We have been cursed to live in interesting times.

Mocking The Constitution

The setting

You know that US presidents issue executive orders that are illegitimate assumptions of power. Those ukases are illegal because the federal constitution forbids them. You are aware of the facts because you read the book review in NTG Nr. 359, and you read the commentary on presidential power in Nr. 361. You learned more from the first item in Nr. 362, and you will recall that in that commentary, this newsletter referred to the House Republicans as “spineless” and “sappy”.

So — what? Well, the Republicans are indeed insipid and worse than careless. They have also violated their oath of office.

Specifics: step one

Exactly how they committed that violation is explained in detail here. Do take the time to read it.

The people’s representatives have a sacred responsibility to study proposed legislation, understand it, and deny passage to bills that endorse presidential malfeasance. In the case in question, a failure to exercise prudential scrutiny is glaringly present. The Republicans have stupidly and slothfully ignored their duty and endorsed executive overreach.

It is tragic that both Democrats and Republicans have conspired to tolerate and encourage the illegal dictatorial actions of the current president.

Step two

A week later, Congress passed a compromise bill that will keep the government from being temporarily shut down (by opponents of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders) and pass the issue along to the next Congress — which will be controlled by Republicans. As a consequence of the struggle to pass that legislation, Harry Reid’s Senate was able to approve a number of judicial appointments that give Obamites additional clout in the federal courts. The cause of the struggle: bitter opposition from both the “wingnuts” (encouraged by Sen. Ted Cruz) and the radical “progressives” (led by Sen. Liz Warren). While the compromise was a decent idea, it worked to the advantage of collectivist factions and aided the individualist/constitutionalist cause not at all. Cruz and Company shot themselves in the feet, and Warren must be cackling like a brood hen (assuming, of course, that she realizes that her ideological goals have been advanced by those judicial confirmations).

What to do?

There is no provision in the federal constitution for the recall of senators and representatives (see this). Republican voters will not be likely to target Boehner and his followers for replacement in the next election. One can only hope that the voters will realize just how clumsy and short-sighted Cruz’s tactics have proved to be (he’s not about to get this newsletter’s endorsement if he runs for higher office — he’s just not smart enough). Meanwhile, Obama’s autocratic assumption of legislative power remains in place.

Clearly, no one who understands the full scope of the problem quite knows what to do. While the root of the matter is in the White House, the best the legislative branch can do is fumble and stumble, while the (potentially) principled stance of the judicial branch is being eroded by Senatorial action.

Obama has trumped his opposition by simply acting. He violated the federal constitution, knowing as he struck that his enemies would literally not know how to respond effectively. He must be given high marks for amoral audacity and the sheer will to power.

Would-be representatives, take note! This is your chance to enter the primaries as champions of the constitution.

Reality intrudes

Realists and cynics alike know that the US electorate gets the representation and governance it deserves.

While some will note that the news media have both under-reported and obscured the issues described above, the fact remains that most people simply do not concern themselves with events. That detachment from representative democracy corrodes the political process and renders the constitution, the supreme law of the land, tragically irrelevant.

Accordingly, scoundrels like Obama have an inordinate amount of latitude. As long as both the Congress and the press pay little attention, instances of fascistic governance will continue to occur.

For True Believers, Faith Trumps Facts

The Gore-Hansen Cult first claims that carbon dioxide has heated the air, and then asserts that the phenomenon can’t be measured because the heat escaped from the atmosphere (!) and hid deep in the oceans. Well, only Maxwell’s demon could manage that legerdemain. So how can the Warmers maintain both self-respect and any credibility at all, given the fact that they resort to voodoo physics to explain why global warming is not present, and has not been present for some twenty years?

The answer is that the cultists deny or simply ignore the facts. They can’t refute reality, but they don’t have to accept it.

Notice, please, that this newsletter does not accuse the Warmers of being too stupid to understand the science; true, they might indeed be intellectually underpowered, but that’s not the problem. It’s that they are quintessential True Believers. That means their faith will not ever allow facts and reason to refute the G-HC mythology.

If you are interested in the truth of the matter, you can look at this paper. It explains how it is known that the “missing” heat is not hiding in Davy Jones’s Locker.

