The only way to persuade people to voluntarily accept the loss of freedom is by making it look like a great bargain at first.

The Facts Of Climate Change

You have been lied to

Do watch this video, paying particular attention at about one minute and six seconds into the presentation; you can stop watching when the clock reaches one minute and fifty-four seconds. It’s damning evidence of the AGW alarmists’ deceit.

The mechanism of climate change has been identified

For the full story, begin here. When you have watched those three short videos, change to this URL and watch the fourth episode in the series.

There it is.

While details remain to be explored, the fundamentals are now clear. The climate is growing more extreme, and will cool substantially. Just how profound or protracted the coming mini-ice age will be cannot be predicted.


1. Carbon dioxide never was a significant factor. For years, this newsletter has tried to discredit this greenhouse gas as the villain behind warming; the effort was futile because of alarmist propaganda generated by the likes of Al Gore and the IPCC.

2. Governments quickly perceived the crusade against carbon dioxide as an opportunity to impose greater control of economic activity, as well as involve the polity in another phony “war” — this time against certain behaviors said to provoke nasty climate change. By alarming well-meaning citizens, government could justify new taxes, and regulatory agencies would be able to channel the activities of trendy “green” pressure groups, rendering them less dangerous to entrenched political and industrial interests. AGW became a threat, and government was able to portray itself as the only defense against the new danger. The dipsy-doodle scenario reminds of the plot of The Music Man.

3. The major media have supported the carbon dioxide fable so steadily that one must ask why. Doubtless many editors and columnists will plead ignorance — they will insist they did not have the facts. Yet an objective examination of what has always been known would have discredited the mythology. Too, proof of the warmers’ deceit and fraud have been available for years.

Now you can see why you must never place your total trust in the news media. The news organizations are overwhelmingly followers, not rational critics; worse, they are comfortable playing the roles of propagandists.

4. AGW has always been at base a religious phenomenon. It demanded that all of humanity accept outrageous claims on faith; mandated penance for fabricated sins; imposed censorship wherever possible; persecuted dangerous heretics, i.e., pursued a virtual auto-da-fe against those who doubted the revealed teachings, destroying the careers of an unknown number of scientists; slandered and libeled its critics by equating them with evil bigots who deny the fact of Nazi mass murder; swindled people who bought indulgences (“carbon offsets”); and besmirched the integrity of physical science (recall “intelligent design”).

Evolving understanding

This newsletter rejected the anthropogenic global warming myth from the first because it was transparently weak, and parts of it blatantly ignored facts. Then it became possible to see that such fabrications as the hockey stick graph had been fraudulently constructed. Lies and distortions promoted by the cultists were increasingly exposed, and then the computer in the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was cracked. Confirmation of multuple breaches of the ethics of science was now available. (It could be that the person who exposed the conspiracy at the CRU was an insider who was sick of the hoax.)

Profoundly embarrassed professors closed ranks, and the evidence of dishonest science was dismissed by haughty poo-bahs in the inbred warmer community. Impudently they claimed that no one had faked anything. Then, tellingly, “anthropogenic global warming” became “climate change”, and the denunciation of “deniers” intensified. The cult’s growing panic was evident.

While the IPCC doubled down on its quackery, the critics of AGW could deliver no coup de grace. What was needed to dispatch AGW was a coherent, rational explanation for phenomena such as the Medieval Warming and the Little Ice Age.

Now that lacuna has been filled, as the videos linked above demonstrate. The earth’s climatic cycles are revealed as artifacts of electromagnetic dynamics that encompass the entire solar system.

It is immensely significant that the definitive debunking of AGW mythology has been accomplished by experts who are not involved in the climate controversy. Those dispassionate outsiders have made all the difference.

Of course it will take a while for full realization to diffuse into the scientific community. Then too, cults always fall back on militant faith when they are threatened with obsolescence. There will be diehards.

Lessons that should have been learned long, long ago

Without a clear view of causes, effects remain puzzling — and susceptible to exploitation by charlatans.

Genuine science is a search for causes and explanations which, once discovered and articulated, allow humans to plan. That is all one can ask for….

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad

Cuddling some random dude: humanity as it could be.

This was forwarded by a Libya-born friend and ex-colleague of mine. Even before Qaddafi was deposed, my friend was always inviting me to visit his country of birth. I would have gone, but my boss did not approve the travel requests.

SADMs, or “backpack nukes” revisited. The US military-industrial complex sure included a crazy bunch of honchos in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

These guys were in the barracks building next to mine in Berlin. Operationally I had nothing to do with them, but I knew a few of them socially; we had a few beers together. They were a very tight-knit and tight-lipped group.

Where the dips hang out: I can relate to this article. During my late 20s, 30s and 40s some of the most fun times and interesting conversations were in the “Happy Hour Pubs” of the various embassies/consulates in Berlin, Ankara and Madrid.

Well, so much for computer-based voice to text translation…. I think they have to work on the context algorithm. Or perhaps the computer knows something that we humans haven’t yet found out.

When Obama was voted into office, Germans’ expectations about Obama were so big that the people believed “the Messiah” was coming to Germany. There is real disappointment in President Obama as a person — absolutely. If it were Dick Cheney in charge, they would not be surprised. What a wake-up call for the Germans!

There are some pretty hefty opinions in the comments following this Op Ed.

This story makes one believe that a sense of humanity still exitsts — or at least that it did seventy years ago. One and then Two.

Echte Helden haben Angst, so sagt Google. (“Genuine heroes are afraid, Google says.”) Video. Cute advert….

Do you want to change banks? Then you should go to the First National Bank of Change. Video.

Maybe being bird-brained is not such a bad thing after all. Here’s a very interesting clip showing that birds can indeed solve complex problems.

