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Obamacare: Premiums And Prevarications



What the Powers That Be are saying

First, be very clear about Valerie Jarrett’s status as an Obama familiar: she is the quintessential adviser to The One. She impresses, that’s certain; in fact, she seems to be capable of doing almost literally everything. Her curriculum vitae is stunningly broad, creating the impression that if one could earn money by being interviewed for all sorts of jobs and drawing offers of employment, Valerie could make a good living. People of her sort are preternaturally clever, or, to put it plainly, sly; they are convincing, pragmatic, hard-working fast learners.

Note that the above list of admirable traits does not include “ethical”.

Whatever her strengths or weaknesses, Valerie certainly has the ear of The One. Cynics will of course be quick to add that Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, also made a long-lasting and very favorable impression on Obama. You recall Wright’s “God damn America” sermon; if not, it’s easy to find on the internet.

Recall as well Obama’s appointments to high offices in his administration: they include Holder, Hillary, and Kerry. And then there’s Biden (heavy sigh).

Well, Valerie is probably the most important single adviser Obama has ever had, so her qualifications and qualities matter a great deal.

If Valerie is capable of anything, it’s delivering a credible report that lucidly summarizes all the important facts of a complex matter. She captures the observer’s attention, speaks with assurance, and often convinces her audience that she is utterly inerrant.

Here she explains some linchpin facts about Obamacare. Do watch, and note her authoritative manner.

The heck of it is — she lied. What’s interesting here is that Valerie delivered the falsehood with such elanthat, unless one knows the facts, her deceit is almost impossible to detect. Compared to her, Hilliary is a novice dissembler, clumsy and transparent.

Valerie’s admirers would say her false assertion was actually just a trivial lapse of memory.

Well, that is nonsense. The alibi posits something so totally out of character for Valerie, so utterly unlike her, that it simply will not pass inspection. This is a woman who has complete control of the facts, knows their relative importance, and intends to use them to drive her points home with precision. Valerie does not make mistakes when the camera is running and the microphone is recording her every word. She’s a consummate pro, and superlatively good at what she does.

She communicates.

She has the self-assurance of a true authority, and that is bolstered by her knowledge that her boss won’t call her on it if she fibs. Like many other perceptive people, she has an understanding of the paradigmatic relationship between Holder and Obama. Valerie knows The One will cover for Holder, no matter what, and she knows she can prevail on her boss to protect her, as well.

Then ultimately, there is the press: like all Obamites, Valerie knows there is little if anything to fear from that sector. So a little stretching of the truth, a bit of over-enthusiastic cheerleading and pointing with pride — what’s the big deal? The fuss, if there is one, will last all of twenty-four hours.

Well, enough talk about expedient falsehoods; facts are called for. Here are selected quotes (from this source) to go with the graphic above:

“The average increase for health plans between 2013 and 2014 surpassed the average increase of the previous eight years combined.”

Why ever? “…actuarial benefit requirements in the law, taxes and fees that have been passed on to consumers, and the mandated benefits.”

“Through February, just 25% of those who had selected plans were between the ages of 18 and 34, far below the 38% to 40% the administration said it needed for the risk pools to be sustainable.”

“…if the administration didn’t expect that premiums would rise by a significant amount, it wouldn’t have delayed the 2015 open enrollment period until after this year’s mid-term election. After all, sticker shock could be electoral poison for Democrats.”

Just misrepresentations, or outright lies?

Related: a devastating admission.

The LA Times lies about the statistics of Obamacare: read it here.

Harry Shinola-for-Brains follows the lead of the LA Times. The rascals are all in it together. Skulduggery loves company.

Recent: a highly credible study scolds Team Obama for misrepresenting the performance of the campaign to get people to sign up. “Wingnut” Limbaugh agrees (“…these numbers are obviously not believable. They’re obviously cooked. There’s no question”). Yes, Pilgrims, Obamacare is a bizarre cross between a hoax and a scam — and, as this newsletter has suggested, it might even be a stalking horse employed in order to move the nation toward fully-fledged socialized medicine (sometimes called single-payer health care).

Trendy Political Correctness

The head of the Mozilla organization has resigned because it is generally understood that he cannot do his job. And why can’t he? Because he believes that same-sex marriage should not be recognized by the state government. Read the report.

