…it is a common human tendency to think that the fervency of our beliefs validates them.

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad


FEMENs preparing for protest in Istanbul. I am sure that their identities are known, so how are they able to enter the country? Just sayin’…. It’s not that I am against their protests.

RTE has lost control. Even though he, himself, would not condone such attacks (at least I certainly hope so), his Islamic agenda encourages such scoundrels to carry out these and similar assaults.

As I said, the end is near…or RTE will push it to the tipping point and it will fall back on him.





Madness: Shia and Sunni, brothers in the family of Islam


The photo below and related commentary come from Facebook, but apparently originated on Twitter. The comments include some nice thoughts about synthesizing Sunni and Shia. Notice that most of the Turkish comments are very anti-sectarian. Turkey, much like the USA, is a mosaic. There are Sunnis, Shias, Alewites, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Greeks, Georgians, Caucasians, and more living in that country. To hell with sectarianism!




The wisdom of enlightened faith


A need for clinical trials

The claim has been made that the US Government has known since 1974 that cannabis cures cancer. It’s not a cure of some cancers, but of all types, according to some very enthusiastic folks. The patient is not supposed to smoke anything; he’s given a liquid extract that includes the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

When a claim of this sort is made and the proponents of a new treatment insist documentation of the alleged facts is available, the only rational option is to test the treatment. That should begin with a look at the relevant published documents.

If you are interested, start here. “Cannabis cures cancer and the government knows it, for thirty-four studies have proved it. A molecular biologist explains how THC kills cancer. Finally, here’s a ‘recipe’ for making a medication out of cannabis oil.”

I hope this is true…and if it is, I hope cancer patients will not have to wait overlong for help. An ethical health care system (corporate, individual, governmental, and institutional) would not quash the truth, surely.


ISIS intentions: if this group succeeds, this will set everything in the Middle East on its head.

If it were only this simple to understand the Middle East….

Truth and reality are often stranger than any fiction. I laughed so hard at some of these, I nearly…well, this goes to show that the Chinese will never ever be able to take over the western world.

When you run a national newspaper, it’s not only what you report, but also what you don’t report. You decide: do these claims expose omissions made by Democrats who enjoy positions of power in journalism?

Leave it to hackers to figure out even the deepest secrets.

Did the pilot really take MH370 down? So far, there’s no more plausible explanation.

Going native seems to have worked well in this case. Some questions remain, however, about Army policy.

What, the Germans are “joyless“? Not at all!

Stuck. No comment.

Is this woman for real? I can say without a doubt that the majority of my friends and acquaintances in the US, who are avidly watching the World Cup, have great-grandfathers who were born in the USA. In reality, I can think of only one, okay, two whose grandfathers were not born in the USA. (Editor: the author of the linked commentary considers herself witty, au courant, and trenchant. This newsletter has always avoided her work.)

The alleged Clinton vs. Obama feud: is it the truth (or close to it), or is it just a ploy to make Hillary Clinton a viable candidate for the office of POTUS?

“Obama had put Hillary in a corner….”…on Benghazi.

Has the USA been invaded by the Mexican Army? What’s next — cries of “Remember the Alamo?” Oops — that’s in Texas, not Arizona.

Lately I have been hearing a lot about President Obama’s misuse of the executive order power given in the constitution. I did a quick check and found this. Where’s the misuse? Now of course one could argue that there are qualitative differences in executive orders, i.e., that the EOs signed by Obama have gone beyond what the framers of the constitution intended.

Some Hollywood stars are not @$$holes: that was a nice gesture, Amy.

Photos and a video of meerkats — the little animals appear almost domesticated. (Wikipedia says they make terrible pets.)

While we are smiling, here’s a Thai video that conveys a cheery reminder.

Regarding birds’ brains: full clip. Here’s an explanation. Now cats and crows can bond, quite famously, in fact.

From the “Toto, we’re in Oz!” file: the Aussies don’t worry about the non-PC impropriety of cops having an open container while pursuing suspects.

