…Muslims hate their women, and any group who hates their women can’t love anyone else. People [then] ask, “But why do Muslims hate their women?” And I reply, “Because their god does.”

Crashed Or Captured?


There is the distinct possibility that the missing Malaysian airliner is in the hands of would-be mass murderers. Israel is exquisitely alert and willing to take whatever action it considers necessary. The peoples of many nations, meanwhile, can be excused for being puzzled, confused, and hesitant to believe anyone who claims to know what happened. There are excellent reasons for skepticism. Misinformation, errors, disinformation and incompetent nonsense are swirling about; now Thailand has shared with the world the notion that it might have spotted the plane, but did not report it because (this is really good) no one asked. The rational world can only hope that some decision-makers are correctly informed and willing to act appropriately.


Thanks go to loyal reader JY for alerting this newsletter to an interesting post that tries to advance the search for answers. It deals with communications from the airplane transmitted by…

…two data systems. First, the ACARS. The system has been around since the 70s. It transmits engine data to Boeing/Rolls Royce servers through the Iridium satellite link. But here is the kicker. IT TRANSMITS ENGINE DATA REPORTS AT PRE-SPECIFIED EVENTS, NOT ON TIME. It will send a report at gear up, throttle back meaning cruise achieved (1:07am), and gear down. So what does that mean? The last ACARS data report was sent at 1:07, cruise achieved at 35,000 ft, as announced by the MSM. At least they got that right. The ACARS next scheduled data report should have been at gear down, NOT every hour. The ACARS was NOT disabled by anyone onboard. The gear never came down to trigger the last report. The ACARS WAS NOT DISABLED. THE GEAR NEVER CAME DOWN. So the plane came down on land or in the water without the gear down. (Source.)

Next: the Wall Street Journal says the ACARS could have been disabled, but that’s in a quote provided by Malaysia Airlines, and the paper adds that an expert, one John Cox, claims Malaysian officials are “…releasing data that simply have turned out not to be true”. (Sorry, the article is not on line, so you will just have to take it on faith that this newsletter has accurately quoted the dead tree issue of the paper.)

Next consider this report from the utterly impeachable folks at CNN:

The ACARS was supposed to transmit a half-hour after it last did so. Therefore, it was supposed to transmit at 1:37 a.m. — but it didn’t….

So, the ACARS was shut down sometime between 1:07 and 1:37 a.m.

It’s a significant event: Turning off ACARS takes know-how, Quest said.

If the flight were hijacked or a target of terrorism, cutting off ACARS would be a strategic move because the system reports to satellites anything being done to the aircraft, Quest said.

There you have it: one fellow who claims to know says the ACARS was not ever turned off; if he’s correct, that means the plane necessarily made a crash landing. Other news reports do not mention whether it is even possible for the crew to shut ACARS down, and a single source implies that it’s difficult, but not impossible. Many news reports contain the assumption that ACARS can be shut down by the crew, and that the missing Malaysian plane was not broadcasting from its ACARS unit after 1:37 AM.

This newsletter believes it is reasonable to say that the transponder on the plane was not the same as the ACARS unit, and that the former was in fact turned off by the cabin crew. Whether the ACARS was still operating is a matter of dispute. Unfortunately it matters.

Whom to believe, and what to think?

Well, if you live in a Western nation or in Israel, think about how clever your intelligence people and military services are. Then rethink what you know about Malaysia.

Fear and facts

Assume that the Malay plane is in the hands of “terrorists” who are eager to use it to kill as many people, preferably Jews, as possible. The Good Guys don’t know where the plane is, but at the moment, the greatest fear could be that it’s in Iran.

What can be done? A careful appraisal of the background facts should provide the rational planner with clear strategy and tactics. Start, therefore, at the beginning.

0. The words terror and terrorist, when applied to Islamist policies and individuals, are euphemistic misnomers. Violent jihadis are not interested is frightening anyone — they are bent on the extermination of non-Islamic cultures and political entities. That is why those words appear here in quotes.

1. “Terrorism” of the Islamist variety proceeds easily from what might be called failed states such as Afghanistan, Somalia, and a few other places in Africa and the Middle East. Where relatively stable governments are present, the “terrorists” must be either the products of the government or allied with it. That expands the possible locations somewhat, adding nations like Egypt to the list.

