The notion that fascism was a tool of big business is one of the most persistent and enduring myths of the past century. … But as Chesterton said, fallacies do not cease to be fallacies simply because they become fashions.

The Unease

The fighting in The Middle East is going badly. ISIS is learning quickly, evading US air attacks and using abandoned US vehicles in devastating suicide bombings. Iran, confident and venturesome, is entering the fighting in Iraq. Libya has faded from the public consciousness as the implications of Hillary’s blunders render that nation unmentionable in the US press.

Meanwhile self-appointed prophets bleat that the US dollar is in grave danger. The standard options for investment and savings are increasingly perceived as vulnerable, survivalists are preparing for an Armageddon of imponderable duration, and “wingnuts” are howling that Jade Helm 15 means Obama is about to declare martial law.

As levels of pure aluminum in the environment skyrocket, many frustrated US citizens are cursing their national government as a secretive polluter — the power behind “chemtrails” — who refuses to admit to or halt his toxic activities.

Events domestic and foreign suggest that rational voices have lost significant influence, and the perception of the absence of wise governance is increasing.

This newsletter has its concerns, as well. The tendency of Obama to exceed his authority is alarming, and there has been no Congressional response to presidential arrogance and overreach. While a three-judge panel has suggested (two to one) that the chief executive’s desire to assume legislative authority over immigration should be reconsidered, the prospects of correcting the problem at its source are not at all likely to be improved by the judiciary. The One Leader’s tendency to write and then fine-tune the laws of the nation (because Congress refuses to legislate as he wishes) is a matter of clear record, and, as Professor Hamburger proves in his book (reviewed here), that practice is undeniably unconstitutional.

Note well: all of these focal points of pessimism, misery, and fear are (at least partially and often fully) the responsibility of the federal government.

Overall, when the federal apparatus acts, it seems to blunder rather than falter. Perhaps worse, its secrecy and refusal to improve its performance are puzzling and then frustrating millions of citizens.

Things are going badly, but that is only half of the problem: the other half is that the public, to a distressing degree, feels that the political class has abandoned the populace — or intends to repress and abuse it.

There is some evidence that the malaise is justified. Questioned, the federal apparatus too often reacts by “stonewalling”, as was seen when the Internal Revenue Service responded churlishly to Congressional investigation.

The problems can not be dismissed by press releases or speeches. Telling anxious citizens not to worry because Obama loves the Little People is pure folly.

Of course the nation can do better both nationally and internationally. There are solutions to many of the problems the USA faces, and many of the sources of civic anxiety will fade in time, even if they are not addressed. Jade Helm is not at all likely to be a move to impose martial law, and a candid administration could deal with the growing anxiety caused by “chemtrails”.

Those hopeful considerations ignore the central fact that the current administration has failed badly in some obvious areas, and is sustaining itself by ignoring problems, making more mistakes, telling doubters they are wrong, tampering with laws, and blaming critics of White House hubris. What will the Obamoid response be? Yet another theatrical performance in yet another Styrofoam Greco-Roman temple?

Fact: the federal administration has run its Quixotic course and exhausted its positive energy. The citizenry is worried, and apocalyptic thoughts are becoming more widespread.

In such pessimistic times, Hillary should reconsider. As should Congress.

Years ago, this newsletter predicted that Obama would not know what to do with the presidency, and Congress would have to step in and create federal policy. That was a naive scenario, and it appears to be impractical today, as well — because the Republican lack of intestinal fortitude means the Congressional majority has not accepted the responsibility to give the voters reason to have confidence in the federal government.

If, however, you want to help, and in the event a Republican member of Congress represents you, do write and tell that person to take up the burden and assert some constitutional authority.

The nation can not wait over a year for a new president. The crisis of confidence calls for a firm hand on the tiller now.

So: tell Congress to take control. Tell the Solons to read the constitution and confirm that legislating is their task — and right. Demand that Congress use its clear authority to halt the improper transfer of legislative power to the delinquent presidency.

Do not wait for judges to confuse the problem — they gave the nation Kelo.

Cosmology Has A Chance To Grow Up, After All

Current understandings of the red shift, black holes, the Big Bang, the sun as a hydrogen-burning fusion furnace, the behavior of entangled particles in quantum mechanics, the nature of gravity…and many more familiar concepts in astronomy…are very probably wrong. They are long overdue for replacement by far better explanations.

Of course virtually all astronomers would say that assertion is unwarranted.

It is probable, however, that the myths currently taught by astronomers can be corrected by scholars who depend on plasma physics. That means the abandonment of invocations of unadmitted mysticism.

If you view this video, you might be astounded by the casual observations of the lecturer. He says, among many other things, that his approach to cosmic phenomena is thoroughly scientific, not reliant on “glitch factors”, devoid of hopeless disputes and impossible questions, and more comprehensible.

Once that promise is understood and given a chance to prove itself, cosmology will stand an excellent chance of maturing — which would allow it to stop relying on empty mythogenesis.

String theory, for one instance of fanciful nonsense, provides an example of how cosmology has struggled to find ways to explain the puzzles of the universe. That’s what the lecturer means when he says that mathematics is a tool, not an explanation of reality.

Plasma physics, by contrast, is a study of the law-obedient behavior of the universe’s most abundant form of matter. Along with electricity in all its forms, plasma is central to an understanding of the nature of the universe.

The implications of these new concepts in cosmology are as fundamental and significant as the work of Kepler, Copernicus, and Galileo.