(Editor: It’s time to complete a task too long delayed. This is the best video on the ‘net for A Touch of Grey; the search for a better one ended the Tramp’s first attempt to post a link. That was an editorial mistake for which I apologize. The bouncy, devil-may-care song is a delight he wanted to share with everyone, so here it finally is.)

The Danish invasion of Britain: a twist on “Make love, not war”. (Editor: there’s related material in the book review found in Number 330.)

Harvard Business School 2014 graduation speech by Casey Gerald. He sounds pretty inspiring, but somehow the speech lacked something that I can’t quite specify.

Detox with broccoli sprouts.

A self-made, altruistic billionaire at 30? Some may say that “altruistic” and “billionaire” constitute an oxymoron. I think not. This goes to prove that the US needs to rear and educate our children better, so that more young people with ideas, smarts and drive can contribute positively to society.

The Farnsworth Invention…was the television (facts: one, two, three, and four). The question is whether an author or playwright may deliberately “re-write” history. Some call that revisionism, others consider it literary license. This play by Aaron Sorkin has stirred up controversy — which includes inspiring protesters to gather outside the theater — because it ignores the facts. (There’s a plug for the production here, or at this alternate link.)

The Sun Never Sets On British Values. It is refreshing to see how civilized people deal with the question of devolution or secession. More here.

Hillary Clinton, your public defender, will defend you to the fullest extent of the law. And here is the recording of HC explaining the whole case.

The Ebola virus is out of control in West Africa.

Rail-O-Nauts. Ferronautas, in Spanish. I’ll bet there is a lot of abandoned track to explore in the USA, as well.

German Police has no tolerance for this US export. (That’s German usage: “police” is a singular noun in that language.)

For knife collectors: another great invention/product design from the Germans. (Editor: yes, lovely!)

Libyans controlling the US fiber optic network in the Washington DC area?

The pee-pee-powered putt-putt-mobile. It was too good to be true!

I believe the first Air Force One is worth saving. Respect for our history should tell us this is not a waste of money.

A statement from the editor

The Tramp submitted an interesting item regarding the evidently pending purchase of a Washington DC company that is involved in internet connectivity in that area. The putative purchaser was identified as controlled by Libyans. Whether such a purchase would be wise was the question. The Tramp produced a link to an outfit called business2community.com that shed light on the possible acquisition. What happened next looks a lot like frantic backpedaling. The relevant item on that website was taken down (and no retraction or correction of the original story was posted). The Tramp suggested this alternative. Catastrophic browser failure intervened when NTG attempted to follow up on the story; that unprecedented event prompted a few paranoid thoughts…which, after some investigation, were filed in the No Solid Evidence drawer. Sometimes browsers fail spectacularly (and sometimes people are killed by falling pianos — but how often?).

It’s clear that the sale, proposed or actual, of Fibergate to Retelit is not supposed to be news. The actual ownership and control of Retelit might not be hidden behind an Italian screen, and the security of US communications might be assured, sale or no sale.

If you encounter further information on this un-story, please let NTG know.

Book Review

Electric Armageddon, by Peter Vincent Pry, Task Force on National and Homeland Security, 2014, ISBN 978-1-48-234821-7.

This volume is essential reading for everyone who is even peripherally involved in politics, all levels of public administration, the military, education, and journalism. It is highly recommended for everyone else.

For some years, this newsletter has repeatedly mentioned the Carrington Event and the related subject of electromagnetic pulse weapons. During that time, the failure of the US government to be aware of the threats remained a puzzle. How could the authorities stubbornly ignore anything this terrifyingly dangerous? This book provides the answer.

But begin with the nature of the danger, and its inevitability. After clarifying those harsh realities, Pry explains the essential science of electromagnetic pulses, and reports what has been done, what can be done, and how protective countermeasures could be carried out. His book is, in other words, comprehensive.

