(Sigmund Freud) asserted that soldiers suffering from battle fatigue were narcissists; they were driven mad during war by the threat to their primary love object, themselves.

Big Brother

A report published in the March 6, 2015 Wall Street Journal (which is to be followed by a television program on the Fox News network) reveals the Obama administration’s ideologically inspired malfeasance in its conduct of the “War on Terror”. Here is a brief summary of the facts:

An intelligence analyst’s dream come true

The raid that killed bin Laden netted a huge collection of al Qaeda’s most sensitive secrets. The computer hard drives, DVDs, videos, audio recordings and heaps of written records amounted to the Islamofascist group’s equivalent of all the Pentagon’s records and plans. The documents included proof that Iran and al Qaeda were cooperating.

The voluminous records demonstrated that al Qaeda was not dead, dying, or even particularly ill. Bin Laden was in control of his network and was seeing to its expansion,

The One Leader sees the captured data differently

Obama, however, had proclaimed that al Qaeda was finished and bin Laden was either on the run, dead, or no longer running the operation.

Accordingly the clash of facts and claims was resolved by the commission of a terrible felony: the truth was suppressed, and a deliberate lie was promoted. Because that lie remained the basis of US policy, it crippled efforts (first) to understand and (then) to counter al Qaeda and its allies.

Obama’s false statements brushed the truth aside and redefined reality. A bizarre silence prevailed; the intelligence system surrendered to ideological fabrications when it should have insisted on reporting demonstrable, essential data. The result was probably the most monumental corruption of professional responsibility in the history of US intelligence.

Lies are truth, and some important facts don’t exist

Surely some would say the transgressions were “Orwellian”: the offense was, after all, the wrenchingly perverse imposition of doublethink, such that the al Qaeda documents, once their implications were understood, became Unfacts. The Obamoid fable triumphed, allowing The One Leader’s claims of competence and progress to evade easy refutation. Yes: it was a paradigmatic instance of the perverse Utopian fantasy that encourages formulations such as, “War is peace, defeat is victory, losses are gains”. George Orwell (actually his name was Eric Blair) would be horrified to know that his dystopian novel predicted the cowardice of the lickspittles currently controlling the USA’s intelligence community. Shame! Those people knew and know better.

The role of the news media

By the time you receive this newsletter, the Wall Street Journal will probably have put the report behind a pay-to-view wall. In that event, the details and the implications of the Obama administration’s action could remain largely unknown, an outcome that the Fox network will probably be unable to prevent. Because Fox is a “wingnut”-friendly news and commentary medium, “progressives” will be able to denounce the report as being routine falsehoods even before it is broadcast. (This is, incidentally, the great danger presented by ideologically-distinguished news media. Biased networks, of which Fox is one, are rather like the boy who cried “Wolf!”: they have endemic problems with credibility, no matter what they publish.)

The report of what happened to the al Qaeda archives is disturbingly credible: because they reveal Obama as a liar, they had to be suppressed. Unfortunately they brim over with information that could and should have been used to cripple the Islamofascist conspiracy. The sequestration of information that was vital to US policy continued for months.

And the chances that the major media will report the vandalism committed by Obama and his sycophants? Nil.

The offense is anything but trivial

That Obama and his gang of fascistic moral degenerates — and their cowardly subordinates — are in power is an affront to everything the founders of the USA held sacred.

Obama’s sins are not just crimes against reason. He violated the presidential oath of office, and literally betrayed his nation’s warriors.

Visitors From Beyond

UFO lore is a big seller

The popular appetite for flying saucers and related conspiracist explanations of political, historical, military, and scientific events seems insatiable. At the core of what this newsletter calls The Extraterrestrial Canon (call it EC for short) — a huge and growing body of literature that believers look to for enlightenment — are “Roswell” and the Rendelsham Forest incident. These two historical events are often considered to be inerrantly reported by eyewitnesses. That testimony has become a part of the foundation of the True Believers’ faith.

