It’s…rather remarkable that domestic police officers are driving tanks and armored personnel carriers on American streets, breaking into homes and killing dogs over pot. They’re subjecting homes and businesses to commando raids for white-collar and even regulatory offenses, and there’s been barely any opposition or concern from anyone in Congress, any governor, or any mayor of a sizable city.

Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad

Grim evidence of Russian losses in Ukraine

My God! The Russian regular army, supposedly “not belligerent” on the territory of Ukraine, had to attend to the serious problem of disposing of the corpses of its soldiers. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, more than two thousand had been killed. To this end, in the Rostov region mobile crematoria — Volva IN-50.1K-based trucks (developed in St. Petersburg) — were deployed. This was reported by Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilieva in an interview with Her comments “200 Loads from Ukraine to Russia” appeared on the social network Facebook. The trucks were seen near the Ukrainian border by at least two witnesses. The photo shows one of the vehicles.


Doing battle with imperialist Islam’s most fearsome warriors

How is ISIL/ISIS funded and trained? This article is probably true to some extent, but I am sure some details are incorrect or can never be known. Meanwhile, here’s one plan to defeat ISIL… I think it will take a bit more imagination and intestinal fortitude than this to defeat/crush/destroy the ISIL.

Turkey, the under-reported yet vitally important nation

Here’s a pedantic-esoteric evaluation of the recent Turkish presidential election results. It provides a detailed analysis, and suggests that the big losers are the nationalists (MHP) and their wing within the middle left party (CHP), while the winner is the pro-Kurdish (HDP), which is now embracing more libertarian issues. Now if the HDP-BDP parties could only forge a real coalition with the CHP, they would be able to stand against the AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

And Erdoğan? Well, he’s back to his former self only four days after the election.

“Mr. Erdoğan, tear down these universities!” Fact: that’s not exactly the kind of progressive thinking to which most educated Turks subscribe.

When you have surveillance cameras everywhere, you have to expect that you might also be recorded in some places you don’t really want to be seen.

Lest one think that all Turks are backward thinking and cannot enjoy some cultural entertainment: view this, please. RTE will find it difficult to accomplish the complete conversion of his countrymen to his way of thinking.

This is one Turk’s view on …… atheism and agnosticism. It’s surely not a mainstream view in Turkey, especially not within the governing group.

This is how pedestrians in Istanbul express their gratitude to nice drivers. (Editor: do not skip this, Pilgrims!)

You heard this first from the Tramp.

The Tramp’s Links

This is tremendous: the identity of Jack the Ripper has finally been established — with the help of technology.

Setting the facts straight…

…and calling the Russians on it when they lie: this nonsense about Stonehenge is just that, nonsense. The restoration of the monument was not its fabrication.

No-go zones for Brits in Great Britain: this was sent to me by an Israeli friend. Islam in London…Great Britain – wake up before it will be too late…. it was one of your citizens who was showing (sic) on TV with a knife in his hand…. It is already making me wonder which would it be the safer place for “normal people”? Tel Aviv or London?

“Show me your face … or else!”

Some harsh satire about Ferguson, the police, MRAPs, SWAT and more. However on target his barbs may be, something is lost when a guy with a strong British accent delivers them.

Another smart young man tells ’em to take personal respons-a-damn-bility.

Good neighborly languages. I don’t think this would work for American English, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French. Or would it?

Winnetou …… the German fantasy.Similes created by high school kids of the 21st century. (Editor: this is devastatingly hilarious.)

The truth about purebred dogs.

A reminder of the very bizarre album covers of yesteryear.

What Germans on the street today say about Jews … and people laugh about the ignorance of US Americans when asked about historical and geo-political topics. But racial and religious hatreds expressed in Germany, both by the Nazis and the Muslims, are indications of which way the wind is blowing in central Europe today. One would think that the Muslims (in Germany) would be more tolerant and/or sympathetic. There were probably just about as many Jews in German before World War II as there are Muslims today. The actions of ISIL/IS could easily spark a trend of severe anti-Muslim hatred in Germany.

Real estate company regularly steals bicycles (One, Two) when they should concentrate on renting and selling properties.

