…a German usually chooses for himself his favorite flower, musical composition, beer, club, painting, or opera, and sees little value or merit in any other. Yet at the same time he insists that his myopic or narrow-angled vision of the universe must be universalized, because no people are more insistent on the role of the absolute or the universal as the framework of their own egocentricity.

Senator Cruz’s Problem With The Constitution

In Number 375 of this newsletter, the claim was made that US nationality is not inherited. That is partly true — and mostly false. It is false in so far as federal legislation is concerned, for laws regarding citizenship make it easy for US citizens to see to it that wherever their children are born, they will not have to be naturalized in order to be citizens of the USA.

The federal constitution of the USA declares that only natural-born citizens can be president, and the meaning of those words was clear when they were written. Note that senators are constitutionally required to be citizens, but need not be “natural-born”. The authors of the nation’s charter made a deliberate distinction based on the fact that “natural-born” meant born in the USA. (They did not consider that there might be non-naturalized citizens who were not born in the USA. That innovation came later.)

The constitution has never been changed to reflect current opinion, but it has been ignored very deliberately. Senator John McCain, a naturalized citizen, asked the Senate to offer its opinion on whether he might be president. That body unanimously stated that McCain’s path to the White House was clear.

The Senate was wrong, of course. See Number fifteen of this newsletter for information on that controversy; ignore, please, the contention that the Democrats would use the constitutional prohibition against the Republican.

Whenever the supreme law of the land — the constitution — includes a prohibition that virtually everyone finds irrational and bothersome, the nation’s fundamental law should be changed. The founders knew that might be necessary, and made careful provisions for it.

Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, should be permitted to run for the presidency, and to serve if elected. Federal laws currently permit parents to skip the naturalization of children born overseas; that was not available in the late eighteenth century. The only rational way to proceed is to amend the constitution.

Multiple reasons for a convention exist

A moment’s thought will tell the observant that the question of presidential qualifications is just one issue that demands attention.

Today virtually everyone ignores the precise language of the constitution. Those dodges are malignant. Some of them are reported in Philip Hamburger’s study of (unconstitutional and therefore illegal) administrative law, and others are obvious in the judicial misinterpretation of the commerce clause, as well as in the existence of the Federal Reserve.

Then there is the opportunity for further reform that would strengthen the constitution and restore reason and probity: Mark Levin’sproposals should be considered.

The citizens of the USA enjoy a representative democracy based on a foundational document that is ethical, comprehensible, and “the supreme law of the land”. To ignore the constitution is to set oneself against the values that inform and inspire the USA’s fundamental nature.

The nation needs a constitutional convention.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

In this short article Al Gore’s AGW snake oil is clearly explained and torn to pieces.

How would you like it if your pet cat greeted you like this every morning?

Toward a global understanding of martyrdom, by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: this is a view that we have not seen again after all the wars, small and large, local and global. (Ed.: Gallipoli (or the Battle of Çanakkale) is a subject that is still painful to Australians and New Zealanders, some of whom blame Great Britain for sacrificing the Anzac troops in a fit of imperial hubris. Certainly Churchill blundered when he underestimated the Turks, and it is surprising that error did not end his career. Atatürk’s gracious comment is particularly notable, as The Tramp points out.)

Kodak invents something useful for the 21st century: things you might want in case you run into a road-rage driver or an overzealous cop.One and Two. (Demo video.)

Here’s the New York Times review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now.

If we would just let kids be kids…and let food grow naturally…..

Después de correr yo no tengo agujetas.

This is not a lemon. It’s the Onion Omega, which uses the Linux operating system to connect the digital world with the real world. It looks like these guys are on to something big. (Ed.: This caused some discussion here! Eventually your obedient servant learned that the Omega is a teensy-tiny computer that hopes to give hobbyists a better choice than the Raspberry Pi. Of course that discovery involved first learning what the Raspberry Pi is.)

The German language will be simplified in 2016.

A starter guide to E-Mail Encryption and Fingerprinting: One and Two. I predict that soon this will become standard for anyone and everyone sending / receiving e-mails.

Those pesky Turkish university students now have the audacity to want not only a Buddhist Temple on campus — now they want a Jedi Temple.


Reader JY gets a hat tip for noting that Native Americans are getting nervous about the weather. They do not seem to be Warmers or “Deniers”; their interpretation is unique.

“Wingnut” media outlets on the internet have their work cut out for them: they are going to have to try to keep this sort of news before the public, while the Hillary Democrats will simply wait for the fuss to die down a bit, and then — if they have to say anything at all about it — refer to it as “old news, irrelevant and trivial”.

In this video, Muslims living in Britain try to cope with questions regarding the death penalty imposed on those who leave Islam. Do not expect a clear or truthful answer; note the obfuscation, tangential complaints, and tacit refusals to respond definitively. Robert Spencer’s brief commentary is helpful, though he does not remind the viewer that many Muslims accept the notion that it is permissible to lie to outsiders about Islam; it’s called Taqqiya (sometimes spelled taqiyya) and kitman, and you can learn more about both here and here. Wikipedia is particularly deficient on the subject.

If you want to promote poverty, support an increase in the minimum wage.

California needs water, and the best way to get it is to make it a resource like oil. Free markets could make a huge difference.

It’s time for an update on the Grate Culture War. (“The left is not human. It is a system.”)

Meanwhile the “wingnut” news media are having fun with Harry Reid’s family problems.

Bill Nye The Science Guy says it’s naughty to introduce doubt into any discussion of anthropogenic global warming. Well, Bill is a propagandist, not a scientist. If you want to stay current with the issue, add these two sites to your bookmarks: One and Two. Why do that? Because expressing genuine doubt is always a good idea! In fact, that’s what science is all about…it’s in politics that doubt causes distress. True science considers everything open to doubt.

Related: how many AGW cultists have heard of Freeman Dyson? More to the point, how many Warmers wish this wise gentleman wouldshut up?

What and whom do you think of when you contemplate political corruption? Here’s a “wingnut” view.

Hold it: hammering the New York Times is not necessary!

Here is a statement of the convictions that illuminate Western Civilization. Now: about that constitutional convention….