The Tramp Abroad Offers Clarifications Regarding Former Communists And Nazis In Germany

Here’s an item on the Left Party’s first Landespräsident (US equivalent: state governor) since the reunification of Germany. “In spite of all the lip service of the party, it stands in the tradition of the old SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) of East Germany.” Wieder die anachronistischen Kommentare der Ewiggestrigen. (More old-fashioned remarks from people who live forever in the past.) English links will be found here. — Assuming the average age of those in the Left Party is 45, those people were 20 when the Berlin Wall fell. I doubt that a 20 year-old could have been thoroughly indoctrinated in communist thought, especially since the DDR had been in a downward spiral the last five years of its existence. Besides that, Bodo Ramelow was born in and grew up in West Germany. He will be 59 in February, so he was 34 when Germany unified, and he had probably developed left-leaning tendencies and beliefs by that age.

I find it difficult to call a person who (1) was born and reared in West Germany, and (2) probably already had his political mind made up when the Berlin Wall fell a close follower of the now-defunct, East German Socialist Unity Party (it’s known to Germans as “SED“). Yes, he is left-leaning and some of the founders of the party were in the SED. That does not make him a promoter of the Stasi (former East German State Security Apparatus), now does it? One mustn’t forget how many former Nazis are/were in the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) or the CSU Christian Social Union) (information here) of West Germany, not to speak of Nazi judges such as Hans Filbinger, who became part of the West German justice system. (Here’s a detailed article in German; then there’s this subarticle in English.)

(Ed.: fish swim in the river in which they find themselves. Some fish are good to eat; others are eager to eat large mammals. One’s fortune depends on the fish, not on the river.)

The Terrifying Implications Of Faith

[Editor’s clarification: the following commentary was not provided by The Tramp.]


In Australia, three people are dead because a single religious fanatic tried to obey the precepts of his faith.

It is demonstrably true that Islam’s holy scripture commands all Muslims to react violently to the mere presence of non-Muslims. Though few Muslims obey this injunction, scripturally and ideologically, Islam is not at all “the religion of peace”.

Recall that Australia has a population roughly one-tenth as large as Indonesia’s. Indonesia has more Muslims than any other nation on earth, and it slouches cheek by jowl with the nearly empty continent of Australia. How, exactly, are Australians supposed to feel about that?

Strategy informed by facts

Yes, of course most Muslims are peaceful. If it were otherwise, Jews would be virtually extinct.

Unfortunately that observation is irrelevant. The urgent question is not whether Muslims can be trusted, but how the West is to cope with the insanity of a large minority of Muslims.

Vexing challenges abound. What must the immigration laws of the Western nations be? How can the USA prevent the mad mullahs in Iran from jubilantly touching off a nuclear war?

The Koran does endorse — even encourages — mass murder. Should it be banned, as Geert Wilders insists?

One imperative is clear: the mistakes of history must not be repeated. That means preventing religious wars, even though some Muslims hope and pray the West will be ankle-deep in blood. Somehow, rationality must prevail over the insanity of faith.

Not all fears are paranoia. The challenge Islamist violence presents to Western Civilization has always varied in lethality, but the core of Koranic teaching remains bluntly warlike.

Remember: in fact the West did not start the Crusades…and it lost them.

Today’s threat is not new in that it is global. Long ago, Islam’s fell influence savaged even the periphery of the known world. (See the book review in Number 330 of this newsletter.)

The strategy of a representative democracy requires candor

If the West wishes to survive, its governments will have to improve their performance. Few of the many pressing problems have been clearly defined, let alone solved.

For example, this deceitful “war on terror” babble should be set aside, for the polity must be told candidly that Islamofascists are the enemy. Words matter, and the slogan “war on terror” sounds as if it had been coined by a Hollywood hipster who has snorted one line of cocaine too many. One cannot wage war on an emotion. It is at least a tacit insult to the intelligence of the public to resort to doofus-speak when the plain truth is available. Many observers have noted that when politicians declare “war” on abstractions like inflation, poverty, unemployment, or human emotions, fascism has replaced principled governance.

While a program of proper law enforcement and military preparedness has been partially achieved, its goals have been poorly defined and explained. The world needs to know exactly why the USA is militarily engaged, and what it intends to do.Of course that assumes that the leadership does know what to do. It might not; in truth, what has been done so far does not provide evidence that practical policy exists. Leadership should include an ability to insure that words and deeds are in concert. Cosmetic rhetoric — one of The One Leader’s strong suits — is not always an indication of rational, principled policy, now is it?