2. Some states are so insanely governed that they can be thought of as innately “terrorist”. The best example is Iran, with its ruling elite of Twelvers. The threat of retaliation for attack is ineffective against such nations. The old MAD doctrine that kept the peace when the USSR existed is useless against a nation controlled by a cabal of lunatics who, for religious reasons, hope for a nuclear war in which most of their people perish.


Every effort should be made to determine whether anyone has that plane. This newsletter believes it likely that the aircraft is deep in the Indian Ocean, but it might be in a hanger somewhere, getting a new paint job. If it is in the hands of any group even remotely Twelver or Al Qaeda-like, the plane must be destroyed, and the devil take the diplomatic consequences.

That means everything from a declaration of war by concerned nations, including the USA, to simple destruction of the “terrorists'” assets. Whether by air strike, incursion, bombardment from naval vessels, missile strikes launched from any location, or other means, the action should destroy the threat. Coordination with Israel will be essential.

The United Nations must be ignored.


The safety of millions is at genuine risk, and definitive measures must be employed to eliminate the threat. If possible, the technical capacity of opponents both immediate and probable should be destroyed. This means that wherever the plane is, it would be well to reduce Iran’s nuclear weapons program to rubble and molten metal.

Action taken now, before the enemies of Western Civilization grow strong enough to make a genuine fight of it, would be best because never will the risks and dangers be lower. Better war now, than wider and more destructive war later. Never in human history has the need for proactive military measures been greater. What was at one time a stabilizing influence — namely the possession by both sides of nuclear weapons — has become terrifyingly dangerous. That astronomically increased threat is due to the fact that one side in the conflict is purely faith-based, utterly insane, and fanatically determined to bring about the destruction of the other.

Recall that the Soviet Union, by sharp contrast, suffered the loss of its eastern European empire rather than engage the West in hostilities. Reason and restraint of that sort do not characterize the Islamist attempt to eradicate Israel and shatter Dar al-Harb.

To fail to recognize these facts is to proclaim oneself ready to see one’s children enslaved or murdered.

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad

MH370, from another viewpoint. And have a look here, as well. (Recommended. — Ed.)

Thailand is apparently a passport thief’s paradise.

A Russian tycoon buys a German energy company in a deal that is surely going to affect Western pressure on Russia due to the recent annexation of Crimea – or vice versa.

The World needs heroes: Necdet is a old friend of mine, whom I met around 1989, the first time I went to Turkey. He was working part-time in his parents’ printing shop where we got our business cards and other office materials printed. He is also a very accomplished amateur photographer. Necdet is extremely passionate in all that he does, as one can understand from this TEDx talk that he recently gave at Sabanc─▒ University in Istanbul. Here is a link to his company’s website.

A most sober assessment of the situation in Turkey is available. This op-ed piece sums it up. The only thing that I can say is that there is going to be a tremendous power vacuum in when RTE loses his grip – and his fingers are getting tired already.

Control at your fingertips? Maybe, within the next few years, this “fin” or its next generation development will enable us to control almost any electronic or digital device within Bluetooth range.

There must be easier ways to win a barrel of ale. Incidentally, I wonder whether dorks come from Dorking?

Just for fun. (Recommended! — Ed.)

Police brutality — murder, actually. I checked through all back issues of The New Terrapin Gazette, but turned up no mention of Kelly Thomas, who was brutality beaten to death by Fullerton (a city in California, USA) police. Information is available here and video is posted on You Tube. I am amazed that the police were found not guilty of second degree murder. Did this get coverage?

Kelly Thomas, RIP, And Justice, If One Can Call It That

The NTG’s Tramp Abroad asks about the Fullerton trial. The editor responds:

The trial of the police officers was considered to be too local to be covered in NTG, but that was of course a judgment call. The nationwide militarization of the USA’s police forces is, by sharp contrast, a huge event with monumental motives and consequences, so it gets this newsletter’s attention.

That said, the killing of Thomas has attracted comment, so it should be addressed.

The jurors in the Fullerton murder trial have maintained strict silence. No one feels obliged to “explain” anything.

It was obvious before the trial was over that the entire jury had lost interest as the prosecution hammered on the defendants — the jurors had sat through a lot of testimony, and they were simply being as patient as they could. So said “court watchers” who claimed to be able to read faces and body language. All the observers felt that all the jurors were sending the same signal before the trial ended: “I have heard enough. I know exactly how I am going to vote, and I won’t be intimidated.”

It is remarkable that a very carefully chosen jury could be so firmly unanimous. At the time, nobody knew what the jurors were sure about, but the word was, “This jury has already made up its mind”.