What you see here is not a “heterosexual vs. homosexual” dispute. It is an instance of the danger presented by “progressive” fascism.

Do consider the sentiments of the homosexual columnist Andrew Sullivan, whose unambiguous words are to be found here.

Authoritarianism begins with political correctness. As soon as the Mozilla ex-CEO’s politically incorrect sentiment was discovered, he was fired; then Mozilla apologized. For hiring him.

This reeks of the Nazi purge of Jews from the professions.

How should decent people respond? By boycotting Mozilla? That’s up to you. This newsletter prefers to focus on the quintessentially fascist “progressive” mindset, and attempt to expose that anti-Liberty bigotry.

Consider the fundamentals:

1. The licensing of marriage is not a function of an ethical government.

2. Mutually voluntary, genuinely uncoerced sexual relationships between adults are none of your business. (An exception: your sweetheart is cheating, and lies to you.)

3. The Mozilla ex-CEO suffers from a fantasy that has autocratic overtones. That said, remember that neither supporting Utopian political campaigns nor believing in loony theology justifies job discrimination; it is not illegal to be a dreamer, a Muslim, or even a “progressive”, nor should it be. You do, however, fire people for complicity in treason, fraud, extortion, theft, slavery, aggressive violence, and other similarly serious crimes. You also do not hire people you realize you can’t trust.

4. Note well that the Mozilla ex-CEO has been punished brutally (by vicious ideologues) for trying to do procedurally and openly what “progressives” do improperly — and attempt to hide: use a government agency against people who have the “wrong” ideas and values. Recall the IRS and the Tea Party.

5. Many politically active folks — and especially Utopian partisans — want to use governmental power punitively and coercively. Yet the former Mozilla CEO tacitly agreed to abide by the will of the voting majority.

6. Revisit the Bill of Rights; people are free to be mistaken about religion, politics, and which wine to drink with the entree. In this case, virtually everybody is wrong — except Andrew Sullivan and this newsletter. The fascists who hounded the CEO out of office are genuine villains.

7. Governments are power junkies, so of course ideologues like Obama run for office. There’s no reforming would-be despots, nor can you talk simply everybody into ignoring what homosexuals do. Yet a way must be found to preserve and strengthen Liberty. The only way to reduce the abuse of power is to reduce the power.

Snowden, NSA, And The Russians

Experts and insiders will be arguing over this for decades: did Snowden tip off the Russians, so they could render the NSA deaf and blind? It does seem the USA had no idea what the Russian army was doing or intended to do. That’s a major embarrassment, if not a blunder of serious proportions.

Some observers blame just the NSA, without cursing Snowden as a traitor. It’s simply impossible for observers to know who’s right, and of course it will be suggested that the NSA failed miserably, and is deceitfully deflecting criticism by painting Snowden as a traitor. If that’s what is happening, that vile tactic should initiate the reassignment of the NSA’s upper-level executives to positions as crossing guards in Death Valley.

Unfortunately this conversation with a high NSA official sheds no light on much of anything. It’s typical of the paltry information available to the public.

Groping for answers, the lay observer must be forgiven for asking two cheeky questions. First: Snowden was not an employee of NSA — he was an employee of a company that contracted with the agency. Yet this fellow walked off with tons of data that are so sensitive that many in NSA would love to see him assassinated. How wise of NSA was it to allow contractors access to all those highly classified files? Isn’t this security breach due to bad NSA policy?

Second, if you watched the interview linked just above, did you wonder whether Snowden should have complained to any of the several inspectors general mentioned by the NSA official? Would Snowden, in other words, have accomplished anything but getting himself fired? What policies would have been dropped or changed if Snowden had pointed out to the people who created those policies that the policies exist?

The fundamental problem is that nobody outside NSA and outside the highest levels of the federal government knows what is going on. That fact alone should give everyone pause.

