It would seem that if a Supreme Court majority of five lawyers has the final word on constitutional matters, then governance comes down to selecting five lawyers. This is obviously contrary to the Framers’ intent.

Book Review

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, by Gerald H. Pollack. ISBN 978-0-9626895–4-3.

The author is a professor at the University of Washington, and it would be a great mistake to ignore or denounce his findings — there is indeed a fourth phase of water, and it might prove to be very beneficial. For a hint of Pollack’s work, do see a TEDx lecture he gave some time ago.

Pollack writes for the reasonably intelligent layman, thank goodness. While some of his findings smack of Vedic magic, in fact it’s all based on standard materialist experimentation and careful interpretation.

The reader will hope that the clever professor can use his discoveries to perfect a machine to get potable water from the sea at very low cost — among other feats. Pollack really is onto something here.

The book is available in both hard and soft covers (the ISBN above is for the less expensive format). It would be an excellent gift for a bright high school junior or senior who is interested in science and humanitarian efforts.

A Quintessential Politician Agrees With Reality

Newt Gingrich learns something from the Panama Canal, and is man enough to admit he was wrong. (Imagine Harry Reid doing that….) Here, from his newsletter, are his thoughts on the subject:

Back when Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were negotiating the transfer of the Panama Canal, I was one of those who actively opposed ceding control of the Canal from the United States to Panama. I joined with then-Governor Ronald Reagan and other conservatives in opposing the shift. There seemed to be both national security and practical operations reasons for the United States to retain control.

The classic phrase in the late 1970s was that we had built it, we paid for it and we owned it.

My dad had served at Fort Amador in the Canal Zone and we visited Panama in 1973. The American bias among people living in the Canal Zone was overwhelmingly for maintaining the status quo.

I also visited Panama in January of 1990, shortly after we occupied the country and arrested the military dictator Manuel Noriega. Nothing about the Noriega dictatorship made me feel better about turning the Canal over to Panama.

Today, the facts of the outcome vindicate Presidents Ford and Carter and their belief that the Panamanians were more than capable of running the Canal.

What In The World Is Jade Helm?

If you are not aware of Jade Helm, do take a few moments to put those two words into an internet search engine and scan some of what you find. Call up YouTube and search there, and don’t skip Google.

Clearly, a mistake of some sort has been made — or The Powers That Be are planning something extraordinarily odd and potentially dangerous.

Note that whatever the National Guard and other agencies, both foreign and domestic, have in mind, the “wingnut” segment of the US public is going pathetically crazy. Talk of everything from unnecessary military exercises (that could and should be carried out on military bases) to the arrest and confinement of political opponents is rife. Some people expect this is The One Leader’s way of bringing the nation under military control and establishing His Imperial Presidency.

Rather than speculate, this newsletter prefers to ask simply, “What is planned, and why?” That does not mean an answer will be forthcoming before the operation (whatever it is) unfolds.

For years, The New Terrapin Gazette has repeatedly reminded you of Obama’s stunning pre-election pronouncement (read from a teleprompter, not made ad lib):

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve our national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a national civilian security force that’s just as strong, just as powerful, just as well-funded.

Those words have been quoted in at least ten Numbers of this newsletter.

So far, they have not been fully acted upon (recall this, though). Is that about to change? Is he about to make good his intention to reconstruct US society?

Can the militias of the nation expect to survive the next few months? Why have the news media ignored the fuss being generated by “wingnuts”? Just how far will The One Leader go in order to reinvent the body politic? Has rancher Bundy triggered a delayed but drastic move by Obama? Do his plans for illegal immigrants somehow figure in Jade Helm?

It is impossible to answer those vital questions, and it must be repeated: if it were possible to ask Obama, one would be outrageously naive to believe whatever the chief executive might offer as an explanation. The only option the nation has is to wait.