Controlling Google’s Videos

Notice: YouTube has altered its format such that when you view a video specified in one of this newsletter’s Links, your selection will be automatically followed by several more videos selected by YouTube (yes, this is a bad idea). Tip: view each Linked video in a new tab — and close the tab whenever you want to halt the force-feeding. Your option is to click on the word “Cancel” that appears only between videos. (To pause a video, left click anywhere on the screen; a second such click will restart the presentation.)

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

This is sure to throw a wrench into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign machine. — By the way, I wonder when the NSA is going to release to the national archives all of the e-mails she sent from or received at her private e-mail server?

I wonder whether Tuskegee University will invite Alfonzo Rachel to be the “distinguished speaker” at their commencement exercises next year.

Is there not even one single bank one can trust?

This should be shown in every school every semester to every class.

Some Muslims do have a sense of humor — at least Nazeem Hussain does! There’s more on him here, and here.

Can one eradicate a criminal organization by seizing — of all things — its logo? Is it even constitutional to seize the outlaws’ “intellectual property”?

This is a concrete example of a new and amazing technology that will change lives. (Ed.: more info here.)

Ordinary Links

If you want to start a Bitcoin business in the USA, think again.

In case you have forgotten how the Obamites operate — and what they think of you — here’s a reminder. It illustrates how The One Leader and his team think you will respond to the Iranian lust for nuclear weapons. Sleep well tonight….

Here’s yet another paper that contradicts the Received Wisdom of the Gore-Hansen AGW cult. Yes, it is hard to understand. Most science is, unless it is dumbed down — or bogus.

US immigration law is boring, and the latest word from the court on The One Leader’s scheme to create lots and lots of new Democrats is not the end of the story.

Wha-a-a-t?! Good grief! The man is demented!

The Muddle East grows more dangerous, if that’s possible, as Iran moves into Iraq. For unknown reasons, Kerry and his boss simply don’t have the resolve to counter Iranian religious insanity. The West has already needlessly ceded control of the nuclear talks, so Iran is simply exploiting Obama’s gift — as any rational observer would have expected. (For this newsletter’s view of Islamic practice, see the item titled “The Concept Of The Moderate Muslim” in this early Number.)

Hillary does often try to play by the rules, but many of her decisions are debatable. Does that reflect on her ethics? It’s complicated…which must be a comfort to her, because if her supporters knew what she and Slick have been up to, she might well be set aside. Of course the typical Hillary fan does tend to ignore reports like this, or this. It’s only natural.

If you can obtain a copy of the Wall Street Journal for Saturday – Sunday, May 23 – 24, 2015, you can read the story of Jayne Senior and her town in the United Kingdom, Rotherham (the report is on the front page). She uncovered a tacit conspiracy between the town’s authorities and some men in the minority (3%) population of Pakistani immigrants: depraved Asians were systematically “grooming” and sexually abusing underage local girls. The victims numbered 1,400 over the years. The truth is a damning indictment of the guilty Pakistanis, to be sure, but British values are just as guilty; the authorities made it impossible or tremendously difficult for Senior to inspire fitting responses to the crimes. The local establishment is running and hiding as it frantically tries to damp down international outrage. The authorities want to appear to be capable, but providing decent law enforcement somehow runs against the grain. Senior is of course viewed as a shrill and unqualified troublemaker whose accusations have embarrassed everyone (what is it about the Poms??). By the way, the British age of consent is sixteen years; this newsletter sees that as one of several causes of Rotherham’s puzzling failure to protect its girlsand punish the felons. — Try using a good search engine for more information.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal should be a good contender in the Republican scramble to find somebody who can defeat Hillary. Unfortunately he seems to have picked a needless fight he can’t win.

Commentary magazine is a Jewish publication that backs Israel. Admirers of the US president will accordingly find this Link, er, detailed and plain-spoken…though the Obamoid foreign policy blunders enumerated in the critique are not overwhelmingly sins committed against Israel. There’s more, for those interested in Israeli foreign policy: Commentary expounds on Bibi’s choice of Dore Gold (whose bookTower of Babble was quite good) as the Israeli top diplomat. Gold is solid. Obama is not happy.

As Islamist violence progresses, some in the West try to describe the threat as a giant, hoary conspiracy. That interpretation is interesting, in a way, but it’s both incorrect and unnecessary. Koranic colonialism has the inertia to keep the rest of the world off balance for at the very least a decade, and all the while the Western militaries will be repeating, “Never mind the current confusion, we are winning”. That lie ismisdirection created by parasitical confidence men.

For conspiracy-lovers only: if you really despise Obama, you have to read this! It is the first part of a series of posts that reveals the real facts (wow!) about The One Leader. Use your favorite search engine to find the remaining chapters, and watch your six….

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC: the calculations are simply wrong. The veterans in Congress claim they don’t see the errors, but for folks who still use the same arithmetic used by everybody else in the world, the addition and subtraction are wildly off.

How much of this do you believe? Remember: spooks never tell the public what they are doing or what they are not doing. Plausible deniability and deceit are fundamental to the art of intelligence.

Oops! George Clooney has flopped as the Climate Change Nanny. Well, no wonder: the true believers don’t need convincing, and informed skeptics won’t pay to be scolded as selfish vandals….

The charge: changing policy means unnecessarily risking multiple disasters, but Obama can’t see that. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” would seem to apply. Here’s the link, but unfortunately the commentary could be behind a pay wall any day now.

Here’s a paper that states flatly that carbon dioxide simply cannot control the weather sufficiently to cause global warming. You knew that, but you might want to pass the revelation along to someone who missed the facts.