As horrifying as the consequences of an EMP are, they are almost certainly far worse than you have yet imagined. Yes, you probably recall the estimate that a Carrington Event or a properly-designed EMP weapon would kill over ninety percent of the population of the USA; that sounds bad enough, doesn’t it? When, however, you learn that the technology needed to deploy that weapon is relatively simple, you will see that Iran and North Korea must necessarily be rated as rapidly approaching the required technical sophistication. For example: it won’t take a large nuclear bomb to generate a single burst that would eradicate all electronics and electric power transmission throughout the USA (with the possible exception of Hawaii); the damage can be done by a small device yielding just one kiloton of explosive power (as much as is found in a nuclear artillery shell from the 1950s).

Even if one could depend on the humanitarian sentiments of Iran and North Korea to prevent those nations from deploying nuclear EMP devices, the sun is a certain threat. Only the deliberately irrational can ignore those facts. The rest of the population must depend on the decency and efficiency of government to safeguard the nation.

That, Fry makes clear, is where the failure is to be found. He documents in dismaying detail how plans to protect the nation have been co-opted, smothered, and dispensed with by a succession of bureaucrats whose involvement has been utterly dysfunctional.

Fry’s narrative provides an excellent outline of the science, a discussion of how one should prepare for cataclysmic disaster, the best policy for a responsible government to follow (if such a government existed), and a damning record of the turf wars and fumblings of Washington DC.

Details: this book retails for $15.00 at Amazon. It is softbound, measures 8.5 by 11 inches, is 180 pages, has commendably wide margins for those who, like your reviewer, read with a pen in hand, and stays open when you lay it down. All very good. The negatives are trivial: the photos and graphs and diagrams are not good — they are too hard to see or read — and there is no index. Documentation of the government’s efforts so far is extensive, but most readers will find that unnecessary and boring, once they understand that the inaction of government is due to the very nature of the government.

If the all-too-typical logjam is to be shattered, the voters will need to demand the imposition of rationality on legislators and the president. Information is the prerequisite of reform.

This book receives the highest recommendation from The New Terrapin Gazette. Do obtain a copy, and do loan it out.

PS: use an internet search engine with the search term “newt gingrich emp”.

Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Still A Living Article Of Faith

An excellent video introduction to the facts

For newcomers and for old hands who desire a profound understanding of concepts already grasped: there’s an invaluable string of short videos available. It’s a pity all of the individual productions will not get wider distribution — so you might suggest them to those who are still stumbling about in the darkness, quoting Tyson or Nye. You need access only one URL — this one — to initiate the show. It provides a rational explanation of climate change, including its causes. Yes, climate change is real; that should be obvious, for the climate has been fluctuating since the very beginning….

A whistleblower?

“Tony Heller” presents himself as a critic of both sides in the AGW debate, and it appears he is correct about that. In fact he’s Stephen Goddard, or maybe not — he’s coy about his real identity. Unfortunately he makes as many mistakes as the AGW enthusiasts, and like them, he refuses to acknowledge or correct them.

The end of the power of the Gore-Hansen cult will come because hard science sets it aside as no more useful to climatology than astrology is to astronomy. People like Heller/Goddard are not contributing to that eventual result. In fact he might even be an agent provocateur.

The president puts on his carny barker’s cap

The One claims hurricane intensity will increase because there’s too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Oh, yeah? Where does he get this stuff? Even Jim Hansen wouldn’t want to admit to having said something that stupid…. Link.

What exerts great control over weather? Why, carbon dioxide, of course! Well, no, as a matter of fact. Read on….

Warmers are interesting objects of study, too

A former warmer regrets his past. You need watch only the first one minute and fifteen seconds of the video, but the rest might prove intriguing.

Warmers complain about the press, skeptics (“deniers”), and unfriendly political factions. Information at the link is particularly revealing.

If you would like to give a warmer a chance to understand the facts, do pass this along.

Exasperated Commentary

An interpretation of Hillary that just might be insightful

Sultan Knish can get pretty worked up — but think twice before you accuse him of excess: his caustic phrases are always backed up by extensive, incisive arguments. Here, for example, are the concluding paragraphs of a recent post of his:

Hillary Clinton blames women for being sexually assaulted and raped. Having tethered her career to a serial predator, she can only get ahead by tearing down women in private while talking them up in public. The real Hillary is a neurotic living a lie who hates herself and her own gender.

The real Hillary despises women and identifies with the men who victimize them.

