…putting white businessmen and rich doctors on TV in a bad light doesn’t reflect on all white businessmen or all rich doctors. But putting black looters on TV doesn’t reflect on all black people, either. The only people who think it does are either stupid or racist.

Is ISIS Islamic?

Obamoid perceptions and interpretations

Begin with what informs the foreign policy of the USA. This brief explanatory commentary is highly recommended; do not skip it.

Muslims in Britain attempt a scholarly and credible answer

This video tries to prove that ISIS violates the pristine principles of the religion founded by Mohammed. In an attempt to be comprehensive, it goes into considerable detail about the history of ISIS.

From an introduction to the film: “…these radicalized groups (ISIS) have perverted the purity of the ancient Islamic religion.” Well…that remains to be seen.

Advisory: some viewers might find the film’s audio hard to understand, as non-native speakers of English are constantly on camera, and others will note the film’s stated purpose is to reduce the public’s negative perception of Islam and of all Muslims. Indeed it is forthright propaganda. Overall it creates the impression that its quirky-jerky makers have probably tinkered with the truth. If you wish to judge for yourself, you will have to be patient, for the film is almost an hour long.

This newsletter’s approach

Some folks are simply not thinking straight, and in that partially rational environment, the best anyone can do to promote the truth about ISIS is to begin with the Islamic texts — and make every effort to interpret them accurately. Therefore….

The scriptural basis of “The Religion of Peace”

Sam Harris is unequivocal: “We are at war with Islam”. (Source: chapter 4 of this book.)

That is not a claim made lightly, nor can it be refuted. As Harris makes clear,

…it is not merely that we are at war with an otherwise peaceful religion that has been “hijacked” by extremists. We are at war with precisely the vision of life that is prescribed to all Muslims in the Koran, and further elaborated in the literature of the hadith, which recount the sayings and action of the Prophet. A future in which Islam and the West do not stand on the brink of mutual annihilation is a future in which most Muslims have learned to ignore most of their canon, just as most Christians have learned to do. Such a transformation is by no means guaranteed to occur, however, given the tenets of Islam. (Emphasis added.)

Innumerable quotes from the Koran and Islam’s other texts could be cited in order to make the case that Islam is anything but a peaceful faith. The Koran’s few statements that seem to contradict the advocacy of violence can always be dismissed by a simple stratagem: Muslims are not permitted to strike first, but can only respond defensively…however the mere presence of infidels is considered an aggressive provocation that calls for a strong Muslim response. Non-Muslims who are simply in Islamist territory can be thought of as invaders, which is exactly Al Qaeda’s complaint regarding Westerners in Saudi Arabia. Then too there is the principle that geographical areas once under Muslim control must all be (defensively) reclaimed; bin Laden hoped to conquer the Iberian peninsula in reaction to the Christian victories of the late fifteenth century.

There is more, and it’s worse. Harris points out that today’s Muslims are scripturally enjoined to “…convert, subjugate, or kill unbelievers; kill apostates; and conquer the world”. That assertion is simply undeniable.

Mohammed the example

Christians can look to the historical Jesus as a model for behavior and a teacher; Muslims, however, have no belief in a deity become human. Their prophet was guided by messages conveyed by the archangel Gabriel from the creator of the world and mankind; that makes Mohammed the paradigmatic instance of a holy human, a servant of the supreme deity. Accordingly, observant Muslim men strive to think and act as they presume Mohammed did: obedient to all commands from On High, however hoary. That could prove extremely unfortunate for any unbelievers who might be nearby.

Indeed Mohammed was a holy terror. Consider the Battle of the Great Ditch (AD 627): having defeated a Jewish settlement, Mohammed was presented with a large number of Jews (the Quarayza tribe) who surrendered and requested mercy. The prophet told them to convert to Islam, and they naturally refused. So he had all the men beheaded (in a process that is said to have taken all day and into the night); the number of victims is estimated at between six hundred and eight hundred. The women and children were all enslaved, to be distributed among Mohammed’s warriors or sold (Mohammed kept twenty percent of the loot and slaves for himself). Paul Kurtz asks: “Why in so brief a time was Mohammed transformed from a lonely prophet seeking the truth of God into one willing to massacre those who refused to accept his rule?” (Source)

Why, indeed. All that can be known is that a blood lust overcame the charlatan when he was thwarted.

