…even the utilitarian learning which the earliest Caliphs fostered was soon to be snuffed out under the weight of an Islamic theocracy (promulgated by Al-Ghazali in the eleventh century) which regarded the very concept of scientific laws as an affront to Allah and an infringement of his freedom to act. In this way then the vast body of classical literature disappeared from the hands of the Caliphate. Thus the Arabs undermined classical civilization and its literary heritage in Europe through an economic blockade, whilst in the Middle East they destroyed it deliberately and methodically.

The Obamanet

These two short paragraphs sum up The One Leader’s intent:

Utility regulation was designed to maintain the status quo, and it succeeds. This is why the railroads, Ma Bell and the local water monopoly were never known for innovation. The Internet was different because its technologies, business models and creativity were permissionless.

This week Mr. Obama’s bureaucrats will give him the regulated Internet he demands. Unless Congress or the courts block Obamanet, it will be the end of the Internet as we know it.


The Science Of Climate Change

Highly recommended explanations of the facts

This five minute video is a superbly informative explanation of the truth about how and why the climate is changing. You can confidently recommend this to your correspondents.

For additional information, this two and a half minute video is valuable, as is this sobering five and a half minute discussion of the probable future of the earth’s climate. For a longer (over a half hour), more comprehensive discussion of the science, view this presentation.

Related: is this the real agenda of the IPCC? Maybe, but this newsletter suspects that for most AGW believers, the nonsense is more cultic (guilt, penance, redemption, worship of a metaphorical goddess) than it is neo-Marxist.

Technical information for researchers and theoreticians

The AGW cult has reacted to criticism by insisting that true science rejects the assertions of the vile “deniers”. That necessarily requires the discussion of information that is not easy for the intelligent layman to evaluate. Here is a paper that can be summarized as yet more evidence that the temperature of the atmosphere is scarcely affected by all human activity (“radiative forcing from greenhouse gas back-radiation”).

Go along to get along

Grants, tenure, promotions — professional success in science depends partly on conformity, and AGW alarmism is often part of the mindset that predominates in many scientific and educational institutions. Those who disagree with the bad science frequently suffer severe consequences. The establishment does tend to reward Warmers and punish “Deniers”. Now consider this instance of punishing/rewarding a scientist for taking a position that necessarily involves consequences. Be fair; do apply uniform ethical principles to all concerned parties. Then too, do remember that fact-based, valid reasoning is essential to science, while censorship is inimical to it.

Ponder some essential questions as you think about how research actually functions. If you are paid to say, “The earth is not flat”, or, “Alaska is larger than Texas”, are you a whore? And if you believe you can make a case against the existence of black holes, or you question the “big bang” — what then? Should you be subject to censorship if your views are or were promoted by an organization that subsidized your research? Are subsidies ipso facto evidence of scientific malpractice? Is it an unethical inducement to dangle the prospect of tenure before an educator?

Do you remember this?

The “settled science” scared just about everybody…but not the young man who would eventually become the editor of this newsletter. Many years ago he ignored the alarmist nonsense called “acid rain“. Today, however, the old man is upset by prospects of Carrington events and EMP weapons.

Kerry In Fine Fettle

The president of Egypt “…is prepared to talk about the religious roots of terror. Obama isn’t. Egypt can’t destroy ISIS in Libya by itself any more than Jordan can do it in Syria and Iraq. American allies look to Washington for commitment and strength and instead they get statements about moral equivalence designed more to allow the president to shirk the responsibility to lead.” (Source.)

Indeed. The One Leader — and his secretary of state, Kerry — portray the ISIS troops as “extremists” who sully the noble, humane nature of Islam. That description is utterly false, and the shame is that the Western news media and public tolerate the lies.

In truth, ISIS is faithfully following the example set by Mohammed. The world is witnessing a holy war to expand Islam at the expense of Muslims whose gentler, more civilized ways are viewed by the fundamentalists as cowardly revisionism, if not outright apostasy.

Of course Kerry and his master will never admit that the horror proceeds directly from the instructions and accounts found in the manifestly mischievous Koran. Washington’s dastardly dissemblers denounce the accurate interpretation of the Muslim sacred texts as islamophobia, and make a great show of their idiotic admiration of Islam’s inhumane preachments. Are the USA’s leaders simply fools, or have they been corrupted by dishonest propaganda? What chance is there that they believe the lunatic abstractions they fabricate?

It hardly matters. The USA has the great misfortune to be plagued by ethically and intellectually bankrupt leadership. The news media establishment trembles before the implications of exposing a black president as an ignoramus…or as a conscienceless liar.

