Instead of our fundamental doctrine that government is to be carried on according to law we are told that what the government does is law. Instead of a law which thinks of citizens and officials as equally subject to law, we are told of a public law which subordinates the citizen to the official….

A Tale Of Two News Items

So…how much have you heard from the press about how the captured Al Qaeda archive was handled by the Obamites? Recall “Big Brother” in Number 372. That’s right: the news media are not fully informing you. There is a de facto press embargo on any information that might make The One Leader look bad. (Aside: do you recall the days when the editor of a major US newspaper proudly proclaimed himself a member of a powerful elite he referred to as “gatekeepers”? Those propagandists — to give them an honest designation — assign themselves the job of protecting the public from news that is too negative or misleading.)

Now consider how this news item deals with information that is negatively critical of a president. That’s what W gets, even though he’s not president these days; Obama gets a pass.

Open And Transparent, As Promised?

This is sheer perfidy. To what purpose?

The ethical morass is astounding, yet it remains fundamentally unremarked, and, most important, unable to provoke outrage and denunciation by the lap dog press. How can you possibly consider yourself well served by the Fourth Estate?

Senator Cruz Wants To Be The President Of The USA

In general, this newsletter looks with considerable favor on the Tea Party movement. The candidacy of Ted Cruz is, however, troubling, and the “wingnuts” should proceed judiciously. The surge of enthusiasm for this senator is not entirely felicitous. Consider, please, the following opinions….

1. Cruz, like war hero and Senator John McCain, is not constitutionally qualified to be president. The fact of McCain’s birth outside the USA, plus the fact that one can specifically name (and date) the legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the president thatnaturalized McCain, were very unwisely ignored. It’s a horrible idea to make unconstitutional mistakes like that. Cruz was also born overseas, and the widespread ignorance of principles of immigration law has been mangled by egregious nonsense about jus soli and jus sanguinis. In the USA, nationality is not inherited! Those who doubt the facts are invited to request more information. This newsletter has authoritative documentation of the legal and historical realities.

2. It is not a good idea to elect a candidate who makes religion an essential (though unwritten) part of his platform. Cruz announced his intentions at Liberty University, one of the most sectarian institutions of higher learning in the world. His appeal is to coreligionists who are eager to impose their version of a major faith’s code of ethics on the populace. This newsletter considers that fact alone excellent reason to be wary, for sectarian zeal should be at once highly suspect as corrosive of good governance. Faith is by definition irrational, and its animosity toward genuine Liberty is notorious. The USA enjoys an invaluable gift from its founders: a secular government based on highly-evolved ethical refinements. That achievement is hated by all manner of religious warriors.

3. Just how Cruz would be received by Congress and the public is open to serious debate. Obama, elected more for his genetic heritage than for his candid statement of intentions, has been a divisive and pernicious presence in US political evolution. There is every reason to believe that Cruz would be little more than a mirror image of The One Leader.

The nation needs a president who sees the absurdity of positions held by many “progressives” and “wingnuts”. Now that sentiment is not to be considered an endorsement of “moderation” or “centrism”; it is a plea for a candidate who champions rational interpretations of the constitution (a call for an end to the distortion of the commerce clause would be an example, as would support for Levin’s proposed liberty amendments).

The danger is that Cruz’s attempt to clean up Obama’s mess will create a similar mess. He is actually a zealous ideologue very much like Obama — just as sadists and masochists are parallel incarnations of a perverse fundament.

The USA needs a president who champions the individual. Cruz does not meet that requirement. He is too authoritarian.

If Cruz is elected — which this newsletter believes cannot possibly happen — one can only hope that as yet indiscernible wisdom stays his hand. If he runs in the general election, which this newsletter hopes he will not, the Republican Party and the nation will emerge far worse off than they presently are.

For History Buffs: The Tramp Abroad Offers A Bit Of Insight Into The Cold War

The United States Military Liaison Mission Potsdam in East Germany was [sic] legal American Spies!

On March 12, 1947, the Huebner-Malinin agreement was signed. The agreements between the United States of America, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union permitted the deployment of small numbers of military intelligence personnel in each other’s territory in Germany, for the purposes of monitoring and furthering better relationships between the Soviet and Western occupation forces. The United States Military Liaison Mission comprised approximately a dozen active tour United States Army officers and NCOs, plus a few dozen other support personnel. Under the Huebner-Malinin agreement of April 12, 1947, General Order 17 created the United States Military Liaison Mission staff headquartered in Potsdam near West Berlin.

