Acting Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Director Kenneth Melson…confirmed the Justice Department’s involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. …(He) reportedly became physically ill discussing the gruesome details of Fast and Furious and the tactics his bureau had approved.

Islam, The Obama Administration, And The Truth

The basics

You might want to refer to the full text of Obama’s speech; it is reported here.

1. The president said: “ISIL is not Islamic.” That is nonsense.

ISIL draws not just its inspiration from the Koran, but takes its marching orders from that book. The Koran identifies all non-Muslims as enemies, and urges that they be fought: see the explicit, utterly unambiguous commandments found at 2:190-3, 2:216, and 3:5. If you don’t have a Koran, by all means obtain a copy of Sam Harris’s The End of Faith (ISBN 978-0393327656) and read chapter four. The page for the book is here.

2. Obama also claims that “No religion condones the killing of innocents.” The truth of that statement cannot be denied — but only because religions that murder always define their victims as guilty and only then condemn them to death.

The Koran states that “idolatry is worse than carnage”. To Islam, simply being a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or an adherent to any number of pagan faiths is a capital offense.

Then there is Christianity, which operates differently. First the faith claims that all of humanity is necessarily damned — guilty by virtue of birth — and then it facilitates salvation only for genuinely faithful Christians. That casuistry should stun rational people, but it typically goes unremarked.

Therefore, Obama’s stupid claim that no religion endorses the punishment of the innocent passes unchallenged by the lickspittle press. The astute observer, however, will note that the president has been hoodwinked by illogic both specious and evil.

Yes, evil. Islam today includes powerful factions that endorse and practice murder allegedly mandated by the creator-deity, and historical Christianity provides a particularly clear instance of the logic of holy homicide. The facts and reasoning are indisputable: from the fifteenth to perhaps the midpoint of the eighteenth century, tens of thousands of witches were executed in Europe alone. Not one of those women was innocent. All were, by their own admissions or as demonstrated by evidence examined in court, guilty of witchcraft. They might have numbered nearly one hundred thousand.

Of course the exact number of witches in Europe depended entirely on the efficacy of torture.

Obama’s mindless babble about the murders of innocents endorses both the Biblical legalism of antique Christianity and the current practices of Islamists who follow the mandates of the Koran to the letter. (This video might help to clarify the issue.)

O tempora, o mores. It is outrageous that a president of the United States of America can be made a fool by the blatant illogic of pious insanity.

3. “And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.” Sunnis and Shias have been killing each other for centuries; are they not all Muslims? There is nothing new about ISIS/ISIL’s bloody principles and practices; that lunacy descends directly from Mohammed.Accordingly, one can only conclude that the future of relations between ISIL and the USA must be tragically sanguinary. Read this.

4. In an attempt to improve the electorate’s perception of the president, the New York Times has labored mightily and delivered itself of a brilliant encomium. Do examine it.

Well. (Heavy sigh.) The Times, in full damage-control mode, is functioning as an instrumentality of the Obama administration. As unwise as that might be, the paper has every right to craft a version of reality that overlooks essentials and promotes hero-worship. Of course some voters will remember what the publication has done….

The misunderstandings began with the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq

When W was president, this newsletter insisted that Saddam Hussein had forbidden weapons, including chemicals and very probably germs. Certainly there was an Iraqi atomic bomb program, as well. Nobody wanted to believe any of it. Now, however — well, have a look. The only remaining question is why in the world any part of the linked report would have been censored.

It could be that the descriptions of the weapons are redacted because they would reveal the source. That source appears to be a nation that must never be named. While verification is currently impossible, it does look as if the USA supplied Saddam with those “weapons of mass destruction”.

Well, why invade Iraq? Christopher Hitchens attempts to explain the facts to Jon Stewart, who does his childish best to upstage Hitchens (by interrupting, mugging, mocking the seriousness of the subject). Ignore the egomaniacal buffoon if you possibly can, and listen to the wise man.