Science And “Science”

Snippets intended to seduce you into reading the entire essay: “Carl Sagan was the country’s leading practitioner of the mythologization of science….” Yes. Unctuous, a showman, Sagan warped the public’s impression of the scientist so utterly that he eased the way for people like Hansen and the other founders of the cult of anthropogenic global warming. He helped turn research into revisions of articles of faith. The result was a bold new elite that presumed to rule. The sages, mages, and mountebanks demanded that the laws conform with and impose an apocalyptic dogma of sin, guilt, penance, and salvation/damnation. Science became “science”, which devolved into magisterial political righteousness, and Al Gore revealed himself to the faithful.

“Research is increasingly indistinguishable from politics. Studies are framed in ways that prove a political premise….” Political correctness corrupts what should be investigations that begin with the questions, not with the answers.

“‘Science’ has been reduced to an absolute form of authority that is always correct.” Nothing could be worse: enquiry is rational only when it hews to the demonstrable facts, and as is obvious in the case of AGW, facts that demonstrate the gross errors of “science” are considered not to exist.

If you have had enough of Neil deGrasse Tyson, you have also had more than enough of Carl Sagan. In celebration of your satiety, do read and then recommend this essay. It’s a shattering blow delivered to the declamatory hucksters of an anti-intellectual mindset.

A Revelatory Policy Draws Too Little Attention

You probably don’t know what Icann is, and, thanks to the Obama-loving press, you almost certainly don’t know the implications of what is about to happen. You can look it up, of course, but like most folks, you probably won’t. Here it is in a nutshell: Icann, a US corporation, controls the allocation of domain names on the internet; for years there has been pressure from nations like China to take that control away from the USA, and allow individual nations and groups of nations to administer the global data-distribution phenomenon that is the internet. The goal: to create a new policy that permits censorship.

The takeover is imminent. Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, has said, “…banning parts of Wikipedia is not a local cultural variation that we should embrace and accept. That’s a human rights violation.” Bill Clinton is forthright: “A lot of people who have been trying to take this authority away from the US want to do it for the sole purpose of cracking down on internet freedom and limiting it and having governments protect their backsides instead empower their people”.

Obamites scornfully disagree. Assistant secretary of the US Department of Commerce Larry Strickland speaks with a forked tongue, claiming US control of Icann is just a “clerical” function, and he belittles opponents of Obama’s fell plan as “trying to score political points”.

Thanks to such “clerical” trivialities as the first amendment to the constitution, at present websites around the world can operate free of local governmental regulation. Icann remains out of the reach of autocrats and thugs.

A grim truth indicates what will happen when Icann is wrested from the USA. The governments of Thailand and China, as just two deplorable examples of repression, routinely put up “firewalls” to prevent their citizens from exchanging certain forbidden data with the rest of the world. Can there be any more obvious, convincing, and manifest proof that censorship is cherished by autocrats, and will be imposed wherever possible?

When Obama proposes that the USA give up control of Icann, he reveals himself as an enemy of free speech and of the free press. Though he will lie in defense of his unprincipled political instincts, in truth he opposes the Liberty of the individual to inform and express himself.

Yes: that is to insist that Obama is an enemy of Liberty. If he could somehow shatter the USA’s constitution, the deceitful ideologue would censor the citizenry of the USA, making it easier for him to impose his overweening will. If it were otherwise, he would not be willing to side with dictators on matters of free speech and press.

For interesting commentary on the “progressive” attitude toward free speech, here is a highly recommended historical and legal analysis.

The last word.


For “progressives”, explaining racism in the USA involves trying to shoo away returning fowl. Of course if you want to understand the GOP as a bastion of bigotry, the news media will be happy to help. This video adroitly counters the libel with historical truth. Both commentaries are highly recommended.

This is fun.

Military suicides and combat: an assumption refuted.

Note, please, that this is not news, but a reminder that fans of conspiracist nonsense never give up: it’s a hoax that has the missing Malaysian plane hijacked by the US military and landed on Diego Garcia. Nicely tricked out with lots of little things to enhance its credibility, the prank looks real enough that it could attract some attention.

There is an important animal that needs help, and should get it — if only because this creature is vital to humanity. Thanks to the Dean for reminding everybody.

The new Iranian ambassador to the UN is one Hamid Aboutalebi. He will need a US visa to get to Turtle Bay, of course. In spite of the fact that Hamid was one of the “students” who imprisoned the staff of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, doubtless Kerry will not prevent the fanatic’s entry into the USA — where he will enjoy full diplomatic privileges, which are considerable. He can, in fact, commit all manner of crimes with impunity, and return to Iran without being arrested. (Source.)