You’ll find the Sultan’s reasoning and evidence uniquely trenchant, so do read the entire piece. And yes, Hilly did refer to the women whom Slick seduced as “trash”. Must not that word necessarily apply to her, as well?

Targeting the political opposition to Obama

Hard drive failure at the IRS? Yeah, r-i-i-i-ght. Those incriminating messages were deliberately destroyed. Many more people than Lerner were involved, and there was a perceived risk that one of the conspirators would cave in, make a deal, implicate big names, and sell his story to a newspaper. That could mean the Obama presidency would forever be known as fascistically partisan and far less principled than Nixon’s. Can’t have that.

What US citizens think of their country

Which of these statements is true? A poll taken recently indicates that….

A. …three out of five expect that Obama is having affairs, and of those folks, four out of five believe Michelle knows it.

B. One out of eight believes Obama will remain president for one or two more terms.

C. Four out of five US citizens believe their government is corrupt.

D. Three out of five would prefer to see the US military take over the nation.

E. One out of three thinks the Tea Party should be outlawed.

One of the above is true (some of the others might be true, as well, but the editor claims that is unlikely). For the answer and the source, look below.


This newsletter has already advised you not to donate to the American Red Cross, but to help others through The Salvation Army. Here’s recent information that supports that suggestion.

The IRS scandal. Nice photo. And: the reptilian John Koskinen has to be one of the most pugnaciously obnoxious civil servants ever to appear in a Congressional hearing. One could spend long minutes clarifying exactly what he meant to do when he demanded, “What did you do with it?”, but the perceptive do not need that instruction, and the unimaginative could not benefit from it. Koskinen is a thorough cynic with the feral instincts of a fascist, and he belongs in prison.

Related: good sentiments, but beyond practicality. The Obamites, especially Holder, will fight to the last fanatic to stall exposure and reform.

The NSA’s paranoia.

Disney met Dali, and here’s the result.

A little advice for simply everybody everywhere: don’t let the military run your country, even for a short period. It’s a cure that kills. This time, no tip of the hat goes to the reader who alerted this newsletter to the linked video…and if you don’t understand why that courtesy is sadly being withheld, you don’t understand the situation at all.

Take it from a former 91 Bravo, this is really neat!

An Obamite who’s good at raising money gets his reward, which is a slap in the face to Canada. Hopenchange!

They had an election in the US state of Mississippi, and now people are asking, “Who paid for those vile ads, and for those cringe-inducing automated telephone calls?” Then… more malodorous hi-jinks came to light.

“Since 9/11, our failure to identity the true nature of the Islamist threat and its grounding in traditional Islamic theology has led to misguided aims and tactics. Under both the Bush and Obama administrations, for example, the traditional Islamic doctrine of jihad — which means to fight against the enemies of Islam, which predominantly means infidels — has been redefined to serve the dubious tactic of flattering Islam in order to prevent Muslim terrorism.” The author makes clear that the language employed, the terms that disguise policy rather than expose it to rational evaluation, are the tools of rascals. Read it all.

Related: the implications of symbols, continued. A tip of the hat goes to reader X for alerting NTG to this report on the absurdities currently obsessing the Thai military.

Anonymous takes on Saudi Arabia, among others. Cheeky bunch….

There’s a new book that might appeal to those who want to impose reform in Washington DC (folks like Mark Levin, for example): Is Administrative Law Unlawful?. See the Amazon page (expensive book!).

Four of five US citizens believe their government is corrupt. Read the source and the commentary found there.

Here we go again. The question, however, is why the WaPo allowed this to appear. It’s not the first evidence of what could be a sea change…. Time will tell.

Freedom of speech matters. Really. By necessity, it’s not included in the Utopian dream.

Warrantless searches? Unfortunately technology opens a new constitutional issue.

It would be nice if an understanding of the Middle East could be achieved by studying the life and works of one man, but that’s not possible. Approach this claim with skepticism, therefore.

Flowers that are worth a look.

This guywhoever he is — must have been reading the New Terrapin Gazette.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Bilahari Kausikan.

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