The United States Military Liaison Mission officers drove over Freedom Bridge to move in and out of West Berlin to Potsdam in matte-olive-drab heavy American sedans. The Mission officers were accompanied by an non-commissioned officer and an enlisted driver.

The other military liaison missions were the British Military Liaison Mission (BMLM), the La Mission Militaire Francaise de Liaison (FMLM), and the Soviet Military Liaison Mission (SMLM).

The Allied liaison missions, having diplomatic status, were relatively free to roam around German Democratic Republic save for specifically designated restricted areas and were largely untouchable either by the law or military personnel. However some of their officers were killed in accidents or incidents which gave rise to significant military and political tensions. On June 23, 1948, USMLM reported to higher command that there was an increase in Soviet military movement all-round the GDR. On June 24, 1948, The Soviet military blockaded all highway, rivers, and rail traffic into West Berlin to force the Western Powers out of West Berlin. The USMLM was allowed to continue their mission throughout GDR but with some restrictions on access to West Berlin’s air travel corridor. USMLM attempted to monitor Soviet Military buildup and intentions around all of Berlin.

On February 10, 1962, Captain Francis Gary Powers was Exchanged for a KGB agent. The USMLM participated in the exchange of Captain Powers at Freedom Bridge.

On August 10-13, 1961, The USMLM teams reported to higher command that the Soviet military was setting up a ring several kilometers outside of and around Berlin prohibiting traffic into the city.

On August 18-21, 1961, The USMLM team reporting to higher command that soviet and GDR troops were massing and moving toward the Czechoslovakia boarder [sic].

On March 22, 1984, AFMLM tour vehicle is deliberately rammed head on by a GDR Ual-375 truck on the freeway near the city of Halle, GDR. The FMLM driver, Mariotti, is killed instantly. The FMLM tour officer receives serious head injuries and a broken arm but remains on the scene to watch over his fellow dead team member. Note: Stasi (MfS) files recovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall revealed that this incident was no accident, but a planned premeditated murder!

On March 24, 1985, USMLM Army Officer Major Arthur Donald Nicholson Jr. was killed by a Russian soldier near Ludwigslust, East Germany. Major Nicholson and US Army Staff Sergeant Jessie Schatz were on patrol in a non-restricted area served by the Tank Regiment of second Guards Tank Soviet Army. It is known to be frequently guarded under normal conditions. Major Nicholson and SSgt. Schatz entered the wooded area; then Major Nicholson took his military camera to nearby sheds. He had taken some pictures of signboards. Then SSgt. Schatz moved their military vehicle to a position where it would give more security while Major Nicolson checked for armor vehicles. There was a Soviet sentry concealed in the wooded area. The Soviet sentry, hearing the USMLM vehicle, made his way through the woods to a position about 50 meters behind Major Nicolson. SSgt. Schatz noticed the Soviet sentry just before he opened fire. Major Nicolson was hit in the upper abdomen. SSgt. Schatz shouted a warning as the first shot resounded. Sgt. Schatz heard Major Nicholson say, “I’ve been hit”, then he groaned, fell, and called to SSgt. Schatz. It was too late to help the Major. SSgt. Schatz jumped in the Military vehicle, started it, and threw it into reverse to reach Major Nicolson. The Major lost consciousness. SSgt. Schatz sprang from the vehicle to administer first aid, but the sentry refused to permit him to do so. The Sentry aimed his AK-47 at SSgt. Schatz’s head, and then motioned SSgt. Schatz back into the military vehicle. SSgt. Schatz secured and covered the equipment, checked to be sure the doors were locked, and waited. Finally at 16:05 hours (4:05PM), an hour and five minutes after the shooting, an unidentified individual in a blue jogging suit took major Nicolson’s pulse, which had ceased. Major Nicholson was not armed!

The senior Soviet officers debated their predicament with their usual disregard for human life. Major Nicholson bled to death. Frequent requests by Sgt. Schatz to provide medical treatment to Major Nicholson were repeatedly denied. Major Nicholson was promoted posthumously to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and was Buried in Arlington National Cemetery On April 26, 1985.

On June 12, 1985, 23 American agents were exchanged for a Polish spy. The USMLM participated in the exchange of 23 American agents at Freedom Bridge. On February 11, 1986, Anatoly Sharansky was exchanged for a KBG agent. The USMLM participated in the exchange at Freedom Bridge.

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear accident occurred at the Chernobyl power plant in the Soviet Union. USMLM personnel travelling throughout East Germany noticed a complete East German Government news blackout. The East German Government never issued a safety or health warning to its people. On September 17, 1987, a USMLM United States Air Force non-commissioned officer was wounded by a Soviet soldier while he and his partner, a United States Air Force officer, were conducting routine liaison functions in a non-restricted area.