And that, Pilgrims, is a glimpse of “the purity of the ancient Islamic religion”. ISIS today exemplifies the heart and soul of the Prophet’s divine inspiration.

Now this is important: do listen to this talk. It is superb. (Related information is found here.)

None of the above deals with sharia or the role played by Muslim pirates in hamstringing the West (see the book review in Nr. 330). Yet the information just presented here is more than horrid enough to cause even the most Muslim-friendly person to reconsider the potential represented by Islamic teaching and example.

A US publication evaluates ISIS

Thanks go to loyal reader JY for suggesting this commentary for details on the structure, operations, aspirations, and expectations of the religious fanatics in ISIS. If anything, this contribution to the subject certainly illustrates the huge gap between The One Leader’s simple-minded, nostalgic approach (oh, those idyllic boyhood days in the madrassa) and the facts of the contemporary crisis. Yes, Barack, Muslims can be lethal lunatics, and the reference is to the mullahs of Iran; those moral lepers hope millions of their countrymen will be incinerated by Israeli atomic bombs, and that’s the literal truth.

Should Muslims be quarantined?

The challenge is for Western values and jurisprudence to cope ethically with a demonstrably dangerous faith. Perhaps the best approach is to strike decisively at ISIS and similar obvious dangers, while debating the wisdom of permitting Muslim immigration to the West. If military measures are made as definitive as possible, the futility of Islamist holy war might become obvious. Of course to the extent some Muslims condemn or shun ISIS and related factions, the possibility of a peaceful future might be somewhat enhanced.

Candor and reason require that one note the reluctance of the USA’s current government to face facts, admit the truth, and act appropriately. Certainly little progress can be made while deceitful rascals like Obama and idiots like Kerry are in power.

The defense of the West will have to be defiant, resolute, and tireless. Islam is patient and has a long memory; after five hundred years, the Iberian peninsula is still lusted after by bloody-handed primitives.

The real problem

Eventually one must identify the fundamental human flaw that makes Islam so dangerous: faith. One can believe anything, however preposterous, and excuse the absurdity, however immoral, as a necessary act of faith.

For example, this newsletter queried a Bible-believing, professed Christian regarding some seminal matters. Now it must be understood that this individual is a polite, college-educated, gentle and considerate native speaker of US English who dotes on the family pet and would prefer to be both decorous and as peaceful as possible. However…first this person was reminded of the Biblical injunction, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. Next on the agenda was the true statement that there are females today who practice Wicca — meaning they consider themselves to command supernatural powers that make them genuine witches (see Number 246 of this newsletter). Finally, the sincere Christian was asked what should be done with these self-deluded freaks.

The immediate, calm response: “They should be killed”.

How to deal with that chillingly inhumane, bigoted and bloodthirsty judgment? How to address the gullible, primitive mentality that produced it?

Some folks might suggest one should begin with this.

Science And Cultic Malfeasance

Ignorance enables deceit

The hoax that is anthropogenic global warming continues: because the Warmers’ sins against science are relatively arcane, the mainstream press seldom deals with them. Whenever someone exposes the fraudulent data, the Warmers produce unctuous, opaque assurances that there has been no deceit. It’s a defense of fraud that benefits from the complexity of the subject and the tendency of the press and public to assume that university professors are necessarily ethical. The likes of a Neal DeGrasse Tyson are recruited to “explain” the politically correct myth by playing Dutch Uncle to a distressed child — and facts, academic honesty, and valid conclusions are set aside. That’s a con job, a cynical distortion of the truth, and a prostitution of science.

Well (heavy sigh). Do read this record of yet another fabrication. It deals with the Arctic; in the previous Number of this newsletter, the subject was rascals tampering with data from South America. In both cases, the public was spared the details by a politically correct press; not one person in ten has any idea that there is any dispute over the temperature records, let alone that fraud has been demonstrated. (There’s more about the scam here.)

Trendy science can lose its grip on facts

Though facts should prevail, in practice, science is not an inerrant guide to truth; it goes through fads and it struggles with ideological mindsets. Cosmogony, medicine and surgery, psychiatry and psychology, geology — those and other disciplines and practices that should be guided by strict rationality have been and are wracked by bitter subjective disputes. There are always cult-like interest groups promoting unique agendas (recall polywater, and the hugely embarrassing “Earth Day” prophecy madness). Those elements can occasionally take control of a discipline, imposing censorship of dissent and advancing the careers of True Believers. The disputes are parallels of religious clashes, for belief can result from both objective experimentation/observation and from unalloyed faith.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger observes, “The reason for the rise of unreproducible science is that showy results produce grants, tenure and, ironically, public belief in ‘breakthroughs’ that in fact are merely conjecture or hypothesis.”