In fact US politicians often look upon their constituents as whores to be hired, and the electorate does not demur. One result of that meretricious relationship is that virtually everyone avoids characterizing reality truthfully.

The government should be candid. The world must know that the West will defend itself forcefully as long as necessary. There is reason to believe that this conflict might continue for a century or more. Remember: Islam lost control of the Iberian peninsula some five hundred years ago, and Osama bin Laden cited the Koranic teaching that regions once Islamic are to remain forever Islamic. Al Qaeda plans to reconquer Spain and Portugal.

Consider the bizarre contrast: while expansionist Islam thinks in terms of decades and centuries, the USA creates timetables for hostilities — timetables that are calibrated in weeks and make no reference whatsoever to circumstances, results, success, failure, or difficulties.

It’s past time for the government to state the truth: the USA is fighting multitudes of fanatics who are inspired by a depraved faith that exalts suicidal heroism, and that’s as bad as basic circumstances can possibly get.

That grim reality, if mentioned by any Western official, would end the speaker’s career. Candor, without which genuine leadership cannot exist, has become anathema.

A realistic view of the probable future

Perhaps in three or five centuries Islam will have matured to the point where it can exist peacefully.

It can happen. Ask a Jew whether he advocates slavery and genocide; he will tell you that times have changed, and those antiquated Moseic practices and commands can properly be ignored, because…well, because his supreme being no longer rants like a sociopathic cretin.

So…how long do you think it will take for Islam to transform itself into something as harmless as today’s Presbyterian denomination, or Methodism, or Roman Catholicism…or even Scientology?

The primary concern of the current US administration

Recall that when candidate Obama surveyed the geopolitical landscape, he concluded that what he needed was a “national civilian security force” that would be as well-funded as the US military.

The One Leader-To Be perceived the paramount threat to the nation’s security to be domestic. The firepower needed to counter it would accordingly be deployed within the nation’s borders.

That damnable “national civilian security force” that Obama said “…we’ve gotta have” has been mentioned in at least sixteen issues of this newsletter. How can it be that those chilling words have never been linked to the unprecedented militarization of the police forces of the USA?


1. While Obama might very well have identified the greatest threat to his personal power and status (and to the ultimate realization of his Utopian hopes for Western Civilization), he can not lead and has not led his nation in the defense of Liberty.

2. The greatest current threat to Liberty is Islamofascism.

3. The uniquely human faculty that makes Islamofascism possible is faith.

4. Faith-based ethics are dangerously, terrifyingly vulnerable to inhumane impulses.


In the extremely unlikely event that you want to explore this subject in some detail, you might get some interesting ideas from this debate. The quality of the video image improves after about forty minutes, by the way. And as for the two guys discussing things, well — this Aslan fellow is a fast talker whose slippery logic and anaerobic ideas are like jokes without punch lines. Harris, by sharp contrast, is procedurally correct and makes his high-voltage ideas clear.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

The ideal family lives in bliss on the Internet. (Ed.: Not to be missed — hilarious!)

Politicians had better watch out: citizen’s arrests are just around the corner. This is a satire piece, but very well done.

In Spain, however…there is a shocking erosion of civil rights: Overview. More. This is from a Facebook posting that appeared shortly after this news hit the media:

Just So You Know what’s happened:

Yesterday the Conservative absolute majority passed a new law in Congress that will now prohibit in Spain the following forms of social protest: watch out what you photograph, where you sit down, and how you speak because they are all now possibly “serious offenses”.

1. Passive Resistance: Fine of up to 30.000 € for sitting down in a protest and saying “I’m not moving”. (Gandhi style).
2. Photograph or video the police: Now considered a serious offense and can be fined up to 30.000 €
3. Answering back to the police (showing lack of respect) means a fine of up to 600 €
4. Green peace style demo against controversial new constructions: fine up to 30.000 €
5. Harassing politicians in public areas (escraches*) 30.0000 €
6. Protest in front of the Congress. Now a fine of up to 30.000 €
7. Protest outside a court (age old tradition) Fined up to 600.000 €

* Defined here.