On October 1, 1990, The United States Military Liaison Mission Potsdam, Germany was deactivated.

Written by: City of Berlin Weekly

Please remember the ones who gave their lives in the so-called “Cold War”!

This next article next was written by Werner Saemmler-Hindrichs.

On March 19, 2015, a small group of veterans started their trek across Germany, from the Saarland to the vicinity of Ludwigslust, the former premises of a Soviet military unit near the village of Techentin. They intended to post a wreath in memoriam of a murdered comrade, gunned down in the prime of life by the Russians. Several of these veterans were brothers-in-arms of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Nicholson, known to us as “Nick.” I too was one of these brothers. We were the United States Military Liaison Mission to the Commander-in-Chief, Group of Soviet Forces, Germany, and belonged to probably the most unusual of the unusual special purpose organizations which had ever existed. The Mission, as we were called, comprised 16 accredited personnel, officers and enlisted, who had access and right to travel in the heart of the Soviet zone. Arguably, this small group probably did more to keep track of the Soviets and to serve as early warning than any other organization that ever existed. Most of the veterans of this organization became well known in their own right: there were ambassadors, politicians, and just about every military attache who ever served in the East.

On 24 March, 1985, Nick became the last casualty of the Cold War, when he was gunned down by a Soviet sentry and his life’s blood drained out of him into the sandy soil of Mecklenburg under the grey March skies. It took us a while to comprehend what had happened. Nick left behind a young family, and arguably, they paid an even greater price than he did.

On Tuesday, another group of Nick’s brothers in arms, friends, and those who just want to pay respect will also assemble at Arlington Cemetery, where Nick has joined the ranks of others who died for their country. We’ve been doing this for 30 years. There are fewer and fewer of us every year, but it’s especially important, now that the Cold War seems starting back up again, for us never to forget. It’s important because the other side, too, was tested in this crucible. Probably one of the most brilliant Russia hands, the current chief of Carnegie Moscow, is Professor Dmitri Trenin. When I was there, he was still a candidate for his professorship, and a young lieutenant, later captain. He served as our translator in the Soviet External Relations Bureau. There was another who was also tested and started out on his path at that time. A young field grade officer named Vladimir Putin was a KGB case officer in Dresden.

More reading and links to declassified reports here.

Finally, “…[i]n 1988, Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov officially apologized for the death of Major Nicholson to US Defense Secretary Frank C. Carlucci at a summit conference in Moscow.”

The “Deniers” Will Be Interested, While Al Gore Will Pay No Attention

AGW oops! “It turns out the climatologists have made a huge error in calculating how much effect aerosols have on temperature forcing. This could account for a large portion of the gap between the global warming prediction and what we’ve actually seen taking place”. (Quote from 2 minutes 26 seconds of this video.) Here’s the paper that presents the correction; the author, Bjorn Stevens, is at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.

You can read Stevens’s paper, or you can read what those who can understand it have to say about it. You are advised to start here. There’s an article here, as well.

The Stevens paper advances the understanding of how the earth deals with the sun’s heat. That information is a tacit challenge to the BESTattempt to prove anthropogenic global warming.

Some readers might recall that Lindzen and Choi worked on this subject; they acknowledged errors in their 2009 paper on it, and published a revision in 2011 that is available here.

Addendum: This recent paper deals with carbon dioxide and provides several good graphs to make its contentions clear.

A Related Note On The Politics Of AGW

This weblog post makes an important point about the motivations and goals of the alarmist cult that preaches anthropogenic global warming. As the headline of the post makes clear, “Deniers” are said to be in the service of the (undeservedly) wealthy and ethically very challenged Koch brothers. Those two Libertarians have for years offended the politically correct collectivist stratum of US politics; they are said to be mercenary, greedy, and, because they are power-hungry, preternaturally manipulative.

The dispute over AGW long ago drifted away from science and became a struggle between “left” and “right” — or, as this newsletter prefers to put it, “progressives” (collectivists) and “wingnuts” (individualists).

That statement is not sufficient; why, exactly, has AGW become a political issue? In this newsletter’s view, the most complete explanation is that some activists saw an opportunity to promote trendy “green” causes that would conveniently (a) increase taxation, thereby reducing the value of investments in industry and punishing undeservedly wealthy plutocrats (which is an instance of neo- or quasi-Marxist class warfare), and (b) extend governmental control of large industries (which is a collectivist imperative).

