When you say that you agree to a thing in principle, you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.

The Agreement With Iran

The deal is concluded: Iran is off the hook (sanctions are relaxed), and in ten years, will be permitted to go back to building nuclear weapons.

It is not known how effectively Tehran’s laboratories and weapons shops will be monitored during the next decade, nor will accurate information on that activity be reported. The Iranians can be expected to lie, cheat, and hide as necessary to enrich uranium and create atom bombs. Whether that can be countered by the USA, the West, or the United Nations is impossible to know.

The One Leader, who will be in power for some six months more, says everything is all right now.

Concerning Candidate Trump

Look at both sides of the issue, and consider whether it is time for a non-politician to head the executive branch of the US federal government.

Reform, certainly; but Trump? No!

Trump is taking advantage of the electorate’s unmet need to thrill to theatrical denunciations of the ideologue in the White House.

The Trump tactic gets a lot of attention because for years, The One Leader has been treated very politely by people who should have been savaging him for his smug high-handedness and imperious misbehavior. Seldom has a president been so far above bitter criticism. Compare The One Leader’s virtually sacred status to the way the press and people mocked, ridiculed, and scolded George W. Bush. Even if that president deserved all the negative criticism he received, the contrast is still valid — and remarkable.

The real estate magnate is rhetorically running against The One Leader, delivering crowd-pleasing philippics that are actually minimally relevant. He’s counting on the excited voters to believe that with Trump in the White House, the unconstitutional things Obama has done will be halted, reversed, and thereafter remain forever anathema.

Well, perhaps that will happen. But Trump is also saying some outrageous things about the Mexican government. Most of that rhetoric is empty slander. Note well: Trump is telling the voters his diplomatic skills are virtually non-existent; in fact, he’s effectively playing Hillary on steroids.

Every observer knows Mexico’s political establishment is not “sending” the USA its problems. True, Obama’s impact on immigration policy has been a horror, but Trump is wrong about Mexico, and insultingly so.

Of course this is just Trump’s canny campaigning; it fires up the less thoughtful Republicans, who are thrilled by the outrage and fiery sentiments.

As a declamatory orator who has seen the obvious and is exploiting it, Trump deserves a passing grade as a candidate.

He is of course not suited to the presidency.

In his passionate remarks, he tacitly reminds everyone that Obama was an unqualified candidate, which is accurate. Yes, once that was relevant. But….

Never mind. The best Trump strategy would not be to run against Obama, but to promise passionately to undo the man’s mistakes and introduce constitutionally principled governance.

Trump should also link Hillary with Obamoid policy, inexperience, incompetence, and ideological inanity. He should explain why Hillary the corrupt chronic fumbler would only make things worse.

Then there are Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional executive orders. Trump probably does not understand that they are hard evidence of Obama’s illegal assumption of legislative authority. If Trump could articulate that fact cogently, the candidate would add to his support — perhaps stunningly.

Trump’s bombast is entertaining, but it could be compelling if it were substantial and aimed properly. (Other candidates, take note!)

Meanwhile the Republicans are terrified that this cartoon of a political novice will run on a third-party ticket, thereby putting Hillary in the White House.

Trump should spend some of his energy and money on a run for a seat in the Senate. He could do more good there.

Of course his ego won’t allow him to stoop to that level. Give that a moment’s thought….

The nation needs Trump in the White House

The case against a righteously angry Trump is shallow nonsense, and merely expresses the fear of Republicans In Name Only (RINO) that somebody might actually do something effective for once. Anti-Trump sentiment merely plays into the hands of the chattering class that has made a mockery of US federal policy for decades.

If a nonentity like Obama can win two terms as president on the basis of his genetics and one stem-winding but amateurish speech, Trump more than deserves a chance to present his ideas and inspire the voters.

Yes, the man does have ideas; he’s not at all the uninformed outsider his critics assault with innuendo and ridicule. Read his book! It far surpasses any of the ghost-written fables Obama’s inflated ego ever produced, and its solid substance sets its author apart as well-informed, thoughtful, and intent on restoring good governance. And as for his “slander” of Mexico, well, have a look at this!

Trump is genuine. Compared to Obama, the man is a giant towering over an empty suit. Trump has a better presence before a crowd, and he’s an outsider who will shatter the pattern of insider stupidity and empty ideological cant. He has genuine ideas, and he knows how to handle incompetent bureaucrats and coddled poseurs. His values are solid. He has brought indignation and passion back to the Republican party, and the voters do respond to the thrill of genuine reform.

Look: what do you want? More insider incompetence (Hillary, Kerry, Holder, and the smug sabotage of the failed phony elite)? Why yearn for the disgusting spectacle created by Clintonian greed and degeneracy? What makes lies so attractive? Who actually likes the idea that the IRS is in charge of enforcing Obamacare? What about current immigration policy appeals to you? Why does the nation deserve more failed Utopian “progressivism”?

Or…would you like a real man to kick the sycophants and liars and fakers out of the executive branch, and finally get things done respectably and constitutionally?


