingly, alarmist distortions preached to “green” apparatchiki will inspire more of this sort of activism. You might as well get used to it now.


A peek at the speculative and mathematical ruminations of physicists: strings, time, and connectedness turn out to be stranger than mythology.

“Obama’s legacy: a government that makes paranoid conspiracy theories seem possibly sane.” More here. If this does not enrage you, either your IQ is well below room temperature, or you are not subject to the tender mercies of the Obamoid IRS. (Recall the Becket effect.)

Here’s a gizmo folks who want to monitor law enforcement will consider heaven-sent. The manufacturer looks solid, because the advertisement uses the word “hack” correctly!

The continuing culture war: there’s no tolerance for political diversity in artsy circles. Are you surprised?

Here it is again: AGW is a concept that, if accepted, permits authoritarian governments to take greater control of industry, business, and the people. Free market capitalism is targeted by AGW alarmists.

Late to arrive at the party: there is increasing chatter about the impeachment of Obama. This newsletter broached the subject in late 2010, when it noted that the president was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in that he did not honor his oath of office. So, is impeachment in order? Not until the Senate could theoretically convict the rascal; that remains unthinkable as long as the Democrats are in the majority. Remember Slick (“everybody lies about his extramarital sex life”). Yes, Obama’s disqualifying misbehavior has nothing to do with his sexual habits, but is a matter of the proper defense of the nation and the constitution. The problem: honor was long ago rendered immaterial to one’s qualification as a member of Congress.

Whether this commentary is accurate is the question; if it is, then one must ask what can be done. How can any citizen, whether a newspaper reporter or any other person, know whether the treaty described in the linked item exists? If you asked President Obama, could you believe him? In this newsletter’s view, the fact that there is no credible authority that can be queried on matters of this sort is extraordinarily disturbing. It is a clear indication that power — that is, control — is in the wrong hands.

Energy from trash. This idea is even older than the notion that solar energy will be a resounding success. What’s the delay?

Here’s an article on the NSA that appeared before Snowden’s revelations shook the agency; it adds useful perspective to the current controversy. (The URL works, but the author’s name is not correctly spelled in it. She is Siobhan. Here’s how to pronounce her name.)

The Obampire strikes back.

Increasing numbers of people are refusing vaccination, a decision that seems foolish. That said, can these claims be disproved? If they are fabrications, they are so extreme that it should be easy to expose them.

Headline: “Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD”. That makes little sense to a small newspaper in Oregon. Prediction: firearms prohibition will grow and the justifications for it will proliferate, as increasing numbers of people are irrationally declared beyond the protection of the second amendment to the US constitution. Obama needs you disarmed.

How interested are you in polar bears, and their survival in these AGW times? Are you upset, and approaching the hand-wringing phase of anguished remorse? Could you be flirting with a willingness to endorse authoritarian political measures that impose fundamental changes in the economy? Well, fret not! This post ought to pummel you back to normal.

Related: fudging the data.

Passionate classical paintings “enhanced” by animation. You might be enchanted — or scandalized.

A US Army general believes the Taliban are about to be defeated by Afghan national defense forces. The claim may be true but irrelevant: when spears drive back the wolves surrounding a nomadic band, there is no victory or defeat for either side. The model for hostilities between Islamist fanaticism and enlightened Muslim communities is not a set-piece conflict anything like the US Civil War or World Wars I and II. Those in the West who fail to grasp that simple truth unwittingly enhance the stamina of Islam’s colonial aspirations. The Taliban will never be defeated; they can only be reduced, crippled, and discouraged. Until all Islam grows up and attains ethical maturity, that will have to do.

Here’s Chucky! Yikes — and now the little stinker wants the IRS to polish off the Tea Party.

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