It could all be true. There is, however, one potential impediment to belief: if the Rendelsham Forest event can be demonstrated to be a mundane, explicable, and purely terrestrial event, the credibility all UFO-related claims will be diminished.

So what?

Now of course debunking any evidence supporting the EC only enhances the credulity of existing True Believers — just think of the Gore-Hansen cult of anthropogenic global warming, which, instead of admitting the truth, has reacted bitterly and punitively to it.

If you are interested in flying saucers, you can explore tons of documents. For now, however, just consider that this newsletter believes the stuffing has been kicked out of one of the fundamental testaments in the EC. The Rendelsham Forest incident is not what the True Believers claim — it’s a mistake compounded by tales told by fame-hunters.

That does not mean that the EC is wrong in every detail. There are indications that the militaries of many nations have been badly spooked by a variety of inexplicable events. Yes, extraterrestrials might be visiting, and yes, that might explain your mother-in-law.

Bad evidence

Eyewitness accounts can be inaccurate and misleading; told and retold, they can gain undeserved credibility. Reports of reports can become respectable, rather than be seen as increasingly error-prone.

This newsletter is inclined to reject as unreliable virtually all UFO sightings and claims of contact with extraterrestrials. The tales are typically unverifiable, speculative, or simply mistaken. Too, frauds love to play the role of the insider who knows dark secrets and is willing to reveal them to a fascinated audience.

Evidence that should be considered

In fact there is information that suggests the presence of extraterrestrials on earth is known to — and frantically suppressed by — the US government. This relevant post includes a uniquely rational presentation that richly deserves your attention (the video is rather long, but necessarily so; watch it all).

Then there are the remarks of Senator Goldwater, reported in his Wikipedia biography. Scroll down to UFOs.

The AGW War Enters A New Phase

A group of scientists has tacitly declared the proof of anthropogenic global warming inadequate and unconvincing, and embarked on an effort, now effectively complete, to prove that the fundamental tenets of the Gore-Hansen Cult are accurate. These True Believers have, of course, in (unintended) effect confirmed that up to now, the attempt at proving AGW real has been a failure. The new effort to establish carbon dioxide as the cause of mankind’s possible or probable doom necessarily agrees with the Skeptics: the science has simply not been good enough.

This newsletter is not satisfied that the new warriors have made their case as completely as they eventually will. For now, therefore, most comment on the quality of their science is premature. Future Numbers of NTG will — it is hoped and planned — carry information on the effort which, for now, is given the name Best.

That said, the limited evidence available on Best’s efforts suggests (to this newsletter, at least) an analogue that many will find partisan and unfair (though the NTG’s editor considers it apt and instructive). It can be stated as a provocative question: what if it were announced that a team of biologists, geneticists, and historians stated that the claims made by Julius Streicher were true, but up to now inadequately supported by research? What if the scientists proposed to deliver a rationale for the extermination of all Jews?

Perhaps it will be necessary for the Deniers to concede defeat to the noble new Argonauts of atmospheric science; perhaps these newcomers to the fray will go home on their shields. The outcome cannot be predicted, but it is certain that the battle will be fierce.

Israel, Iran, And Obama/Kerry

It’s a blunder that has the potential to become a catastrophe costing millions of lives. From the March 3, 2015 Wall Street Journal: “…the deal (with Iran) being contemplated now, with a sunset provision that will ultimately give Iran the right to enrich (uranium) in whatever quantities and to whatever levels it wants, is neither prevention nor containment. It’s facilitation.” Presumably neither The One Leader nor Kerry will ever consider themselves personally responsible for the hellish consequences of their bigotry.

Those who disagree with this view should consider two seminal questions: first, whom would you choose to protect, the Jews of Israel or the president of the USA? Second, isn’t it a fact that you cannot defend both, but must stand with one or the other? Do consider this before you answer.

Yes, that implies an unbridgeable gap between Obama and the Israelis. Would that it were otherwise.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Consider this Arab reaction to Netanyahu’s speech

…and Obama threatened what?

My, how times have changed…it is hard to believe that people really used to think like this. But it’s even more difficult to believe that some people still do!