Joaquin Guzmán, the head of the Sinaloa drug trafficking cartel, has escaped from captivity for the second time. The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, said in 2014 as Guzmán was locked into a maximum-security prison near Toluca, that the prisoner’s possible escape “would be more than regrettable; it would be unforgivable for the government not to ensure that what happened last time would not be repeated”.

Mexico had denied the USA’s request to extradite the cartel leader and see him locked up north of the border. That was a tactical error that President Peña Nieto doubtless regrets.

The escape required the construction of a mile-long tunnel. In a nation wracked by ubiquitous corruption, little is impossible for those with money. Guzmán is a billionaire.

Yet there is no point in cursing Mexico as incompetent. Consider: Washington has long labored mightily to halt drug smuggling — and the result? Never have the most desired drugs been cheaper, more pure, and more available in the USA.

Tragically, both the USA and Mexico made the wrong choice long ago: they could have placed the production and distribution of drugs in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies and clinics, and they could have made the chemicals as legally available to the public as Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.

Consider, therefore, Trump’s attitude toward Mexico: he would probably blame the Mexicans for Guzmán’s escape. He would be wrong, both politically and actually. (Now he’s been threatened by Guzmán, so he’s asked the FBI to protect him. That will probably work to Trump’s advantage with US voters.)

Ultimately the accursed “War on Drugs” and its consequences are the result of a US decision to prevent people from intoxicating themselves with anything other than alcohol. That was a world-class blunder that made events like today’s inevitable.

Links Courtesy Of The Tramp Abroad

Perhaps Linux is not as secure as many folks think….

Here’s the Hobbit House Vacation Village in Sivas, Turkey. Now if this were near Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara or Antalya, I would not be surprised. But Sivas…? Look at the map! Turkey is a country of very strange contradictions and contrasts.

The right to leave the Euro Zone might not be so far-fetched after all. I have not read all of this paper. Nonetheless, it seems that author has put forth some pretty strong arguments, not only for countries in a situation like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain to leave the Euro Zone, but also for member countries like Germany to leave — if they so wish. In a similar vein, I wonder whether or not the United States, in their early years, did not experience a similar situation. Many, if not most or even all of the colonies, had their own currencies. Each of them, much like members of the European Union and Euro Zone, had different economies, rates of inflation and employment. How did the USA handle the situation after a single currency, the US Dollar, was introduced? Perhaps it would behoove the ECB to examine how the USA coped with the introduction of a common currency in the post-colonial days.

Ordinary Links

Here is your travel tip for summer 2015: if you fly, never put anything in your checked luggage that a thief might want. In fact you might want to think twice about flying: the TSA has been proved grossly ineffective, and it is wasting money like a drunken sailor. A complete review and upgrade of airport operations is indicated, but nothing much will change because (a) getting it right would be expensive, and (b) the baggage burglars and the drones of TSA are willing to wait until circumstances once again favor their sloppy work habits or villainy. The criminals can afford to be patient; the stakes are high enough to warrant that. An occasional and partial mucking out won’t make honest men out of thieves and sluggards.

Astronomy gets another push toward rational advancement. It’s slow, but it’s progress.

Perhaps the real point of this grim historical event is that Iranian skulduggery works best when it is paired with Western incompetence. Friends of Israel, take note…and don’t forget that Kerry (!!) is the USA’s Secretary of State.

Anthropogenic global warming? Hah! The earth is in for a cold spell, and here’s exactly why. –Oh, by the way: it will not be fun.

Newt Gingrich does what he can to figure out Obama. You say you can imagine the result? No, it’s not terribly likely, and whatever you might think of his politics, Newt is perceptive. Recommended.

Claims of press bias in the USA? Unthinkable! Heh, heh…see this.

This is an interesting opinion on Chinese monetary policy. You might consider buying gold…no, nobody here knows what will happen.

Would Uncle Sam pay underachievers to lurk on the “social media” and interject comments into the “discussions” there? Obviously not, because that would be very like paying somebody to join a gang of “taggers” writing on walls and the sides of rail cars. Well, according tothis piece, Uncle really is that stupid.

You have been wondering about the hydrostatic equilibrium of the atmosphere, haven’t you? Of course you have; after all, it is complicated by the presence of greenhouse gases and influenced by convection. Well, wonder no longer, for clarity is at hand. Read this, and see yet another reason why global warming mythology is so much unintentional self-parody. Note in particular that “AGW theory mistakenly relies on the lapse rate not being distorted so that the surface temperature needs to be higher to enhance convection.” It’s amazing how some people forget that….

Who, exactly, will have to deal with Iran if the mad mullahs do something characteristically lunatic? Further, will the folks tasked with shutting down Iran’s insane spasms be up to the challenge? Those are questions the nutcases running Iran are also interested in answering. Read more here.

This newsletter has tremendous respect for Camille Paglia, as you might recall. In case you missed her comments on why a woman has never been president of the USA, and what a female president must do and be, here they are again.