Here’s another of those child prodigies to be jealous of: see a live performance. This follow-up piece has subtitles.

War With Islam

The fundamentals

There is a case to be made for a declaration of war by the Congress of the USA. The idiotically named “War on Terror” is an affront to constitutional governance, a hindrance to effective defense against a deadly enemy, and an ill-defined, recklessly unclear policy that has already generated serious ethical problems.

A declaration of war would dispense with the absurdities of the current situation, among them the irrational, unprecedented legal status of prisoners held by the USA. It would declare Washington’s intent to see to the survival of secular constitutional governance and the evolved values of humanity. It would facilitate forthright hostilities against the extra-national enemies of decent people everywhere.

Absent a grimly-declared, credible intent to destroy ISIS, the USA will be perceived as lacking the self-respect required to defend itself. Against pure evil, only unrelenting hostility can possibly prevail. (Recall the implacable demand of the USA that the Empire of Japan surrender unconditionally or face total destruction. Half-measures are worse than none.) Only a formal declaration of war can be considered a genuine commitment to exterminate the blood enemy of Liberty.

If the USA sets the example, many who are currently wringing their hands and dithering will have a role model worth emulating. Moreover, should the meek choose not to defend the Western tradition, they will discover they present attractive targets for the worst people on earth.

Islam as the enemy and the target

ISIS (or ISIL, if you prefer) is not doing anything other than what the Koran commands. The motives of the jihadis are, from the Koranic viewpoint, pristine and blessed. Treatment of captives and the population of enemy areas are precedented by the iconic behavior of Mohammed, the sociopathic pederast and incestuous fanatic who wrote the hoax text. ISIS’s warriors are doing exactly what they think their insane version of a creator-god demands of them.

Those facts can lead the impressionable to believe that the religion itself is at fault, and must therefore be stamped out. For example: one of this newsletter’s heroes, Geert Wilders, insists that in his native Holland the Koran should be banned — exactly as Hitler’s My Struggle is forbidden. Further, it is true that all Muslims proclaim and celebrate the sanctity of the Koran, believing it to be dictated (to the Archangel Gabriel) by the universe’s creator. The person of Mohammed is revered as the perfect example for all males. Because the Muslim deity is unable to manifest himself in this dimension and age, there is no personal connection, no exemplary presence, in Islam other than Mohammed — whose exploits and pronouncements are believed to be without taint.

Those exploits include appalling degeneracy. The list of offenses is almost beyond belief: it includes incest, ownership of slaves, mass murder (by decapitation), and sexual predation. Surely any religion that rests on such a rotten foundation cannot make any rational claim to holiness.

Further, recall that the Koran is sanctimoniously incendiary. This newsletter has already noted that Muslim Pakistani emigres to Britain have taken UK citizenship, lived peaceful lives, educated their children in British schools and universities and seen the pampered graduates go into the medical profession — and then been shocked to find these first-generation native-born Brits inspired by the Koran to attempt mass murder. Indeed, simply saying to one’s children, “The holy Koran is the gift of the Prophet, who gave us the word of Allah” has proved to be literally dangerous.Wilders is right: the Koran does indeed incite a rabid hatred of Jews, and it preaches the utter necessity of holy war against all non-Muslims.

Wilders is wrong, however, to propose a ban of book. By the same token, the Dutch government is wrong to ban Hitler’s absurd text.

Arguments against censorship are irrelevant here; what matters is the answer to the question of what a rational Western government can properly do to defend good people from religious fanatics.

Legal implications for US domestic pacifists and supporters of imperialist Islam

The law regarding aiding the enemy in time of war is complex, and it is conceivable that some civilians protesting hostilities against Islamofascism might be tried by military courts. For authoritative information, consult this resource.

War must not suspend the Bill of Rights. This newsletter considers the wisdom and leadership of the president to be the paramount bulwark against insults to the individual’s freedoms of speech, press, and religious belief in time of war. Clearly, the president, acting as military commander in chief, has the authority to act ethically. That fact necessarily implies the possibility that the executive branch of the federal government could and might be headed by a flawed individual. There is, therefore, a strong argument against all novel declarations of war — and certainly the declaration proposed here is unique. That sets off alarms.

