Being gloomy is easier than being cheerful. Anybody can say “I’ve got cancer” and get a rise out of a crowd. But how many of us can do five minutes of good stand-up comedy?


Here is the introduction to a discussion held on radio’s “Coast To Coast AM” on 26/27 July, 2015. You can’t listen to the entire show unless you are a member of the program’s “Insiders” club; fortunately, the following summary is excellent.

In the first half of the program, George Knapp welcomed nuclear power expert, Arnie Gundersen, who discussed how, more than four years after the triple meltdown at Fukushima, nuclear waste inside the reactors continues to bleed into the Pacific Ocean creating low concentrations of radioactivity that have already migrated across the Pacific to the west coast of North America. Steven Starr of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation briefly joined the conversation during the second hour. Gundersen explained that the earthquake which struck the area “shattered the aquifers near the plant” and also cracked the basins which contain radioactive water at the facility. This has resulted in an astounding 300 tons of contaminated water being fed into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima site every day.

Despite this ongoing problem, he lamented, the Japanese government has refused outside help to stop the leakage and continues to focus on a radical plan to freeze the ground around Fukushima which he believes will ultimately fail to work. Due to this continuous outflow of contaminated water, radiation from Fukushima has been detected in an area ranging from Alaska and the Canadian coast down to northern California. Additionally, Gundersen expressed concern over the problem of bioaccumulation, where organisms living on the bottom of the ocean absorb the radiation and are then eaten by larger creatures which, in turn, drives the radioactivity up the food chain in larger increments. Moreover, he observed that Japan has far stricter standards for radioactivity in food than the United States does, so “if a fish fails in Japan, they can ship it to us and we’ll never inspect it.”

Various experts in other nations claim to have ideas which could mitigate the effects of the tsunami. The Tokyo government is excruciatingly embarrassed, which has caused it to issue false assurances and undertake worthless measures while refusing help from the outside world. The disaster is becoming a catastrophe, the full nature of which will take decades to manifest itself. Children in particular are at elevated risk for thyroid cancer later in life (prophylactics might include iodine supplements, but that is just this newsletter’s uninformed speculation). The northwest of the USA has experienced elevated radiation levels in debris washed ashore.

The situation calls for a carefully designed diplomatic effort led by Japan’s best friends. This newsletter knows of no such activity.

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What is this crazy babble?

Some bosses can be downright magnanimous and altruistic. I wonder whether such generous behavior will catch on with other CEOs whose companies are acquired….

The ISIL offensive is now definitely coming to Turkey. The Turkish Muslim clergy has responded; the Turkish army has already reacted, and the Turkish air force is ready. Meanwhile, ISIL makes a huge mistake — calling Turkish meat products “haram” (forbidden) and “most of the people apostates” will probably elicit a stronger response than any engagement with the military. — Recent news on the Turkish front (which has really become the ISIS-front): one villain is in custody; and now NATO is getting involved in protecting Turkey (and, by extension, the rest of Europe and even the US and Canada) from ISIL.

Yes, it’s a fookin’ mess, but ISIL has blundered. It has never been safe to provoke the Turks.

In spite of it all, Turkey does continue to modernize, albeit with baby steps.

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Africa is shattering stereotypes with enterprise and rational economics. Do watch this surprising ten-minute video.

This newsletter fulminated ferociously over Kelo. Now a film is about to be made. The anger has not abated…probably because people realize there is little worse than a judge who lacks the ethics and/or intelligence his job requires of him. Note, by the way, the reactions of the two most powerful newspapers in the USA, as reported by Wikipedia: “The New York Times editorial board agreed with the ruling, calling it ‘a welcome vindication of cities’ ability to act in the public interest’. The Washington Post‘s editorial board also agreed with the ruling, writing, ‘… the court’s decision was correct… New London’s plan, whatever its flaws, is intended to help develop a city that has been in economic decline for many years’.”

Cognoscenti alert: Camille Paglia has insightful comments on the ignorant cultural replay.

They need watching — constant watching, in and out of office. Too often, they are so full of themselves they think they can get away with almost anything.

If you are a USA voter but you are not Ready For Hillary, you should look at this video. It’s an interview of Steve Forbes, who brilliantly explains taxation, markets both free and coercive, immigration, prosperity, Greece, and politics. It gets the highest possible recommendation.

The quote of the year: “That’s a really important discovery we just made this morning.” (Source: quoted in this video.) Isn’t astronomy fun?

Salman Rushdie has a unique vantage from which to view the current state of the West’s relations with Islam. His opinions might open a few eyes.

Click on this link only if you are ready for a challenge: it is not quite six minutes of high-speed ruminations on the significance of expression.

This is a desperate hope that Obamoid politicians will oppose bitterly. It has no real chance of succeeding, but….

The One Leader’s immigration policy is virtually a command to end immigration policy. That seems to have gone over well enough. Maybe next he’ll get the notion to tell the federal government to stand down in the War On Drugs.

Trump is the two thousand pound gorilla who has made monkeys out of everybody. It’s shameful. But The One Leader has proved that anybody can be the president of the USA, so if the struggle for the GOP nomination looks a lot like the wrestling you can get on cable TV — well, that’s understandable.

Related: “Wingnuts” are whining about yet another of The One Leader’s miserable failures in foreign policy.

The paper by Wing and Cronin claiming that greenhouse gases actually cool the earth was noted in the previous number of this newsletter. Now their work has been reviewed and supplemented by another scientist.

Regarding Planned Parenthood: Commentary notes trenchantly, “…it is clear that Planned Parenthood is engaged in a practice that is deliberately seeking to promote abortions under circumstances that are morally dubious because of the survivability of the fetus and which have nothing to do with the health of the mother.” That has to hurt. Source, which might now be behind a paywall.

This guy probably read an old issue of The New Terrapin Gazette (the subject first appeared in NTG Nr. 71, and has appeared in just over eight percent of all 394 Numbers).

If you believe the pact Kerry and Obama made with Iran is a good idea, do read this, please.

Here’s a page that should have been linked in this newsletter long ago: it shows you how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change describes its tasks. This newsletter is surprised the climate alarmists were so candid about their blatantly unscientific protocol.

Why should the West trust teams of inspectors to keep Iran from cheating and making atom bombs? Because inspections conducted by competent people have worked so well in the past.

Do you know which hedge fund is the largest? No, you do not. The answer is that this one is the largest. And that’s almost all that is publicly known about it.

Hillary’s staff knew what they were getting into when they signed on. Their stolid determination is the sign of The True Believer — which is why this newsletter does not pity them.

Do you remember when this newsletter complained bitterly about press bias? The propagandists were continually scolded here for their cleverly-crafted “reports” that promoted “progressive” causes even as the journalists insisted they were neutral, fair, and principled. —Hey, hold it! What in the world is this? Good grief, the frauds are hopeless repeat offenders….

Recent views of Pluto astonish astronomers — and add to the growing realization that the standard cosmology is a fiction. A brief videodescribes the “deadly embrace” of false notions that can no longer explain the observed information, and suggests a valid replacement for antiquated theory. This is cutting-edge astronomy, and it is highly recommended.

This is why you can be glad you are not an officer in the sheriff’s department of Waller County, Texas: call up the video here, and, to read the text rather than have to listen to it, scroll down just a bit to the comment posted by “Anonymous Official”. If Anonymous intends to attempt some kind of retribution…Katie, bar the door!

In order to be elected president, you have to get the right people to say the right things about you. Here is an example.