…if it is difficult (although not in principle impossible) to see how living creatures emerged out of the operation of the laws of physics on lifeless matter, it is even less clear how consciousness emerged or why it should be of benefit to those creatures that have it.

News Is Not News Unless It Is Distributed

Tragically, this — “the process is the punishment” — is how partisan politics corrupted law enforcement and justice in the US state of Wisconsin.

The scenario is pure horror. Imagine: the cops break in and tear your home apart, carrying off what they want, and furiously warning you not to discuss the outrages with anyone (especially a lawyer!). Stunned, you eventually realize you have offended The Ruling Class, and that there is no escape from the wrath of misbegotten power.

This nightmarish abuse of the citizenry is one of the defining characteristics of a genuinely fascist regime.

Yes, the abuses have been halted for now, but the victims are emotionally scarred: they are terrified of all cops, and distrustful of the hypersensitive Elite.

It appears that the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, was on the right side in the effort to end the depredations imposed on the political enemies of powerful “Progressives”. Some say that gives Walker an advantage in his effort to become the nation’s president. It seems to this newsletter that the full story of Wisconsin’s misdeeds and what it took to end them is not, however, well or widely understood (had you heard of it?). Credit the national news media yet again for successful censorship of news.

Indeed, if the electorate knew more, things would be different. The press understands that. The self-appointed “gatekeepers” do strongly influence the reality in which the voters live. In the Wisconsin instance, not knowing what was happening to the cops’ and prosecutors’ victims meant the entire citizenry was exposed to officially endorsed theft, vandalism, and violence.

When the government goes insanely off the rails, whom can you call?

Here’s a less terrifying example of puny reporting masking information the public should know: virtually no one in the national media has ever seemed to care much about Harry Reid’s history. The former Senate majority leader was recently beaten rather badly, and the incidenthas received little more than a terse and uninquisitive mention in the press.

Harry is a quintessential Las Vegas mystery: how he got rich, why he was interested in rancher Bundy’s problem with the Bureau of Land Management, and who his various associates were and are — well, all those topics have been very carefully ignored by almost every news outlet. It’s as if everyone knew that publishing an accurate biography of the man would be extremely unhealthy.

Freedom is extraordinarily difficult to cultivate and maintain if the flow of information is paltry because of sloth — or because news and commentary are pinched off. This newsletter has repeatedly complained that too large a fraction of the US news industry favors not true freedom of the press, but government licensing of the press.

If the role of the press in the political climate of the USA interests you, you might want to have a look at this newsletter’s Number 195. The lead commentary is titled, “Journalism Is Not Rocket Science: It’s Harder And More Dangerous”.

Consider The Clintons — Which Means Hillary

For years, Hillary has evaded the consequences of a number of scandals that were not widely reported. “Travelgate” was worse than you probably realize, for just one example. Try this report. The more you learn about Hillary’s actions there, the more you will probably wonder how she got away with it. Her abuse did cause genuine harm — possibly more than Nixon and Mitchell did in Watergate, in this newsletter’s view. Further, Hillary emerged unscathed from Tavelgate; for her, there was no Nixonian immolation, and she left her political party unsullied.

Hillary is also astonishinly capable of ignoring extraordinarily embarrassing moments that would brand lesser figures as morons. Here are two forgotten examples of her blunders: first, at Mexico’s Shrine of Guadalupe; then there’s Kentucky Fried Hillary, bizarrely mocking her audience. She’s got more Teflon than Reagan! (But…who in the press has mentioned that?)

More relevant today, however, is her astounding success in attracting money from US and foreign “donors”. That should concern all conscientious voters. Reader JY notes that this brief video outlines how unsavory Hillary’s practices have become. Voters, most of whom focus more on her gender than her ethics and competence, hardly know anything about what’s really happening — and what is at risk.

How can those millions of dollars not influence her presidency?

In the event you are curious, try these sources: One, Two, and Three. Read about the Clinton cash and investment policy here (but remain just slightly skeptical).

Then there’s a book: Clinton Cash by Schweizer. Peggy Noonan, a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, sums up:

If the book is true — if it’s half-true — it is a dirty story. It would be good if the public, the Democratic Party and the Washington political class would register some horror, or at least dismay. … I wonder if (sic) any aspirant for the presidency except Hillary Clinton could survive such a book. I suspect she can because the Clintons are unique…. They are protected from charges of corruption by their reputation for corruption.

Noonan’s point: like career criminals, the Clintons keep on doing what the Clintons do, and they don’t care what people say. Committing the same old crimes gets easier and easier, and especially so if you are appointed to very high office.