The Congress should decide whether (and possibly how) to proceed with an unprecedented war against an ideological, faith-based international movement. Whether the current Congress is intellectually and ethically capable of deciding the issue prudently can certainly be disputed.

Proceeding with a declaration of war on expansionist Islamofascism cannot, therefore, be unconditionally recommended. Indeed the West’s current leaders might well prove disastrously unequal to the complex and morally challenging task.

The Islamic community

Many enemies of decency are inspired and animated by religious concepts. That mindset stems not just from the Koran, though Islam’s holy book is the prime example of maleficent scripture. The simple answer to the problem is to destroy the ideas and commandments of Islam — to wage war on a religion.

Of course that logic mocks reason. It cannot be the base of US policy.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Islam — other than the absurdity of its teachings — is its extreme diversity. As this newsletter has repeatedly noted, many tens of millions of nominal Muslims keep their heads down, avoiding both study of the Koran and involvement in violence. That diversity should surprise no one, for the warfare between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam is plain evidence of the fact that Muslims can and do disagree with each other.

Iran and Turkey are prime examples. Before the Twelvers took over Iran, the nation was in all respects moving into the twentieth century, contrasting strikingly with the religious troglodytes in Saudi Arabia. Turkey, long less isolated from the rest of the world than are many predominantly Muslim nations, enjoys the benefits of the legacy of Atatürk; while it has religious fundamentalist elements, it is generally less contaminated by them than are most other Islamic nations. Waging war on Islam would negate the promising possibilities for both of those nations.

Religious freedom

The human rights — assuming such things participate in existential reality — of Muslims should be respected. That does not mean their recidivistic and atavistic customs must be tolerated, but one does not go to war to end female circumcision. One sheds blood in defense of family, values, and the future.

Those are principles that perhaps many Muslims will eventually understand and even adopt. Meanwhile trying to stamp out a faith that is corrupt and ethically degenerate is a fool’s errand. Consider, for example, the state of Christianity from approximately the fourteenth century: it was lethally dangerous, rife with inhumane superstition, and appallingly bloodthirsty; its torturers developed sophisticated techniques to prolong unbearable suffering. Somehow Christianity outgrew its debased state (although it remains subject to criticism today). In all probability, all of Islam will also evolve. The religion is, after all, young, and it happens to predominate in what are sometimes called “honor/shame” cultures. One cannot encourage positive evolution by abusing innocent people, so the word from here is, “Leave the Muslims alone, and kill the fanatics who are dangerous”.

Immigration into the USA

Given the bizarrely moronic immigration policy of the Obama administration, this newsletter favors a total embargo on all immigration for several years. There are a lot of messes to be cleaned up, and a restoration of sanity and the rule of law lead the TO DO list. The nation needs a period of quiet before it writes new law, and that law must come from Congress, not from the ukases delivered by The One.

To inform yourself on the basic issue, view a six minute video on this website. In the menu on the right side of the screen, click on Videos, and then on “Immigration, world poverty and gumballs — updated 2010”.

There should also be a national consideration of the fact of the Muslim demographic weapon. This strategy to conquer the West has been discussed briefly in this newsletter, and it should not be considered a trivial subject. It would be wise to remember that the most congenial immigrants typically come from Latin America, and that Muslim communities in the USA are targets for jihadi subversion.

Whatever the specific points regarding immigration law and its enforcement, surely a hiatus would be welcome.

Note as well, please, that while the USA cannot wage war on a religion, there are good reasons to halt Muslim immigration in particular. The problem is the values of Muslim communities: though not Koranic in inspiration, the cultures from which many Muslims come are simply evil, and highly resistant to reproach because religious leaders often endorse horrid misbehavior. Indeed, some Muslims are culturally incapable of meeting the most elemental requirements for US visas, residency, and citizenship. Their deficiencies are not due to the fact that they are Muslims.

