The ancient philosophers made a point of the connection between democracy and tyranny, as did the authors of The Federalist Papers. … The danger lies in the gullibility of democratic people when they follow a leader who proclaims himself their champion against perceived enemies.

Team Obama Advocates A Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

Thanks to a simple clerical error committed by someone in some nameless department of the US national government, unedited copies of some messages were released to the public. That means everybody knows that a chillingly cynical decision was made to lie to the US electorate and the world about how andwhy four heartbreakingly brave US civil servants were killed in Benghazi.

At a stroke, the proof of deceit exposes not only incredibly incompetent planning, administration, and reactions to crisis, but the unethical nature of responses to questions about what happened.

What is now known about the Benghazi disaster reminds of the charges made against President Franklin Roosevelt subsequent to the Japanese attack on Hawaii in December of 1941 (“FDR knew the Japanese aircraft carriers were going to attack; he had provoked it, and he welcomed it as a casus belli“). Well, FDR was not guilty, so he had nothing to hide — and therefore had no need to lie.

Expedient falsehoods become essential

In the Benghazi debacle, however, there is no doubt: some horrifyingly bad decisions were made (the mistakes were even more harebrained than General Short’s errors on Oahu). After the attack, those blunders were recognized by the highest levels of the Obama administration as potentially inimical to the collectivist reform of the nation’s political and economic systems. If the truth were known, the president and his supporters in Congress and the press would be weakened, perhaps crippled; further, the hope that Hillary Clinton could carry the torch into the eight post-Obama years might be shattered. It was, the Obamites decided, necessary to lie, and to lie not just about the truth, but to lie about the significance of the truth.

Understanding the purpose of Hillary’s outburst

That is why when skeptical congressmen pinned Hillary down, she exploded in fury — and tried to trivialize their questions by demanding to know, “What, at this point, difference does it make?”

The full meaning of her outraged question has evaded comprehension. In fact she was angrily defending a crucial untruth — that the real cause of the attack on the US facility in Benghazi was utterly unimportant.

Her rant was intended to brand as gratuitous any suggestion that the attack was a planned assault carried off by jihadis. She implied that the disaster must forever remain at least possibly an event that unfolded with meaningless spontaneity.

Of course if that implication were accurate, it would mean that some dim-witted yokels stumbling down the street (carrying mortars) decided to express their distaste for a video by vandalizing a building they knew had something to do with the United States of America.

Hillary, desperate to maintain the plausibility of that absurd fable, derided discussion of the affiliations and motives of the attackers as inconsequential.

In fact the jihadis had rationally attacked a weak point. That leads one to note the State Department’s incompetency: why, one must ask, was the annex unguarded? The bunglers of Foggy Bottom had set up a target that virtually demanded to be assaulted. The jihadis are not as stupid as the USA’s bureaucrats; the consequences of that deplorable truth are obvious.

Knowing why the four US civil servants were murdered makes a huge difference at this point, and Hillary has always known that.

A total commitment to fabrication

Hillary expected the public to believe the party line because the press would come to the rescue, under-reporting events and repeating the administration’s highly imaginative version of reality. That bolstered her resolve to defend the lies aggressively.

Accordingly she promised the relatives of a murdered man that a nonentity who made a stupid video would be put in jail for having somehow broken the law. What law? Hillary, ever the manipulative elitist, assumed she was talking to a credulous plebeian.

That hubristic smugness is typical of the female who addresses predominantly black audiences in an embarrassingly condescending “Kentucky Fried Hillary” accent.

The past as prologue

How is it that she is so intransigently cynical? Her attempts to climb the pyramid of power in Washington have corroded her ethics. When, as the wife of a governor, she smiled in mock surprise at somehow scoring a stunning windfall in commodities trading (yes, it’s been said that was a thinly disguised bribe), she began a degeneration into a blatant, shrill, and shameless liar.

She fully intends to be president.

It will be possible to vote against her, of course. So if she does become president, the electorate will deserve her.