Samsung in Turkey made a video that might make you cry.

Did you know that the Germans and the French have a combined forces brigade?

I predict that this device will be revolutionary.

Turbulent minds can see…turbulent flow. (Ed.: this is a revelation! Here’s a picture of van Gogh’s painting. Note the difference that results when the artist’s vision does not include turbulence.)

So it’s real! Yes, I’d say I do have the Wanderlust gene….

Advice for folks in the USA on how to analyze Turkey.

The story behind the Vulcan greeting. R.I.P., Mr. Spock.

Ordinary Links

Here’s a follow-up on a link provided by The Tramp in Nr. 371. The Chicago cops have their hands full explaining away the criticisms of the original exposé. Maybe some reform is called for?

Aw, c’mon, Hillary…. don’t lie yet again about what actually happened…. OK? Sheesh!

And — Hill? Listen, while you are deciding what to say, come clean on this, too.

Some folks say Hillary wouldn’t lie, and some might even go on to say she would never profit from shady dealings. Yes, some would say that.

Hillary is diligent and well-organized. She responds quickly and candidly when queried. Intimations of impropriety are scurrilous; they contrast with the accurate, objective report of the matter in question.

When Hillary is in the White House, you can bet she will fix this guy’s wagon, oh, yes! He might not ever be found, once he takes off on that vacation to ….

“Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Big Daddy Unruh said it, and Hillary knows it’s true. She also knows that it’s nobody’s business where she gets it, how she gets it, and what she does with it.

Read this negative note on genetically modified organisms. Is it correct? Unfortunately it will take many years to decide the issue, and that is an excellent reason for caution. Meanwhile Bill Nye The Science Guy has seen the light, and now says GMOs are just fine. That impresses this newsletter, but not as Nye intended; he’s simply not reliable.

Ecce Bozo.

Need a job? Know how to shoot a pistol? The Obamites just might have something for you!

This information on vaccination of infants and children comes as a surprise to this newsletter. It should be widely disseminated.

“CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.” Read more.

A forthcoming book is claimed to be a devastating exposé of the Clinton wealth. Doubtless Hillary will curse the VRWC for having fabricated and then published the bad publicity. (That’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Did you ever wonder why “wingnuts” form conspiracies, while “progressives” don’t? Aren’t the two political factions pretty much the same in their tactics and activities? For information on true conspiracies, see this book.)

A shadow cloaks the land…where is there safe haven? This powerful video is a response to a fell fall event — that was itself caused by a vile temporal conspiracy.

Understanding the Koran: some folks will welcome this effort, while others will damn it as incendiary and bigoted. If you think Islam is important — in whatever sense — do investigate the information at the hyperlink.

The Huffington Post is caught lying. Now there’s a shock!

You say you don’t have enough to worry about? Well, this newsletter is happy to help. How’s this? See, the CIA is, like, mucho worried that Russia is planning to use weather as a weapon. Or maybe the CIA is, like, planning to use weather as a weapon. Or something. Read it here, OK? It’s, like, epic!

You can’t have twelve-year-old kids mouthing off. Everybody knows that. So you gotta do something about it when it happens. Of course this (scroll down to “Someday, These Excesses Will Astound…”) is different.

US TV: anything for a laugh? Not really, and this blunder probably has nothing to do with religion or politics. It’s just the frantic insensitivity of money-grubbing “creative” types who exemplify the anything goes theme of the era. In forty years, 2015 will probably be mocked, just as the tasteless 1970s are lampooned today….

The Dean of NTG subscribers suggests this interesting website, and receives the well-deserved hat tip therefor. Here’s a relevant (brief) etymological discussion of the word bigot.

Obamoid childishness.

This is a dense, heartfelt rant that deals with the entertainment industry, race, governance, ethics, and…well, related matters. It’s recommended because it’s intelligent and unique. Watch it twice.

Hard-core Obamites should be required to read this well-researched commentary. It is an excellent summary of the results of “progressive” delusions of competence.

Iran, the USA, and…insanity: Part One, Part Two. Highly recommended!