The earth is overdue for a solar super-storm that could inflict a global catastrophe.

Mankind Survived

Yes, that’s the big news: no harm was done. And no, it’s not an exaggeration to say that civilization as it currently exists it could indeed have been lethally damaged only hours ago. That it did not happen was pure luck.

Here are the facts on a video that lasts six minutes.

The narrator refers to a “Carrington event”. This newsletter has repeatedly explained what that is — and how a weapon that creates the effects of a Carrington event could be constructed and deployed. It would be a true doomsday device.

The sun only hours ago emitted a coronal mass ejection of incomprehensible size and power. That took place on the side of the sun that happened not to be facing earth.

If you don’t find this profoundly disturbing, you need to do some reading. The references provided just below will give you an introduction to the horrifying truth.

Read about the Carrington event in Wikipedia.

An EMP weapon is explained.

Read the book review here.

Meanwhile, consider this question: why was this not reported in the mass media?