[The Tramp reminds that many of these are rights permitted in the Spanish Constitution. So much for “not touching this sacred document”. “The Law for Citizen Security”? Finally, here’s the news from Spain in the German language.]

I would not want this to come chasing me at night. What with funding from DARPA, we can certainly expect to see the next generation of this critter in an upcoming conflagration. There’s more info here. Meanwhile, this could give a new dimension to a Bouncing Betty. My oh my, look at that Jumping Jack… Flash!

It’s gone too far, as the chicken farmer says. I saw this coming many years ago and therefore consciously stopped eating chicken. In the past 10 years, I have eaten chicken maybe twice. Think about it….

In this man’s previous life, he may have lived in Cappdocia (Kapadokya). Links: One, Two, Three, Four. (Ed.: recommended!)

Watch where you sleep: it could change your appearance.

…I’m speechless. “Well, I can change the oil and I can change spark plugs and do things like that.” Read this, then watch the video.

Unfortunately, this guy has not yet recognized that he should go. — Have a look at a cartoon of Erdoğan working on Turkey’s democracy.

Putin may speak German, but…Angela Merkel can speak English quite well. She’s no dummy.

As video games attest, people enjoy the vicarious thrill of being a soldier, but…sometimes they are only trying to get a military discount on Black Friday.

Why are many Republicans such obstructionist assholes? I disagree with many things that Obama does (and does not) do, but these Republicans are such petty dickheads. If these are the best thoughts they have, no wonder they cannot propose a suitable candidate to run against the Democrats. Like it or not, we may have another Democrat president.

Stop and Search turns into Stop ‘n Kiss.

It’s tough being a cop and having to make split-second life or death decisions. You might have to watch this 10 second video closely several times to see what was really going on. It is not a fake. (Ed.: “several times”, indeed!!)

Flipping the coin on race.

Do you remember that little girl from Norway? Well, she did make it over the pond to the USA. (Oops, that link might force you to watch a commercial, so here’s an alternate link on YouTube.)

Ordinary Links

As wise as The Supremes are considered (by some) to be, they won’t be able to decide this case properly. Just watch.

From the “Oh, Damn, Here We Go Again” file: cops interrupt a citizen and scold him, a struggle results, the citizen dies, a grand jury looks at the event and rules that there is no justice in putting the cop(s) on trial, and a lot of people express outrage. This horrible scenario is virtually guaranteed to recur, so it’s best to examine each tragedy and try to come up with ways to halt the serial disaster. Accordingly, here’s a look at the power-hunger and stunning stupidity that lies behind the latest death. Look, Pilgrims, if you want to blame somebody or something, how about questioning the wisdom of the bloody-minded government? Stupid, oppressive laws make for bad policing. Yes. A takeaway notion from the linked post: “President Obama has made a bad habit of turning the government loose on the whole country, and then daring courts to stop him.”

No one who reads this newsletter should be surprised by recent events in Sydney, Australia. The only rational question: why are Islamist outrages as uncommon as they are? Meanwhile, many millions of perfectly decent folks who happen to be Shia Muslims carry on, hoping for sanity to prevail. What a pity that the USA is not on their side! — Then there’s this (heavy sigh).

Here’s a report prepared by an Obama-leaning publication on what the Democrat-controlled Senate intelligence committee wants you to know about US policy on torture. Republicans on the committee claim that the Republican response to the report released by (Democrat) Senator Diane Feinstein’s committee has been given short shrift by the press; the GOP minority of the committee says Feinstein’s work contains errors of fact. Unsurprisingly, Feinstein speaks, dodges, and scolds on CNN. — See also this commentary, and this report. To keep up with this issue as it unfolds, visit this news aggregator.

This might be the final word on The One Leader’s unconstitutional extension of amnesty to aliens who are not legally present in the USA. Do you expect his core constituents will feel well served by their overwhelming choice for the presidency?

Here’s another effort to understand Obama’s motivation. It’s off target because he’s not a nihilist. That said, his determination to punish the USA for its exceptionalism is retributive vandalism. At base, Obama is bitterly angry. His collectivism is, therefore, stringently autocratic; it mocks representative democracy.

Truly amazing: for the first time, astronomers are able to view comets up close, and what they see tells them they have guessed wrong. Recommended.