Then…Hillary winds up on the wrong side of a first amendment case decided by the supreme court. She’s not a friend of the national constitution.

Well, seven conclusions can be drawn: (1) there is genuine reason for concern about Hillary’s donors both domestic and foreign, though (2) the Democrats try to tell everyone that this is business as usual — simply because (3) the people who are trying to buy influence from a president-to-be admitted that they did gift the Clintons with princely sums (remember this).

Then Gingrich’s reminder — that (4) it’s unconstitutional for foreigners to bribe US politicians — is ignored. He’s saying that (5) a list of all the “donors” can’t negate the illegality, and that simple truth eludes Hillary’s deliberately deaf admirers.

Pity the voters, who, thanks to a partisan press, too often forget that (6) big money always seeks value. Next, remember that (8) “Billary” is an intensely cooperative team, not two independent individuals. Specific predictions are difficult, but (7) the past can be instructive: the pardon of Mark Rich was not uncaused, is not puzzling, and is relevant.

Republicans, Pay Attention: There Is Hope That A Nasty Mess Can Be Cleaned Up Properly

Facts: first, the highest levels of the CIA, NSA, and all other agencies who are interested in the USA’s blood enemies understand that compromises must be made. Second, Ed Snowden still has big secrets that guarantee his safety. Third, that he has not returned to the USA strongly suggests he will not risk an all-or-nothing confrontation and very probable martyrdom. Snowden does not want to be a cautionary example to the worker bees who toil in the USA’s intelligence apparatus.

In any event, Snowden’s strategy seems to be working, albeit slowly. A recent court decision hints that he just might have been (at least) morally (if not legally) correct to flee with stolen — and damning — secrets.

Of course he still has to evade the vengeful hatred of the cynical, paranoid spooks. But if the courts give him the slightest help in proving his contention that NSA and its buddies were off the leash, something rational might be possible.

Therefore consider this: what might President Rand Paul do about Snowden?

Yes, it’s very early days…but a new team with a firm determination to prevent further releases of embarrassing information and end the deadlock is an outside possibility.

This newsletter urges the Republicans to give Snowden and his remaining secrets serious reconsideration.

Perhaps there is a compromise to be had that would be good for both the US citizenry and the government’s principled snoops. Snowden does not have to be incarcerated or demonized in order to achieve that.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Here you have two recent court decisions on the collection of telephony metadata. One and Two.

Strange bedfellows, perhaps…but money and influence can be helpful.

Here are some videos on Jade Helm that show a lot of activity. (Ed.: How evil does it look?)

This is a situation most people have experienced…or will experience, sooner or later.

Remarkable color films of Berlin and Potsdam just two months after Nazi Germany’s capitulation in 1945; and views of one of Europe’s great port cities, Hamburg, also in 1945.

…Now Consider An Implication Of Berlin’s Fate

The Editor interrupts: If you skipped The Tramp’s link to film taken in Berlin in 1945, go back and have a look.

Then consider that Iran, which is run by homicidal lunatics, continues to do all it can to acquire nuclear weapons. Because the Iranians’ version of Islam promises entry to heaven for all of the right kind of Muslims killed in “holy” war, there is no basis for a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) standoff with that country. For some, death in holy war is a career opportunity, as Sam Harris put it. Yet Washington appears to see no harm in an Iranian a-bomb.

The lesson of Berlin in 1945 is simple: do all you can to prevent war from being fought in your homeland.

Ordinary Links

Global warming? The southern hemisphere wishes…have a look at the facts.

What causes climate change — carbon dioxide, or…what? Here’s the answer. Now of course this won’t impress the regulations-seeking, guilt-ridden promoters of AGW, but facts are facts.

Some will find this web page interesting. Others will ask, “What’s the word for something that, while complex and odd, leaves you cold?”

The cost and the value of mandatory education in the USA are examined here. If no one were forced to get an education, what would that do to society? Instead, perhaps one should ask what that would do to education….

This is perfect: you are traveling on a train, when a US federal agent searches your luggage without a warrant, spots a lot of money, and, pronouncing it “guilty”, confiscates it. You are not arrested. How’s that for a near-perfect scam? And it’s legal! (The words are highway robbery and highwayman.)

Has Baltimore been harmed by efficient policing? Here’s expert insight into how to make urban unrest more frequent and more violent.

Jade Helm continues to animate conspiracists: did you know there is a nationwide network of tunnels that the real rulers of the USA (The Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Annunaki…Walmart…name your favorite villains) plan to use if…well, if something bad happens? The childishly absurd scenario reminds of some of Jesse Ventura’s stunts, and is promoted by the likes of Alex Jones.