…law is not mere force, but a requirement that also comes with obligation, and this points to the need for consent through representation.


“Greece must somehow find a way to shape itself into a modern European state.”

Those words sum everything up. That simple truth was contributed by two economics professors, and The Wall Street Journal published their lucid commentary explaining what is happening. (You might be able to read it: tell a search engine to find “bulow rogoff a grecian formula for courting disaster wall street journal july 7 2015”.)

The problem is simple: people who want a free ride had found a way to borrow without repaying, and when they were called on their scam, they petulantly refused to face reality. That’s understandable; there will always be some people trying to game the system. So, you cut the bums free, they sink, and your life and business go on.

What matters is that the shirker’s attitude has been re-branded as rights guaranteed by democracy. That lie has long been endorsed by collectivist politicians; today’s charlatans are exporting it. Greece’s refusal to reform its government is enthusiastically approved by “progressives” across Europe. Sometimes those folks are called “leftists” or “socialists”; much of the time, these Utopian collectivists style themselves “democrats”.

Examples include the Podemos party in Spain, the Italian Five Star Movement, and Ireland’s Sinn Fein. All of these groups think of themselves as on the side of the angels in a struggle that (insanely) pits austerity against democracy.

The Greek lunacy is, in other words, contagious.

To that truth, this newsletter adds the tentative suggestion that the re-election of Barack Obama contributed to the “progressive” euphoria, and promoted the concept that the prosperous should be punitively taxed in order to benefit the less advantaged. In other words: for the deluded ideologues, democracy is not genuine until it renders everyone economically equal.

In fact collectivist misconceptions include the refusal to understand that democracy says nothing about economics. Democracy must stand on a legal code that exemplifies an ethical position something like that of the Magna Carta, the US constitution, or some tradition that puts all citizens on the same legal level. While hopes for prosperity are high, democracy implies nothing about economic success or failure.

The easy explanation for what has happened time and again is that when the electorate discovers it can vote itself economic benefits, it will do so greedily. That wretched excess can break the metaphorical back of the nation.

Greece, the home of democracy, tragically remains an infantile economic entity. A nation errs fatally when it insists that good governance must attempt wealth redistribution and make the very concept of debt inoperative. The Greeks have a long way to go before they can be considered up to date.

There is, of course, another view, and it is not just the howls of greedy frauds. It damns “…a tired, stumbling European Union that is dying on its feet before our very eyes”. Zing! Well, read the rest of the Labour screed here.

Congratulations, Ladies

The USA’s Women’s Soccer (Football) Team accomplished the unthinkable. Clearly, no one could defeat the Japanese team in literally the first few minutes of the match. Yet the US team did exactly that. (Remember: one of Japan’s two goals was an “own goal”, so the USA contributed as much to the Japanese score as the Japanese did.) The stellar US victory can only inspire a huge boost in the popularity of the sport in the USA. Look out, world…!

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

If you are a loudmouth, and you go to Spain, be careful not to violate the new laws — which have some draconian fines. Here’s more in English from the Spanish national newspaper El PaĆ­s; then the New York Times provides its view.

This columnist appears to provide a balanced view of the Greek crisis, but — in reality — he puts most of the blame on the corrupt practices of the oligarchs and Greek politicians, while almost forgiving the low-level “transactional corruption”. By the way, here’s the original EUproposal the Greek government rejected.

Europe: Big Brother is considering whether to restrict severely your freedom to take pictures in public. (Ed.: Outrageous!)

Ordinary Links


AGW: CO2 and methane do not and can not affect global temperature significantly, says a new paper. That’s no surprise to anyone, whether he’s an alarmist or a “Denier”. After all, the Warmers expect claims like this will be made — and they will then brand them as lies.

You are encouraged to click on here and inform yourself on the Chinese debacle.

Whether this or its second chapter are goofy conspiracist twaddle is impossible for this newsletter to say, but the news is disconcerting at best. Perhaps you can figure out what the reader is entitled to conclude from the claims made. If you succeed, do let this newsletter know, please… But until then, why all the secrecy?

Newt Gingrich provides a history lesson intended to correct your view of the US constitution. It’s interesting.

Bureaucrats! Yikes….

It seems as if the strategy of the Obama administration and the plans of the mad mullahs in Iran are coordinated. The possible rationale: to cause all the opponents of an Iranian nuclear bomb to stop wringing their hands in exhausting, hapless dismay — and shut up.

Crop circles in England: hoaxes that are second cousins to anthropogenic global warming.

When madness walks the land, the counsel of the wise is needed. Here are facts and good sense on the Stars and Bars. US citizens: do not skip this!

Radley Balko’s book (scroll down to the review) has made little difference. Changes are proceeding slowly, but more or less as Obama told you they would. (See this, and then listen to Mark Levin’s comments. Finally, see Number 140 of this newsletter.)

US voters are increasingly supportive of calls for the states to ignore the federal court system. That issue was apparently not settled by the Civil War. In any event, the Supremes have provoked a great deal of controversy recently, starting with Roe v. Wade; then came Kelo, Obamacare, and homosexual marriage. These mistakes can be thought of as harrowing, confidence-shattering erosion of the moral authority of the judiciary. They remind of Dred Scott, the Slaughterhouse cases, Plessy v. Ferguson, and the decision on Japanese internment: horrors all. Should the nation consider deciding such cases by holding national plebiscites?

This brief video presents the intellectually consistent contemporary “Peacenik” view of the second amendment to the US constitution. The passionate speaker is an intractable foe of G. W. Bush’s Iraq War and other adventures of a similar kind, as her other videos will attest.

There is a lot of money to be made selling you food that makes you fat and sick — and then the drug companies profit from your evitable illness. Here’s how to evade the vampires that give capitalism a bad name.

How many of the USA’s federal bureaucrats are this clumsy and unimaginative?

If you have wondered what homosexual marriage means for the USA, you will want to hear a Canadian lawyer explain what his nation has gone through for the last ten years. The chances are that you won’t like it at all.

It is clear that some warriors fighting the War on Drugs are not about to take orders from their commanding officers. Madness….

This documentary on modern helicopters is very like a manufacturer’s sales pitch, but if you can ignore the “Gee whiz, lookit that!” histrionics, it is interesting. That is not to say, you understand, that this newsletter’s editor would ever consent to ride in any helicopter….

At last: a plausible (as opposed to crackpot) explanation for what happened to MH370, the plane that just…disappeared.