It may be a little bit self-serving, but the website of His Excellency Masood Khalili, the first Ambassador of Afghanistan to Spain, gives interesting insights to the culture, politics and wars that have been fought in and over Afghanistan. The website was set up by his eldest US-born son, Mahmud Khalili, who is a good friend of mine. I have a copy of his memoirs, which his son translated from Farsi (Dari) to English. Whenever I have the time, I am trying to proof-read the text and make editorial comments. Link.

Intriguing Technology And Associated Theory

Use “Schauberger” as a search term on Google, and you will come up with a figure who has, Tesla-like, inspired innovation — and a following. Begin your investigation here, and note the multiple applications and implications.

If you are a tinkerer, you can experiment with the concepts envisioned and pioneered by Schauberger. This gizmo, for example, might be a good DIY project for a hobbyist (maybe it even works as advertised!). Finally, consider vortex-based mathematics, which some claim is a breakthrough bigger than the invention of the calculus.


A tip of the hat to reader JW for pointing to this pause- and thought-inducing rumination. Sample: “When you carry around a smartphone with a GPS and camera and constantly pipe data to a computer owned by a corporation paid by advertisers to manipulate you, you are less free.” Highly recommended.

Reading the tea leaves: can the Republicans improve their chances of reining in Obama? The polls and trends are examined. It’s interesting, but election bets are not wise.

Team Obama has yet to spend much effort damning fracking, but you can expect a rabid outburst sooner or later. Lots of less expensive energy would be inimical to the holy gospel of Hopeandchange. When the brawl starts in earnest, stories like this will draw contemptuous sneers from The Ruling Elite. (It will remind you of the way climate skeptics’ arguments were rejected.)

That’s life: a federal supreme court associate justice notes that something like the federal internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry living in the continental USA could and probably would happen again in time of war. The man is only being practical; a terrified ruling elite will do what it will do, and today’s policy-makers are not all that decent or wise, now are they?

In Number 335, this newsletter argued that the opposite ends of the political spectrum of the USA should focus on their common concern: Liberty. This commentary approaches that proposal from a different direction, and casts additional light on the issues. Highly recommended.

Here’s yet another incidence of US cops pretending to be heavy infantry going after the Waffen-SS. The fantasies of law enforcement’s eternal pre-adolescents are obviously dangerous. It’s madness to allow them to be played out.

Spotted at this aggregator: a statistic Obama will ignore, or explain away, or dispute.

“Progressivism” examined — at burdensome length. The critique is sound, but only a few folks will plow through all of it. That’s unfortunate.

More on Obamacare. You can imagine…but have a look anyway. To this newsletter, the current mess is a stalking horse — a ploy to usher in “single-payer” health care, also known as classical socialized medicine. Obama, the man with the “pen and telephone”, was dead serious when he said he intended to impose change.

The Becket Effect again: maybe there’s a way to curb it. (You say you don’t recall what the Becket Effect is? Call up this Number of NTG; see the item “The Tea Party Under Attack”, and read the paragraphs under the sub-headline “An assault that could and should have been predicted”.) The IRS remains ferally loyal to The One, and the GOP is trying to counter the attack.

How much harm has Snowden actually done? Who knows? Whom can you believe?

Boston: the recovery.

Trying to understand the facts of immunizations: of course this article can not begin to convince the conspiracists who damn preventive medicine. They will find it impossible to believe that they endanger not just their children, but lots of other people as well. Ignorance is the ally of harm….

Stem cells have been created from adult cells. This breakthrough is of seismic importance.

Wheaties, the breakfast of…iron men!

Hilarious…or heretical, depending on your hermeneutics. Dare!

The War on Drugs creates an environment in which corruption is not just rewarded, but inevitable — and ranges from the lowest levels of the law enforcement spectrum to the highest levels of political privilege. So…it’s only natural that claims like this would surface. Prohibition is the most foolhardy of strategies because it is self-defeating.

Wendy Davis is running for governor in Texas, and she’s facing opposition from folks who want to make abortion on demand illegal. The dispute is expanding to the more general question of whether it’s appropriate to judge the candidate at all. That’s ethically degenerate politics: when legitimate questions arose, the response from Davis’s camp was a demand for something very like divine inerrancy…and exemption from examination by the voters. Texans, pay attention, ‘cuz somebody’s messin’ with ya, and that’s a fact.

This might not be representative of incompetent or typical official misbehavior, but for those folks of the male persuasion, it strikes a very resonant chord. Ouch!

Just what was needed: a genteel commentary on the English language. Recommended.

Quantum computing explained. Once you understand this explanation, please explain what you understand to this newsletter.

These news reports explain what’s happening to folks visiting Russia for the Olympics. They are useful for everyone who uses a mobile phone, Bluetooth, or wireless connections to the internet. When one report ends, don’t shut the website down: let the commercials play, and keep watching for more information. Note, by the way, that the operating system is not relevant to computer/phone security.

Computer users worried about NSA snooping and/or governments that block access to websites should consider using a virtual private network (VPN is the common name for it). Reader JW notes that the need for VPN services is high in Asia, and folks in the USA are getting nervous, as well. Explore the available services: here and then here.

Thanks to the US Immigration and Naturalization Service and the US Department of Justice, there’s more mess on the carpet. Clumsy? Just plain stupid? Certainly incompetent…. Sooner or later, the fumblers in Washington have to decide what the words”enemy” and “pirate” mean. They can begin their deliberations by referring to the US constitution, article one, section eight, clause ten. The problem: a lack of principled, determined and intelligent leadership. Holder and Obama, in other words.

Identification of the individual is as important as surveillance of the public — perhaps even more so. Control is the goal. It all begins in school, which is overwhelmingly a governmental institution.

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