And exactly what, you might ask, is this culturally-based immorality and degeneracy that plagues some Muslim communities? Fortunately, loyal reader JY has provided you with the reporting and commentary of a keen observer. Do read the linked piece; it is highly recommended. (There’s more here.) The full truth is a total disgrace for Great Britain, and a damning testament to the depravity of a significant segment of Muslim ethnic groups. Apologists for Islam simply cannot explain how a religion can permit this level of evil without utterly disqualifying itself.

In sum: not everyone can qualify to be permitted to travel to or in the United States. Many millions of people do not have the minimal decency required to be accepted as immigrants, as well. Any federal administration that does not recognize these facts — and that turns a blind eye to the sickeningly inhumane customs of too many Muslims — deserves to be retired.

Do not skip this video!

Legal aspects

It is sometimes forgotten that apart from those pesky Poms, the USA’s oldest enemy was Muslim. (Yes, Native Americans — “Indians” — must also be mentioned, but they were not so much the USA’s enemy as they were its victims; it makes more sense to say the USA was their enemy.) The reference is to the so-called Barbary Pirates. Their legal status as pirates meant President Jefferson could deal with them without a declaration of war, but of course he did have to treat with sovereign nations in order to complete the frustration of the villains.

A contemporary strategy for dealing with dangerous Muslims would be to declare war on specific named groups and their allies, and add to the list as new jihadi organizations appear. Why can one wage war only against nations? Where in international law is the nationhood of one’s mortal enemy considered an absolute requisite before a state of war can exist?

The immediate future

As things stand, ISIS is financially supported by its criminal/piratical activities. It was recently believed that it was funded by one or more Arab states in the Persian Gulf. While it is true that donations from several wealthy patrons continue to flow to ISIS, the importance of that aid is now felt to be trivial.

ISIS will strike the USA as soon as it can. Prediction is sheer guesswork, but one thing is certain: this Islamist faction intends to kill as many people as possible.

Under the current US administration, two clusters of events seem relatively likely: first, unconstitutional executive orders delivered from the White House; second, half-measures that encourage further trouble with bellicose elements of Islam. A prime example of the latter is the foolhardy US posture with respect to Iran.

Then too, “The Obama administration fled Iraq prematurely while staying out of the Syria conflict and thus set in motion the chain of events that led to the frightening rise of ISIS.” (Source) Once he killed Osama bin Laden, Obama seems to have felt the job was done and everybody else in the Muslim world would now withdraw from the field, proclaiming The One the victor. That myopic attitude shows up clearly in US negotiations with Iran; see the commentary linked immediately above for the grotesque details.

Footnote: Senator Rand Paul seems to have shed some of his isolationist impracticality. (He says he was never an isolationist. Oh. He certainly fooled this newsletter.) This will probably push Obama to make some statements and do some things; that faux burst of enthusiasm will fade too soon after accomplishing too little. Whether Paul would follow through appropriately is the question, for he’s new to the idea that the West should extend itself and accept losses in order to exterminate faith-based evil.

Leadership in a time of great danger

The nation and the world are waiting for the appearance of a Churchilian figure whose words inspire courage and resolve.

Obama? The suggestion is risible. His forte is haranguing union members who are planning their next intimidation and extortion. His intellect, ideology, preferences and experience make him unsuited to the needs of the hour; read this. Obama is a carny barker, not a statesman. He does not even appear to be listening.

At one point, this newsletter felt that Australian Prime Minister John Howard had the vision and oratorical skills to lead the West. Howard moved on, unfortunately. At present, only British PM Cameron seems to have a slim chance to focus the ethical force that can shatter imperialist Islam. Time will tell.


Profits, taxes, and ethics: when a corporation makes money, “progressive” cant denounces the success as predatory and parasitical. That can be true only if the corporation enjoys monopoly status. Because collectivists despise free markets, they work to reduce competition, thus harming the consumer; then, paradoxically, they whine about high corporate profits, and propose higher taxes on the successful businesses. The revenue enhancements (that’s the dishonest lingo that means “tax increases”) reduce all types of economic activity. Because US corporate taxes are outrageously high, many firms are leaving the country. It’s the only rational response to confiscatory policy. And the response from Washington? Outrage, of course, with Obamites threatening prohibitive legislation to curtail the “unpatriotic” attempt to reduce the tax burden. (It’s that pesky old free market in action; big corporations can look around the globe for congenial homes, which is an example of the activity made possible when choices are available.) The entire bizarre story is an object lesson in the restrictive — better, fascistic — implications of the “progressive” hunger for control. For more, see this.