Indeed, this is an era in which the mob does not quite rule, but nevertheless matters. Intellect and knowledge are expected to practice extraordinary self-restraint, bowing before the unspoken hint that violence is an option for the chronically aggrieved. If the press were to pronounce Obama’s election a tragic error made in an effort to erase or compensate for bigotry, the consequences could be cataclysmic; that unspoken fact haunts the public discourse, shaping it and limiting it.

Thus is Liberty mocked: cowards confronted by deceit and confabulation stand down rather than stand fast.

Not to belabor the point, but…where and when have any of the important, influential members of the news media challenged Obama’s absurd claim that the heart and soul of Islam are tolerant, pacific, and loving? When and where has Kerry’s mindless babble been called the tripe that it is (see the following item)?

Kerry Speaks, And Athena, The Goddess Of Wisdom, Moans

(Kerry’s words below are from here.)

“Today we are asked to wage a new war against a new enemy.” Nonsense. This enemy is ancient. It was known to Karl “The Hammer” Martell, and it was known a thousand years later to Thomas Jefferson.

“These are the heinous acts of individuals who distort religion to serve their criminal and barbaric cause.” No. They are the actions of people who read the book, got the message, and distort nothing in either.

“There is no room for islamophobia or antisemitism.” There is room; look, and you will see. Fear of Islam and hatred of Jews have been common for centuries.

“Success requires offering a vision that is positive and proactive: a world with more concrete alternative to the nihilistic worldview of violent extremists.” Islam’s holy warriors are anything but nihilistic. Their faith bulges with intensely meaningful values.

“They (terrorists) recruit among the disaffected and disenfranchised, but also among those of all backgrounds on a misguided quest for meaning and empowerment.” ISIS zealots were never disaffected — they were inspired by their socially dominant religion. They long ago found meaning.

“We have to transform the environments that give birth to these movements.” That would require the religious conversion of fanatics.

“The most basic issue is good governance. …People who feel that their government will provide for their needs, not just its own, and give them a chance at a better life are far less likely to strap on an AK-47 or a suicide vest, or to aid those who do.” This is shocking ignorance. The man should read the Koran.

“It may be training young people so they can get jobs and envision a future of dignity and self-reliance. It may be working to eliminate corruption and promote the rule of law, so that marginalized communities can enjoy security and justice. It’s very likely both, and of course much more.” Meaningless, insultingly vapid boilerplate….

“We also know the power of the international community to make positive progress when we’ve come together to combat other challenges, such as when we combined our efforts most recently to fight Ebola. We need to funnel more resources, creative ideas and energy into the fight against extremism and work closely with effective local organization and government to make sure those resources are used properly.” (Heavy sigh….)

The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth were correct. The man is an idiot.

The problem is broader than the span of Kerry’s uninformed, doltish babble. In fact Obamites have fashioned their own, that is, private, reality. Consider, for example, The One Leader’s recent revelations and insights, reproduced here; they contribute to the mythology of operative “progressivism”.

In the event you consider reason and Liberty to be significant concepts, you might want to consult Mark Steyn’s observations on the unfolding lunacy.

Then too, there is this seminal observation:

If wrapped in religion, subversion is well shielded. To the public, the nexus between faith and tyranny is difficult to imagine. The still prevailing naïve belief is that religion’s advocates must be “good” because all religions want what is good.

Here’s the source of that brilliant quote, whence you can obtain more wisdom.

Kerry’s current status is ephemeral

Athena will not be mocked. She will call upon Nemesis to see justice done.

A “Progressive” Response To The Tea Party’s Dream

It’s an unintentionally revelatory commentary. Its author, one Jenée Desmond-Harris (call her D-H, all right?), proclaims the commentary an account of “…the conservative movement’s struggle to sell an anti-big government and pro-personal responsibility message to a more diverse swath of Americans.”

In truth, it’s a good deal more than that. It’s also something rather like a confession. D-H’s assumptions can be discerned from the way she portrays events, and her thinly-disguised anxiety expresses a fear that the prevailing “progressive” model of US domestic policy just might be a harder sell these days.

Accessing the ethos that necessitates and animates D-H’s account is not difficult, for the rhetoric is plain enough: the alert reader will note words that betray assumptions and stress. The underlying political axioms, while not explicitly articulated, are discernible.

What follows is a very brief guide to a “progressive’s” mindset — and nagging worries.

Do begin by reading the linked commentary. Then focus on a few salient points that exemplify its character.

