The Talks

The Iranians have taken a look at John Kerry, and their opinion is correct: he is a lightweight. Accordingly, they have — as far as can be determined — not backed down on any significant issue.

Here is all that can be known, as well as all that anyone needs to know.

It’s up to Congress now.

Cruz For President?

This newsletter erred: in Number 375, it proclaimed that “…nationality is not inherited”. In some instances it is.

The fact remains that both Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John McCain are not constitutionally qualified to be president of the USA.

The full ramifications will be discussed in a forthcoming issue.

A Puzzling Silence

This newsletter finds it curious that the confrontation between federal authorities and the Bundy family of Nevada has become a virtual non-event. Washington seems to be pretending that it never happened, and the press has not — as far as NTG knows — followed up on what has potential as a powerful story. Does that mean that Obamites and collectivists of all stripes have tacitly conceded that Washington blundered? Could it mean that the one opponent the Obamites do not want to provoke is the volunteer civilian militia? Clearly, the various armed groups around the country are in touch with each other, and can be a credible counter to delinquent federal law agencies; see this video. Finally, what are the full implications of the oddly low profile assumed by the federal establishment and the news media? The showdown in Nevada remains a bizarre event that one might have expected the “progressives” to investigate and recount to their advantage in outlets like Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, and so on. What happened?

Yes, Rolling Stone did publish a piece on a militia group in Texas, proclaiming the assembled folks crazy for being worried about “…concerns both real and obviously paranoid …revolving around gun rights, land rights, the surveillance state, genetically modified food and assorted other ‘liberty issues’…”. Sure. No rational person should worry about any of those things, right?

Generally speaking, the “progressive” take on Bundy and the militias seems to be the simple repetition of sacred mantras. The complaints are not new, and hark back to what this newsletter has characterized as the bigotry of the Ruling Elite: “Flyover Country” as a cultural backwater, Sarah Palin as a simpleminded bitch, a clinging to guns and religion as compensations for an inability to compete economically, and Carr’s “middle places“. It’s a view of one’s fellow citizens that is at least as irrationally bitter as the racism of the years when Jim Crow ruled. So much hate, so little understanding that rises above the level of Obama’s simpleminded neo-Marxism…!

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

This is a devastating, haunting revelation of betrayal — a fearless exposé, infuriatingly consonant with the facts. Do not skip it!

The antidisestablishmentarians are starting to circle the wagons.

If you give Turkish students a choice, they may respond unexpectedly. When asked whether, in the strategic plans, there was a plan to build a mosque on the campus at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the rector replied, “Yes, of course. There are all kinds of plans. If it is wanted, we can open a synagogue. If there is a demand, that’s enough.” After hearing that response, ITU students said they wanted a Buddhist Temple. Rector Mehmet Karaca said that a sufficient number of requests came so he will build a mosque. And, if there is a demand, he declared that he will build anything. [So], we started a “We want a Buddhist Temple” campaign on As of 27 March at 5:00 p.m., 5,858 had given their support. It will be interesting to see how Rector Karaca responds to this request.

Der Spiegel analyzes the German Wings plane crash and the pilot who caused it (in English).

Related: The blog on Michael Mannheimer’s website has been removed, but I found a cached copy in German here. During their investigation and search of Andreas Lubitz’ house, the German police/Staatsanwalt found in a trash can a sick slip from his doctor stating that he was unfit for work, due to severe depression, on the day that the plane (was) crashed. It seems to me that, in such a case, doctor-patient confidentiality no longer applies and the employer should be informed. Finally: shouldn’t pilots do this before every flight?

This guy solves six Rubik’s cubes — 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and a 7×7 — in 6 minutes and 23.81 seconds. Why does he need a computer?

She probably had a ghost speech writer, but, hell, so does POTUS. Nonetheless, I think Sydney firmly believes in what she said.

Some people do the Bump at the disco, while others do it at your front door. Maybe it’s worth investing a few dollars in an unbumpable door lock.

Either there is a deepening rift within the ruling AK Party in Turkey, or perhaps this is all staged to justify giving the President new powers under a revised constitution.

Are cyberattacks in the USA being overlooked by industry? It’s possible. In this article, the explosion of the PG&E gas pipeline in San Bruno is attributed to the SCADA system. Everything else I have read points to poor integrity management policies at PG&E. The section of pipe that failed was originally installed in the late 1950s and had multiple poorly welded joints. It was simply not able to withstand the MAOP (maximum allowable operating pressure).

Angela Merkel shows that she is no different than any other politician — she does not keep her promises. And the promise was made on 1 September 2013): “Mit mir wird es keine PKW Maut geben… Mit mir wird es keine Maut für Autofahrer im Inland geben”. (“There will not be a toll road on my watch. On my watch there will not be a toll road for domestic drivers.”) Just as on 15 June 1961, when Walter Ulbricht emphatically stated: “Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten.” (“Nobody intends to erect any wall.”) Then, on 13 August 1961, the GDR began constructing the infamous Berlin Wall. You can’t trust any of them any further than you can spit ’em.

How ironic that Ted Cruz, the Senator who did his damnedest to repeal the Obamacare legislation, is now signing up for that very samehealth insurance. Well, it just goes to show what people will do to ensure that they are insured.

Ordinary Links

Netanyahu: the deal with Iran is unacceptable. He’s correct.

The One Leader, like most autocrats, does not feel particularly bound by standards he did not devise or guidelines he finds inconvenient. Because he’s not a man of principle, he can’t be trusted. Here’s an example.

Camille Paglia, protean intellectual and educator, is this newsletter’s heroine. For too long her insights have been somewhat narrowly published on the internet, so this hour-long video is a welcome event. Do not miss this opportunity. Paglia is wonderful!

A cop gets pulled over by a citizen.

Millions of lives are at stake — suicidal/homicidal lunatics control Iran — the US delegation is run by a pair of goofy ideologues — and the details of the coming pact are to be kept secret. That should terrify all halfway intelligent, sane human beings. The secrecy is not in the interests of peace. With the US administration unable to feel public pressure to drive a hard bargain, the outcome can only benefit the maniac mullahs. Those bloodthirsty nutcases want to destroy Western Civilization. Madness….

Of course you recall this newsletter’s review of Prof. Hamburger’s book, so this video will make perfect sense to you. What might be less clear is why any justice on the US federal supreme court would not find for the plaintiff, CEI.

Spooky: amnesty.

An “interview” of The One Leader and his insurance policy.

The US public’s support of the “two-state solution” for the Israeli-“Palestinian” problem has declined.

Will videos like this be effective in preventing her from returning to the White House? No; it’s too long (short attention span of typical Hillary voter), too complex (well, er, ah…), and too factual (truth is irrelevant).

Science: dark matter is shown not to interact with itself. What does that mean? Well, er, ah — that is…nobody knows. But everybody knows that this “substance” was first postulated by virtue of its apparent influence on matter. These days, that assumption is beginning to look shaky, if not simply wrong. Meanwhile, there’s a supermassive black hole that might be a shirker. Some folks say black holes do not exist, and because that is an unpopular view, there have to be explanations for why unexpected things like this happen. Observations, calculations, and speculation continue.

Rememboring…the Clintons.

Hillary broke the law. She knows she can do that. She’s Hillary!

Anonymous speaks.