Twenty-two US military veterans commit suicide daily. Many cannot get help — in spite of the Obama administration’s increased spending on psychological/psychiatric services. That increase was fifty-five percent, so The One cannot be blamed for not trying. It is evident that the solution to the tragic problem will require both money and new strategies to give the victims reasons to live. Will that entail spiritual counseling, job placement, providing a womb-like environment for sufferers, or fostering Alcoholics Anonymous-like groups? Clearly, it’s time for the helpers to wax creative. That will take more money. Obamites will probably be cooperative. Read more here; perhaps you can think of a way to get involved.

Related: imagine a program for children who have suffered trauma and desperately need emotional support. Now add the helpers: veterans who, with direction and assistance from teachers, psychologists, and other aid providers, are given an opportunity to try to comfort and guide the children. Properly administered and supervised, a residential program for the two suffering groups might be able to frustrate suicidal tendencies among the adults by giving them new reasons for living. Why? Because the primal imperative to protect the children is more powerful than the self-protective impulse. That could take the suffering vet outside himself and give him a need to carry on and grow in strength. Yes, it’s a partially-baked idea, and it would not always work. But….

The next time you are told that 97 percent of climate scientists support the core concepts of anthropogenic global warming (or that 97 percent of published scientific papers agree that carbon dioxide is the cause of AGW), come back here and click on this link. Quoting what you will find at that link won’t convince anybody, of course, because warmers are in the death-grip of faith; accordingly, they do not respond to facts. Still — just knowing that you know what’s correct can be a good feeling.

Related: first the AGW faithful said the lack of global warming over the last nineteen or twenty years was caused by the heat’s hiding in the Pacific or Atlantic oceans; when scientists looked, that naughty heat was not found. Now the cultists claim that all the carbon dioxide in the air has caused an increase in the acidity of the oceans, and that’s killing sea creatures. But are the oceans becoming more acidic? Have a look.

“The New York Times assumes Google is full of geniuses. I don’t. They’re just sitting on a pile of cash. They have little idea how they got it, and it should have been distributed to investors and paid as taxes. Instead they hoard it and squander it. Nothing but their hijacking of the old fashioned Yellow Pages has ever made a nickel.” The source of this quote is somewhere on this weblog; its precise location there has eluded the NTG editor’s mental grasp, but that neurological pratfall is surely forgivable. One hopes, moreover, that it is not predictive….

From time to time, some observers find themselves amazed by the way in which serious offenses, accusations, revelations and breaches of the public trust are simply ignored. The press downplays news. Congress investigates and then walks away having accomplished nothing. Facts come to light and are forgotten. Reforms are discussed and nothing is done. This is, of course, how Obama and many other politicians manage to survive. And there is nothing new about it, as this discomfiting and highly recommended interview makes clear. What is needed? An abiding sense of outrage and an ethically steadfast press.

Related: the IRS scandal is literally beyond belief. It’s a criminal undertaking of immense scope and importance, but the Obama-friendly news media stubbornly downplay and ignore it. The US public is being contemptuously abused by two of its most powerful institutions, the executive branch of the federal government, and the profession of journalism. Here’s a quote from a report you should read in its entirety: “The newest…revelations describe a government agency (and its elected allies) not only thoroughly corrupted but also insistent on its entitlement to stand above accountability. The allegations warrant front-page headlines from the country’s major newspapers, surely. So where are they?”


Don’t complain, Pilgrims — you are outgunned

When The One Speaks, Perhaps He Should Be Believed

If the unrest in the US state of Missouri puzzles you, click here and read the book review. Next, understand that a government will prepare for civil war if it assumes from the first that a large percentage of its citizens are likely to cooperate feloniously in widespread violence against instituted authority. Accordingly, one should ask Obama why he said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve our national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a national civilian security force that’s just as strong, just as powerful, just as well-funded”.

