“In my ten years in law enforcement on the street, I can’t remember one case where a police officer shot a dog,” says Russ Jones, the former narcotics cop with the San Jose Police Department and the DEA. “I don’t understand it at all. I guess somewhere along the line a cop shot a dog under questionable circumstances and got away with it. Word got out, and now it seems like some cops are just looking for reasons to take a shot at a dog. Maybe it just comes to that — we can get away with it, therefore we do it.”



A decline in the US president’s popularity has led many prominent Democrats to try to distance themselves from Obamoid policy. As anxiety over Ebola increases, there is a vague but growing perception that the federal government has been slow and stupid. Some observers — not including this newsletter — believe the changing political climate means the Republican party might gain control of the Senate.

Once, maybe; but twice?

An examination of current circumstances cannot provide a comprehensive explanation for developments. The partially obscured truth is that the nation chose the wrong candidate twice, and is now coping with the consequences. Consider the man’s qualifications:

First: on assuming office, Obama had no executive or military experience whatsoever. Second, his resume is, by any standard, slim; he was never a law professor, for example, and employment as a community organizer is a risibly irrelevant qualification for the highest federal executive office. Third, his records as both a state and a federal senator are extraordinarily unremarkable; he was a passenger in both vehicles. Fourth, his talent as an orator is notable; he preaches the gospel of collectivist ideology with declamatory vigor. Fifth, his greatest political asset is his genetic makeup.

His background does not approximate the curriculum vitae of a man suited to the presidency of the USA.

By the end of his first term in the White House, there were indications that Obama should not be re-elected. They included appalling economic ignorance, the confusion of punitive wealth redistribution with “fairness”, and a hair-trigger sensitivity to irrelevant issues.

Obama’s bad judgment in the selection of candidates for the highest appointive offices failed to raise eyebrows, though Hillary (and later Kerry) at State exemplified a casual abuse of presidential discretion that amounted to a tacit expression of contempt for many of the USA’s best friends. Hagel at Defense appears to be in over his head. CIA and NSA directors did not and do not inspire confidence. Eric Holder at Justice was a travesty of monumental proportions; Obama’s collusion with him to prevent exposure of egregious crimes was an act of surpassing contempt for ethics, reason, and law.

Later Obama’s passionate (but, thanks to the lapdog press, scarcely visible) anticolonialist fixation was evident to perceptive observers. That, linked with his determination to end “American exceptionalism”, restructure US society fundamentally, and make virtually the entire US population critically dependent on government largess, along with his flat refusal to secure the nation’s borders, should have set off alarms. Then there was his decision to place key elements of Obamacare in the hands of the Internal Revenue Service; that revealed the mindset of a cold technocrat, a man who values the imposition of process over the toleration of the idiosyncrasies of the individual. Obama’s natural inclination is to organize, regulate, mandate, and control; to him, Liberty is sloppy and encourages disobedience. His recent lie that ISIS/ISIL is “not Islamic” is confirmation of his cynicism and hubris: this egotist is the president, and he knows that his truth is inerrant.

Obama’s silence on the genuine threats posed by electromagnetic pulse weapons and the sun’s coronal mass ejections betrays either his ignorance or his intellectual deficiency. Those horrifying threats are not at all illusory, yet they remain unremarked. The nation is gravely endangered by Obama’s lapse.


The US response to ISIS/ISIL is grossly inadequate and unlikely to be effective — unless Obama undergoes a seismic reconstruction of his personality. Islam’s holy sociopaths will strike in the USA, but might try to lull their target into a false sense of security first. Iran will continue its advance toward nuclear weapons; depending on who is in power in Iran at the moment, that nation could and probably will use its atom bomb to start the global war that will recall The Mahdi to earth and put an end to history. (The lethal madness of the Twelvers who currently control Iran is described here.)

Most of the world’s major players realize by now that as long as Obama and Kerry speak for the USA, events are less predictable, less peaceful, more likely to result in catastrophic miscalculations, and simply more dangerous than ever. With the USA’s amateur leadership making increasingly unpredictable policy, some insane national leaders (in North Korea, Syria, parts of Africa, Iran) and some who are merely shaky or unpredictable (in China, Turkey, Pakistan, Argentina, and in many other nations) perceive a vacuum of power, intellect, and ethics in international politics. One can reasonably expect the UN to respond quixotically. The grim truth is that when the USA goes off the rails, bad people — such as Putin — become bolder.

A possible bellwether might be how well the Obama administration handles the Ebola panic. So far, the point man has been spouting stunning nonsense. Yes, Ebola could indeed cause a literal panic, and the fact that Obama is perceived as less than fully rational, unpredictably incompetent, and certainly quirky can only intensify widespread fear.

Won’t this mean the Republicans will take the Senate, and restore rational governance? No, and almost certainly no. Recall that this newsletter has pointed out repeatedly that while dead Democrats do not respond to public opinion polls, they vote. Of course Eric Holder has said flatly that there is no such crime as election fraud. Well, if you believe him, poor you; you probably also believe that Fast and Furious was a fiction.

The Democrats are so terrified that many of them are doing all they can to distance themselves from Obama. Their terror will also inspire all manner of skulduggery, unfortunately.

Finally, what should make anyone think the Republicans can salvage the situation? How many of them are principled, wise, and knowledgeable? Their party is a virtual shambles, and some Republicans are clowns. Further, even if the Senate and House were to cooperate on all manner of legislation, Obama will still be president. He will not be impeached, let alone removed from office, as everyone realizes. Kerry cannot be replaced by Congress, so the legislators cannot address the deteriorating international situation to any significant degree. The House of Representatives voted to find Holder in contempt of Congress, and the executive branch of the government has brushed that off as a trivial annoyance. In truth, the public’s confidence can hardly be improved by partisan politics.

There is no substitute for a qualified and principled executive. That truth should be obvious, but it is partially obscured by the silence of much of The Fourth Estate and the bigotry of a significant number of voters.

The USA is facing the fabled Dark Night of the Soul. Some things, having been caused, simply have to be endured.

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