What can be expected

“If we do not confront ISIS there — in Syria — and now, it will confront us later, and here.” That’s what many in the US Congress are saying, and it’s nonsense. ISIS will attack the USA as soon as it can, and it has money, munitions, and thousands of volunteers. Many of those fanatics hold Western passports. Whether ISIS/ISIL is attacked by anyone in the Middle East or not, it will extend its reach and injure the somnolent USA. Opinions and predictions: One, Two, Three, Four.

Some observers — such as this one — believe Obama’s strategy for waging war on ISIS in the Middle East is optimistic to the point of feckless. That should not come as a surprise, for The One came to the White House with no executive or military experience whatsoever. Other than his parochial “progressive” idealism, he has no instincts to guide him. Do you recall how W, sensing a problem, overruled his military advisers and expanded “the surge” at the last moment, thereby insuring its success and, in all probability, significantly limiting US casualties? No, you probably do not….

Meanwhile: when that nutcase jumped over the fence, ran across the lawn, entered through an unlocked door and was finally tackled inside the White House, a good deal more than the embarrassment of the Secret Service was accomplished. One must conclude that no target that is attractive to jihadis is invulnerable. How many Jewish hospitals and schools are there in the USA?

Further, it is lunacy to think that the West’s Islamic allies will be steadfast. Recall Black Hawk Down and then consider that Osama bin Laden found sanctuary near the Pakistani equivalent of the USA’s West Point; anyone who thinks that elements of the Pakistani elite did not know where bin Laden was is simply naive.

The war to see to the survival of Western Civilization should not be aided by factions that have more in common with the enemy than they do with their paymasters. Enticing Muslims to fight Muslims can only exacerbate existing internecine feuds, fueling the lust for bloody revenge. Tragically, no one in power perceives the fact that Obamoid strategy actually endorses the lunatic “End Times” prophesy of Iran’s Twelvers. This war should pit the West against the most dangerous of Islam’s jihadis; it should bypass, as far as possible, Muslims who pose no clear threat.

Oh, my. Whatever shall be done to defend Western Civilization? Ah! There is the United Nations… however…. Yes, the video is dated, but the issues are not. Viewing is highly recommended.

Finally, yet more from Hitchens. Again, highly recommended.



A tip of the hat goes to The Tramp Abroad for alerting NTG to this off-center graphic.

Back And Forth

1. A US partisan columnist savages “progressive” tactics:

The Democratic Party for years has waged a campaign to cow and silence Republican donors — pushing the IRS to target GOP groups, advocating legislation to clamp down on free speech, and publicly harassing private citizens for engaging in elections.

Those are bitter words; but then fascism should inspire outrage.

2. The US Defense Department — which means its novice head, Chuck Hagel — wants to retire the A-10. That is an insane fantasy. Newer, infinitely more expensive aircraft simply cannot do what the A-10 can. The Warthog, as the ugliest plane in the world is fondly known, can linger over a battle area for hours; it is heavily armored to protect its pilot, and is an ideal counter to the equipment and vehicles ISIS has acquired. The USA is about to make a tactical mistake with serious strategic consequences.

Addendum: The Warthog has been spared by Congress, and is in combat. Here is the History Channel’s 44 minute documentary video on the plane.

The One, Two, Three Of Anthropogenic Global Warming

One: the IPCC models are unrelated to reality. Everything Prachauri and his ilk tell you is fantasy. Here’s how that is known, and why you can dismiss climate alarmism as nonsense.

Two: the fact that for about two decades the earth has seen both (a) a dramatic rise in carbon dioxide levels and (b) no global warming can be partially explained by the way nature deals with increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Surprise!

Three: ideologues and loons use non-existent anthropogenic global warming (indeed, all global warming is non-existent these days, though it is precedented in centuries when technology could not possibly have caused it) to promote their simple-minded political fables; they base their politics on faith. That’s always a dangerous tactic because it preaches an irrational basis for salvation…and then encourages the demonization of entire populations (which groups are subject to depredation by virtue of their unholy status). Here’s one faith-intoxicated True Believer who molds non-science, scapegoating, conspiracist confabulation, and an attempt to deploy the “bandwagon effect” in politics into a Mean Green Machine that will gobble up The Tea Party, the vile Republicans, and rich people. This nutcase has packed the tactics of Mao, Castro, and Savonarola into a protracted sound bite.