Now of course it could be that Jade Helm is an attempt to prove to the great mass of US voters just how paranoid and goofy the “wingnuts” are. If that is the case, then one can accuse Obama of having plotted a very bizarre attempt to expose and disqualify those who will vote against Hillary.

That is not a prediction.

What Does This Newsletter Want?

Each political faction in the USA has its wish list for government. As the polity moves rather unsteadily toward the selection of Hillary’s opponent (yes, this newsletter assumes she will prevail over faux Squaw Warren), it’s only reasonable to wonder which of the Republicans will get the nod from here — or whether any of them will.

The New Terrapin Gazette hopes for a return to fully constitutional governance. Exactly what that entails has been explained here — repeatedly.

So far, Ron Paul looks good, but not ideal. Jeb Bush is not favored here. Bobby Jindal has both intellect and executive experience, and while he is not the orator that Paul is, he would do well in the White House.

The greatest concern at the moment is that the election will be unnecessary, either because Hillary already has it firmly in hand, or because the constitution will, by election time, be even more irrelevant than it already is….

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

The British tax authorities seem to be more maniacal than those in the USA.

A comedy group that calls itself The Capitol Steps brings a little levity to serious subjects: One, and Two. I nearly busted a gut watchingthis. Here is a spooneristic satire par excellence. The Capitol Steps is really clever.

Gay marriage is apparently nothing new.

Here’s a young lad who is a musical genius. (My guess is everyone expects I mention only the girls who are amazing. Surprise!) This was recorded in December 2010, when he was not yet eleven years old.

Ordinary Links

This video is essential. It begins unimpressively, and builds to the point where the viewer can only ask, “Why is this project not wildly popular?” Answer: because it is not yet widely known. (For related concepts, see the book review in Nr. 290.)

The attempt to do away entirely with the concepts of dark matter and dark energy continues.

Food. Ruminations thereon; slightly disgusting, and not always correct. Yet worth your time to read.

“The emails (Hillary) Clinton turned over to the State Department in paper form in December totaled about 55,000 pages. She said at her news conference last month that she deleted another set of emails, which aides said was of comparable size, after her lawyers concluded they were not work-related.” (Source. Emphasis added.) That’s good to know, isn’t it? Sure, the facts can’t be established and verified now, but…this complies with the time-honored Washington tradition that grants some privileged suspects (called “insiders”) exclusive full control of evidence that just might embarrass them. They are permitted to evaluate the troublesome evidence, declare it irrelevant — and destroy it. That’s the ruling elite’s idea of “justice”. And it stinks.

What’s the world’s largest city? This post claims you don’t know and can’t possibly guess. Next question: who cares? Answer: perhaps we all should….

Big surprises on Mars: hints that are anything but subtle. Eventually the science will catch up. Highly recommended.

Take ten minutes out of your day to understand The Problem. Or…consider this, which can lead to this.

The electromagnetic shield that protects the Earth from the sun is weakening, and the magnetic poles are shifting. Here is what is known. Is this something to be concerned about? The answer might depend on whether you have children and grandchildren.

While you look for something else to worry about, consider this. And: do stop worrying.

Senator Ted Cruz explains why the second amendment to the US constitution is important.

Mark Steyn brings everyone up to date on his legal battle with AGW promoter Mike Mann. Courts do peculiar things, so Steyn could lose. That would be a blow to Liberty, and it would be interpreted as jurisprudential approval of the global warming cult’s concepts — as well as a caution to “Deniers” to state their views very carefully. Science is supposed to be able to function perfectly well in a world that allows all views, but the most enthusiastic Warmers can be cripplingly vituperative.

Speaking of Mark Steyn, reader JY gets a tip of the hat for suggesting that we try to retain a decent sense of perspective when we consider the Clintons. You remember them….

For astronomy buffs: the “impossible” behavior/performance of neutron stars is possible, but not if you make the standard assumptions. Or so it is claimed by dissenting theorists….

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Mark R. Levin.