Hiding hoaxes in order to maintain prestige

Then there is the reluctance of many scientists to permit the public to learn of the hoaxes and lunatic preachments of credentialed scientists and educators. This shelters the rascals, of course (see, in this order, the section “A lawsuit is filed” in Number 317, and the item “The Amazing Viability Of Anti-Science” in Number 206 of this newsletter), and tries to create the impression that disputes in science are always rational and inevitably end in agreement on concepts that more accurately describe reality. The truth is otherwise.

A Reminder

This paper, by McGill University physics professor Shaun Lovejoy, is published on line in the journal Climate Dynamics. Regarding Lovejoy’s claim that 2014 was the hottest year on record, kindly permit this newsletter to refresh your memory with this graph (Source).


Podesta And The Ultimate Secret

For years, this newsletter has avoided the slippery and nutcase-infested topic of UFOs, extraterrestrial visitors, and secrets the military of the USA would never reveal under the most hideous torture. That means books like this remain on the shelf, unreviewed.

Is the era of stubborn denial and credulous rumor-mongering about to end?

At the moment, it is a question of how the Podesta imbroglio affects the press; that in turn is a function of whether and how the story resonates with the populace. Of course John Podesta will be mocked as a crackpot (as the linked report demonstrates). The nation’s leadership will communicate an exasperated eagerness to get on with its important work, rather than waste time responding to a delusional fan of TV science fiction.

Yet…consider whether the news media could find themselves bypassed by a public that has lost trust in them. After all, the dissemination of news and opinion are no longer monopolized by journalists. Might some in the political establishment make a well-publicized attempt to convince the military that the secret is no longer sustainable?

Well, all Powers That Be always crave control.

As this is written, it does not appear that the masters of the Pentagon are exceptions to that candid rule.

Cogent speculation argues that no president could mandate exposure. It is claimed that a committee decides whether each chief executive shall be permitted even to know that the ultimate secret exists.

Links Courtesy Of A Tramp Abroad

A fundamentalist with different stripes is still a fundamentalist. It’s a good thing that cooler heads in the state government prevailed.

Here’s an analysis of ISIS’s murder of 1st Lieutenant Mu’az al-Kasasbah. The author of the piece, Rick Francona, calls the US-led bombing sorties anemic. He could be correct — but notice that he also says that at one point, US air attacks caused heavy casualties and forced an ISIS withdrawal. I suspect the USA does not want to get involved in a full-fledged war in that area again, so its aerial bombardment of the jihadis could be increased.

Frank Sinatra on organized religion, circa 1963. One can like or dislike his music, despise him for his behavior vis-a-vis women, criticize him for his alleged relations with the Mafia — but on the subject of organized religion, I think he hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous takes down ISIS social media presence.

Here are examples of deceitful anti-Muslim propaganda. The bigots behind these reports wanted you to laugh at the amazing stupidity of all Muslims, but it was the hoaxers who were the stupid ones. First, read the lie posted here, and then consider the oh-so-important truth: the universal Islamic burial practice calls for washing the corpse, so overlooking an explosive vest would be literally impossible. That’s right: sarcastic posts like this are unconscionable fabrications. Fact: it was a car bomb that blew up the funeral procession.

This is a good analysis of the current situation in Turkey.

A soccer fan tries to smuggle a case (24-25 bottles) of refreshments into the stadium. (I recognize that the cops are Turkish, and the bottles of beer appear to be Efes Pilsner.)

Is it to be Benghazi all over again? Read this and then this. Surely the White House and the Department of State don’t want a repeat performance.

Long-lost family rediscovered on the taiga in Siberia.

“He throws like a girl” takes on a new meaning…!

Russia to Obama: “Tell the world about extraterrestrial aliens, or we shall!”

Humans of Afghanistan and of Kabul.

Maybe a pillow case is safer than a bank account.

Yes, we want the Arabs to put ISIS out of business. As true as that is, common sense requires that the situation be monitored closely to determine whether the West is doing enough. The struggle could require more from the USA and its allies than back-up support and rescue operations.

Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism has some videos for you.

In Number 365 of this newsletter, I asked whether you were planning on some fun on 3/14/15. Here’s a stylish sweatshirt you can wear to show you were at the party.