This newsletter’s long-standing view of AGW was formed after the editor examined the science of the matter (the verdict was proclaimed in Number 11, which appeared on May 16, 2008). In fact tax policy, the existence of the Koch brothers, the extension of regulatory authority, and the collectivist-vs-individualist implications of the war on plant food (carbon dioxide) never entered the consciousness of the editor as he examined the facts. One close look at Al Gore’s and Jim Hansen’s absurd claims was sufficient. AGW was from the first a transparent deceit, and as the months passed and Mann’s hockey stick graph was thoroughly debunked, this newsletter spilled increasing amounts of ink in denunciations of the hoax.

Politics be damned: the Warmers’ science is bad, and their movement is quasi-religious in nature; end of report.

Facts Relevant To The USA’s Russia Policy

1. The Crimea and Ukraine are within Russia’s natural sphere of influence.

2. US efforts to discourage current Russian policy with respect to Crimea/Ukraine are roughly equivalent to hypothetical Russian attempts to induce Mexico or Canada to enter into a military/economic/political alliance with Russia.

3. Obama and Kerry are neither experienced nor wise in matters of US foreign policy. They are seconded by sycophants, and they are too intellectually limited to recognize sage counsel when they encounter it.

4. No nation in eastern Europe needs anything like “liberating” or “protecting”. Refusals to grasp and act on that fact can only be interpreted by Russia as hostile. Current US policy with respect to Russia is stupid, ignorant, and needlessly dangerous.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Iranian military doctrine endorses EMP attack on the West.

What’s up with new frac(tur)ing rules.

This probably happens in the USA as well.

Have we really dropped our guard and defense against a Russian nuclear attack?

A century-old debate is finally brought to an end.

Maybe the Soviets had a crystal ball.

Ordinary Links

There is an attempt underway to shut down the USA’s overweening “surveillance state”.

What, yet more? After AIDS, Ebola, and a resurgence of measles, will this be the next disease to worry about? Meanwhile, regarding another health concern, this newsletter is unwilling to take a position on the advisability of genetically modified organisms as food (nobody here knows enough about it). That’s honest, at least — while the very influential Oprah Winfrey is, well, perhaps a little less candid and principled than she should be. Or maybe not. You decide.

Reader JW gets a tip of the hat for suggesting this terrific air/space museum.

This is how science grows: the explanations are provided by research, and stated as theoretical (explanatory, not conjectural) concepts. They are then ignored by mainstream science. Decades pass. Eventually the hidebound authorities are confronted by utterly unexpected, even astounding, events they can neither understand nor ignore. At that point, the long-discredited work of the real pioneers is recalled, though few in the established scientific community are willing to acknowledge what is actually happening. Here’s an instance.

Related: more on the approaching revolution in science. Of course it is being greeted with slighting, derisive remarks; that reaction is historically precedented and psychologically comprehensible.

This lady has both courage and physical beauty. Her story is interesting, and there are photos!

So please tell everybody, Secretary Kerry: what the hell did you expect from a religious fanatic, genuine negotiation? What do you have that you can use as a response to this villain? More to the point, why didn’t you take the initiative, and start off with a “no compromises” demand that first, before anything else happens, the weapons shops get shut down and opened up for full inspection? You should have considered this forthright threat: “The US Air Force will smash everything, right through that granite, and you better believe it! Wanna see us do it?” (Picks up mobile phone) “We can oblige.” — You, Kerry, are not just useless; you are downright dangerous, you incompetent twit…. What? You say you were acting on instructions from your boss?? Do you have any idea how many million people those instructions might well have condemned to death?

This is very bad news, and it suggests yet again an antipathy that might proceed from sheer bigotry on The One Leader’s part.

China knows what’s coming, and is preparing for it. The link is highly recommended; Warmers won’t want to talk about it.

Up, down, or sideways? The climate is changing…but not as predicted by that “consensus” of scientists. Video.

Google and the US government: yet another example of an unwholesome relationship — from which the great majority of the populace can expect only abuse. A hat tip goes to reader JW, who suggests that the problem is too big for the federal regulators and enforcers, the judicial system, and traditional competitive business practice. Who is powerful enough and smart enough to make Google behave ethically? That’s a good, and unanswered, question.

If The One Leader were not in power, would the US government have done this in the Snowden case? Probably.

Dark matter is the modern phlogiston. Science is still much more primitive and error-prone than twenty-first century hubris allows most scientists to admit.

This could mean that President Jeb Bush would continue the inane vendetta against Israel.

If you are a US citizen who wants to volunteer to fight ISIS as a member of a Kurdish unit, read this before you pack your bags.

Now this is truly bizarre in every detail: a Pom decides to visit Pitcairn. This newsletter calls the resulting video a cure for wanderlust.