No man running for the office of president had ever said anything that remarkable, that predictive, that ominous — until Obama said it. Yet the press continues to ignore that deliberate statement. No one dares to ask The One what he envisioned, and why he felt that nightmare scenario was likely to be played out…and why other possible horrors could be ignored.

For example, you already know that a Carrington Event is not just likely, but certain, and that an EMP attack by Iran or North Korea is likely as soon as either lunatic regime acquires the technology. Note that Obama is not even slightly interested in preparing his nation for those catastrophic events.

Instead he seems to be focused on a breakdown of civilization that can be dealt with by a force that apes the traditional military. He also assumes that this force will be able to function because no EMP will have negated the nation’s electrical and electronic capabilities. He’s an interesting prophet….

What can be inferred from his choice of visions of the future? Is it irrational to conclude that he expects his electorate to attempt to plunge into fratricidal mayhem, seeking the overthrow of The Powers That Be? Is he not thinking in terms of repressing a national uprising? And why would that attempt at overthrow occur?

It might be suggested that he has always been convinced that Islamofascist violence — stupidly called “terrorism” — is a certainty. To some observers, he has both downplayed that development and conducted foreign policy as if the threat posed by jihadis were trivial. Were it otherwise, his immigration policy would be utterly different, and he would have sought the help of the public in identifying dangerous domestic factions. In fact his “anti-terror” policy is clumsy, half-hearted, and misdirected, as if it were nothing more than an attempt to accustom the public to increasing surveillance and intimidation…conducted by cretins. The program is a near self-parody. One almost expects a Groucho Marx figure in a comic operetta uniform to pop up out of a storm drain, screeching, “Papers!”

Indeed Obama’s “national security objectives” statement does seem to indicate his belief that most of his administration’s trouble was expected — and might still be expected — to come from a large segment of US society. That’s one hell of a concept for a presidential candidate to have.


This is for those interested in the science of global warming: first, see how the IPCC went off the rails, and then spend less than a minute looking at a video…watch from two minutes fifteen seconds to two minutes fifty-two seconds.

More science: a mind-numbing video. Recommended.

Humor is always in order, and since this instance of it is directed at the Gore-Hansen cult, you should click on the hyperlink and enjoy the fun.

Policing in the USA needs reform. That is not a task for collectivists. Those folks, call them “progressives”, “leftists”, or “liberals”, or whatever, are deeply invested in useless, politically correct conformity. A government that understands Liberty assigns no political value to sameness per se. Places like North Korea do.

Money quote: “Affluent and educated people visit casinos less often than poorer people do for the same reasons that they smoke less and drink less and weigh less.” Source.

Hidebound hokum: before this newsletter existed in its current incarnation, it was circulated in a less sophisticated form. One of the items it reported was the fact that low-salt diets are not only useless for cardiac patients, but harmful. Too little salt causes high blood pressure. That was known many years ago, but it was not the officially endorsed view. This is yet another demonstration of The Establishment’s inertia and insular hostility to demonstrable truth. Here are the facts — yet again.

Whose side are these liars on?

Here’s an ethical, as opposed to a religious, response to Israeli policy toward the “Palestinians”. Recommended.

If you (a) are in the USA, and (b) have a little spare time on your hands, call up You Tube on your computer, and in the “Search” box enter the words, “Is it legal to record police”. What you get might prove interesting.

You might want to reassess your communications hardware choices — or, better still, determine what you need and compare it to what you have.

A rabid “progressive” is dumbfounded by the common sense and trenchant accuracy of a libertarian Republican. The implication: collectivists are vulnerable to the extent they are rational and ethical.

This virtuoso TEDx talk was the object of censorship. Fortunately, it is still available. Its topic is related to the book review in Number 301 of this newsletter. Recommended.

This gut-wrenching item was linked on a website that’s a handy resource. The upshot: Obamoid policy is downright dangerous.

The Best Has Been Saved For Last

This short video is pure gold. It summarizes the facts of climate, and provides essential links. Don’t miss it!