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A Few Politically Incorrect Words About The USA’s Unemployment Figures

When the Obama administration points with pride to the falling unemployment rate, you need to ask what, exactly, the statistics count. As this is written, the word from The Powers That Be is self-congratulatory; some 280,000 new jobs generated, and there’s a new low percentage for the overall unemployment rate. That low percentage was achieved because 800,000 or so unemployed folks simply gave up and stopped looking, so they are no longer considered unemployed, though they are unemployed (meanwhile, the number of households in which both adults are out of work has hit a new high).

And has the Gross Domestic Product gone up because more folks are working? Its uptick is trivial. It seems the newly employed are not making much of a contribution to the economy — probably because most of their jobs are low-level and don’t increase the amount of goods and services very much at all.

Then notice that Obama’s figures are never compared with Reagan’s (the chart below being an exception because it was not provided by the administration in Washington). During comparable periods of time, Reagan saw roughly twice as many jobs added as did Obama. This in spite of the fact that the US population was smaller when Reagan was in the White House.

Meanwhile, Obama still wants to raise the minimum wage for the country. That will make it harder for businesses to hire entry-level people.

Standard collectivist cant implies that prosperity can be mandated by a government that orders the populace to get in step and march into Utopia. Well….



Thanks go to reader JY for suggesting two websites as worthy of your consideration. Both deserve this newsletter’s highest recommendation. The chart immediately above is reproduced from the first of JY’s recommendations in order to entice you to read the text that accompanies it. (For more on this topic, read this.) Then on the second of JY’s recommendations, you will find (typically exemplary) commentaryby Mark Steyn.

If living with Nazi-style cops is to be the price of border security, perhaps the USA would be better off to let the illegal migrants in — after all, there won’t be enough jobs for them (see the chart above), so they will probably turn around and leave. Could that mean that the economic mess in the USA is Washington’s clever way of countering the porous border?

Katie, bar the door! A very angry “wingnut” gets it out of his system. He’s right.

John Kerry, master of diplomacy, is still trying to pull his foot out of his mouth. Yes, of course! Just what, pray tell, did you expect from this mutant?

You say you are a computer hobbyist, and you don’t have enough to worry about? Well, here you are! Have fun….

Has it been that long? Surprisingly, it has — but Jessica Savitch has not been forgotten. She was the finest news reporter, host, guide through a documentary film ever to appear on television. No one has ever approached her standard. If you did not know her work, you cannot understand why today it is so easy to be dismissive of TV news.

Perhaps this will help you understand how the enforcers operate. The USA’s federal tax collector, the Internal Revenue Service, is examined in an insider’s revelations — Part One and then Part Two. — More: IRS theft foiled.

There’s a need for some comic relief, so here’s a wonderful video that is beyond hilarious. You have been warned….

A noteworthy quote: “For any crime, convictions are a fraction of prosecutions, which are a fraction of investigations, which are a fraction of known offenses, which are, in turn, a fraction of committed crimes. This is even more likely to be true of voter fraud, which is often a low enforcement priority … many states do not even track it. Moreover, the fraud may be all but impossible to investigate or prove if it is carried out successfully”. This newsletter suspects Team Obama opposes requiring photo ID for voting because a deeply-entrenched practice of fraud is already in place — and it benefits you-know-who. (Source).

The slavishly Obama-friendly Internal Revenue Service has been loyal to The One: “Law360, New York (April 28, 2014, 7:25 PM ET) — Freedom Path Inc. sued the Internal Revenue Service in Texas federal court Monday for allegedly illegally scrutinizing the conservative group’s tax-exempt status application….(and) and “illegally” releasing the application to news organization ProPublica”. Source. ProPublica is a “progressive” organization that works largely but not exclusively with Obama-friendly media, and portrays itself as independent.

The path to Utopia.

The urge to flee: this shows folks in the USA how eager their neighbors are to get out of the states (e.g., Texas, Florida) in which they reside.

This tragedy is wrenching. The great evil is that the government has intruded into marriage. It has no legitimate role to play there, whether it is in licensing people to marry (which is a vile absurdity), or in determining the terms of their estrangement. It is clumsy, stupid, officious, heartless, cruel, and smug. Reform is badly needed.

“Wingnuts”, worried about the mess, join an embryonic movement. Recommended, even for you “progressives” (know your enemy). By the way, here’s the book.

