The case, my friend, is that the world has been overrun with fable and creeds of human invention, with sectaries of whole nations against all other nations, and sectaries of those sectaries in each of them against each other. Every sectary, except the Quakers, has been a persecutor.

Obama And The Horror In Charleston

The following information is abstracted from this commentary.

Obama said, “…this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries”. This newsletter proclaims the president’s claim a lie — not a mistake, but a blatant falsehood. From the above-referenced commentary: “…just a glance at this list of international school shootings should disabuse anyone of the notion that such mass killings don’t happen in other countries with a fair amount of frequency”. Finally, see the chart reproduced here (source).


The US Supreme Court

Obamacare: a disappointment

It was not a good decision. In the sheer interests of Liberty, health insurance should be voluntary, available from a nationwide free market, subsidized by charitable institutions, and not policed by a quasi-fascist agency with all the tender mercies of a rabid dingo. Instead illusory “progressive” Utopianism prevails yet again.

Getting something right

Ever since the outrage called Kelo, the US federal supreme court’s ethics have been particularly suspect. In their recent Horne decision, the Supremes tacitly displayed a degree of contrition. (Only associate justice Sotomayor refused the opportunity to behave rationally in Horne, but that should surprise no one.) The shame of Horne is that the government had been bullying farmers since before World War II began, and for some years was confiscating as much as 47% of their crops — then fining the farmers for not cooperating with the theft. The imbecilic courts, endorsing unconstitutional administrative law (see the book review in Number 359 of this newsletter), had permitted the fascistic exploitation to continue until June 22, 2015. That’s a long time to be deprived of justice.

Yes, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals badly needs a thorough mucking out.

That raises a question: why should the nation live under any unconstitutional administrative laws?

Clearly (assuming one understands the ethical imperatives of the USA’s founding document), the illegal practices of the bureaucratic establishment are infringements of human rights, insults to logic, and hindrances to prosperity. Reform is needed.

Yet the core of the problem is never introduced by candidates for public office.

Some might say the issues are too arcane to be understood by a significant fraction of the voters. That opinion expresses a disdain for the public that is all too common in the halls of power; that bigotry should be dragged out into the sunshine, there to shrivel and die.

Candidates: inspire reform. Denounce administrative law as the abomination that it is.

More than simply driving up divorce rates

While endorsement of same-sex marriage is tear-inducing news for some couples, this newsletter insists there is more to the matter than homosexual emotions. Of course you know this decision means schismatic Mormon sects will be pressing for legal polygyny (notpolygamy!); in grim fact, the full issue has yet to be joined, and matters could get distinctly unpleasant. True, mutually voluntary sex and domestic relationships are literally none of the government’s business — until involuntary cultic practices involving children are present. Redefining marriage has imponderable consequences.

Perhaps that is hinted by the fact that the court was as divided as it could possibly be, and still render a judgment.

Concluding observations

Reader JY notes that this turn of events was predicted years ago (!), and a reporter sees storms ahead. Indeed.

Naughty Ruminations On The Current Currency

What female should grace the USA’s ten dollar bill? This newsletter nominates Margaret Sanger, the virulently racist activist who is enshrined in the unholy pantheon of “progressive” bigots…where she sits next to the nation’s president and resolute segregationist, Woodrow Wilson. Oh, you don’t agree? “Wilson”, you indignantly insist, “was a profoundly principled and seminal leader, and Sanger was a pioneering feminist!” Read this and then this. (You have repeatedly been advised to read this book, as well.) Wilson and Sanger were unacknowledged models for the Nazis. Could it be that your civics classes were only as informative as political correctness would allow?

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Twenty-five years ago, on 22 June, 1990, Checkpoint Charlie was closed down.

The Confederate flag actually represents racism.

Mitigating the effects of solar flares on data centers and other electrical networks.

Ordinary Links

“Transparency” is an Obamite term that actually means “as clear as mud.”

From the “This could come in handier than a can of WD-40 and a roll of duct tape” department, here is solid advice on what to say and do as well as not say if the FBI wants to question you — for whatever reason. This is also good information for potential grand jury witnesses.

AGW warriors will dispute the significance of this paper on carbon dioxide. Unfortunately the Google translation of the German text is a bit clumsy in spots, but it is not deceitful, and the author’s meaning can be discerned. (The original is here.)

The West’s defensive responses to colonial Islam are not advanced by support of the absurdly wealthy Arab Powers That Be. In time, allthis will be swept away, and what remains might just take a dim view of how the USA and European states acted. “Beware your enemies? Of course. But regarding your alliances, be even more circumspect.”

This is an interesting report on the relationship between plants and the health of mammals that eat them.

In the words of a seminal thinker, what’s wrong with the Arabs is “…an ignorance of the incompatibility of the tribal mentality with the canons of liberal democracy. Despite the support of the Europeans after World War I in creating nations with constitutional governments, the Arabs ‘have resorted more and more to their basic social and religious institutions, the tribe and Islam, to provide the structure of government. Any progress towards political maturity has been stultified by their inability to comprehend any loyalty other than that to family, tribe or religious sect. Loyalty to the nation or to the constitution is a concept devoid of meaning for them.'” Yes. If you wish to understand a significant part of Islam’s threat to the West, you should read this analysis. It is highly recommended.

Senator Ted Cruz explains Obamoid trade policy.

Pure delight.

Obamite enforcers versus the first amendment: the constitution be damned; “progressivism” means you can silence your politically incorrect neighbors.

A consequence of the climate wars.

“Making laws that are designed to restrict a class of people who by definition are lawless is a useless effort.” Does that postulate apply to a society’s attempts to control access to firearms?

Global warming is small beer, as dangers go. If you want something really scary, try the Yellowstone caldera and electromagnetic pulse weapons/Carrington events.

Censorship is a bad idea, but a new science society won’t help “climate deniers” defeat it. AGW True Believers won’t participate in the fledgling group, and the public debate will still not include papers published by the skeptics (the news media will see to that). Cultists always reflexively dismiss their opponents’ data as heresy.

Commentary can be a difficult magazine to access, so these links might not work for you. They lead to trenchant observations, though. First, Obamites talk to the crazies running Iran. Second, there is Hillary’s odd campaign.