When the response to solid research is a bitter political denunciation of those whose findings are revelatory, then science is mocked…and truth is defined by an intolerant elite. Slogans distort scholarship, and censorship appears.

Now be clear: scientists can be corrupted, they can be wrong, they can persecute those who would advance human knowledge — and all of those flaws can be discovered in accounts of the history of research and scholarship. One saving grace is that the observations of the philosopher Karl Popper remain available, even if largely unread. Another is the tendency for good science eventually to displace bad science.

This interesting phenomenon — the replacement of inadequate explanations by more rational, fact-based hypotheses — may be seen in cosmogony and astronomy, as well. Some scholars are insisting that there was no Big Bang, that black holes do not exist, that gravity was never responsible for the formation of planets, and that the stars are not thermonuclear sources of energy. As for “dark matter” and “dark energy”, some who have studied the matter claim they do not exist. At present, these ideas are “fringe” claims.

You already know that the AGW story involves doctored statistics (Mann’s graph, exposed in The Hockey Stick Illusion, is an example — see the item titled “An Essential Book” in this newsletter). Perhaps you assumed that some climate scientists who side with the AGW cult never fabricate evidence (such as temperature records); in any event, do read this report. It provides a wealth of information that allows objective folks to assess the credibility of NASA and a cooperating US federal agency (GISS) that collects and reports meteorological data.


The current issue of global warming/climate change is extreme in terms of the number of special interests that opportunistically have strong interests in believing in the claims of catastrophe despite the lack of evidence. In no particular order, there are the leftist economists for whom global warming represents a market failure, there are the UN apparatchiks for whom global warming is the route to global governance, there are third world dictators who see guilt over global warming as providing a convenient claim on aid (ie, the transfer of wealth from the poor in rich countries to the wealthy in poor countries), there are the environmental activists who love any issue that has the capacity to frighten the gullible into making hefty contributions to their numerous NGOs, there are the crony capitalists who see the opportunity to cash in on the immense sums being made available for “sustainable” energy, there are the government regulators for whom the control of a natural product of breathing is a dream come true, there are newly minted billionaires who find the issue of “saving the planet” appropriately suitable to their grandiose pretensions, etc., etc.

That paragraph is found in recent commentary by Richard Lindzen.


Before you denounce Israel for killing women, children, and other innocents in Gaza, view this video. The full story must also include a truthful account of the activities of Hamas.

CIA villainy.

Pluto is a planet again. Clyde, there are some old-time astronomers who owe you an apology! It’s nice that today’s stargazers are more reasonable.

This link is from the NTG’s “Turning over flat rocks in a marshy area” department. — In the event you have a plethora of felicitous feelings toward your fellow man and wish to be reconnected with reality, this newsletter has a website for you. — Advisory: some of the photos are horribly alarming. Shield the young and the sensitive! — If the names Russell, Pilger, Burchett, Duesberg, Lane, Said, Chomsky, Sontag, and Sartre kindle your imagination, you might have a look — at some of what’s on display here. Those with strong stomachs and weak minds might enjoy an unguided tour; decent folks, however, will wonder what kind of wretch would assemble and display such intellectually and ethically malodorous abominations — cheek by jowl with a few rational items. The bloated site celebrates bad history, worse science, primitive conspiracism, and Jew-hatred. It’s a disturbing freak show. If you visit, be prepared to regret your decision.

These ruminations and conclusions present a challenge to all who consider themselves rational. Highly recommended.

What’s a “health care consultant”? Well, whatever it is those people do, here’s a statement from one of them on firearms legislation. —Huh?

Obama is thrashing about in legal quicksand while insisting that he’s actually walking on firm ground. The community organizer is confused.

This is essential reading: the Israeli incursion into Gaza was deliberately distorted by the news media. The documentation of bias is utterly convincing; the news organizations, led by the New York Times, are demonstrable liars and propagandists. It is only reasonable to conclude that this unconscionable behavior is the result of Jew-hatred. Yes, that means the media are profoundly influenced by plainclothes latter-day Nazis.