Are the USA’s federal drug enforces starting to loosen up on marijuana?

Now this is a leader who really believes in leading the troops….(Don’t skip the comments.)

What are the best cities to visit in Germany? I agree with this list. I have been in about three quarters of the destinations listed.

I told you that GOP politicians are nucking futs! Evidence: One, Two, Three.

Idiocy regarding measles. By the way, there has also been an outbreak of measles (Masern) in Berlin. And the reason is the same as in the USA: parents not getting their children vaccinated. Links in English: One, Two. Here are three in German: Eins, Zwo, und Drei.

What’s the most intelligent animal that is not a primate? Here’s a candidate for the prize. (Ed.: Amazing and funny!)

If only a fraction of the claims made in this report is true, I wonder how much longer Turkey can or will remain a member of NATO.

Fethullah Gülen speaks out in a NY Times op-ed piece criticizing recent developments in Turkey. RTE responds by revoking Gülen’s Turkish passport. The Today’s Zaman (a pro-Gülen newspaper) comments on RTE’s response. This begs the question of how the US government will act since there is now an alien present in the country without a valid passport…. Will his “green card” remain valid?Der Islam braucht eine Reformation; ihr braucht Luther. “Nee, wir brauchen keinen Luther, wir sind auch so anti-semitisch.” (Islam needs a Reformation; you Muslims need your own Luther. “Nope. We don’t need a Luther — we are already Jew-haters.”) Source; jump ahead to 3:00.

Ordinary Links

If you have ever wondered about this newsletter’s perspective and taste, know that this TV show from 1999 is revered in the NTG sweatshop as “an unsurpassed classic”.

A bigot has died. Unfortunately, after providing this newsletter with fuel for incendiary prose, he refused to follow his best-known obloquy with additional trendy insults. True, NTG repeated the snob’s revealing words in twelve Numbers, which made his vile slur a gift for which an editor might be perversely grateful.

Somebody in ISIS wants to scare the daylights out of the Europeans.

Hillary, according to Dennis Miller and Christopher Hitchens: see the fun here.

On being inaugurated as president of the USA, Obama had exactly no executive experience. Some people do not need it in order to succeed. And then….

If this is true, US-Israeli relations are bad, bad, bad. This newsletter says the bad news is true, and blames it on The One Leader, who just might have an attitude toward Jews. Of course that nasty speculation might not be accurate….

The USA’s self-appointed elite abuses the basic principle that mandates correct speech and prose: names as shibboleths are an absurdity. Snobbery is excess….

Holy smoke! So anthropogenic global warming is a fact, and…and…er, ah, well…that is to say…oh, cripes….

You probably saw this. It suggests that there were dastardly links between Saudi Arabian royalty and Al Qaeda, links the USA is trying to hide. Well, the international network of Saudi-funded madrassas is well known, and it is from this base that some of AQ’s early organizers emerged. But did the king and the princes have a hand in what the West stupidly calls “terrorism”, and is The One Leader keeping that villainy secret? AQ’s goal is an Islamic world, and that is exactly the aim of Saudi Wahhabi teachings. So…what? Maybe nothing. Meanwhile, here is commentary that you probably did not see.

Closely related: this newsletter has never made a fuss about the fact that Al Qaeda is a Sunni group that grew out of Wahhabi Islam, which in turn was and is promoted internationally by tons of Saudi money. Today some folks are upset to learn something that all perceptive news consumers knew long ago: Muslims have been fighting each other and everybody else for hundreds of years; of course there are innumerable plots, betrayals, and schisms, all of which are wrapped in layers of secrecy. Accordingly, the diplomats and ruling classes of the world are fastidiously discreet (most of the time). Perhaps this latest kerfuffle will rekindle interest in Obama’s (stunningly goofy) bow to the Saudi king….

Jon Stewart has always maintained that his political orientation has “informed” his comedy. He’s wrong: it has monopolized his performances, rendering them monochromatic expressions of partisan ideology. That’s permitted. It is also permitted to note his status as a fervent Obamite propagandist.

For free thinkers and other doomed unbelievers: here’s Hitchens explaining why Christianity is incredible.

Here’s a peek into an aspect of the English alphabet that is hardly known today.

Believe this sales pitch if you wish, but…experienced, weary citizens are likely to mutter something about untasted pudding. And…

this is why they are wary.