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Month: June 2015

Number 389

Number 389 26 June 2015 The case, my friend, is that the world has been overrun with fable and creeds of human invention, with sectaries of whole nations against all other nations, and sectaries of those sectaries in each of...

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Number 388

Number 388 20 June 2015 …the prevailing doctrine — that the appearance of life from dead matter and its evolution through accidental mutation and natural selection to its present forms has involved nothing but the...

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Number 387

At no time, not even at the beginning, did genuine Arabs and Muslims show much interest in science and scholarship. Aristotle’s work was preserved in Arabic not initially by Muslims, but by Christians such as the fifth...

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Number 386

Why did it take so long to get (bin Laden)? We had the first important clue in 2002; why did we only get to him in 2011? The reason is that professional interrogators, intelligence operatives, and investigators were...

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Number 385

The unambiguous evidence reveals that much of what the federal government does is unaffected by elections; this is the consequence of the Statists’ design. ….upon ascending to the presidency, (F. D.) Roosevelt...

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