First, don’t ignore the word “troubled” when it crops up. It refers to the Tea Party’s “…reputation when it comes to diversity and ability to relate to non-white voters….” The soft words mask the core meaning, which is the implication that fear-inspired race-hatred infects all Tea Partiers. Put it crudely: “progressives” do not fundamentally distinguish a Tea Party crowd from a 1920s lynch mob; that reflexive libel permits many subsequent misconceptions, among them that Carson’s warm reception by the “wingnuts” must be insincere. Those white hypocrites might endorse his ideas, but they would not want his children marrying — or even partying with — theirs, now would they?

D-H is not guilty as charged, you say? Consider the meaning and implications of the word bizarre, which is how she describes the old white folks’ reaction to Dr. Carson. It eloquently expresses the disbelief of the “progressive” who sees “wingnuts” behaving — gasp! — decently, and just can’t believe her lying eyes.

Then there’s the term “…far-right political junkies”, which almost reminds of the bigot who mocked “the dance of the low-sloping foreheads in the middle places” of Flyover Country. Next one encounters D-H’s pejoratives “dismissal of the ‘excuses’ made by the poor” and “…the role of structural racism”; those expressions make rational citizens squirm, so negatively nuanced are they. Finally there is the mindset that allows D-H to cite this quote as an instance of irrationality and hatred: “‘Progressives want to tell you how many things are impossible,’ he said. ‘Even if Al Sharpton tells you you’re a victim, you’re not a victim’.”

From start to finish, D-H’s commentary seethes with amazement and disgust: the Tea Partiers are slyly pretending to accept Dr. Carson as a genuine human being, and have made a tool of him. He serves their purposes as a house slave who is permitted to associate with his genetic betters and even scold their children when they misbehave. Carson knows his place, and so do the Tea Partiers, who intend to hoodwink black folks into voting for one of their kind who will never be uppity, and will inspire the destruction of a munificent political system that — in spite of its serial catastrophic failures — must not be reformed, lest the vital bureaucracy be disenfranchised and control be lost.

Read it again. See whether you can agree that it is cleverly crafted by a mindset that stealthily, cynically assumes the worst of good people because of the color of their skin.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

More proof of global warming will be obvious when the Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes freeze over. I guess the Polar Vortex is caused by melting glaciers…! The falls; colder and colder; photos; Lake Erie; the other Great Lakes.

Would this save the Greeks from total ruin?

Some ISIS members have shown remorse and are now trying to convince other Muslims not to get caught up in the propaganda. Abdullah-X’s Youtube Channel is here.

ISIS is on the warpath in Libya.

What will happen when Iran really gets backed into a corner? If their lifeline (oil) cannot be maintained, will they finally abandon the development of nuclear weapons?

A “black” (meaning “secret”) torture/interrogation site in…Chicago? Yikes! — The cops deny the report.

Ordinary Links

Here’s more on the recent coronal mass ejection (CME) that has this newsletter nervous — and angry with the politicians who remain unconcerned by the bone-chilling danger. — Next: a comet that approaches the sun can cause a CME.

Fascists lust for control; everyone knows that. Yet “progressives” hypocritically deny that officious, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats are plainclothes fascists. Consider current Obamoid skulduggery.

Do examine this rational appraisal of the impact firearms in civilian hands have on crime in the USA.

Science as the rationale of Utopian social control. Early research.

The cultists claim recent cold temperatures mean nothing, for global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels includes record-breaking extremes both hot and cold. Eventually this lie will simply be forgotten, and none of the news media will remind you how loony and desperate the Warmers were.

The subject is consciousness (recall this book review). This video begins with a presentation of familiar concepts — and then makes a convincing case for astounding conclusions. Highest recommendation!

An interesting note on ISIS tactics.

“There’s no ice at the North Pole!” You might have heard that…so: call up this URL and go to two minutes twenty-nine seconds (2:29) of the video, and see the facts.

All roads lead to Rome, eh? For some of the worst people on earth, that is the plan.

Oh, my. You don’t want to skip this! Mark Steyn asks, “If (Obama) were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?”

That word Nemesis is interesting. See this web page for information on it and many other words that are commonly employed incorrectly by snobs and poseurs who don’t know as much as they pretend to.


“Settled science” turns out to be government-endorsed rubbish. Surprise!!


This reads like science fiction. If the human race is lucky, it will prove to be fact, and useful. It’s a bit early to start celebrating….

Who is dangerous, according to the US federal government? These people. Wow!

Astronomy is entering a period of controversy and acrimonious dispute, for observed facts are proving very hostile to existing theories. Here is a recent example of surprising data.

These folks are steamed. You decide whether their high dudgeon is justified….

The dispute between Warmers and Deniers continues. Are you bored yet?