The militaries of several nations are deploying a weapon you probably know nothing about. It is claimed to be safe for the people operating it, but a lot of those folks disagree (and offer themselves as proof of damage done). Here is what the US government has to say about the topic. Now watch all of this very important video. Then, for some good advice on how to protect yourself, click here and learn how to cope with technology that has run amok. (No, this newsletter will not remind you how bitterly it has railed against devices such as those infernal “mobile phones”. You are welcome.)

From the book review in Nr. 332: “One can discover exactly how many cops have been killed as they did their jobs, but the number of people they have killed is unknowable.” Really? Yes, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported. Why is that true, pray tell?

The Libertarian Party (the most despised political entity in the USA) has a brief discussion of what The One Leader will do if he “shuts down” the federal government in response to Congressional efforts to derail his unconstitutional executive order. Recommended.

If you have any faith at all in the integrity of the USA’s Internal Revenue Service, do read this; it’s about the attempted cover-up of the Obamite assault on the Tea Party and its allies. In fact the full story was “all but unreported news” until the lap dog media simply could not continue to ignore it. Koskinen, the pugnacious liar whom this newsletter called “reptilian”, should be picking up litter along an interstate, but of course that won’t happen.

Thailand, the former tourist destination: possibly because the military takeover is trying to limit traditionally pervasive corruption, the Bangkok police have started shaking down Westerners. Big, big mistake. A hat tip goes to reader JW for this disappointing report. Then there is this from the Bangkok Post (newspaper).

It seems that being a contestant in a TV game show is taken seriously in Russia. Holy smoke….

According to the redoubtable Robert Spencer, The One Leader’s “…notorious post-Benghazi declaration that ‘the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’ is essentially a call for the U.S. to censor itself and voluntarily restrict our freedom of speech so as not to say anything that offends Muslims”. Spencer is right, and he identifies four other places on earth where Liberty to express oneself is under assault. Where is the outrage? Of course it is hardly to be found in the news media; the world’s press is too often cowardly. Then too, this is a battle in which US “progressives” are very seldom on the side of the angels.

Related: what strategy should the West adopt in its struggle with Islamofascism? This newsletter has argued that continual violent opposition will eventually convince the lunatics that their cause is futile. Here’s another view. Unfortunately it is incorrect, but it deserves consideration — for the defense this newsletter proposes is a dismayingly slow choice. A better policy is required, for, thanks to US bigotry, cowardice, and blundering, the fanatically suicidal blood enemies of the West are about to acquire nuclear weapons.

If this is an example of how “wingnut” Republicans think, the Democrats stand a good chance of holding the White House in 2016. One might even argue that Obama has a good chance of retaining power as a behind-the-scenes puppet-master.

You should start each day by checking out your YouTube subscription to Suspicious0bservers. Here’s a good introduction to that valuable resource. Do invest a few minutes.

Sam Harris was upset four years ago about “…a destabilizing lie that we can’t keep telling ourselves”. He summarized and augmented what this newsletter has said from the first, so of course this link is highly recommended.

The Tea Party believes Obamites don’t believe in the first amendment to the US federal constitution. That alarmed view might just be correct.

Six years ago, this is how science imagined the universe. An amalgam of fact, speculation, and reason, this view was known to be in need of substantial improvement. It now appears that within the next decade or so, most of the linked 2008 documentary will be considered naive and amusing.

A signal opponent of the Gore-Hansen Cult is promoting his book by offering it at a steep discount. Information is available here.

Sorry to say it, but comparisons with Adolf Hitler are inevitable: The One Leader is called “…a boss who doesn’t listen, views everything politically, always thinks he’s right, and whose policies are a recipe for a lost reputation….” Read it all here.

Obamacare revealed as a scandal, fraud, and failure? So some “wingnuts” claim, and it does appear that many “progressives” are upset by the unfolding facts.

Why do people still believe in anthropogenic global warming? Well, partly because it’s a lot harder to understand this than it is to understand that each person carries a burden of guilt that must be expiated. Then too, it’s easy to believe that various industries can and should serve as huge sources of tax revenue that will fund a collectivist Utopia. Science is easily avoided by deliberately ignorant people who defer to transparent charlatans like Gore, Hansen, and Mann.

This video on YouTube explains how the sun should be understood. In time, this paradigm will replace the present misapprehension of Old Sol as a thermonuclear furnace. Highly recommended.