Imagine Lois Lerner, high IRS (federal US income tax agency) official, locked up without being arrested or tried, without the approval or action of either the US Department of Justice or any police force. Possible? Yes. Does she know that? Good question….

A tip of the hat goes to The Dean for suggesting this item on the horrors of Israeli “justice”. The “Palestinian” was accused of murder, but who believes those people can be murderers? And who wants them to remain locked up, in the event they are proved to have killed people? Who, pray tell? (Hint: this newsletter. Have a look at the report.)

This is US politics and justice conspiring to do evil, regarding which, the system’s victim says, “I have no doubt there will be repercussions for me for talking. They’ll figure out a way to do it.” The “they” to whom she refers are law enforcement officials, judges, and politicians. This, Pilgrims, is the real hidden crime that needs to be rooted out; the NSA can wait.

You have surely seen these news stories — OneTwo, and Three. All right; facts are facts, and what’s done is done. So: now, in light of the facts, what do you think of the Obama administration, and why do you think that?

This newsletter first whined about the Carrington event in March of 2009. This is where things stand today. It’s too bad Gingrich is involved, because he is so despised by the “progressives” that they will almost certainly accuse him of self-serving alarmism (just as this newsletter accuses Al Gore of that offense). Who would be better for the job of cheerleading the campaign? Slick Willy. Or Jesse Jackson. Or Harry Reid. Maybe Hillary. But…they won’t get involved as long as Gingrich is fronting the campaign. Ponder that, Pilgrims….

Human rights are important, controversial, and always at risk, so do click and read: here is what the Supremes are saying so far. And here is what they should be thinking. If you agree, then you probably can’t be very happy to know that these people might do just about anything.

If you are looking for a little insight into the fuss over the NSA and how Congress is coping with that can of worms, try this article/commentary.

This would never have happened if Obama were not president.

California, the single-party state, is a model for the USA. Rejoice, “progressives” — the sterling example will inspire the suffering millions to cast off the chains of capitalism and radiate the glory of collectivist statism!

As you know, this newsletter insists that the major news media in the USA do not favor the freedom of the press, but hope for the licensing of the press. Licensing would militate against competition from mouth-breathers who sit in front of a computer in their pajamas and write weblogs. Well, Chucky Schumer (“Mister Fairness Doctrine”) and Harry Reid have been a little slow, but they’re finally promoting a bill the “progressives” within and without the media will love. Oh, joy. That pesky old first amendment has always been a pain, hasn’t it?

That does it: this newsletter can’t support any candidate who is this ignorant. — Oh, wait: yes, there was that astounding “Who painted it?” moment, wasn’t there? Too right; she’s always been like this. Beyond hope. Keep moving….

The “War on Drugs” is…just plain stupid and harmful.

If Team Obama announces a “suicide prevention” bill sponsored by Senator Feinstein, watch out: it could well be a law permitting the culling of “non-progressives” from the population. You say you don’t think so? Here’s a kindred example of Obamoid doublespeak.

What is it about Asians that makes them fair game for “progressive” mockery? First it was this ignorant female, then this male “comedian”. As Molly used to say on the radio, “‘Tain’t funny, McGee”.

The press is not interested in reporting this crooked politician’s story because he’s a Republican, and they get special treatment from — oops, sorry, got the party affiliation wrong; well, there must be some other reason for the journalistic silence, and nobody here can figure out what that might be…. It’s a mystery.

Is this a proper proceeding for a representative democracy to carry out? No, it’s a travesty. Never mind what the bill proposed — procedure matters.

According to this survey, almost exactly one-third of the US population thinks Uncle Sam has a responsibility to argue with Russia over the Ukrainian situation. This newsletter is dismayed to learn that so many folks are grievously detached from reality.

This video is hard to watch…but you can’t not watch.

Harry’s no angel, and he’s not unique, either. It’s too bad they don’t all get caught.

This newsletter told you the warmer cult won’t give up. Here’s a report. Tip: don’t be drinking anything as you read what’s at the link. At best, the mess will be hard to clean up — and at worst, you might spray your mother-in-law.