The US Air Force is in love with planes that fly very fast, cost huge amounts of money, and are complex, slow to prepare for flight, fussy, dangerous for their pilots, and fragile. None of those characteristics are best for close air support of soldiers, however; that’s a mission for which the slow and simple A-10 wasdesigned. The brilliantly conceived “Warthog” dates from 1972 (the video was linked in Nr. 332, and the mistake about the caliber of the cannon was noted there — it’s 30 mm, not .30 cal.); the plane is asurvivor, and it’s still needed. Yet it might not have a future. That uncertainty reflects badly on the Pentagon.

Don’t forget to check this news aggregator daily. It’s quick and informative.

All would-be monopolists and oligopilists hate free markets, and possibly even more than political collectivists do. Well, the Big Boys in the cyber world have just done their best to avoid the exposure of some very embarrassing facts. Read a summary here — the full story remains just as secret as the rascals can keep it, though, so don’t expect complete information.

Pure blarney: Lois Lerner, victim of an “un-American” process.

A report on the Obama-Kerry goals and achievements in US foreign policy is available. It’s more objective than partisan.

“Today, China has 25-40 million fewer baby girls due to selective infanticides.” Well, maybe, but the precise figure hardly matters. It’s a tragedy beyond imagining.

Harry Reid, first-class stinker: greedy scofflaw, throwback to the days of Boss Tweed, embarrassment to the US Senate, and canker on the body politic. (Do read the comments on the Power Line commentary.)

Are you interested in Bitcoin? Read.

John Kerry, call your office. No, it’s not the Navy notifying you that your first discharge from the armed forces is being made public; it’s the White House, wanting to know why you are behaving like an idiot.

Turkey and the Syrian refugees. This is a story that deserves wide distribution. Pass it on!

It’s at this point that the US federal government could hinder the increase of firearms. Clerical inefficiency could create a deliberate paperwork logjam, effectively preventing purchases of rifles and pistols. To some, that might sound like a good idea. Others would say they would prefer to live in a neighborhood in which the vast majority of the citizens are armed — rather than live in a “gun free” zone where the only firearms would be in the hands of criminals.

Here’s a pretty good discussion of firearms control. It’s too long and parts of it are wrong, but it will probably help you come to your own conclusions.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is not a scientific body. It is a corrupt political organization. The candid remarks of two knowledgeable men make those facts clear.

Closely related: in the event you want to take a close look at the IPCC, there is a history of the continuing debacle here. No, of course you don’t want to pore over all the inane fantasies cobbled together by the cultists. It is, however, nice to know that a chronicle of the lunacy exists; it could come in handy.

And again: for a comprehensive discussion of Mike Mann’s pending AGW-related lawsuit that has been mentioned several times in this newsletter (see Numbers 317 and 342), read this article. Crucial quote: “…Mann has behaved less like a scientist than like a religious figure who feels he has been given the final interpretation of the Bible, knows the Eschaton to be imminent, and has resolved to enforce the blasphemy laws lest anyone risk losing his soul”. Exactly.

More that’s related: this commentary is for those who take a serious interest in AGW.

You may well have seen this US television report on the removal of the people who once lived on Diego Garcia. If you do not recall it, by all means view it now. It’s the story of a disgraceful blunder that reveals the USA and the UK as hypocrites. Some three decades later, the outrage remains unalloyed. Shame!

Taxes discourage the activity taxed. Somehow that lesson has been forgotten — by everybody but the business community. Here’s yet another example of what happens when collectivist ideologues make tax policy.

How should Western Civilization respond to expansionist Islam? There is no probability that either side in the debate over that question can ever convert its opponents. In fact, the word debate is probably a misnomer: when the issue is the Islamic challenge, one typically chooses a viewpoint instinctively and then reacts to the arguments of the other side with shock and indignation. Those who generally agree with such public figures as Geert Wilders and Sam Harris are fervently opposed by Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky. You are well advised to sample Greenwald’s arguments, grotesquely verbose as they are, because his opinions might surprise you and clarify your own views. Readers of this newsletter will know how Greenwald’s philippic would be rated, if it were reviewed here.