Clearly, the jurors saw the events very differently from the way the press saw them, and they never bought the prosecution’s version. Why? Only the jurors know. They are not about to expose themselves to what they correctly perceive as the fury of an enraged citizenry.

If you are fascinated with this trial, you might look up the backgrounds of the jurors. While the individuals were never identified, their ages, sex, occupations, educations and so on are all available, along with ethnicity. In this newsletter’s opinion, that will tell you that the verdict was not a matter of class, status, background, or ideology; this was a mix of citizens who should have been as good a jury — in the ethical sense — as any. In other words, both sides in the case got a fair hearing by the jurors.

The conclusion that seems inescapable is simply that the jury’s examination of the facts of the case produced an interpretation that is distinct from the immediate one that virtually everyone “knew” to be correct.

The overwhelming public and press expectation was for convictions, or at the very least a hung jury, with one or two jurors holding out for not guilty. So the result was a huge surprise, but…there IS an explanation for it. It just isn’t known.

What follows is analysis and speculation that could be wrong.

The jury was as impressed by the public anger/outrage/fury as by anything else. In fact the prevailing public mood was virtually that of a mob about to storm the jail and lynch the defendants. Accordingly, the jurors saw it as their sacred duty to avoid being a “hanging jury”, obedient to the calls for the blood of the defendants. They believed that principle, not emotion, should prevail. Those fundamental beliefs shaped their task. Depending heavily on what they believed to be solid ethics, they were grimly determined to dispense justice rather than revenge. With that mindset tightly controlling their emotions, they considered the evidence.

This newsletter’s staff does not understand the rest of it because no one here followed the trial closely; the evidence cannot be evaluated by people who do not know it.

Was the verdict correct? This newsletter has no opinion on the matter. It is what it is, and Californians must live with all of it.


White House spokesman Schultz: “This Administration has adopted the highest ethical standards in history…” (Source.) Oh? What about Fast and Furious? The world still does not know the name of the highest official in the BATFE who knew what F&F was, nor does anyone outside the Obama administration know who in Holder’s filthy Department of Justice was the highest official to know what happened and to refuse to do anything about it. Then there’s the IRS, hammering “Wingnut” groups. The problems: Obamites lie. Shamelessly. Repeatedly. Then the major media do not react ethically to the breaches of the officials’ oaths of office. That’s not freedom of the press — it’s the willful abuse of the considerable power of the wordsmiths and censors.

This article deals with research related to epigenetics and the renewed interest in the inheritance of acquired characters. As more is learned, the realization grows that Darwin did not comprehensively explain evolution. He was helpful, but there is more to the process than he could see.

A tip of the hat goes to JY for this chilling reminder of the Muslim plans for a true hero.

How to paint Obamacare a success: lie about it.

Here you have the perfect, paradigmatic USP (“Unintentional Self-Parody”). The deafening blasts, the shrapnel tearing off limbs and flesh — maybe, just maybe, that experience became a cause of some lingering anxiety for some people? What was your first clue, Sherlock? — Wait, it gets better! There will be psychologists stationed along the route! Just what the city needs, experts who will rush up to a distressed person and demand to know, “How does that make you feel?” Holy jumping jackalopes…. Only in the USA. The rest of the world has more common sense.

More information is available on Attkisson’s departure from CBS.

Remember draft-card burners? Well….

Obama’s behavior has posed serious problems: first, for the country, and second, for the Democrats, who understandably love a winner, no matter how ideologically warped and incompetent. Yes, the Republicans have the same attitude toward their most effective vote-getters, such as Reagan. The implications for US governance are scary, for those implications arise from the politicians’ tacit assumption that the electorate is stupid. This newsletter disagrees with that appraisal, and insists the populace is not stupid, but underinformed and misinformed by a largely partisan press.

“Quantum” is reportedly malware of industrial strength. It’s the NSA’s Big Stick, and the spooks say they won’t use it unless they have to. There now, don’t you feel all better?

Oh, good: you can read about Holder, Issa, Congress, and the presidency right here. What fun.

So you think the fuss that erupted when the IRS started beating up the Tea Party is over with? You naive, gullible elitist, you! That’s right — the knuckle-draggers in Flyover Country are still steamed, because the feds continue to hammer away (“…there is a lot more potential abuse going on at the IRS than what’s been associated with Lois Lerner. Here are a few examples…”). Recommended.


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